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Born into a unique world where villages fight to gain power and control, the main character, Shi Hao, is a genius blessed by the heavens born under the poorest of conditions. His clan, however, has a mysterious past. To rise up and become the genius he is meant to be, the clan goes through every effort to aid his cultivation as they battle through fanatical monsters and engage in power struggles with other clans. His journey will bring him through unknown lands until he is able to become a person that can truly shake the world.

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Thế Giới Hoàn Mỹ
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bbctheory84 rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: c430
It is good story but eventually grows stale. Its above average for a xinxia. But it does have too many young masters, bad ending and feels to fast paced many times. Too much redundant words.
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lungshao rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c1090
Funny and refreshingly savage MC but the MC is not that different from all the villains. I had nothing else to read while traveling. Some support characters are interesting. Any animal, real or fantasy, rock, plant, etc., can transcend and talk... Creepy like an old Popeye cartoon. All races react like psychopathic humans.

Very low creativity.

The story is a mess of inconsistencies, and one of the best examples of annoying word padding. Descriptions are so overdramatic and unending that you'll become quickly tired and simply skip chapters.

Many of the arcs are... more>> cut and paste. Read up to 1090 but I don't really care to continue. <<less
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BlueEyesWhiteDragon rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: c57
I’ll be fair and give this a score of 3 or in other words. Average.

First off, this isn’t one of the best stories you can read here, but not the worst either, just the average barebones of what you could rate a standard cultivation novel.

First off, the characters. It almost drives me insane how practically half the people that show up in this novel have an IQ of what seems to be 60 or lower (The average adult IQ is something like 75-100 I think) . That’s right half the... more>> people in the novel are actually dysfunctional. I think this is just a result the the author not realizing how put together real humans are, or just his inability to write character’s in general.

Another is this sh*tty explaination of his cultivation system. I do like how it doesn’t seem to be fit to the standards of most novels but the fact that he hasn’t really shown examples of the different power levels is very concerning. He likes to use the examples of “Jin weight” but that’s exactly what’s confusing since there are so many exceptions to this.

Honestly, the power system in this novel isn’t so much “We’ll compete using complex moves that are hard to beat and the winner is the one who’s more clever” but more like “I have a bigger lazer beam move than you so I win” if that makes sense?

Like I said, this novel isn’t ‘bad’ per say. It’s at least a little entertaining watching the character grow stronger, beat his enemies, get the chicks, etc. But that’s pretty much all there is to it, anything other people will say that are it’s ‘selling points’ are literally only going to be extentions of just that.

Read only if you’re 1.) New to the face-smacking genere or 2.) You are literally just trying to waste your time because you have nothing better to do (Like I am). Otherwise, you’ll just be having a bad time. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c343
The MC is different from most Chinese MCs in that he's cute, young, utterly shameless, and eats every non-human living being. His nicknames really match him.

The way characters cultivate is interesting, but I don't find the MC's cultivation to be that interesting. The results are the interesting parts.

I enjoy reading this novel because of the MC's shameless interactions with his enemies. To me, it never gets boring to see him savagely smash, cook, and eat some of his enemies.

... more>> He interacts with females quite interestingly too.

Gotta love his village and the tree.

Tragic past is tragic. MC constantly uses it (after the reveal) to smash those that harmed him.


Epic grandpa is epic.

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MelodyMiku rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c100
The story was great in the beginning, in the village. After he goes out to explore the world, the plot keeps repeating. I have read some reviews that said that it'll develop further later in the book, but since those chapters aren't available I will give 5 stars for the beginning of around 100 chapters. I have gone farther than 100, but I can't express how disappointed I am.
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: c274
Once upon a time, this was my favorite Light Novel, but it simply couldn't keep up with the good start it had, and with a hong long sound, it became vastly uninteresting, and with another hong long sound it became boring.

... more>>

* The world building was excellent initially.
* The cultivation system was unique and interesting.
* Initially epic battles take place between powerful experts and they are well described.
* The MC had a unique and fun personality initially.

