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I obtained a wristwatch called 【Perfect Sex】 accidentally through an online auction. This watch was one of it kind in this world, it can freely regulate the size of the erection or ejaculation time, with 〈Aphrodisiac radio wave〉 applied, it was a machine which can make woman like the situation then and there. I make full use of 【Perfect Sex】, one by one beauties start rolling in, company sale performance rise through the roof.

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Fluffums rated it
September 10, 2016
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So I read some of this on nocturne in the past. It's basically a series of one-night-stands that a traveling salesman enjoys with the help of his magic wristwatch. There's no real story, just scenarios that lead to sex, so read this if you enjoy porn involving aphrodisiacs and performance-enhancing drugs and s*x with strangers.
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