Peerless Battle Spirit


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In the Canglan Continent, there existed a rule: only those who managed to awaken a Martial Spirit were able to pursue the path of cultivation, and a Martial Spirit’s rank was determined when it was awakened. Born in Linshui City, Qin Nan was a peerless genius who possessed great talents and was highly anticipated to become a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awakening the lowest-grade Martial Spirit, resulting in him being considered tr*sh.

Fortunately, when Qin Nan was struck by a ray of lightning at a young age, he coincidentally obtained the atavistic Divine Battle Spirit, which was capable of ranking up, breaking the ultimate rule of the Canglan Continent. Little did he know that his Martial Spirit possessed a great secret, which would continue to be unveiled as he learns more about the story of the Divine Battle Spirit.

What is the secret behind the Divine Battle Spirit? What is the curse of the Canglan Continent? Who exactly is the Divine God of Battle?

Join Qin Nan and his companions along their journey, battling against various opponents, outsmarting their enemies, and seeking the answers to unveil mysteries!

“Master, please bring me along on your journey battling against the Nine Heavens, will you?”

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Jué Shì Zhàn Hún
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46 Reviews

Jul 13, 2017
Status: c4
Another generic, overcliched xuanhuan novel.

Genius MC awakens tr*sh power, is looked down upon by people who revered him before, then finds out that the power which appears to be tr*sh, is in fact OP, and begins slapping face. You can guess the rest.

I find it almost comical how the people in these CN xuanhuan novels are completely incapable of concealing their attitudes towards others and INSTANTLY do a 180 as soon as someone's power turns out to be tr*sh. It's a wonder how these clans even manage to stay together.

I... more>> wonder what kind of people the author thinks his readers are. "Hey, do you hate being called tr*sh? Now read about this guy who beats up people who call him tr*sh!". Pretty weird. <<less
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Jan 16, 2018
Status: c184
It's... bad. Really, really bad. Even in terms of power-trip eastern novels, it's among the worst works I've had a chance of reading. If I didn't know any better, I'd think a tr*shcan was responsible for writing the entire story, as words 'tr*sh' and 'waste' are repeated about 4 billion times in 100 chapters. In terms of writing style itself, it's obnoxious to the tenth degree, as half the chapters are filled with comments of random nobodies in regards to the current situation. While this is not exclusive to PBS,... more>> other novels at least try to scatter it through, not linger on the same bullsh*t for 10 chapters in a row.

In terms of story itself, it's your generic power-trip eastern fantasy novel. MC whom everyone treats as absolute crap for absolutely no reason whatsoever besides the fact that everyone in this world is an utter d*ck of cosmic proportions, turns out to actually be a god-level genius who keeps 'slapping' the faces of everyone who doubts him. Within nearly 200 chapters, the only reason I kept on reading was because I kept skipping like half the chapters - which are already on the shorter side - and even then, I could only sigh in disappointment.

From one baddie onto another, not a single 'villain' of the story has a speck of a different personality. Literally. Every single one of them behaves exactly the same without any difference between them whatsoever. Here's the pattern: MC meets random thug. Thug looks down on MC because of whatever. Thug then begins insulting MC to the levels where common sense no longer applies. Everyone then begins doing the same to MC who keeps silent. MC then turns around and starts insulting others as well. MC somehow then defeats the super-uber-pumped-up thug and asks everyone who insulted him something like 'Hey you wanna insult me more?' to which everyone else promptly shuts up. Then, give it a chapter or two, and another random thug will do the exact same thing. Over and over again.

This isn't a story. This is just a string of repeated events that don't tie into anything. It's like when you hit a level break in MMORPG with the main story quests, and you're forced to slug along the same, repetitive side quests for god knows how long. That's the 'story' of this novel. Just a slog of constant side quests that bear no relevance to anything.

Then, around 100th chapter or something like that, we get introduced to random loli, who, of course, turns out to be a powerful expert, probably the strongest in the entire goddamn sect, and her strength and identity get exposed, yet those same thugs still keep repeating the same shit, over and over again. Even disregarding the fact that every scene with this random loli is absolute chore to read through, she remains absolutely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Even if she never appeared, all things would have remained the same.

In terms of other characters that aren't random thugs and commentators who apparently dream of being employed by BBC or some sh*t in the future, they're all the same: girls lust after our MC with wetness encompassing an ocean, and guys are humbly bow and wish to be like MC.

