Peerless Immortal Surrounded by Demonic Disciples


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My disciples are always bullying me!

Xuan Wei Immortal Jiang Yinghe was the number one sword cultivator in the cultivation world. He has only three disciples, each more talented and tragic than the last. Jiang Yinghe gave his all to raise them into good and righteous cultivators until one day when he realized-

The warm and friendly first disciple was the Xuehe Demon Lord, not even blinking as he massacred others, not even stopping to season their remains before moving on.

The quick-witted and calculating second disciple was the Spirit Patriarch with tremendous power and tens of millions of ghouls under his command.

The obedient and cute third disciple was the Ancient Archdevil, able to go wherever he pleased under the heavens. Even the Devil Barons prostrate themselves at his feet.

Jiang Yinghe: “……”

Jiang Yinghe thought that the reason these people got close to him was to eliminate the only one who could stand in their way. He was able to think this until his disciple kissed him on the lips and whispered to him in a husky voice, “Won’t Shizun become my cultivation partner?”

…..Is Shizun another word for cultivation partner to demonic cultivators?

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Dưới tòa tiên quân toàn tà tu
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karwasama rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Edit: I've just finished MTLing the novel and I've updated some parts of my review.

Before I write the rest of this review, I just want to say one thing: holy cow, I did not expect this novel to be so.... spicy.

I honestly thought this would be like Scum Villain, which in part, it was. We have our MC, a dignified immortal cultivator who has transmigrated and wants nothing more than to complete his tasks and go home. Then, we have our ML (s), all of whom are the MC's disciplines.... more>> The first discipline is the Demon Lord (I will be referring to him as ML 1), the second is the Ghost Patriarch (ML 2), and the last is the Ancient Archdevil (ML 3).

The beginning is pretty funny and light-hearted. The MC thinks all of his disciplines are perfect little angels while everyone else is like "wtf I'm pretty sure they want to eat you", and it's hilarious how the disciplines try to c*ckblock each other. Like, they are aware of each others' real identity (the MC, of course, is clueless), but each of the disciplines are convinced that the other two only want the MC for nefarious reasons and that they singularly are the only one deserving of him.

As the story progresses, it's revealed that (spoilers about who the ML is) :


They're all the same soul, which somehow makes them fighting each other over the MC even more hilarious. Apparently, what happened is that the ML (s) and the MC are reincarnations of a powerful cultivation couple from centuries ago. Back then, ML had also kidnapped the MC (who had also transmigrated over), which I know sounds bad, but he didn't force the MC or anything. It was more like the ML's soul was super unstable and was steadily leading to the destruction of the entire world, and he was losing his mind. In order to save himself and everyone else, the MC (who has fallen in love with the ML too at this point) and the ML make a plan to split his souls and meet up in the future, after they have reincarnated. So in that sense, everything that occurs in the novel is perpetuated by their past selves.

So really, he MC has no one to blame but himself lmfao.


The plot really begins to pick up after the MC finds out who the MLs really are. From there it's also revealed that the MC

doesn't have his passion root, which is what gives him the ability to love. He sacrificed it in order to lock away the "Chaos God". Either way, I like how there's a valid reason for the MC's obliviousness, so I think this added a nice touch to the story.

Obviously, the MC isn't happy with the fact they've all deceived him, and his feelings were pretty justified. In similar novels, when the ML reveals that he's actually a demon cultivator or whatever, the MC's anger seems hypocritical, especially since they usually tell the ML that demonic cultivation does not automatically equal being a bad person. Here, however, the MLs have basically lied about their established identities and they've already done bad things, so the MC's irritation makes more sense, if you know what I mean.

More about the plot here:


When ML1 kisses the MC only to have the MC respond "I don't feel anything" (because of his lack of passion root), his inner demons take over and he kidnaps the MC. The MC escapes and finds out that in the time he's been locked away, ML2 and ML3 have been fighting ML1, and that in doing so, the Underworld (or the cultivation world's equivalent) has been thrown into chaos. He reaches out to ML2 and asks him to fix the issue, and ML3 shows up along the way to help. ML1 comes later, and although the MC is angry at him, they work together to restore relative peace/balance.

