People Made Fun of Me For Being Jobless but Its Not Bad at All


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Shirosaki Reito was suddenly s**ked in by a mysterious rift and got transferred in between dimensions. He was reincarnated as a baby in another world.

He was born into the royal family and was heir to the throne, but he was driven out of the palace.

Since he was born as a Support Magician and had Alchemist as a job which was the lowest job that existed in the new world and people who had that were considered jobless.

But there was a secret hidden in that job!! From jobless to the strongest job!!!

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Fuguushoku to Baka ni Saremashita ga, Jissai wa Sorehodo Waruku Arimasen?
People Made Fun Of Me For Being Jobless But Its Not Bad At All
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11 Reviews

Mar 25, 2022
Status: v3c4 part3
Buckle up, buckleroos. I'm a tr*sh man but even I gotta tear into this pile of shit. Ignore the other reviews, for your one and only Jackmeher has descended to give the most honest review of this mess by his standards. This novel has a lot wrong with it, from the ''story'', the godawful characterization, the rule that everyone quotes that shitty novels break a lot but can't actually define, non-existent world building, and it contradicts its' own existence as a power fantasy. Where, oh, where should I start?

I can't... more>> believe that I gotta say this but as a general rule of writing, your novel does not matter if your reader do not care about your characters, by god, it is bad. Noone and I mean noone in this novel ever acts like a real human being. Every single character seems to suffer from the author's voice issue I see a lot. It does not have different characters when everyone sounds like a 13 y/o. Why does the

Battle-hardened Bal and The Goddess sound like pre-teens

? Look, what I'm trying to say is that the dialogue is terrible and it breaks the show, don't tell rule very often. Before I rip more into the characters, I gotta define what the show, don't tell rule is.

Every story, a person writes down words filled with meaning to another person. In essence, you're telling ALL the details to another person when writing. However, to ''show'' your readers a detail in the story, you have to make them think a tiny bit. What if you chose certain lines of words to convey the emotions someone feels instead of having them/someone else say [this person is {emotion}]?

Here's an example: what emotion am I conveying?

I will find you. And I will seek you out to the ends of the EARTH. And when I do, may hell and heaven bare judgement upon you!

Essentially, you have to subtly clue your readers in on a detail by leading them to it. Now every book you read is either entertainment or dreary meandering prose on the philosophical meaning of whatever.

-This next part isn't a spoiler but might ruin your enjoyment of novels by enlightening you.


But when it comes to entertainment, what authors do is emotionally manipulate you. What makes a good story is how well they manipulate readers into conclusions of their own accord. This, however, is not a good story. It's written by someone who's clearly always taking the easy road.


How many easy roads did the author take? The characters, narration, world building, and even plotting. What more can I say about the characters? They're cardboard cut-outs whose lives are always revealed by constant 3rd POV narration by the author or his convenient plot device that introduces conflict:Airis. Every single time.


Even in V3C4 Part 3, it is literally the main character's aunt who's narrating everything but when it breaks my suspension of disbelief, I gotta start asking shit. If Aira's (also named Aira bc s*upid tradition made up by author to ''world-build'') and Maria's mother had such a good relationship with her husband that she BLAMED both kids for his death, why didn't she INTRODUCE OR IMPRINT HER PET MONSTER ONTO HIM EVER. It's so dumb bc his death is so contrived and the author didn't think about it and hopes you didn't either. It really doesn't help when everything is revealed through 3rd person narration instead of character dialogue to show how Maria feels about it decades later.

It's characterization and world-building like this that drives me nuts!

Any world-building made in this novel is spewed out through dialogue from the characters, especially Airis the near omniscient Goddess or from the author's 3rd party narration. Oh dear god, it's bad. I don't care about the characters, world, or even the ''story''.

Look, the only reason why there hasn't been a negative review of this is simple. When people ''review'' media, most of them are not actually thinking at all. How can a person be aware of the air itself around them before thinking about it? These characters are bad, not because they piss me off but because they're a whole lot of NOTHING. There's no core motive or emotion that lies at their root. But because of this, I know people don't think nearly as hard as I do. (Which you shouldn't because I spent 15 mins thinking and then writing the other 50+ mins or you know, don't write a review this long) How can one fathom a possibility, if they did not encounter it already? How can one think a novel like this is bad, if they did not read something good? While life is full of possibilities for one person to explore and therefore any choice chosen is meaningful, this story has a purpose:to

emotionally manipulate you

. And honestly, for me, it failed clearly. I've said most of what I wanted but one last thing since I did set it up earlier.