Then we have the power system. While I'll admit it's just the same old bullsh*t as with every other eastern novel, at least in those others, when they introduce the initial realms, they stick to them for a while. Even if every reader ever knows that the 'ultimate, peak realm' is never the 'ultimate peak realm' when first introduced, writers at least abstain from introducing 'higher realms' before MC's at least halfway through that shit. Here? Barely 100 chapters in, we learn that this 'Martial God' or whatever realm is definitely not the highest, even though we were told it was the highest. Oh well.

Power-creep is spread throughout this entire novel. Sometimes, MC will struggle to break through a single realm or whatever because story, and other times he'll blow through them like they're pieces of paper. Nothing follows any rules as there are basically no rules. This Martial Spirit or whatever of MC's 'breaks' the conventions, but nothing is explained about it. The amount of pills it's required to level it up is exceedingly random, and instead of having a relatively clear idea - as readers - how much does MC needs, so we can anticipate that number alongside the MC, we're left to just wait for the title of the chapter to appear so we can know that the spirit will level up.

In terms of MC, he's just another power-trip MC you've seen billion of times before. He's not charming, he's not intimidating, he's just another arrogant prick like every other thug in the novel. He never steps back, he's impulsive, clearly an idiot, and I don't care whatever bullsh*t power-ups he's given to deal with the situation which he himself had caused because of his s*upidity, he's a chore to read about.

I'll be a prophet for a moment and say that when he defeats whoever this arc's thug is, low and behold, another thug will appear. Then, he'll grow too powerful for his sect and leave to some bigger sect, where another string of thugs will appear to call him a waste or a tr*sh because he came from lower domain or whatever. The same sh*t will keep repeating over and over again, until the very last chapter where writer finally can't come up with any more higher realms, and where there won't be any more random thugs to call MC waste. Even if he becomes a god at some point, there'll be a random thug who is a super god who will come and say 'ha ha what a waste, tr*sh, bleeeh', despite the fact that writer will state some sh*t like 'only 1 in every 1231254123 billion of people can become god'.

This level of writing isn't even enough for the novel to be classified as a braindead power-trip fantasy. Unlike some other braindead power-trip fantasies like Chaos Sword God, it doesn't have any backstory-mysteries to keep me from closing one eye to absolute bullsh*t that is the MC's journey, or even something like ISSTH where MC is at least half-interesting, and isn't repeating the 'Ha ha, didn't you call me tr*sh all the time? Now that I've beaten your geniuses because I've purposely hidden how strong I am, making it impossible for you to know that I'm not tr*sh, do you still dare call me tr*sh?' statement over and over again.

Final conviction: bleh. tr*sh. Waste of time. See, writer? I can do it to, you tr*sh. <<less
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Sep 06, 2017
Status: c1396
  • Peerless Battle Spirit = Fairy Tail of webnovels
  • In the story you expect the MC to be OP and badass but all he have is "nakama" powers
  • In every arc there is a build-up in tension wherein you feel like as if the MC will do something awesome but in the end it's pure bullshit.
  • MC is quite similar to JP dense male MC when it comes to romance, and like Natsu when he is in big fights then gains "THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP" power-up.
  • Not really recommended for those searches for a badass MC, this is a lot more suitable for those who just want to read something while wasting time at the same time.
  • Every arc in this sh*t if full of disappointments (for me). Be careful.
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Review anon
Review anon
Nov 13, 2018
Status: c968
It's hard to express the disappointment I get from this story in words. It's by no means a good story for the first two hundred or so chapters, but it it's at least bearable. I would wonder if MC would be able to get the macguffin of sudden plot relevance and then use it to improve himself like any other MC would in any other novel. But he doesn't. The author makes it staggeringly clear that he has a schedule to keep, and therefore there is no skipping of realms... more>> or subrealms. Whenever the MC succeeds in gaining the ancient artifact of immediately granting a higher realm, he either gets robbed nigh instantaneously by a much more powerful foe, the item is somehow destroyed or damaged beyond usefulness, and ends up with the reader flabbergasted at the amount of chapters it took to gain the item (usually 30-40, up to 60 in some cases), only for everything to go up in smoke.

in one of the most recent of these, the MC participated in a competition for a corpse of a strong cultivator (when refined, it immediately grants the cultivation realm of that dead guy). MC being MC gets the most powerful one there, refining it would immediately increase his cultivation by 4 major realms. The MC gets it, and just says "I can't use this due to my cheat ability disallowing fast progression" and just throws it away, while all of the secondary leads jump 3 realms ahead of him. This painful string of events repeats itself many times throughout the story, to the point where it's clear that the MC will stay gimped for the entire novel.


