PIRIOLOID: Zombie Moratorium


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A grace period before turning into a zombie, a story about finding a purpose in death.

One infected man.

A man who is officially dead. No, everyone in this city is dead.

Not today, not tomorrow, but by next week, by next month, everyone will surely be a walking dead who cannot think anymore.

That is why everyone is looking for a purpose in death. In order to die a human being. This is the story of how I die.

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07/11/24 FoxTeller c27
07/07/24 FoxTeller c26
07/03/24 FoxTeller c25
06/29/24 FoxTeller c24
06/25/24 FoxTeller c23
06/21/24 FoxTeller c22
06/20/24 FoxTeller c20
06/20/24 FoxTeller c19
06/20/24 FoxTeller c18
06/20/24 FoxTeller c17
06/20/24 FoxTeller c16
06/20/24 FoxTeller c15
06/20/24 FoxTeller c14
06/20/24 FoxTeller c13
06/20/24 FoxTeller c12
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