* Literally all the initial strengths were dumped in the dustbin. World building was ignored, cultivation system became non existent.
* Battle are literally a series of repetition of the text 'hong long'. Example: With a hong long sound, their palms met.
* Initially there was plot and arcs, later there is nothing of the sort.


It is actually a really fun read up till the Heaven Mending Pavilion arc. Unfortunately, the author quickly lost the plot after that, and the novel has become a series of battles, with little to no time in between.

Read if you have time to kill and no novels to read. Otherwise just read: ISSTH, A will Eternal, Ze Tian Ji, Death Sutra. <<less
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mrttao rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: --
Story tries too hard to be funny, but is really not. And that forced unfunny humor ruins it for me. When I say not funny I am not referring to the MC being "Evil" (more like Chaotic Stupid) and how it supposedly offends my moral sensibilities and therefore "not funny".

Rather when I say not funny I mean it constantly repeats over and over "jokes" that a really really not funny. Like "The MC ran towards the milk, while yelling Yi Ya Yi Ya and his baby ass was shaking greatly... more>> with every step. The Crowd then yelled: HA HA HA! He likes milk and his baby ass is shaking!" or "MC: Yi Ya Yi Ya Yi Ya Yi Ya. The crowd yelled: haha he is making funny (annoying) noises!" <<less
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grrman rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c217
I think PW is a very polarizing novel. I've had times where it's been one of my favorites, and other times where I thought the MC was one of the worst I've ever seen. Speaking of the MC, PW is another novel with an OP MC. I appreciate how they place the MC in an isolated place, and how that shapes his viewpoints. On the other hand, his ignorance can get grating at times

... more>>

Yes he's a child, but he's an asshole to everyone not from his village, and it gets tiring when he spends entire arcs just being an asshole. Also, it's annoying when every other chapter needs to remark how vicious he is


It's an interesting novel, that has a relatively slow pace. Although this is tagged romance, there hasn't been any signs so far. The world-building is great, the plot is good, but I think all the enjoyment rests on if you like the MC or not. I know I liked it a lot when I started reading it, but the lack of maturation gets to me at times. <<less
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faerro rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: --
Those of you that are dropping this series early I really feel bad for you. The battles in this series are some of the most epic blood pumping scenes of any xianxia that I have read, and I have read ALOT. The world building is epic and immersive, yet does not cross the line into excessive (borring). The main character is funny and interesting, unlike so many flat and generic MCs out there.

I only wish the TL speed would pick up a bit, but aside from that the TL and... more>> editing quality is excellent. <<less
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4myzelf rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: --
The story is actually good, character development also makes sense, other people apparently think that even after

experiencing multiple threats and attempts of murder and genocide coupled with the fact that he was essentially an amnesiac who recovered his memories


and just plain growing up from being 4 years old to a teenager, the MC shouldn't change and retain his childlike innocent 4 year old personality
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FailxNinja rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
I enjoyed it, it starts out slow-paced which imo is pretty good. Main character is a nice innocent kid and there aren’t too many time skips (such as when the MC’s from other novels do closed door cultivation and suddenly becomes OP). The Void God realm part was funny, but the MC does a 180 and his personality change was too sudden considering, the slow pace it was going and I got tired of it around chapter 105.
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khanh rated it
January 5, 2016
Status: --
the MC is an lawful evil type of character. He do bad thing to people cause he dont know or in self defend, but when he does it seem to be over the top. the story so far in chapter 95 is the world around the town the MC have just go thought and Armageddon and the MC just find out why he so diffent then other people in the village and that almost die because people want his flesh and bone or essence to level up their power and... more>> he end up at the village cause he parent send him there (like superman), and the MC have to go out in the brave new world (there also a spirit world of some kind were he get kick out cause he break something that other deem impossible to break) to explore, find his parent and level up to protect his village and his loved one. (Yeah it just only in the beginning of the story so far so good) <<less
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Aigberth rated it
December 7, 2015
Status: --
One of my fav for now. The MC sure is cute in the begining, yeah the author will keep the cuteness of Shi Hao for a long time :3. After chap 50-ish we will know some major clues about mc's past. A heartbreaking one if you want to know. But, dont worry, the depresing atmosphere will not last too long. And in the chap 80-ish you will find out that our Shi Hao isnt a simple & cute MC anymore.. Because he will evolve to ... more>>

a shameless greedy little brat! The milkman!!