Alongside this is the completely repetitive story. Nothing is original, and once you've seen it once, you're bound to see it at least five hundred more times (this is not sarcasm). The story structure per arc always follows this same repetitious structure. MC arrives in new place. In new place everyone with (cultivation regarded as the highest in the previous area) can at most only serve as the bouncer in a local pub. MC, with his cultivation being extremely substandard and natural talent level at a minimum somehow attracts an elder of extreme power within his sect.


A recurring trope at the beginning of every arc is the MC's talent being measured at some sort of ancient thingamajig by the beforementioned elder, and every time it happens he gets the highest result possible, but it never signifies anything. An extremely big problem with this story is that it has literally no ability to show and not tell, to the point where the author has to put the MC into the talent-o-meter at the beginning of every arc since in any other circumstance he would look as average as all the tr*sh cultivators that appear every other chapter.


Another huge issue with this story is the MC himself. First things first, MC is by no means OP. In fact most of the secondary leads can wipe him off the earth with nothing more than a sneeze, but at the same time are "astounded by MC's unbelievable talent". As far as I am in the story, all of the recurring secondary leads maintain a cultivation two to three realms higher than MC. Another huge issue with the MC is how he never actually cultivates. The author writes in two to three month time skips every now and then to make it seem like MC has been doing work, but it accomplishes literally nothing. All he manages to do is strengthen his foundation, which means nothing when

At the climax of nearly every arc, the MC attempts to level up to the next realm. Major realm increases occur nowhere outside of these circumstances, and the author, in the interest of increasing chapter count, destroys MC's cultivation, forcing the reader to sit through another arc of the MC bumbling around at the same level. As far as I am into the story, this has happened four times (but the author justifies it by claiming yet again, that this "strengthens his foundation", even though whatever power increase the MC has is absolutely menial in comparison to [insert name here] genius of the current continent who somehow has a cultivation 2 major realms higher than MC.)


Also, the author is absolutely brain dead in writing powers for the MC. All cultivators in the world have something called a battle spirit (think nen abilities from HxH or stands from JoJo's). Usually these enhance their user in some way. For instance, one minor character has a four armed fire spirit that allows them to work with the precision as if they have four hands and the fire attribute added makes them a natural genius at pill forging. Each spirit has a grade, from Tian to Huang. A higher graded spirit has intensified abilities in comparison to a lower graded one (a tian rank spirit of the same type as mentioned would have several thousand hands and be able to control fire but better), and its grade also determines the cultivation talent of the user. The MC's cheat, the Divine Spirit of Battle, has no abilitities whatsover other than decreasing the IQ of MC and everyone around him. It gets no abilities whatsoever

except some Conqueror's haki-eqsue ability 700 chapters in, which is never mentioned after it is introduced. How powerful.

Its supposed cheat, being able to increase its rank, turns out to be a curse when the MC actually gets dumber as it improves. The MC just forgets about increasing his cultivation, and focuses on increasing the grade of his spirit, since "talent will eventually trump transient power", but MC never realizes that maybe it'd just be a better idea to use his spirit that is already many times stronger than anything that exists in the current continent to get stronger rather than relying on deus ex machina to drop everything into his lap.


I need to go further into MC's cheat since it's so infuriating to think how hyped up its abilities are but they're never expanded upon. So, MC is the reincarnation of some immortal called the Divine God of Battle, who died or something due to some circumstances. (970 chapters in and the author has given no information about him except for confirming that MC is his reincarnation through monologue.) So this god died, and he split his body into pieces for reasons unknown. In order to power up, MC absorbs pieces of the corpse and is supposed to become really super strong by doing so. However, this doesn't happen. For instance, his first ability, Left Eye of the Divine God, really is nothing more than a useless skill. Its ability is to subjugate all in the area of lower or slightly higher cultivation as if they were in the presence of a deity, but after the arc in which it's introduced, every vagrant bum has an eye technique that can put this one into the junk heap.


