Picking up Attributes in the Apocalypse


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When the apocalypse came, everyone struggled to survive. Yang Hao, a dorm caretaker, was forced out to find food. During the crisis, he found out that he could pick up attributes dropped by zombies to strengthen himself.

“You picked up the strength attribute, strength +1.”

“You picked up the agility attribute, agility +1.”

“You picked up the mutation attribute, blood awakening.”

“You picked up a red envelope, obtained three bottles of mineral water!”

“You picked up the silver treasure chest, obtained titanium pike!”

“Beauties, food, and the vast lands, they are all mine!” Yang Hao loudly shouted as he looked at the densely packed zombies.

From then on, corpses of mutants, evolved beasts, and ancient warriors piled up under his feet.

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Rimuru rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c200
I've read very far ahead of this novel in the mtl about 200 chapters

Pros - Good System

Con - the MC, the setting

... more>> The MC is pretty standard of ch novels, theres a r*pe scene and the MC smiles about it thinking about how the lady felt, thats not a normal mindset imo. MC earns exp that he can spend to level up skills he picked up and at some point he had 300k or so saved up and doesnt spend it to level any skill for quite awhile thats infuriating.

The setting - this is my biggest issue, this is supposed to be an apocalypse novel but it feels like a generic modern day novel with young masters and sects/schools etc It takes place 500 years after the apocalypse and most cities are back to normal planes are flying etc schools and sects exist to train up people to fight and of course big families, of course MC slaps the sh*t out of some sect successor and then you get young master revenge plot. MC goes to school and the jade beauty who has a pursuer (who she never agreed to go out with) that calls her his woman and he gets upset when the beauty agrees to go with the MC out for food, which leads to conflict with the young master his family and another school. Which is crazy when humanity should band together to fight but I digress

This novel does not feel like any apocalypse took place at all outside of the first few chapters its just a typical modern day super power novel. For that reason and the r*pe scene I dropped it around two to three hundred chapters in and the MC not maxing out his skills. Giving it a 2/5 cause I like the system otherwise would be a 1 for me <<less
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