Pet Addiction: The Prince’s Desire to Spoil His Pet


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“Can you be useful to me?”

“I… I can be…”

The first time they met, she knelt trembling before him, begging for shelter. The slave caught his interest, and he brought her back to his palace.

She could’ve never imagined that in one night she’d go from a spoiled little slave princess of a defeated kingdom, to becoming a powerful prince’s pet.

He kept her by his side… spoiled her, cared for her, loved her, and gave her meticulous care and high status. Whatever she wished… she could do so under his name.

But, she angered him and chose to run away. He captured her within a day.

“Don’t forget, my little dearest, everything I have given you can be taken back…”

In a spur of anger, she hit him, her feeble hands striking against the flesh of his cheek. Gnashing her teeth in anger, she said, “Do you have the ability to take my child back?!”

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Drum-Wielding Panda
Drum-Wielding Panda rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: c55
Editor Review. I'm an amatuer reviewer so this might be more of a Editor Message. Sorry ^o^

Naturally as I read beyond what even the patrons can, I'll make sure to keep this spoiler-free. Rather, I'd like to present my take on the novel so far (I'll try to edit this periodically).

Perhaps my favourite part about the novel is that it doesn't keep you hanging. Small events happen one after the other, and take about 3-5 chapters each. New locations, characters, and arcs are introduced naturally. Most importantly, the author progresses... more>> on the characters' emotions quickly, instead of keeping the reader hanging for hundred's of chapters in a "will they"-"won't they" situation (damn you Nisekoi).

The story, to me, is simple but enjoyable. And this simplicity is the reason why it flows so quickly. While the story isn't "thick with plot", I think we can all relate to the FL just trying to make it through a difficult situation, in an unfamiliar place.

Some people may see the FL as a bit of a Mary Sue, but I think that just stems from her young age and her constantly being on her toes. If you put yourself in her shoes, you can see that her hesitation and flusteredness are quite valid emotions. So the "too pure" part, imo, isn't from the character but the setting.

The ML on the other hand, haha... he's just a case of "curiosity killed the cat", with too much "little girl" on his hands to handle. I do like that although he feels the girl is special, he does just as the title says: "has a desire to spoil her". He treats her as an object: she is hers to spoil and hers to punish. However. you can see this changing as the story progresses. He almost begins to act like a father-figure, and I tie it to the mention at the beginning about how Shu Nuan was a princess but hadn't even met the Emperor, her father, many times. (This is just my own interpretation, of which each can have their own.)

The con that glares me in the face that these characters are developed in relation to each other. Who they are is dependent of characters that recur every chapter or so. If they had the opportunity to be put in a seperate setting, I can't be sure on what decisions they'd make.

However, I hope this will be resolved as the story goes on. And honestly, it doesn't bug me as much right now.

Finally, some editor admissions of guilt. I've learned a lot in just editing these 55 or so chapters so far, and I plan to improve further. At some point I'd like to go deeper than just editing "what I'm given". Another thing I promise to do is to re-edit previous chapters, especially from 1-20 (of which I'm done with 10), as I can see a few flaws in them that I've left out. Grammatically speaking, however, I doubt I've left more than a few problems. My concern in going back is from not having applied advanced editing techniques and some consistency errors.

After all, as the readers you folks deserve a novel that has the same editing quality throughout. I don't want to suggest the novel I'm editing, while going, "Yeah, but just don't mind the first X chapters. Those aren't as good."

I couldn't help but end this on a spoiler. Read this if you've read 20ish chaps.

I'm SO glad this isn't one of those novels with rampant teen ***. The ML is much older than the FL and he damn treats her like that.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xylia125 rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: c30
As of chap.30 ---- 3stars

I'm honestly not too sure about this, cause there's going to be 2000smth chapters to the whole novel and so far ... more>>

MC is way too weak and soft. Like I don't particularly like too OP protagonist, but a weak MC being easily schemed on isn't something I like to read. ML treats the MC like his object, so far when he wants to play with her he does. He does not give her enough protection when he knows she's delicate and can be easily bullied, and I feel like he should know that by openly showing interest in her, will make her an object of envy from other women (aka. Princess GU) to be jealous. Also I keep feeling like the ML is much older than the MC so I get weird vibes when he's lusting over her. But that's just my personal opinion.


Overall I might just wait a little more before deciding if I want to keep reading.

In saying that the translation is good so if you like this type of plot then give it a read. <<less
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