Peerless Martial God 2


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After the continent of the nine clouds, the continent of the gods, Lin Feng, a proud cultivator, journeys to exciting new worlds. There is more trouble on the horizon, will he be strong enough? See his journey…

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GrumpyNPC rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c510
EDIT (ch. 510) :

If PMG was Dragon Ball Z, then PMG2 is not even as good as GT, it is the Dragon Ball Evolution live action movie equivalent

At first I gave this 3 stars because very early on it felt like it was true to the original, but it has quickly deteriorated. The writing is very childish and cheesy, specially intimate moments between friends, family, and lovers, far too cringey. All of the characters feel very different, Yi Ren Lei especially has her story butchered, and Lin Feng's personality is... more>> all over the place, one minute he is ruthless the next minute he is letting his enemies off easy, or outright forgiving them. At one point he actually threatens to sue his enemy. Oh how the mighty have fallen. PMG was my first novel so it has a sweet spot in my heart, but reading this sequel has soured it. This new author should have just written his own independent story. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: c600
This is a crappy continuation that should have never been written. The domineering, ruthless and determined Ling Feng has been neutered and he became an indecisive bitch creating his own problems. He has people trying to kill him and he just let's them go when he would not have hesitated to kill them in book 1. The author wants to try and make it seem like Lin Feng has grown but, all he has done is become a pu**y who lets enemies live and they always come back to cause... more>> trouble.

The author eventually gets with the program and gets back to the usual Lin Feng for a bit but, he has a bad case of making too many of his enemies like cockroaches that always seem to find a way to survive. It's like the author has no other written ability other then to reuse the same sh*t over and over


At one point he simply let's one of his enemies live for no apparent reason when he could easily have had him killed by the Blood Emperor watching his back.
They sent a group to kidnap 2 of his wives and their newborns and setup an ambush to kill him. After killing most of them the son of the Heavenly Emperor arrives to kill him but, the Blood Emperor comes out to kill them instead however LF just let's them leave.
It makes zero sense other then to drag the story out and even the Blood Emperor doesn't agree. There was no threat from the Heavenly Emperor because at that point in the story the Blood Emperor was at peak strength which was equal or greater then the Heavenly Emperor who was severely injured from an earlier battle. Everyone knows this but, LF the cockroach creator just let's him leave instead of killing him.

Then once again that same son tries to kill Lin Feng when he's trying to secure the Chu family to his side. What does Ling Feng do? His opponent uses his so called sure kill move and after Lin Feng undergoes a breakthrough, instead of killing him in retaliation he simply lets him leave like a bitch.

Later one of the cockroaches kidnaps his Grandson with the help of someone who was using the situation because he wanted to form an alliance with Ling Feng. He did not get involved with helping the cockroach and allowed Ling Feng and him to settle things on their own. So what does Ling Feng do? He abandons him and lets him live.

Over and over he has seen that there is always a way for someone to come back from being killed or abandoned and yet the idiot decided once again to leave his enemy alive.

After being resurrected you would think that he learned his lesson from the previous cockroach who orchestrated his death but, this author just ends up destroying a good character for a lame fan fiction. Over and over his past enemies come back to cause trouble and the idiot just keep and repeating the same mistakes.

This author ends up ruining part of the ending of book 1 for Huo Shi Yun and Mu Yun.

Book 1 ending for Huo Shi Yun:
"A thousand years, you're so silly." Lin Feng walked up to her and took her in his arms. Huo Shi Yun shivered. She had never felt so happy in her life. How painful, a thousand years of pain! At that moment, she finally felt happy, and she couldn't stop crying uncontrollably.

At the end of book 1 after searching for Lin Feng for 1000 years they are finally reunited But, apparently that meant nothing to LF as we never hear anything in book 2 about her.

Book 1 ending for Mu Yun:
"Mu Yun finished healing people and she sat down next to a tree. She looked nostalgic.

At that moment, someone brought a chair over to her and sat down next to Mu Yun. She turned her head and looked at him.

She didn't want to stay away from him, ever again.

Mu Yun had been in the tribe for a thousand years, she had never left even for one day. On that day, she finally left with a young man. Nobody blamed her. They just hoped she'd have a happy life."

