Peerless Martial God


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Lin Feng tried to be the diligent and hard-working good guy. He studied hard, did his best to make his family proud and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. He had been tricked, sentenced to 10 years in jail and framed for a crime he never committed, all was lost. If his life was over he would take those who ruined his life with him

Suddenly he opens his eyes again. He is not dead, but alive in the body of the Lin Feng of a different world. This Lin Feng had been killed as tr*sh of cultivation. This world where the strong had no regard for human life and would kill freely if they had the strength. Called “tr*sh” and thrown away, with vengeance in his heart he will rise to new heights opposing the will of heaven and earth.

“Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence.

Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed.

Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect.

Those who plot against me are seeking their own death.

This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng”

Associated Names
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Jueshi Wushen
Tuyệt Thế Vũ Thần
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khanh rated it
January 5, 2016
Status: --
man this is the most repeatable xianxia story yet. It start out great with the introducing all the player, after that it just throw it all alway and go into repeat, find a new place, meet some people, meet some arrogant young masters or mistress, beat them (cripple or kill them) up, and start training in case the parent of the peoples the MC just beat up come for revenge, then when the MC finished training he meet or go find the parent or clan of those peoples he just... more>> beat up in a few chapter ago and destroy them, then go find new place to repeat the same process. <<less
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readergod rated it
December 30, 2015
Status: --
typical xianxia. It has all the tropes you have seen in other works. Its really boring and unoriginal and the characters are one dimensional at best. The MC kills everyone and likes to have public debates and humiliate others. Like many xianxia novels, this one mainly written for boys between the ages of 13 and 21. The wet fantasy of an alpha male who gets all the chicks and kills anyone who stands in his way. Thats the main reason why the genre is so popular and so many writers... more>> write such garbage. 2/10 would not read again. <<less
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bloomsburyhouse rated it
December 8, 2015
Status: --
the problem with this novel is that the author has no idea what it means to be a human. How is it that so many authors are convinced that shitty logic in the middle of intense combat/arguments will somehow be able to shame or prove anything. The obstinate will never bow to logic, and this author has only proved that he’s one of the most obstinate and stubbornly s*upid of them all.

of course, other than that and the “99% of rich and powerful are tr*sh, ” the idea of the... more>> story is fun & interesting.

3 because interesting story that could be 4~5, but good enough if you have a high tolerance for s*upid characters.

edit: actually, forget that. More of a 1/2 regardless of interesting concept.

why do we have no one who has any hesitation to kill, or that simple yet honorable bow with "thank senior for being lenient." why is it that this is only good guys v. Bad guys. And STOP WITH THE EXPLAINING. No one gives a damn that the villain is a contradictory piece of shit. Please, explain to me the obvious logic that the guy who killed all your friends is a bad dude. No really, I need that right now. what?!

really, our MC is just so f***ing s*upid. But that's just because the author has half a brain. <<less
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khanh rated it
November 14, 2015
Status: --
man so bored why do it keep going in a cycle every 10 chapter. Come on add it some emotion connection or some adventure chapter so the MC dont seem just fight and train all the time. Also the villain only last for 10 or so chapter which make them feel like an random unluck guy that manage to piss of the MC instead of a villain, I said the story need a main bad guy to counter the MC if not then this story is just an story were... more>> a person random kill every person that piss him off. <<less
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Raphael rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --

Lin Feng's harem powers have grown considerably he is able to have his 2 girls meet in the same room and console them both well enough that they aren't even asking him who the other girl is =D

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ScotlandForsythe rated it
October 21, 2015
Status: --
The novel has its good and bad points. The translation speed, and character’s attitude is really good. But most characters are really dense and the character-development is shallow. And its really repetitive.

Just like SovereignSamiul said compared to other novels it isn’t the best, I really like it because the character is not the ‘annoy everyone then get angry because they want revenge and decide you have to get revenge by being ruthless and gain even more uneeded enemies’. He actually thinks not like chu feng from mga.

Not to rant but... more>> I liked mga at the first hundred or so chapters, but that was as far as I could go with it before the main character seriously started to push me over the cliff.

I’m glad Lin Feng isn’t too arrogant, because if you haven’t seen xianxia stories they make a habit of giving their characters arrogant and ruthless attitudes then making their enemies even more arrogant to justify whatever. -_-

Not saying that doesn’t happen in this one, but at least he is somewhat nice. It’s a hate live relationship. He’s doesn’t anny me but everyone in the story is s*upid, except for the few smart Ines that don’t appear for long.

Overall I like it (again the translation speed is mind blowing), good but repetitive story. (I think I just ran out of breath)

–;lso everyone besides a few characters on the MC’s side is pretty s*upid in the way they handle things, but it is entertaining to see the MC get strong and slap their faces — <<less
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Omnicent rated it
October 17, 2015
Status: --
I have been reading this series for the past few weeks.