This is a power fantasy, right? You feel good because you self insert into Reito as the MC and do awesome things, right? So how come everything Reito does is always undermined by the fact that he has a goddess who is literally a 24/7 omniscient cheatbook detailing all conflicts in his or rather, sideline of his path AND she teachs him every awesome JRPG skill that the author can think of at any moment. It honestly robs any of Reito's achievements of meaning and satisfaction. Imagine a version of this story where Reito (you) didn't have a goddess around but you learnt incredible awesome abilities BY YOURSELF. You learnt how to use magic swordsmanship on your own. How is that not a satisfying experience for a power fantasy?! But no, as low as the standards are as a power fantasy, this ends up being 1/10 for me.

Honestly, this is the crux of the issue I take nearly everywhere. Most people should have higher standards so authors like this can't get away with a power fantasy story that doesn't even work as one nor can they be lazy but using deus ex machina LITERALLY.

It is the thing that drives me mad when people can't differentiate between a 5/10 like AOT and a very solid 8/10 like Psycho-pass S1.

So, here it is. The end of this ''review''. I've explained why I don't like media like this and why I made this. This took me over an hour to write and you won't be seeing many of these unless some novel breaks my suspension of disbelief again which is as thick and tough as 10 inches of iron. Look, I get it, it's made for kids but it could still be better. <<less
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Apr 02, 2021
Status: v1
I love it so far. The progression in the first few chapters is well done.


The twist with the maid being a dangerous assassin also makes things much more interesting.

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Dec 06, 2021
Status: v3c2 part1
What started with an interesting premise has gradually devolved into am extremely mediocre slice of life story. I can't recommend anyone start reading this pointless piece of work.
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May 19, 2021
Status: v1
Basic. Only read when you have nothing else to do.

Reading through the first volume, I can say for certain that the author's intended audience are very young readers. You can actually feel the author dumbing down the story to make it as simple and cliche as possible.

The reason I say this is that:

... more>>

The MC gets "s**ked in" to another dimension at the age of 15 (Earth age). At this point MC would have already learned about geography, basic biology and chemistry. I remember already learning about the periodic table and participating in simple lab experiments such as burning magnesium strips etc. So the MC definitely has a substantial amount of knowledge leverage over the people living in this medieval magical world and yet he does nothing to make use of it. Hence my conclusion of the author simplifying the novel.

But ok no big deal, I'm not the target audience. Turn off brain and just read, no worries.

My biggest gripe however as always with these kind of novels is that MC transmigrates at age 15 and becomes a baby. Towards the end of the first volume he is age 14 in the other world.

15 + 14 = 29

You'd think his mental age is that but it isn't... It still feels as if he is 15 which doesn't make sense and hence became boring to read. Because there's no complex thinking or plots available when you have an MC built this way. It is for certain at this point till the eventual end of the novel that the story will have a fixed setting and a flawed MC. A very shounen novel for young kids to read.

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Jun 07, 2021
Status: v2c1 part2
Logic is non-existent in this story but it has good pace and relatively fresh plot. So if you can ignore issues with logic - it's decent

... more>>

MC - trained by experienced assassin. He defeats powerful thief/assassin first day after coming to the city. Then fights with guild master on relatively even ground.

Outcome: he is given lowest adventurer rank because he doesn't have much experience fighting humans... Guess what is the first and the only available task for F rank adventurer- killing goblins.


Looks like MC is also a full fledged carpenter who can reduild village is few days... <<less
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Nov 29, 2022
Status: --
Mediocre with a handful of garbage

Why does every isekai go straight to the adventurers guild? Random adventur business is like the filler between the actual plot, but I don't find anything interesting here. Just the same boring same old stuff

In terms of the actual storyline, I hate hate hate when characters are commit heinously cruel actions and then the author decides to redeem them, but at least when the backstory is sufficiently tragic I would accept it. In this case it just pisses me off more because they drop details... more>> like "the king had an inferiority complex when he was a kid" "the kings wife is the reason he did blah blah blah". The half baked attempts at reedeeming him just make me even more annoyed because it's giving me a strong feeling that he's about to dodge karma. Similarly bad reedeeming with another character I won't spoil.

Main character's use of his powers feels inept. I think usually the point of these bad "job" stories is to still show how cool your "useless" power is? He can just learn extra skills easily so he's a swordsman mage apparently. Alchemy is the coolest power if you can use it right, and he sure ain't <<less
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Jun 25, 2023
Status: v3c2
The protagonist is former 15 yo student who got reincarnated. That should tell a lot information for isekai connoisseur. Yes, the story is really childish, the protagonist has quite childish and naive behavior and choice he took in the story. Such as taking unnecessary risk even when explicitly told not to by the goddess, and there's not really any good reason to deny a sound advice.

