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Xie Changgeng, the governor of Hexi, married Mu Fulan, the princess of Changsha.

Xie Changgeng, who had not even seen what his bride looked like on their wedding night, finally returned home after more than half a year only to find that she had returned to her parents’ home.

Although very dissatisfied, he could only chase after her.

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9 Reviews

New heyanita
Mar 14, 2023
Status: Completed
    • Translation is really good.
    • Novel is not fluffy. It has some sweet moments and they are not actually between the MC and the ML. There are a lot of novels there that have really gory actions from the protagonists but have a lot of lovey-dovey/sweet moments in between. This novel is does not. It is emotionally heavy.

      All the interactions of the MC/ML are very toxic. It was only when they had that time away from each other that they had a semblance of respect (not fondness or affection) just respect. And the sweet stuff between the two of them only came much later on.

    • I like how both characters progressed.

      I find their ending realistic. She suffered before, and in the present timeline, he suffers and is tormented by guilt. And I think it is necessary for both of them to have that time away from each other to realise what they truly feel for the other. That torment I think is necessary otherwise it would have cheapened the sufferings of the MC from the past timeline.

    • This is not a revenge novel.

      The MC is not out for revenge, she just wants to change the outcomes from the previous life, hence all the actions of hers are to distance herself from the ML. For some reason, I felt that the moment she went back to her family (at the start of the story) she already started changing the outcomes from her previous life. This single act probably made the ML realise that she's not just some chess piece that he can move at will.

    • There are the standard annoying characters that seems to be the present everywhere: the annoying mother-in-law from hell, the maternal 'cousin' from your half-uncle's wife's cousin side (that annoying girl who still manages to call the ML 'Older brother' despite being far off from the family branch)

      This particular 'cousin' is dealt with quite satisfyingly and the fun bit about it is that it's the ML that scraps her wishes and sorts her out (in the present timeline) not the MC as usually is in other novels.

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New Alcely
Mar 07, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is worth try to read. Full of conflicts but still it worth it. I don't know why the other rate so low but please read it until the end and you will know what is repentance mean

I know that the ML is so bad treat the FL at the past life but this story show that people can change and finally realize what is the important thing in their life. This story is so good eventhough a little bit dragging but in has a happy ending afterall

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Sep 20, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a torture to read, if u wanna mentally torture yourself, believe in love over everything and misogyny this novel is for you.

The ML according to some and even author might be redeemable but his past life actions literally cannot be forgiven. I'm sorry but living in despair as an emperor while his sons fight for the throne in comparison to MC getting killed at a young age in cold blood by enemies, ML that is her husband not coming to save her nd their child cuz thats not... more>> his priority at the moment nd letting his young child watch his mother getting killed, the child himself commiting suicide years later is too cruel, atleast the ML gets to LIVE nd the MC and her child die so miserably. Also he keeps denying that due to his fault MC died nd also that he loves her, he just has some concubines nd sons with them, cuz the MC is dead now nd he doesnt admit that he loved her. He also had not made his child with MC as crown prince cuz the child had lost speech for some yrs due to the trauma of seeing his mother die in front of him. He when he is 17/18 commits suicide in front of the ML telling him how selfish he is nd how he didnt save them when they needed his help nd he doesnt deserve to be his father. The ML keeps saying that Xie'er (MC and ML's child) is his fav child but he neglects him quite a lot growing up bcauz again he is denying that he killed MC and also cuz Xie'er cannot speak. The MC sees all this as a ghost spirit after she dies.

So rebirth, according to synopsis she does leave his house but is forcibly brought back as he is more powerful compared to her family nd she has no choice. She literally hates him at first, but he forces her to have s3x with him, nd thats f*cked up. Like we can see she is disgusted to sleep with him nd takes contraceptive medicine after sleeping with him so no one can deny that this was non consensual nd marital [email protected] is a real thing. His mother is shitty as always nd wants him to take a concubine and hates MC, nd ML does nothing abt it, cuz she's his mother but he also expects MC to leave her family nd friends nd forget abt them to live with him..... HYPOCRITE He gets really angry when MC gets close to her male friend even though they dont have much romantic feelings and expects MC to not be jealous of other women his mom is stuffing him with.

