Please Don’t Come To The Villainess’ Stationery Store!


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“A useless thing like you has no value in our family. Take this money and leave immediately!”

“Yes! Goodbye!”

She became the incompetent villainess who commits wrongdoings in order to earn the love of her fiance, the male lead.

Her reputation was already at rock bottom and the main characters, who can’t live without each other, are having an affair.

“Getting kicked out and receiving money is good enough!”

So after she was kicked out, she set up a stationery store in front of a school. She reminisces of snacks, beer candy, and even bubbles! Just you wait, kids!

But… somehow her young customers are a little weird?

“I’ll find you a handsome and modest man, and not someone who has an affair like my brother!”

“Ha, then what about my brother, the crown prince?”

“…the tower master is the best.”

The great magic swordsman, the next crown prince, the villainous tower master, and finally, the hidden villain.

The stationery store, which she thought would be peaceful, left her with no rest.

Help me! I just wanted to live a normal life!

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악녀의 문구점에 오지 마세요!
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New XxBurankuxX rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c20
So I gave this 2 stars because it is poorly written. The grammar is good but like others have already said their is no depth to the characters.

A lot of the actions of the characters feels like a child wrote the scenes. 2d and self obsessed. To be honest 2 stars was quite generous. The story is your typical girl Villainess trying to make a name for herself, while trying to lay low and avoid the death route. There is nothing that helps this story stand out from the rest.... more>> And in fact this one I would not recommend to anyone looking to read a story about a Villainess.

It isn't original and it feels like an 8 year old wrote it. There are way better Villainess novels out there that are actually worth your time. All in all I do not recommend this novel. <<less
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attilde235 rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: --
Not sure why there are so many 1 star reviews when only two chapters have been translated. ? So far I’m really liking the MC! Love the ending of the the second chapter, I love that kind of call out!

Translation quality is quite good and I’m loving the start of the plot!

Please give this novel a chance!
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
glassjewel rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: c131
Like the other reviews, I have no idea why this novel got so many 1 star reviews, especially since there's literally only 2 translated chapters.

If you're looking for power fantasy of villainess getting revenge on her cheating fiance and no good family, then this is for you! It's pretty lighthearted and quick read, so nothing too deep but really enjoyable. It's really satisfying when all the bastards who were abusive/bullied the FL got their just desserts, and I like that it didn't take forever for the revenge plan to play... more>> out. Some people might not like that how OP the FL is, but if you're like me who hate it when novel drags on for long time for revenge to play out, then you might enjoy this novel.

The romance is very slow but I personally didn't mind it because I enjoyed the setting and FL's platonic relationships and her being totally enthusiastic about creating items that kids would love. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lavenderskye rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: --
I really really really hate it when people rate a novel that has just started impossibly low without giving an explanation. Especially because this novel is so cute. Sometimes I feel like some people purposely do this because they go on a genre that's not their style and expect to like it.

The translation is coherent and this is literally your average, cutesy shoujo novel with a stereotypical villainess plot and some adorable kids chucked in. So far, the description matches the content perfectly.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hadeion rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: c30
I truly don’t know what the person who gave this 1 star is talking about. That’s some real delusions and falsities. This is a true underdog story - we watch this heroine who inhabited a misunderstood and mid fortunate villainess who was constantly sabotaged by her family and evil fiancée - they stuff they did was worse than Cinderella’s stepmother - and who was an orphan in her past life, fight injustice to promote the happiness of children.

it’s truly a very heartwarming story
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Skite rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: --
Sweet and fluffy. Definitely a nice feel-good pick. It has it's flaws: the writer has absolutely no idea how running a business works, and it shows. The manic pixie dream girl energy of it gets tiresome at times. It also gets distracted and wanders off on somewhat pointless side quest bloat of her making the stuff for the store, which are all ultimately resolved in the exact same way: hire a wizard to do it. A tighter plot with focus on the human interactions would take this from 'pretty good'... more>> to 'one of the best'. She ends up with a shop closer to Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes meets the candy shop at the start of the original Willy Wonka than a stationary store, and she becomes more of a kindly Ghibli witch than a shop owner.

But oh well, it's cute and fun and low impact. It's nice to see a transmigrator with an achievable, normal dream. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tina Wei
Tina Wei rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: c1
This is sooo cute..i can't help but surprise why too many 1stars for this lovely novel. It doesn't deserve them. Just look up the art in cv and try to appreciate it, people.. Damnnit! I fell for the FL just by reading synopsis ''Take money and leave'' ''Yes!Goodbye!'' And I was like Yes! She is exctly my type. This one looks like comedy type, too. Breath of fresh air for revenage and angsty novels that I'm currently reading. I enjoy reading korean novels as they never fail me. So, I'm... more>> so exicted for this one and really want to know what will happen in the next chapters..i am thankful to the translator for the afford and time you've put into.. Thanks for sharing this novel to us..? <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mashumello rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: --
At this rate, the rating is going to go down the drain~ Dunno why the 1 stars emerged so much from cuz it've got only 2 ch translated! Rly makes u wonder the pure chances of meeting raters who coincidentally doesn't like this one, meh ¯_ (ᐛ) _/¯

Hopes that the updates will come soon~ 🥺
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chaku rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: --
Whenever I come across a strange name, I shorten it... Mel the MC is transported into a ducal family, post death from truck kun... maybe... dunno yet lol.... from the beginning the stage is set for our unloved Villainess/Korean body snatcher.