Then, the MC goes back to his sect and learns about the all the MLs being the same person and about his missing passion root. He decides to visit a temple for more guidance, while all the MLs try to gain his forgiveness throughout his stay. When he leaves to go to another temple (I'm not quite sure why, the MTL was still wonky af), he faces a heavenly tribulation (I think...) but ultimately dies because of his conflicted heart. ML3 rushes in to save his soul at the last minute by transferring half of his to the MC, and then there's a time skip to 375 years later.

The MC has reincarnated into an ordinary person, and ML3 brings him back to his sect. ML2 and ML1 find out, and the three of them help to bring back his cultivation.

That's all I'm up to right now; I will be back once I have finished MTLing the novel.

Okay, I finished. While the MC is recuperating his cultivation, he also works on integrating the three souls back together. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that by being reborn the MC has also regained his passion root, which means the restrictions on the "Chaos God" have weakened. Therefore the leader of the "dual-cultivation" sect, who is the MC's friend and someone who had also given up something to lock away the "Chaos God", sacrifices himself to restore the seals. It's actually really sad because the leader had a love interest (I forgot his name but he had something to do with medicine), which I think was the reason this novel had a tragedy tag. Luckily, however, the love interest waits for the leader to reincarnate, and we have a whole extra regarding their relationship :)

The rest of the novel is just more relationship development between the MC and the ML (s). We get a peak into their individual back stories, but in the end, the ML (s) reunite and the novel ends satisfyingly. I was happy with it, at the very least.


Now, as for why I say this novel is spicy...


So you know how I said that ML1 kidnapped the MC? Well, while he was busy chaining the MC to his bed... he also put a... *ahem* c*ck ring on him. I mean, I guess he had a valid reason. The MC had previously been exposed to a heavy aphrodisiac, and the c*ck ring suppressed its effects. But god damn, this part of the novel really shocked me, because it was relatively pg-15 before I read this scene.

Also, remember how I said the MC reincarnates into an ordinary person? Well, in order to regain his cultivation, the MLs help him out... through dual cultivation. Together. As in, the 3 MLs and the MC. So it's sort of like a foursome, because all of them are just there as the MC gets plowed, even though he's getting f*cked individually. But at the same time it's not, because the MLs are all the same person. I don't know. All I'm saying is, I did not expect this at all, and weirdly enough I don't... hate it lmao.

Also, ML3 has animal traits and his d*ck has.... barbs. Yeah.


As for who I'm rooting for:


Well, again, all the MLs are the same person, so it doesn't matter. My favorite ML regardless of that fact, however, would be ML3. He just grew on me, man. I originally liked ML1 the best but then the kidnapping scene (...) happened, and I was turned off a bit. But the ML3, with his coquettish behavior and his desperation to have the MC just look at him, was interesting. He acts out, but underneath it all, he just really really really wants the MC to love him, and he's not above begging the MC to pay him attention.

Also, I find it hilarious how ML1 and ML2 usually gang up on him because he's so clingy with the MC.


The translation for this novel is excellent! I want to take a moment to thank the translators and editors and whoever else is working on this project for picking this novel up.

Overall, I would say that while Peerless Immortal isn't a particularly new concept, it takes an old-but-gold cliche and executes it very well, so I'm satisficed. I liked all the characters, I liked the progression of the story, and I liked the romance, so what more can I say? 4.5/5.0 stars for me. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Edited and updated review scroll down ^^

Oh man it's so good, especially the fact that I'm a sucker for disciple x master cultivation stories fufufu.

Ai, my grubby little fingers couldn't resist even knowing that this story is still ongoing and that big... glaring.. TRAGEDY TAG!

... more>> However, the translator said that the author updates daily and goes back to edit her chapters which means I can go mtl soon, Hurray!

But, self care ugh.

I have an inkling of where it's going and it's a super scary thought.

Theses dog blood dramas are scary.

I hope the story will be written well and not turn out like some of the other disciple x master novels out there. *cough* Transmigrating into a mob character to rehabilitate the villain plan *cough* and it's worse cuz there's 3! 3 disciples my peeps!

Round of applause for the translator too. Cultivation terms have always been difficult to translate.