The author also is terrible at worldbuilding. I read other comments on GT and they said things like "The worldbuilding really sucks you in..." I'm of the opinion that these people are either schizophrenic or simply as gullible as the MC. The author is terrible at making a world. For instance, his explanation for why people of the better continents don't just go to the worse continents to act as tyrants is due to them being completely unable to pass into a lower continent unless they're below X realm, which actually contradicts the entire point of the arc before this info appears. In the previous arc, sect master forgettable is a cultivator of, would you guess it, higher than X realm, and he also came to the continent from a much higher one. Along with that, the villain for that arc was a cultivator of Y realm, which would you guess it, comes directly after the sect master's realm.

Along with this, the author never realizes that just maybe the MC shouldn't be forced to join a sect every time a new arc rolls around. He can't do anything without the guidance of some great master, whose tutelage amounts to nothing due to the MC never really integrating with the sect, he kind of just leeches off the greatest benefits and then runs away since it would get even more boring otherwise. It seems like the author wants to increase popularity, so the MC is always treading a fine line between actual sect membership, and going rogue, cultivating with all his apparently heaven defying manuals and tools that turn out to be the T word our author loves so much after the arc they're introduced, wherein they may as well be thrown away since they cannot equate to anything that a 3rd rate sect with a 4th rate history would have.

Coming back to worldbuilding, the author is utterly incompetent in fleshing out details. I'm not advocating for an info dump, but the author attempts to be mysterious in an attempt to keep th reader's interest at the beginning of every arc. This is usually how it goes.

Supreme expert favorable to MC: Mm yes I can answer all your questions but I don't feel like it, figure it out yourself.

MC: Wow, what a knowledgeable expert! Better disdain his advice since the author hasn't written up an explanation yet!


In a most recent chapter, the same thing happened.

An extremely knowledgeable cultivator from ancient times says: yes I know the answers to all your questions.

MC asks for the answers, and the author has the gall to write in that "Past Z realm all cultivators sign a blood pact to never reveal plot-sensitive information to lower realmers" this isn't only lazy -- it's insulting to anyone who thought the author would actually explain all of the plot devices he added 800 chapters ago.


Alongside this, no explanations are given for the existence of any of the items like spirit stones. In other stories, it's explained that these stones form naturally due to buildups of natural energies, but in this story, sect master forgettable shows MC a spirit stone, tells him its name, and no further elaboration is ever given. Alongside this, the existence of sects doesn't really make sense. Most Xianxias are based off the priciples of Taoism, in which cultivators would live on the tops of mountains or in other places where spiritual energies are prevalent. However, sects in this world are strewn around haphazardly, usually in a random location with no significance.

Moving on, the author does not seem to know how to write a story. All of the secondary leads are either a Talented elder brother, Fatty elder brother or tsundere love interest. All of the other characters are just the same pampered young master trope that want to prove that the MC is useless despite MC being better than them in every way. The word tr*sh is flung around so many times the inner disciples of the second sect MC enters are literally called custodians. The plot also is repetitive to the point of not being enjoyable.


The basic plot structure is as follows: MC joins new sect. He meets Talented/Fatty elder brother. 50 chapters of other disciples trying to prove that MC is tr*sh by calling him tr*sh even though the MC is almost always declared the most talented disciple in the sect's history. This happens every arc with no exception. Then the MC goes off into the wilderness for an expedition or something (usually author ex machina circumstances force him into going). He comes back with a treasure he either can't use or gets stolen from him immediately. Yay! Then there's a tournament arc. Like any tournament, participants fight and then stand on a pedestal that shows how talented they are, just for extra bragging rights. Usually, some ancient treasure will be rewarded if the registered talent is high enough (usually given away or worthless, but the MC can't just lose the competition on purpose/just not participate, right?) and two other times it sealed some ancient demon cultivator who was waiting for a high talented body to come their way so they could transfer their soul into it. (The most infuriating this about this is that the second time it happened, the ancient demon cultivator already possessed someone else who was a major villain In a previous arc. She somehow gets out of the control of demon man (despite being 8 MAJOR REALMS LOWER) and becomes a love interest for the MC. Did I mention that her sudden love for him comes out of left field, especially when she nearly devoted her life toward eliminating the MC.) After the tournament, MC can't defeat the current major villain and is shot into a new continent where his abilities are still high, but not to the point of how it was previously. Repeat ad infinitum. But you might be wondering, does the author's creativity improve over time? Does the MC eventually make it out of his cultivation rut?Does the story evolve as a complete work, with details being given to the patient readers who think it will get better over time? The answer is no. The MC left his previous continent with a Tian grade spirit. One might think "but that's the highest level, right?" No. MC currently has what can be classified as a low grade Tian spirit (heaven defying, never before seen level of battle spirit in the previous continent, to the point where people were going insane over the possibility of its existence). In the new continent, even the tr*shiest cultivator has a high grade Tian spirit (Humorless, we're introduced to the new continent by seeing a sect acceptance ceremony for one of the smallest sects in the continent, in which those possing a spirit of less than Mid Tian rank need not apply.


