Peerless Demonic Lord


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Unhindered in the Demon Domain, the king is solitary!

In the world where immortals and demons strive, a good natured fellow sought the Demon Dao in search of justice.

At the end of his journey, he had eventually become this generation’s Heavenly Demon Emperor.

Although I am not fond of slaughter, I do not dislike it!

Desiring to see the Demon World, this is how I strive, this is how I become the Peerless Demonic Lord!

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Big Buddha rated it
October 12, 2016
Status: c12
Beginning has the exact same plot as Sheng Wang by Meng Ru Shen Ji- protagonist steals some precious heirloom / cultivation treasure from his own clan and gives it to the girl that he "loves" (puppy love; turns out girl is just using him) and gets screwed over, becoming a tr*sh young master with destroyed cultivation. Gets kicked out of clan, encounters a stroke of good luck that turns his situation around, then vows revenge on all who "wronged" him (none of this would've happened if he didn't steal his... more>> own clan's treasure and give it away to a stranger). Can't really take this "betrayal" seriously when basically the MC screwed himself over and blames others. <<less
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slaider23 rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c301
Not the best not the greatest but I wouldn't waste my time. I won't go too in depth into this but all I can say is the story starts out with the MC being reduced to tr*sh because he had apparently stolen his families treasure to give to some girl he was having s*x with at the time (All these feelings come into play). Long story short girl belonged to the big sect and was using him to get this treasure for w.e reason. MC later on, on a stroke... more>> of 'Luck' takes a demon spirit into his body that turns his body from a waste back to a cultivator even improving his strength and so on. MC start his journey on cultivation to get revenge and also protect his family which is okay but seriously it just went right off the good path a little after.

MC is praised as being a genius like every chapter or so and no matter how intelligent he is or how much he experience at the end of the day you just need to be a beautiful woman to throw this guy off or drag him into unnecessary shit. It was okay at first but when it got to like the 4th 5th time its just ruined the whole thing.


Also MC gets this magic book that assists him in mastering cultivation techniques and so on but the book is basically possessed by a beautiful onee-san who pretty much helps this guy again and again but this ret*rd keeps putting himself in situations that where she keeps almost disappearing forever as she constantly tries to save this retard


So if you're into that kinda thing this is your book, enjoy. <<less
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koushik-ksv rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c253
A novel I could binge on after a long time.

The story is nothing special, it just keeps on repeating. It is a cycle of offend someone stronger and then get stronger, defeat the party. And repeat.

Relationships form very quickly. Making friends, falling in love happen every other arc. It quickly goes from "not knowing each other" to "I will die for you".

... more>> Cultivation system is not mentioned in detail. Its all about breaking through one level after another. There are no profound mysteries involved.

Still, if you have no novel to read, it is a good novel to binge. <<less
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