6.27.2020 Edited Review

I came back to check on the novel and noticed that it was marked completed and the tragedy tag was gone (thank god!) Thus, I happily went to go mtl everything!

After finishing the novel, I decided to rate it a solid 4, however, I'm unsure of how to change my rating.

The plot was alright and the author did well given the amount of chapters but my attention wasn't extremely hooked. Yes, it was interesting but my interest waned from time to time because I mostly concluded what would happen in future chapters.

However, I will applaud the author not making the ML toxic and despite being a bit posessive (thats an understatement) and a bit jealous (another understatement) he listened to the MC and his views (except in bed pfft).

The story mostly focuses on the relationship of Jiang Yinghe and his disciples so other side characters appear during sect matters, when Yinghe needs some advice, or as a c*ckblocker *sighs*.

Given the amount of chapters, I won't say much because you find out the truth at about 30 to 40 chapters in. Then the rest of the truth is slowly revealed and solved. By the time you know it, the novel is finished ^^.

I think the only thing I enjoyed was the "harem" (you'll understand when you've a read a good amount of chapters ;D) but I'm a little sad the papapa wasn't as detailed.

I think there were 3 highlights for me.

  1. The Bunny Ears
  2. Barbed pen*s (lmao)
  3. The original is called "ex-wife"
It's a good novel to pass time, however, if you decide not to read this you won't be missing out on anything aside from the ML's "kink play" lol.

I would recommend mtl for avid novel readers who wont be confused by google translate's literal meaning and can understand cultivation terms.


Enjoi and Adieu!


I always knew Yinghe cared a teensy bit more for Huanhan. He was certainly my favorite. UWU

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Pavetta rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: c26 part2
Our MC is a transmigrator who has a System that will only bring him back to his world if he either cultivates and ascends to the heavens, or if he teaches three students the System selects.

MC thinks the teaching will be the fastest way to go home. Unfortunately, none of the potential students are good enough and are all rejected by the System. Thus, it's been a thousand years, and MC is starting to forget what his home world was like. Then, finally, he finds a student the System deems... more>> talented enough to be accepted. In short order, two other students are found and he finds himself with three disciples.

The twist? None of the disciples are exactly normal. All of them are some form of demonic/ghostly/etc cultivator, older and more powerful than they appear, hiding who they are. They are disillusioned by the world, but the MC's genuine gentle and kind disposition has them all fall in love with him, changing for his sake. However, each disciple thinks the other two are evil and want to take advantage of their teacher, so they fight for their master's attention.

This is a great story with a talented translator. Check it out! <<less
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Xian-laoshi rated it
July 23, 2020
Status: c30
[See latest hypothesis at the bottom]

As of the latest translated chapter, every aspect of this story has a strong foundation, development, and path.

I could smell the brewing ultimate showdown between the love of the MLs and the other exciting mysteries hidden in the overall plot. I'm looking forward to when the MC will caught a sniff of his disciples' stinking lies.


MC - Jiang Yinghe

    • Elder of Peng Lai Sect
    • Aloof, cold, & handsome immortal but a gentle, loving Shizun who only want to raise his disciples to be good cultivators.
    • He's an absolute cinnamon roll on the inside.
ML 1 - Li Huanhuan

    • A reincarnated demon lord who has a Heavenly Demon Physique
    • Personally selected by the MC during the Peng Lai Sect's disciple selection
    • Handsome, cold-faced, & red-eyed
    • Currently the most loved ML among the readers
ML 2 - Qin Jun

    • An undead Spirit Patriarch
    • Found by the MC on a Ghost City
    • Grey-haired, silver-eyed, handsome, and stubborn
    • Wants to eat MC, inside-out
    • Spoiler

      The first one who got exposed

ML 3 - Chang Ye

    • A devil whose true form is a huge beast
    • Found frozen in a cave on a snowy plain during the MC's tribulation
    • Half of his face belongs to a delicate & charming youth while the other half was filled with wounds and scabs
    • Could be mostly seen wearing a half-mask.
    • Acts childish to get his Shizun's attention

    • I couldn't say much about the plot since I'm only on 1/4 of the story, the only thing I could say is that it's interesting.
    • Let's wait for the main conflict.
It's a 1V1, so there's currently a hypothesis if the MLs are only one person.