Also she finds Xie'er in a monastery as a little 4 yr old monk and immediately adopts him nd I think that was the best moment of the story. Xie'er doesnt remember anything of past life but he loves MC very much nd immediately thinks that she is his mother. The Xie'er nd MC moments are so cuteee!! But here comes ML, he finds the child..... nd his dumb ass thinks thats the child is of MC nd another man...... like how dumb can he be, MC at the time is 17 and the child is 4, so he thinks she gave birth at 13 yrs of age nd doubts that the father is her childhood friend who he's jealous of. He comes to slowly love the child but the MC is still unmoved which is kinda better. but he again forces her to sleep with him. She slowly gains power nd divorces him nd lives in her kingdom with xie'er. The ML misses her but cant do anything abt it.

i thought we'll end here, but no the ML asks MC to marry him nd become empress to which she agrees for some political reason I dont care abt. ML tells everyone that xie'er is his child nd makes him crown prince. xie'er nd ML start getting memories back, ML is depressed everyday nd xie'er wants to kill ML. At the end when ML is missing nd proclaimed dead, our miss MC misses him nd thinks he didnt deserve such a death, like he didnt care abt her death in past life, nd he only paid attention to her this life was bcuz he felt like she did not love him. anyways she finds him in a remote village nd gets to know that xie'er plotted all this nd ML complied with it cuz he feels guilty.

She cuts off ties with xie'er for this.... like thats ur son nd according to his age he did the right thing he naturally feels that ML does not deserve happiness nd needs retribution for his past actions nd still MC leaves her child to live with ml, the MC lives like normal couple with ML in village happily ever after. She decides to forgive him as at the end she feels that OH! HE'S NOT AS TERRIBLE AS PAST LIFE so lets give him a 2nd chance. I do not forgive this man for what he did to MC in 1st life.

and the trope of men neglecting their wives because they are obedient, virtuous and perfect and only giving them attention when they start acting different, disobedient as if these men didnt create these criteria's for a women to be their wife is funny. This insinuates that u need to have to have a personality only disobedient enough for ML to like you, not enough to make him hate you, only willful enough to make ML fall in love with u, but not enough to make him resent u, selfish enough to make him pamper u, but not enough to make him disgusted with you, its like u need a specific % of traits for the ML to like MC. Like being introverted was not MC's choice but she had to in a new nd strange house where her mother-in-law hated her nd husband neglected her, she had to live cautiously otherwise her kingdom would not receive any help from ML's. <<less
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Sep 04, 2022
Status: --
Small summary about this story, from MTL, and without further reviews. It does spoil the ending and the gist of the emotional entanglement:

... more>>

MC has reincarnated after suffering a life of tragedies at the hands of ML and his mother. She has also somewhat deceived into marrying him, as her true love was someone else all along, who she thought would be her husband. In this life, she will still suffer at ML’s and his mother’s hands, but in the end will forget everything he has ever done wrong and forsake the man she loved before so they can have a “HE”.


Also, although it’s (and it can be) regarded as a HE, this novel is very tragic all along. <<less
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Wang Feng
Wang Feng
Oct 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Quite happy to see this novel in NU. Finally.... had been waiting for a while.

This novel is a little deep in plot. For those light novel lovers, this ain't for you. But of course, if you are bored of light one then you can try this one. You won't regret it. And this novel ain't a sweet romance (warn you). The plot is kind of like- all the toxics just to taste the sweetness.

I've read this novel quite a long time ago but the plot is still vivid in... more>> my mind. And other novels of this author are all quite good (e.g. The marquis is innocent, thirty years back..)

Warning- major spoiler ahead!