the author will give many chances to laugh out loud & its good for healt :D <<less
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The_Kindred rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: c1226
Oh man, I don't know if I've just read it wrong or whatever. But for some reason I seem to have read a glimpse of "Lord Fifth" somewhere in this novel. Hahah, maybe it's just a misconception but I can't help but to imagine a crossover with this two novels. There is just so many similarity in the char and some physical aspects in these two. But man, don't mind me. I'm just an old daoist trying to find my path, babbling about some nonsense.
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readerread rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: c1034
Absolutely brilliant novel. It has all the typical xianxia tropes, plot armor, and the likes. However, it is written beautifully, translated well, and the main point is that the characters aren't s*x-crazed, horny young masters. Also compared to many other novels, there is a decent amount of balance between people wanted to kill the MC and protect. With a good blend of humor alongside the serious and developing plot, this is one the best translated novels. It is written for a slightly more mature audience with interesting little things like... more>> forgiveness and enemies becoming friends. <<less
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imblad3 rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: Completed

The story start out good until it goes to other (higher) dimension and fighting others for unknown reasons and keep fighting until it reveals there is war between two world. In the end there is still unclear what is the cause for the war also the ending is cliffhanging. Don't regret if you already read to end.

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oHgodwHy rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: --
This is quite a good novel however I hate the most that the author keeps calling the MC by little guy, little demon, little savage is his d*ck so schmall? Why not just call him by his name it triggers me the most by giving this rating this low. Why not just remove the MC name entirely and just call him little guy, but the MC has a name for f**ks sake why not use it. Every time I'm reading this even tho the plot is good I'm losing my... more>> appetite because on how the author address the MC, I know the MC is still a kid but even tho my opinion is, don't create a name for MC if your not going to use it in the novel Why not call him Mighty Guy much cooler lmao. That is my only concern tho, I know we have different type of taste. Maybe if the author address characters in this novel my point of view will become different, what do you think guys, try to put yourselfs on what I'm thinking if it also make your point view any difference. Please give your opinions on why I should accept the MC being called little sh*tstain instead of MC's real name? BTW already dropping this novel that's why I gave a comment but will read your comments maybe your reasons will make me come back or not. Thanks. <<less
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Da reader
Da reader rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c278
The beginning of the novel was nicely done, there was even a certain amount of intrigue and humor. Afterwards it goes downhill.


After becoming somewhat famous, 90% of the story I've read is about eating beasts. MC - ooh that xxx beast looks tasty let me eat it. Side character to MC - He is stupid, how can he eat xxx beast, it's like 100 times his size. MC - Beats up xxx beats & eats it. Side character - He is crazy, wait let me eat it too.

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DarkArts rated it
November 3, 2015
Status: --
It’s a bit slow-paced so far but I guess this is just going to give it a better foundation. I’ve personally enjoyed reading it and I’m waiting for more chapters. It's a bit dramatic around chapters 50-60 where MC reminisces his past but after that it gets quite funny, especially at the Void God realm part.
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March 27, 2019
Status: c1174
One of my favorite novels. While the story may seem repititive and there are some cliches to be found, the way the MC acts makes me want to laugh and cheer him on.

This is an MC with personality. If you've read any of the other chinese novels out there you'll know why I have to underline that word. The story itself is slow, but it sets up a good foundation in which to progress. There are good, memorable secondary characters that don't just disappear after 1-2 chapters. I am not... more>> sending out spoilers here, so you'll just have to read it yourself.

This novel isn't perfect, but it is miles ahead of others just based on the MC alone. Read this if you are tired of those cardboard cutout characters and want a MC that is not copy-paste. <<less
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