Unfortunately, she doesn't get to be happy. This ending implies that she will finally be with LF however, after he takes her with him he apparently never accepts her.
We see her again when he returns to back to his home world were now she runs her own sect of healers. He is unconscious at the time but, she helps heal him and then asks for them not to tell him she helped.

So we're to believe he showed up to take her away after she waited 1000 years and after that he ditches her? C'mon now! That is not something LF would have done but, because that's how the new author wrote it, LF comes off looking like a d*ck. If he was not going to accept her then he never would have taken her away.

This novel even makes Lin Feng into a real d*ck. Over and over we have seen him come to the defense of female friends and/or loved ones whenever they are being forced into a relationship with someone they do not love and yet, here in Book 2 he basically manipulates/forces a girl to have to accept his friend as a potential partner because he doesn't want her chasing him.

This girl is the last Inheritor of an Ancient Dragon Sect and she originally chose LF as her future husband to help revitalize her sect. She does not try to pressure him because she knows he is trying to keep his distance so as to not get her hopes up as he already has many wives.

First he offers her help by introducing her to Some Dragon's he knows to help her with Recreating The Sect she is an inheritor for.

He tells her that she can have an alliance with his city so her Sect will have it's own region like all the Ancient sects that are coming out of hiding.

However, when his friend tells him he likes the girl and would like to pursue her LF ends up basically putting her in a position where she is forced to accept the feelings of his friend even though the one she cares about is LF.

When the time comes for her to Setup her Sect he tells her he will not form an alliance with her unless she can form another alliance with another Powerful Sect or City. He does this knowing that the only option for her is his friend who with LF's help, setup this little scheme to put pressure on the girl to accept his offer for an alliance. She does not want to accept because she knows this guy has feelings for her and she has feeling for LF but, LF knows that her creating her Sect is very important to her so He puts her in a situation where she has no choice but, to accept the alliance thus giving LF's friend the impression that she may accept him.

She ends up getting hurt by LF and tries to convince herself to move on but, at the end of the day LF comes off looking like an asshole for manipulating her.

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January 24, 2019
Status: --
Well I thought this will be good sequel for PMG but I was totally disappointed. Lin Feng became more arrogant and worst he becomes pu**y. There's so many characters trying to kill him and he spared most of them (9 out of 10) not because he's being merciful but afraid for further complications. I hope the new author maintained Lin Feng's character during PMG1 which is free and unrestrained. Another thing, why everywhere he goes, he keeps looking for trouble. He's a magnet of trouble, my conclusion is, he is... more>> annoying. I hope that they won't continue translating this novel because it would be a waste of time and money. All in all, this is a trash sequel for PMG1.

My suggestions to readers, if you like reading arrogant and pu**y main characters. The this PMG2 suits you. <<less
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xihuankanshu rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: --
I LOVE IT!!!!!

The story is absolutely amazing. I was a huge fan of PMG 1. Regarding the style, it is MUCH, MUCH better! Jing Wu Hen, the first author, was bored in the end, that's why everybody was always surprised and attacks were always terrifying. The new author is enthusiastic and motivated which you can feel in the style. And PMG 1 was slow. PMG 2 is super fast, something is always happening, it is much better!

As usual, totallytranslations' translator is amazing, he's doing a great job. Always putting translator's... more>> notes and he even translates some of the author's notes which makes things even more fun.

Also I find it very interesting how Lin Feng has changed a little again. Now he's not the strongest cultivator in the world anymore so he adapts. He can be worried again at times. And also I love how the new author shows that Lin Feng has actually never been calm or indifferent, he tries all the time but he can be worried, nervous, sad, etc. <<less
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Mitz rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: c183
Before we start, I'd like to believe I wrote this review assuming the people here read the first series.

My review in reading 183 chapters.

Honestly, while many people who have read the original PMG series come here reading the sequel because they thoroughly enjoyed the first one. I, for one, am one of them. But while many of us want to read for the sake of the story, the style the second author creates is just too different from the first one.