FL is emotionally strong. This is the biggest + point in the whole novel. She's quite ruthless to herself to get the result she wanted. She is reborn after her tragic end but the time was still when she just married the ML. So, she tried every possible means to get away from ML.

She was tortured physically and mentally before her end, so she's quite headstrong to distance herself from ML. She doesn't succumb to the ML easily. She was an innocent lil princess who falls in love with ML but died tragically.

ML is scheming, ambitious, ruthless (a scumbag who gets the chance for redemption) He's not likable throughout the novel but there's character growth at the end. He suffers a lot... It's kinda satisfying.

ML is from ordinary background but his ambition is the seat (throne). So, our FL who's from noble birth become his stepping stone. T_T He didn't even knw the FL but married her for a purpose. So, afterwards when his mom persuaded him to take a concubine (that green tea bit*t), he agreed. He even had the nerve to ask the FL. Ofc, FL agreed even though she's sad. T_T

He didn't love anyone as his ambition is the priority. And, when FL and their child were held hostages by his enemy, his 1st priority was neither of them.

So, after FL rebirth, she tried every means to get away from him, and thus hurt his male ego. It was like he found a goal to conquer, just like his ambition. Thus, their entanglements despite the FL distancing herself from him. And, this time that green tea bit*h didn't get the wish she wanted (didn't become a concubine) . Ofc, there's that lil trick of hers but didn't quite matters. So, FL is the only one for ML this time. There's no third party entanglement in their life and no other love interest. (I don't quite like it when there's lot of love interest involve. + point)

Appearance of their child from previous life, made their emotional entanglement quite deep yet sad. A lil likable of the ML is that he tried to accept the child even though he might be from another male and FL (he didn't remember previous life yet so).

After getting the seat, he didn't know what he did to make the FL so angry and why she's so against the throne (he didn't do anything in this life so). Before the enthronement, he went to the temple and...


.. he remembered the past life events. Then he suffers lol He didn't become the emperor, his son (from past life) did.

ML and FL doesn't reconcile easily. Their child (from past life) makes the ML stay away from the capital and the FL. He suffers lol.

He was tortured by guilt from past life. He suffered in the memory of what he did to them. As, he love them at the present. At last, FL softened her heart and reconcile with him.

And major spoiler!!!


ML rebirth in their 3rd life and FL is still the innocent lil princess from 1st life. And then start their new life pampering the FL.

For a man whose only priority was the throne, to become the man who loves his wife and their child at the present and to even give up the throne he wanted so much, it's quite a long journey.

I'll read this novel after the translation is completed. Hopefully, it will be completed soon. <<less
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Oct 18, 2022
Status: c102
One of the best novels I have read in a long time. There is real growth of character for the ML and lets go of his revenge plan with the FL slowly as any normal person will. The FL is also believable because she doesn't start trusting the ML one fine day but after a long time of being with the person. The ML reminded me of the ML from Easter Palace and what if he got a chance at redemption? The ML here gets that.
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Oct 15, 2022
Status: --
I am curious about the continuation of the story, so I searched for raws and MTLed.

Personally, I think this story is not too bad. Realistic enough, although everythis is just a fiction, nothing real.

When reading a novel, I usually try to imagine 'what should I do if I was her/him'. Therefore, I prefer something more realistic. It does not need to be very realistic like a biography of certain person, but at least a little bit more rational... (^_-)

And I want to make a statement first that I... more>> MTLed mostly of the chapters. Not because I don't respect the effort of the translator, but because of my own curiosity. So I will apologize beforehand if there are some misunderstanding with the way I interpret the plot.

So, the MC had a very tragic past indeed. She feel head-over-heels with a man that very ambitious. The man has a lot of things in his heart. You can say that he has a very big heart, even too big that it's impossible to accommodate the female lead alone. His heart can fit the whole world, perhaps that's what made him a wise Emperor. Too bad, perhaps those ministers and common ppl thought that he was a mingjun. But in my eyes, he was not a good husband, not a good father, not even a good man! He is such a colossal scumbag!