Manipulative murderous Stepmotherthott and her thott daughter enter the fray to continual undermine and wreck any chances our villainess hopes to gain... Our Villainess is already deemed the evil doer despite her Man hoe fiance sniffing the crotch of her thottstepsis (sounds like a STI lol)

The original Mel was... more>> subjected to cruel rumors due to her mothers heritage... something about a curse that she apparently inherited... Due to this curse life expectancy is low, in the original story our villainess got a helping hand courtesy of that thottstepmomma

Her Daddy is your typical inattentive blah blah, unwilling to protect his daughter... In turn due to our Korean body snatchers previous life knowledge, has determined that her demise will be a certainty if she remains in that household... She begins to set in motion events that will see her kicked out of the family... With the money thrown at her by Daddy dearest she embarks on a journey that isn't very far away to start a business selling junkfood and stationary...

I fell in love with her after she gave everyone the finger... yes Queen fk them all!!! The questions I have though... Why would anyone want to marry a cursed person? Shrug... <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ellie357 rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: c46
i actually really like reading the same plot again and again with different characters and different feels to it....... its not super original but I feel weirdly cleansed after reading it, the children are just so sweet and the MC is really lovely
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Microgiant rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: c28
Definitely entertaining, kind of slow in the plot, that’s probably where the low ratings are coming from.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
prettysnowball10 rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: c39
I think this is absolutely amazing! Surrounded by cute kids, plus an adorable ML, she’s living the dream life.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
darlene_16 rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: c16
Honestly the words and phrases used by the characters are one dimensional and idiotic. Especially when the mc's idiot ex fiancé said beautiful at least 5 times in the matter of like 3 lines to describe her sister to "insult" her. It's like watching a children's quarrel. The MC and her companion aren't bad so far but theres no depth to the story and the pacing is extremely slow. Each chapter is only filled with 1-2 scenes that the author painfully drags out. The story had potential as the premise... more>> is a little unique but the execution lets it drop rock bottom.

Disclaimer: If you wanted a romance packed story read the spoiler.


Saw a spoiler from the novels thread that the ending has no real romance. Just her holding hands with the two main guys while seeing off the kids from the academy at their graduation. So if you're looking for a romance with a happy ending with the fML and ml, you've come at the wrong place.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Memory325 rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: c43
TLDR: The plot of story isnt super original. It has a noble daugher become an owner of an establishment and make connections with people that normally shouldnt happen. This kind of plot occurs in other novels too but its the fact that the store is meant for children that it is somewhat unique. Its a light hearted story that is meant to brighten up someone's day.

This story is similar to many other stories that follow the premise of a person from our world being reincarnated into an otome game. This... more>> kind of plot has been explored a lot and so of course there would be similarities compared to other novels that follow the same idea. However, even if I read many stories that follow a similar plot, I really enjoy (ed) reading this story.

It follows a girl that is reincarnated into a game where she knows that she is the villainess of the story. Of course in the game her character is doomed so to avoid that she tries to change the story to her wishes. It leads to her becoming an owner of a stationary store.

The story itself where it will have people falling in love with her, and how she continues to be involved in trouble is quite similar to other novels; however, what makes me enjoy this read is the children in the story. They are adorable. Its a light hearted story that is meant to help you feel better about your day. If that's what you are looking for then this novel will surely be nice for you.

I rated this 4/5 stars because the plot itself follows a very ordinary style that a lot of other otome game novels have done. The originality/difference I see in the novel involves the fact that she wishes to have a store for children is the one thing that really speaks different to me. There are other novels where a noble daughter ends up running some sort of establishment so it isnt entirely new to me. However, its the fact that the store is for children that it speaks different. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kerai rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: c39
Cute, sweet and fluffy easy read. Nothing deep and serious but good book to make you feel fuzzzy.

The MC ends up in a book and like other stories similar to that she tries to change her bad ending. Now what is different is that she also moves to make her own dream come true not just move along the novel plot.

Gave 5 stars to ofset those unreasonable 1 star people. Its worth 4 stars otherwise.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ContessaHelly rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: c23
I can feel the reverse harem potential already <3 though the romance element seems like it will be a slow build. The heroine’s interaction’s with the kids and townsfolk are really cute and funny though! I can’t wait to read more
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BonnBonn24 rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: --
Man this is such a cool concept, can't wait to see how the story progresses. Imagine all the school boys creating a lot of comedy-of-errors kinda situations aaaaahhhh!!!!!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Demonqueen26 rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c30
I love this. It's worth reading. Amusing, entertaining, and, so far, giving time for the characters to meet and connect. Looking forward to more.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
crazy chicken
crazy chicken rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: --
AH! Someone save me I am dying of cuteness from this chapter seriously sometimes I just wanna jump into this book and Melissa and the kid's cheeks. Besides I just hope that tr*sh family and hesman bit*h to just go and f*ck themselves up. (Sorry but they really make me curse (;*´Д`) ノ 彡 (-_-;) 彡) but you'll have rate this novel high man (ノ#-_-) ノ.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Joh483 rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: Completed
So I found the mtl for this novel and I read it all of it and can say it. This novel is totally worth it. The MC is really smart and can plot traps in her revenge path, The ML is really handsome and really likes the MC, we have a lot of fluffy moments as well some really satisfying moments too. I really like how the author wrote this novel. I think the pace of things happening is in the right tempo and all the magic and alchemy that... more>> MC makes to show for other is so thoughtful. I really enjoyed and recommended it. 😊 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eliza993 rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c49
I love this story so far. I don't know who is the ML yet, but I'm perfectly fine without one.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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