Based on the spoiler thread, they are.


Also, there are discussions that it might be a reborn transmigration story which is really amazing.

Let's all see.
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shooter4binghe rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: --
I'm still really early in the novel but... aaahhh what to do!! I like it so much!! I love master/disciple relationships, and even though literally every single one uses and abuses the "cold and aloof but secretly warm shizun" x "op disciple with abandonment issues" trope, I think this one is quite refreshing. can't wait to have my internal organs completely obliterated when I get to the tragedy of it all. and! a transmigrated shizun who actually uses his modern upbringing morals to his advantage, i.e. telling his disciples that... more>> their origins doesn't matter and that they can overcome their circumstances, especially since it seems like in those times, a person can only be what they are born. thinking that they could have been full of warmth, love, and kindness if society had been more open minded breaks my heart. shizun healing them unconditionally, even if he doesn't realise it, makes me feel... como se dice... super warm. heart is at peace, found nirvana, etc., etc. <<less
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1Sami rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: c43
It was interesting but at the same time not. It feels like I've read stories with the same plot line so many times that I can tell you what comes next. It was very cliche and the character outlines weren't very well thought out. All in all, not a great book but also not a horrible one. It was just meh.
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bagelseeds rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: c36
Long story short:

Bloodthirsty cutthroat "gentleman", homicidal and hungry fallen legend, and sadistic green tea bit*h all simp for aloof white lotus who wears these impenetrable 20-mile long disciple loving rose-tinted glasses.

Great for a light read/gleeful laugh/hollow chuckle...

Also giving an f for respect to Shizun's poor buddies and those other innocent souls caught in catfights between obsessive, possessive suitors constructive criticism by caring disciples.
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elvira12 rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c12
This is a very engaging story. It is the usual trope of master-disciple story, where the disciples feel possessive towards the kind hearted master.

But somehow, the flavor is different. I like how it is presented. Unfortunately, it is still an ongoing novel, with only 42 chapters out as of today.

The word count per chapter is really long. So the chapters is full packed.

As for the main pairing, no solid pair as of the moment. But I have a strong feeling, it is going to be the third disciple. If not,... more>> then it is probably going to be a harem.

Im just not sure how the harem will work as all of the possible MLs are crazy Possessive and yanderes.

For now, I will be reserving this novel. Will be back once it is completed already. <<less
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Hatka Bobra
Hatka Bobra rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: c67
I had great expectations for this novel because I like another novel by this writer - which didn't come true.

The kinks you get are of a harem type which is not what I like. I'm afraid I'm two girlish wanting two pretty dolls to get together, marry, f*ck a lot)) and live happily. Having a four-some is not my idea of a harmonious satisfying relationship and doesn't give a happy feeling of loving hearts getting together.

I thought the three disciples will fuse together but they are still different people. Basically... more>> they are jealous of each other and compete for attention - and this brings this feeling 'When will you understand who's your sweetheart, open your eyes!" - No response, nobody is choosing anybody.


At some points there's an illusion that the MC has some special feelings for the 1st disciple, but this turns out to be a fake.


Later they are not even jealous, just indifferently waiting for their to turn to have s*x with the MC - which really kills the romance.


Lover 1 carelessly drinking tea by the bed on which lover 2 does his "beloved" - this is really unromatic.


I/m at Chapter 75 now and... I'm changing my 3 stars to 1 because...

... yep! It's just a harem!

I have to read further because I hope to get a glimpse of true love in the end and wash away at least a part of depression and insecurity this novel is giving me instead of joy. Ruined my Christmas holidays.

The main idea of the whole process is for 3 males (very different in personality and nature) to come to terms when f*cking simultaneously and in turns the same man. As well as for the man (MC) to get OK to be done like that. All humor, situations and plot are around this friendly development.