Unfortunately for our female lead, not only he has a very big heart (because he is a jerk) , he is also very rational (in political matters only). Also prideful, but at the same time cowardly. Thus, the tragedy happened.

Every step he took, he needs to calculate the advantages and the disadvantages. He thought that all his plans are seamless, unfortunately not everyone can be fooled easily.


In the past life, the imperial court used her (MC-female lead) and her son to threatened him. At one side, he wanted to save them. At the price that he will lost all of his hard works for nothing. He already had reached the point where he could not back down anymore. In the end after being humiliated by the soldiers, our female lead committed suicide. But that was not the end. Even in death, she was humiliated. They hang her body upside down, naked, on the city wall...

What happened to her son was also tragedy. Just imagine, if you ever saw your mother treated in that way, humiliated even after she died, won't you get mad??

The son saw how his mother died, he was so mad that he became a mute for years. He is handsome tho. And very sensible! Even his scum father thought that if he wasn't mute, he would be the crown prince instead of the other (Yep, that scum married another women. Three palaces and six courtyards!)

But the young boy never wanted to be his successor. On contrary, he had been hated that father of his that he was so disgusted by him... 10 years later, at his mother's death anniversary, he slit his own throat right in front of his father's eyes, using the sword that his father had given to him personally...

Before his death, he kowtowed in front of his mother longevity something (... I forgot what it is) and asked whether it was right for him to do this (to commit suicide.)

Then what happened to the scumbag Emperor? I can only laugh and say that he deserved it! (he deeply regretted it tho)

Okay, that was what happened in the past life.


Then our MC found that she was reborn to the time she just married her husband. She decided to leave him and go back to her own home. She wanted to change her fate. Wanted to save her family out of the calamities that still await them...

The rest of the story is standard type of reborn plot line we usually read. With some differences of course, in an 'interesting' way.

The scumbag was still a scumbag to the depth of his marrows... Although after he went to see the Eder monk at that temple and got the answer looking for, he tried to pay his debt from the previous life.

The female lead try to change her fate yet unexpected events happened in the middle (so... yeah...).

No need to mention those supporting characters. Some of them can be so 1000% hateful...

As for the rest, to be honest, they are so pitiful to the point I want to shed tears for them... (goodbye, unrequited love... wavewave*)

So, I won't write too much about it or my review will be full of scoldings... (-_-)


But good news! It's HE. The MC said : she is no longer the woman from previous life. He is no longer the man from previous life. And her son is no longer the young boy who took his own life with a sword. She was a blessed person. Two lifetimes the heaven fulfilled all her wishes. The previous life, she wished for his love. And the present life she wished for him to disappear. In the end she still couldn't bear him. He did not do anything wrong in the present life, why would he pay for what he had not done? The MC then realized that hating the man because of the past lifetime was wrong, so later she chased him to a far away place...


personally I thought this story is quite decent, despite of low rating. I can't understand why most readers don't like this kind of realistic story. But again, everyone has personal preferences. Those who want to read, can read. Those who do not want read, no one will force you.

Last, I wish you happy reading! <<less
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Dec 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Reading this novel made my emotion up and down. I cried in sadness and cried again in happiness. It is not as cruel as it was mentioned by others but more on a tragic past that brought both grieve and sadness to the main characters. Very satisfied as how the story ended and how the characters chose to be happy rather than dwell on the past. Over all this is a novel that I will surely read over and over again.
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Oct 15, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a tragedy with a somewhat happy ending. But I think I might have preferred a bad ending instead. Nonetheless the story was really interesting even though the ML is a bit scummy and selfish. Taking in consideration the period, I found him really open minded and flexible, redeeming qualities that made him likable. The FL shines with the way she handles things though it’s not always brilliant. The romance is skewed since the start and stays skewed till the end.
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