I feel that in this series the main character seems to have more development than in other Wuxia's.
You can feel the sense of progress and how he started to become ruthless. Also, while ruthless, it is only
when necessary. It also has it light hearted moments and emotional moments.
If you follow other series such as Martial God Asura and Against the God's then I highly suggest trying out this series.
Also the translators or pretty quick with pumping... more>> out chapters to keep the addiction going. <<less
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mat1809 rated it
October 14, 2015
Status: --
Just from a few first chaptet we can see the MC's cruel, hot blooded character, and he always revenge whoever bully him before
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MasterDragonTV rated it
October 10, 2015
Status: --
The series isn't really the same like to most other novel in some cases like this if you feel like it is you'll be wrong most times. The story is unique especially the main character himself, he really is genius what he does makes sense what he says a lot of times and he has the strength as well to prove it. Even when people think he is a genius he doesn't consider himself one which I like about, he becomes ruthless when he needs to and kind to others... more>> who show it. The action in the story is one the best I have read so far, the author does really good job describing the combat and how badass the MC really is it always makes me wanting more from it. The translator is a noob but a awesome noob and the speed which she can release is really quick (when she is not at work) and she doesn't disappoint when need be. So the overall I'm loving the series the more I read, I think its up there where the ATG rank for me, if you like novels like ATG or MGA you definitely and I mean definitely won't be bored with this one so I recommend you to read <<less
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Reright rated it
September 26, 2015
Status: --
Its cool and entertaining and the group translating are really great and are putting a lot of time and effort into the series :)
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June 2, 2020
Status: c2500
I have read a lot of novels based on cultivation or martial arts and after reading peerless martial gods I must say this is one of the best series I have ever read. I liked the MC attitude which is kill those who he considers as enemies and how he cherish his friends and family. There were lots of character I liked, for example, Yan di, emperor wu tian. The story of this novel was wellthought and was represented beautifully. I recommend everyone to read this.

This was my first time... more>> writing a review... <<less
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Algentem rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: c196
If I have to read another 1/2 a chapter long redundant speech from the MC before he slaughters another dumbasses for antagonising him for no reason I may cripple my own cultivation. I gave the series a decent chance and read to almost chapter 200 because of some good reviews but I hate the MC and the endlessly repeating story tropes this point I don't care if it gets better later on I don't want to read anymore. I know a lot of Wuxia novel MC's are exceedingly self righteous... more>> but they don't often spend more time explaining to everyone how morally superior they are then doing literally anything else of interest in the story like this MC does. <<less
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March 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Everything has flaws if no why would we age. This novel may or may not be good to some but that's how life works, you can marry divorce 35 ye woman with 2 kids and pay for their expenses until you divorce her or die but as you married her you became the nice guy and she can allways cheat you with some exciting bad boy guy behind you're back as she has finnaly God safe home, this novel is still 100 times better then its sequel, would be cool... more>> if this novel would not be harem as it would have then higher quality

If he only married the snow fox girl, forgot name, bye. <<less
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Yuzu rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c900
I really struggled reading this back then when the first dozen chapters came out years ago. Dropped it after getting sick of how 'slow' and looped-de-loop it became.

It got me interested until it became tiring to comprehend the plot. Seriously, the character does less comprehending how to get stronger through efforts and more for the reader to comprehend how the heck this all even worked out.
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Itzissy rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: c2500
Just finished this novel it is a good read. Wished the ending wasn't rushed, it left some cliffhangers here and there because it was rushed. Other than that it has a good story telling, fair amount of romance and great character development.
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Noble rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c2500
Disappointment. Utter disappointment.
... more>>

Rushed Ending:

Imagine spending 2-3 months reading a light novel only for it to end in a rushed manner, how would you feel?

If that was the only flaw it would have been tolerable, most light novels end this way as a result of an unexperienced amateur writer.


Without getting into any of the details to prevent you from being spoiled, I'll just say that characters appear then disappear for no reason and then suddenly reappear again.


Like most light novels that have some sort of harem, all the girls in the harem are almost exactly the same. The only way to tell them apart is either by their names or slight quirks.


If you want to pass some time, then read this light novel. Otherwise don't read it.

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slouchking rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: c530
Generic. Story quality lowered by harem.

... more>>

The romance between MC and Meng Qing was written and better suited for a monogamy romance over polygamy.

The thing that made me drop this novel was the "aphrodisiac" trope being used to have the MC sleep with the princess before he even got to marry Meng Qing and sleep with her and then having the prince force MC to marry the princess and win a big continent contest was just too forced and ruined what little interest I had in this novel.


Harem shenanigans killed what little interest I had in this novel. I dont mind harems, but I mind poorly written story distracting harems. <<less
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khanz113 rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c105
Well it could be your typical worst ever story or this could also be the story which you can use to pass the time. But as people have said that it's full of brainless idiotic villains which are there for to be killed by MC well if not all but most of the xianxia novels are like that. The thing I hate about this story is it's translation which makes its readers irritated and the story super booooooooring.

So man I have a request for translator either that never pick the... more>> stories or better work on your translation skills. <<less
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Adyanthaya rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: Completed
A decent novel. Of course the start about 100 chapters or so is a little cringy with the MC being labelled "tr*sh" and how he has to fight back. But as the story progresses you find the plot progressing and turning into a good read. Keeps you occupied and entertained.

Is what I thought....

2500 chapters later I am extremely pissed. Too many cringe worth fillers, the ending felt rushed. Just when it started getting interesting with the plots, author lost interest. You can say looking at the writing flow. The... more>> action and main villain popped out to be so lame... ugghh... Ending was wrapped up in a single chapter like how BTTH was completed too where he picks up all the girls he left over the place. Best part... there's still PMG 2.0 coming up. Hell no way I'm wasting time on that. Like they say, Once bitten twice shy. <<less
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PeerlessMartialGodFTW rated it
July 3, 2016
Status: c426
Honestly its amazing series, yes the main character is ruthless but his enemies are even worse. They try to provoke him for the s*upidest reasons so they deserve getting rekt. Around ch 400 it gets alot more interesting as the main character becomes op af and starts to battle people as op as him in a tournament.
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