This, combined with the MC's brainlessness (don't even want to get into that, but he has the reasoning ability of an amoeba) has made me drop this novel at chapter 968. Read something better, and Godspeed to all of you who took the time to read this whole review.

Or a tl;dr for you impatient folk: overly repetitive with multiple major flaws ruining what would otherwise be an already average premise. Avoid. <<less
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Yang Emperor
Yang Emperor
Nov 08, 2018
Status: c638
MC: *breathes*

Random Young Master: YOU tr*sh HOW DARE YOU!! Now kneel at my feet and kowtow three times and I won’t kill you.

Crowed of Randoms: How dare that tr*sh disrespect the young master he doesn’t know how high the heavens are!!!

I wish I was lying but this is what happens every single time MC walks into a room or steps foot into a city/ sect. Sigh
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Dec 18, 2017
Status: c282
[PBS Editor's Review]

Hi guys, so I decided since there wasn't a huge amount of reviews (and some were from very early on in the novel), that I would try and post my own review of the novel (and update it every so often if possible). I encourage readers to post their own honest reviews, since it's obviously better than anything from me (since I'm working on it :P)

1.) Release rate: Quite good I think, generally 21+ chapters per week (minimum 3/day) at the minute, excluding extra special releasing... more>> schedule (like we're doing now for Christmas).

2.) Storyline: Starts off incredibly slow, and remains quite repetitive for about first 50-100 chapters. Starts to get a lot more interesting after this, and events/new characters/plot development actually starts to happen between ch. 100-200. Pace picks up a little after this (and some chapters become slightly longer), and seems to be setting on path of actual main story/start of adventure (up to this it remains mostly concentrated on sect affairs, with a bit of exploration of Cultivation levels/martial spirit/general world). Ch250+ comes to a peak of what seems to be current arc, and begins concrete development of the 'larger' adventure (and also contains the best chapters so far).

3.) Main Character: Qin Nan is the main character so far. It currently seems to be setting up for other MCs at the moment, but up until now it has mostly been Qin Nan meeting and making friends (who may or may not play bigger roles later). Qin Nan is quite underdeveloped... There honestly isn't a huge amount to his character except that he is crazily proud/prideful and places huge value on friendship/people that aren't rude to him. He (quite OTT often) scorns those who look down on him (which transpires to be quite a lot of people—surprise surprise!), but isn't really a character who uses intelligence or smarts to try and work out situations. He isn't afraid of death (and sometimes seems to be suicidally looking for fights) and mostly uses brute force or tries to 'fight or die' with his enemies. At this stage he seems to have come some companions that will be coming with him (and possibly become main characters), but I don't want to post spoilers.

4.) Overall: If you can get over the ridiculousness of Qin Nan and his one-track proud personality, and the "not so nice" [insert profanity instead of quotes] characters who scorn everyone bar their own family/accomplices (often I view his actions and story as semi-comedic), it is pretty solidly setting up for the cultivation levels and realms, and the Martial Spirits in the novel are pretty cool and interesting (I think there seems to be more development of them incoming). Novel seems to be on track to follow Qin Nan's ascension through the ranks of the continent, battling his way to the top (albeit very slowly). Novel is never gunna be at the top of great CN (or so I think), but hopefully is worth the read (and that we can put out chapters fast enough so that the story doesn't seem too slow).

You can leave reviews here (which would be great), and anyone that wants to message me or XephiZ (the TLer, who is great) you can comment on the novel on the GT site. <<less
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Mar 12, 2018
Status: c111
The MC is like a honey badger, and has the eq of one as well.

What? You want to kill me? Honey badger don't care I will kill you first.

Submit? Honey badger don't care, I will die before I submit.

... more>> Take my pills? Honey badger turn you into a pig face!!!

Cultivating? Techniques? Don't even try to keep up. He's a 'Martial Addict.'