The author also childishly forgets its own world logic sometimes, such as in ... more>>

v3c2 when you have monster controller adventurer told to kidnap civilian, seemingly forgetting that an adventurer hurting civilian risk getting their credentials revoked. It would be fine if there's at least a mention the controller adventurer dude thinking twice because of such risk, but it's written like there was no such rule in the first place (it's a rule only a few chapter previously mentioned).


Overall it seems to be isekai story typically written by teen still undergoing puberty. It's not that bad, but it's kinda bad IMO as isekai cheat protag connoisseur. <<less
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Jan 04, 2022
Status: --
I like the setting of how he just went to a world in lower dimension by falling rather than summoning by some shlt mago or called by trich god summoning.

But kinda annoyed by how s*upid and immature MC is.

He is dependent on some chick that is just a caretaker of the void inbetween worlds. She is not alknowing. Or if she is than that is one shitty world. Because from skill to magic its all tr*sh like. I mean how is helmsplitter even a thing?

I mastered helmsplitter now I am... more>> a master swordsman.

MC is inept with everything and does not learn the right skills and even among skills he learn he does not use them properly.

Could have been an amazing story if only author put in a little more effort in the magic and skill system.

Character and combat are horrendously s*upid. Having b rank strenght given f rank in guild.

Wanting more fighting experience. Kills them with trowing dagger in an ambush. Author is severly lacking in understanding what he is writing. Also his water magic cannot make water only ice for some reason.

Also later on there seems to be people who chose their classes later on so it is weird how MC was stuck with with classes at birth.

Writing is just terrible with how many plotholes author leaves behind. Premise was just trown away and entire story made no sense.

Also GM of guild thinks she has the right to say to princess who lost lost half her knights that revenge is meaningless, even though she spend her entire life getting revenge and has yet to let go of her hatred. <<less
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Aug 25, 2021
Status: --
This one uses a lot of the common isekai elements, like being rejected at first and the MC being unexpectedly overpowered. It has the usual set of fantasy races and monsters, a basic skill system complete with game-like interface, and a virtual assistant in the form of a manager of worlds or something.

The story isn't very complex and progresses quickly, on account of there being very little social interaction in favor of training and fighting. So much so that plot holes appear. For example, the MC lived with his mother... more>> but when he (and presumably his mother) were going to be killed, suddenly there was no mention of his mother anymore, and he just got the beep outta there.

Positives: MC isn't a total wuss, bad guys have decent motivations, excellent translations
Negatives: Growth progression is too easy and too fast, what happened to mom?

These types of stories are a dime a dozen on this site, and this is one of the better ones. Not the best, but if you're looking for a lighthearted isekai story you can do much worse than this. <<less
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Jan 10, 2024
Status: v6c4 part1
It's not bad... But I'd only recommend it to people who are not looking for a proper story just something light to pass the time. The premise is not bad, and some characters have suprisingly complex personalities, which is definitely a big plus.

However, there are some blatant continuity errors. Okay, maybe one or two was due to getting lost in translation but most of them are not like that. You have to read the story minding that some of the events that go down might be annulled in the next... more>> chapter, it's pretty annoying.


There's an elf as*hole who's antagonistic towards the MC but MC beats his ass and captures him the second time. They even discuss with the other elves that they found a good place to imprison him. However, the second time just simply forgotten and in the next chapter they say that "his whereabouts are unknown".

Also later there's another 2-bit meathead tr*sh who's obsessed with fighting the MC. There's a tournament-like thingy and the guy says that he wants to be his next opponent. But then he's told that the next match is already decided and MC will be fighting a swordmaster (meathead tr*sh even knows who that is). They agree that meathead tr*sh can fight MC in the match after that. Then, MC proceeds to fight with a random giant, and after that a random samurai chick, not the swordmaster and the meathead tr*sh.

There's also the thing that they sometimes completely forget about crucial information. They are supposed to fight an undead dragon that cannot fight in the sunlight. However, they expected rain and cloudy weather for the time of the attack, so they decided that it would be bad to fight it openly and they should defend the city instead. Next chapter, they proceed to leave anyway, and when they 'realize' that the clouds are coming, they hurry back to the city as if the conversations about it never even happened.


What's weird is that this is supposed to be the LN version. I know that in a WN it's not unusual to have these problems here and there but LNs have editors and stuff. Or at least they should. <<less
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Aug 14, 2021
Status: v2c4 part1
I cant rate this any higher as the translations are great but stuck in patreon hell.

As for the novel, well its really good. MC isnt overpowered, but clever. While its a harem, they come with wide development times from rach other. This is a very long series. Itll take years to catch up to current chapter at this rate so 3 out of 5 for now ubtil the tl tls faster.
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