The second half of the story doesn't bring much joy because the MC doesn't really love his three... lovers already - though he gives in to their s*xual desires. He doesn't root for them, miss them, there's no romantic tenderness, admiration, devotion - all those s*upid things about love. Just paternal pity and body arousal every time they start caress him and pain in the lowerparts afterwards for a couple of pages. And he refuses to see his naughty disciples for a few days every time afterwards because he's embarrassed and angry how they tricked him in a four-some again. Yeah, that kind of relationship. I don't really enjoy it.

Also, the MC who is supposed to be majestic and capable the 2nd part of the story looks rather miserable because 3 strong males always get what they want, *** him to half-death in front of each other and then call him shijun. And he pitifully keeps up his icy and dignified demeanour like nothing happened.

I also don't understand such love as the MC thinks at last @I really love you@ looking at ML 1 (Hooray! Chapter 82!) And in 3 seconds says to ML2 "Ok, do me". This is irritating, opposite of love and intimacy, depressing and false.


Also, minus 100 for the irritating kitten pressing itself in between kissers for the 100th time. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c29
Oh man ahhh this story is really everything that I love HAHAHA (except for protag top, but we won't talk about that).

I enjoy this story sooo much. I love MC's interactions with each one of his disciples and their interactions with each other. Honestly, I hate the "actually all MLs are the same one" troupe but I'm really hoping for it here haha because I can't bear for him to choose just one of them (although harem HE is also good, but only if it's not sole MC bottom... three... more>> tops just too much smh). I really like all of them, but especially huanhan.

I also like that although they're all so powerful and possessive of MC, they can't bear to hurt him in the slightest. Sure their entire relationship is built on lies and deceit, but I can't really blame them for that honestly. Because of MC's influence they're genuinely unwilling to do anything that would make him upset (even if he doesn't know) and want to help MC accomplish his goals. I'm really really happy that although they're yandere characters I don't see a r*pe tag!!!!!!! I feel like cultivation stories with MC master yandere disciple rarely don't have a r*pe tag, so when it doesn't and ML (s) treat MC with respect and dignity it makes me ecstatic.

Anyway, from a linguistics and novel writing point of view, writing and translation flows well but honestly development of side characters or a complex plot is all average. However, my enjoyment is still sky-high! Don't read this expecting a literary masterpiece (although it's definitely not badly written), but rather a fun story with cultivation elements.

Thanks for the hard work of the translating team!! I REALLY HOPE ITS ALL-IN-ONE ML (and I have hope based on the fact the story doesn't have a harem tag???) <<less
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Severe rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I am sorry, that was boring.

No action, all the attention is on relationships, but overall - they are shallow.

The only good point I could mention is our little kitty's tricks - well, he is adorable.

Don't know how I read it till the end, the mtl was unreadable piece of dumpling.
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GhostFlute rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I kept waiting for the plot to pick up but I ended up waiting until the end of the novel, huehue.

I value characterization and plot above all, and even though I've read hundreds of novels and dozens of danmei novels, I try to be as lax as possible with authors I don't know, like this one. So that's why I waited until I was 80% of the way through to admit to myself that the characters aren't gonna get deeper than this, and the plot isn't gonna thicken anytime soon.

The... more>> main plot is romantic, not adventure or mystery like I was hoping, and it's cliche galore with some salvageable moments.

The characterization has depth only for 2 main characters and 1 secondary character. The protagonist is one of those that are so oblivious it's like they have -100 IQ. He goes as far as realizing something in one chapter and forgetting it in the next, so the questions he asks himself are often annoying because I just wanted to slap him with the realization he himself arrived at not long ago. The protagonist's background is misty at best.

There are two kinds of transmigrating protagonists: the first one's like Mistakenly Saving the Villain where most of the protagonist's sense of self (especially self-worth, self-doubt, s*xual experience, wordly knowledge) comes from his life in the modern world. The other kind is where the protagonist's sense of self comes from their transmigrated life, like in Scum Villain's Self-Saving System. This novels' protagonist has lived in this cultivation world for a 1000 years already, but only one big event comprises the foundation of his personality, the rest of it is based on "not being able to stay angry" and "so oblivious it's -100 IQ." A paper thin protagonist is unacceptable.

The plot would have salvaged the poor characterization, but as I mentioned, it goes nowhere.