For one, the author tries to create suspense in fights... more>> in a terrible manner by letting MC's enemies provoke him over and over before he actually fights. When he does, they attempt to kill or cripple him and when he wins, he doesn't do the same. The motto used to be a tooth for a tooth but I guess the author now just wants to let everyone live. Any cannon fodder character that appears gets knocked out now and he lets them live usually with 3-4 chances if the author intends for that character to come back to get more screentime. When any actual character that can match him in strength appears, it's almost always a draw or either side escapes. There is next to no killing now if compared to the first series from MC's part.

Secondly, the author tries to create a personality in the MC's wives. While I understand what he's trying to accomplish since most of his wives didn't get screentime in the first series, now most of them become jealous of another potential character being possibly added to the harem. When was Duan Xin Ye ever jealous in the first series? If I recall correctly, she was one of the first ones to be accepting of his polygamous marriages.

Going back to the second point, the one who's possibly being part of the harem was introduced by arrogantly whipping people around her while riding on a horse. It's the exact scene that was copy pasta'd in the first series during the Shen Gong Tournament. The character's reaction becomes completely opposite of what he did back then where he destroyed her entire clan. New character whips people around her, he gets targeted, he stops her and she asks someone to kill him in front of his face. Not only does he let her go and forgives her in very same chapter but actually interacts with her now throughout the story and she's a potential character being added to the harem.

So in the end, a lot of things that occur in this second series where the choices of the MC are concerned and the characters around him become completely opposite of what they would have done in the past. While I might not have minded these things if they occurred in the first series, I find it off putting since they are not the choices these characters would have made in the prequel. <<less
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Smirk rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c1
Reminder : That's not the same author as the one who wrote Peerless Martial God (+Ancient Godly Monarch & Legend of Futian).

This second author will transform the Lin Feng ruthless/decisive and smart into some merciful/idiot and indecisive MC. Utter trash. Definitely not reading that.
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hubaha rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c169
To begin with, it's bad, if you happen to finish PMG1 don't ruin your mood with this PMG wannabe novel. From the first chapters you can see that every character in PMG2 has completely different personality. Complex and well thought world changed to linear chain of events. Author can change world rules depending on a certain event and change it to something different page after. Very often while reading you have a feeling author tried to copy-paste events from original story to make it look similar but failed. Every interaction... more>> reeks with stupidity, I was literally amazed with the lack of sense in characters actions and what they are saying. In general it's just a fan made novel of a very poor quality, probably released to make a few extra bucks on the popularity wave of original PMG. Very sad. <<less
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WordsOfWisdom rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: c161
If you guys are already read the PMG 1, then you guys know Who is Lin Feng and how his personality or character, also as how his the story goes.

In this PMG 2, you will find a most ridiculous character of Lin Feng and also the other support Character. To the point of you might wondering it is really a Peerless Martial God 2 novel or is it just some joke novel made by fans.

To put it simple

... more>> PMG1: -Lin Feng is Aggressive and Merciless.

PMG2: -Lin Feng is Weakling and pu**y.

It is just the Character Personality. Not to mention how bad the Story line is.

To all readers out there, who has already read the PMG1 and want to read PMG 2. I suggest you should think again to read this PMG2, I didn't recommended to read this Novel. Let just us who suffer to give you the review.

Save your precious feeling that you got from PMG1. Because PMG2 will ruin your mood and feel totally disappointed. <<less
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sidesw1pe rated it
May 9, 2019
Status: c73
As someone who immensely enjoyed PMG I am finding this sequel to be very lacklustre because many of the details I liked are no longer present in this new story.

The new author seems to have decided that so long as he has a land with emperors who smile coldly while looking at others disdainfully but understand them perfectly, the rest of it is unnecessary.

I read some other reviews and it seems others agree in general. I'll keep reading but I'm not devouring it like I was before, now I don't... more>> really care. <<less
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April 8, 2019
Status: --
Nowhere near as good as the first. Different author... different writing style. (Much worse style btw) At least this author was consistent in the fact that Lin Feng has weapons and techniques he never had or learned just to fit the current scenario. Many editing mistakes too. All and all the first novel dwarfs this one, but it's still a good read and better than a lot of the sh*t Wuxia and Xianxa novels out there.
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