What a missed opportunity. <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Finished reading! It took only two days. This was something I found through a Reddit post with Danmei Novels Recs. Specifically, one for those who've read MXTX novels. This one, specifically, was under recommendation for SVSSS-like fics! Anyway, after having finished reading, I can safely say that there are definitely similarities between the plot and SVSSS, but only when it came to the tropes and stuff. The story goes in a completely different direction.


    • THE MC (Jiang Yinghe) : Here, the MC is a transmigrator who plays the role of an aloof, immortal Shizun. I'm not sure I like his characterization all that much. He's kind of one-note. You know, the kind of MC that's kind, courteous, and oblivious. He's similar to SY but he doesn't have the passion SY has and lacks a background. Perhaps it's because the story starts over a thousand years after his transmigration but yeh, he didn't have much of a personality.
    • THE ML #1 (Li Huanhan) : Main lead number one is Li Huanhan. He's also lacking in personality at the beginning. But he does have depth to him. The further you go, the better it gets. At first he's described as kind of cold and stoic, but there's a fiery passion hiding under all that. Kind of similar to LWJ? But not exactly!
    • THE ML#2 (Qin Jun) : His characterization is perhaps most similar to Bingge. He's arrogant and he does what he likes. He's not a green tea bit*h though. He's very frank. Compared to the MC, I like his personality depth a lot. I wasn't sure about him at first but he gets more loveable at the end.
    • THE ML#3 (Chang Ye) : He's the green tea bit*h aspect of Binghe! Except his spoiled nature is dialed up to like - a million LOLOL. A cat boy of sorts. He's the most cunning of them all and has great character depth.

This is a cultivation setting! One different from all that I've encountered but ig closer to the real deal?



This one has the three MLS actually being the same person and the MC being his reincarnated. It's a great premise and there are some seriously exciting points that kept me reading. But I gotta admit that it felt too fast at times. Like the passing of time wasn't felt at all? Are my thoughts on it. I would have liked to see a couple slower scenes establishing each character. There are at least 1-2 in the beginning but yeh. I was left wanting!!!




This would be pretty smutty if it wasn't censored LOLOL. The translator and editor of the novel added some content to fix the censorship a bit but it's still mostly fade to black, with only hints of what happened. (Threesome, overstimulation, s*x with polymorph (cat boy with barbed penis), and so on.)



I liked it! Despite all that I've said. I found the story fun. I wouldn't mind coming back to it again one day! Making it a solid 3/5 star.
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Mins Cat
Mins Cat rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: c42

Story sounds good in description but to tell you the truth, it was really plain. In first 20 to 30 chapters were really repetitive, I felt that story could have become much smoother if it was little bit slower in the beginning. Because plot moved so fast with such big time skip that I couldn't determine how many years its been. And after three of his disciples meet him the story suddenly became so slow that I got confused & I kind of got bored because of it. And his... more>> disciples were so annoying that I just wanted to give up reading. And I liked MC but he frustrated me so much, ugh.

I'm not saying it's really bad story but it was not executed well enough. It not stimulating enough for me & it made me frustrated. I might pick it up again to read when I have mood, which I don't think will happen. (͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ) <<less
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solangelo rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: c60
I have mixed feelings about this novel. I came into this novel expecting a light hearted story about a shizun and his 3 disciples, which is what happened during the initial arcs but sigh.... the novel got too extreme for my taste during the middle of the book when

... more>>

first ML Li Huanhuan becomes fully blackened and traps the MC in a dimension where no one can find them and did a bunch of creepy sh*t after the MC said that he couldn't feel anything after the ML kissed him. I know this book had the yandere tag on it, but I checked the other tags and they didn't seem too extreme and the beginning was light hearted fluff..... sigh.... It's a shame, because Li Huanhuan was my fave.


therefore, I have to rate this novel 3 stars. I still enjoyed it though, the plot flows well and it's fairly entertaining. It was hilarious watching the three disciples fight among each other and surprisingly enough I had the most enjoyment from the beginning of the story because of how light hearted and funny it was. Unfortunately, the story drops in entertainment value for me after


second ML Qin Jun reveals himself to be the ghost patriarch, in which afterwards the story gets dark quickly. Afterwards, the MLs become forceful onto the MC without respecting his boundaries, and yes I am aware of the yandere tag but I swear that right before that happened the MLs seemed respectful of the MC. It's a bit too much for my tastes. They do get better later on, at least.


After that arc, the characterization of the MC and MLs pretty much fell flat for me and the shizun disciples dynamic feels like it disappears from thin air after the reveal. I recommend this novel as a potato chip read, it's great for passing the time but huge content warning on dubious consent and weird kinky sh*t in the later arcs. I'm unfortunately going to be dropping this after


MC died and reincarnated


I kind of lost interest after that. <<less
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jjbookworm rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: c47
So far, the plot is solid and the characters are memorable. Each of the disciples have their own distinct personality and are charming in their own way.

(Which makes it so hard to ship the right ship arrgggghhh.)

While it's not a masterpiece, this novel is still a nice read that I think I'll enjoy finishing.

It contains some common tropes found in these kind of novels, but is also refreshing in others. For example, while there is some yandere like behaviour, you can clearly see that each disciple cares about... more>> their shizun in a genuine way and for once, shizun may actually have a real reason behind not noticing his disciples' feelings apart from just obliviousness. <<less
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mynak lin
mynak lin rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: --
i`m so frustrated (≖͞_≖̥) this novel is 90% s*xual tension and 10% a weak excuse of a plot. but don`t be fooled by the s*xual tension! if you're looking for smut, you'll not find it here. there are a lot of mentions of s*x, but no explicit s*x scenes. that'd be ok if there was an actual story, but most of it it's just "everyone is so in love with the MC and want to f*ck him", so... there's this huge build up to the s*x scenes, and all of... more>> then are cut short. after reading this, i'd be left with a severe case of blue balls if I had any. the most infuriating is that the s*x is pretty hardcore, so i'd be interesting to see. just so you have an idea, it includes (but just briefly mentioned and not described) :

foursomes, MC being f*cked by a cat-like beast, use of toys etc

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Lea168 rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: Completed

Super pleasant and funny read! Chapters are relatively short compared to other cultivation stories. The plot was relatively simple but very enjoyable.

MC is a transmigrated modern guy who has already spent 1, 000+ years in this cultivation world. By now he is the no.1 swordsman of the righteous sects. The strongest and most beautiful. He is assisted by his system to select 3 most promising disciples. Otherwise he can't go home.

There is a deeper layer to the story. MLs are not what they seem. And cp has a mysterious backstory.... more>>

I especially liked the first half where MC still had no idea about the identities of the MLs. MLs 'bickering' (aka hating each other's guts and trying to kill eachother) was GOLD! Their rivalry and jealousy were the best. HUGE vinegar jars LMAO.

About the smut.... Nothing too explicit, but they do have a fair amount of s*x and surprisingly every time it was

a foursome. I didn't see that coming. But yeah... They take turns doing MC the whole night. And meanwhile being jealous with eachother. Even after they merged into 1 soul again. It is not a real harem novel. But the foursome was still kinky!

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Reader2304 rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: c39
Till now I find it very funny. I like how the 3 disciples fight with each other, but in front of their master they all act cute. Is hard to chose which one you like more. Nice story.
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Cucumberbun rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Beginning of the story was fun to read but around ch 35 the plot kind of stopped progressing. It also felt like the other half of the novel was a fanfic of the first half (The ending especially felt very AU fanfic vibes). It was only there to serve repetitive romantic dialogue that lacked any sort of real tension.

Also the amount of c*ckblocking used as comedic timing happens at least once or twice a chapter. It’s not funny or cute as it tries to be.

Half of the word count is... more>> used to describe the appearances of the characters which says a lot about how many times the novel will remind you that one disciple has “red blood eyes with black demonic outfit” and another is a “fluffy fluff beauty with a fluffy fluff white tail”.

All in all, it was disappointing to get attached to these cool, unique, and mysterious characters with impressive titles in the beginning only to find out that the writing doesn’t make it seem believable. They no longer feel like real breathing characters, but instead are tools that exist merely to entice our fujoushi fantasies (it fails at that too) <<less
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