No joke... Qin Nan is kind of repetitive with his upheavals till about chp 100, but if you keep in mind that he is like a honey badger, well, it gets hysterical. Not to mention that changes when he meets a certain Jade Ginseng with a pill addiction. Poor Honey badger... <<less
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Dec 09, 2017
Status: c280
Been putting this off because of the bad reviews... they are wrong!! Similar to Invincible Conqueror and PMG, both novels I like. The world building is great and you can`t help but be curious about the world he is living. There is also an aspect of mystery to the story. It feels like when Meng Hao saw the corpse fall from the heavens and got curse. Really, really looking forward finding out the background of his Divine Battle Spirit. The only problem I have is there are too many arrogant... more>> enemies underestimating him, but dont worry though, he will eventually smack them in the face :D

The best part about the novel for me is the tournaments, competitions, treasure hunting and how the MC keep exceeding everyone's expectations. <<less
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Apr 28, 2018
Status: c493
The translation is mostly decent. However the translator insists on using words that feel extremely jarring when reading. Like using 'atavistic' instead of 'ancient' for example. There seems to be no reason for it except to use big words (derp). Also, some common chinese sayings are overly simplified in a way that removes the eastern fantasy feel from the story/characters.

The story is full of "tr*sh" and young masters, where the plot armour is endless, the lucky chances innumerable, and the thinking irrational. The MC is a braindead monkey, who only... more>> knows how to piss people off and rely on the fact that his Martial Spirit is his ultimate plot armor.

I felt I had to drop the story at chapter 19. CHAPTER 19. However I read the translator saying that the story gets better around chapter 150. So I (somehow) pushed through and got to that point. While the writing does get better, it's more of from the level of stinking garbage rising to barely enjoyable. After chapter 150 the story reads like a fairly typical xuanhuan.

That being said, I still rated this 2/5 stars for the following reasons (that persist after chapter 150) :

    • The poorly designed romantic subplot
    • The idiotic MC
    • The idiotic villains
    • The repetitive plotlines

      (I'm literally reading about how a top expert was hunted to (near) death, set up a trial ground for young cultivators, uses the trial ground to help them resurrect, MC causes them to resurrect - which is pretty much the same plotline as ~200 chapters ago with some details changed)

    • The author seems a little homophoic to be honest

      and makes the gay character some weird rapist pe*vert guy who happens to help the MC out so it's supposed to be funny (?) instead of creepy.

    • The author keeps trying to make the MC seem sly/smart but he's just a moron that happens to brute force his way through everything because he's lucky he's got plot armor
    • The author is LOVES to use the phrase "a rare occurrence/phenomenon appeared". It appears so often that either the author is too lazy to properly describe events or he/she doesn't know how to write
To be honest there are probably some other things I'm forgetting as I'm writing this and I don't know why/how I got to chapter 481 other than through sheer force of will to finish things I start.

It's almost a chore to read "Qin Nan and the Plot Armor of Irrationality" and come to think of it I wish I had rated this 1/5. <<less
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Nov 29, 2017
Status: c103
Originally when I was reading I was really enjoying the novel. MC constantly growing and slapping other folks faces and all was well. That is until annoying ginseng steps in where it constantly steals MC's resource cultivation despite having a battle spirit that can consume all pills no matter. What is ginseng to it... but MC kept bringing it more resources and getting mad at it for stealing it. I'm like BRUH. WHY YOU DO NOT EAT THE DAMN GINSENG

After that, he negotiated with it and gave him some benefits... more>> so I was just barely continuing reading at this point but then it stole all pills again and scolded MC for behaving badly and called him servant yet next chapter he did nothing about it....

Dropped. Completely dropped. <<less
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Nov 11, 2018
Status: c935
Don't waste your time. This story's author is a master troll.

(a) MC gets sh*t on all the time for no reason. Literally half the story is people sh*tting on the MC and randoms joining in because -- for some reason -- humiliating the MC is the most important thing ever. It's just constant, "HAHAHA! This idiot is gonna get it now! How dare he exist!"

(b) the MC's rewards are either useless (his martial spirit only levels up when the author wants it to, no matter how many pills... more>> / crystals he takes) or get stolen... REPEATEDLY

(c) MC hardly ever gets cathartic revenge. He doesn't do anything to at least 50% of the people who wronged him. Either he doesn't deal with them or he just lets them live, even when they've just tried to kill him.

What's worse, the author constantly tries to use cheap tricks to keep you reading. Every chapter ends on a disappointing cliffhanger (he opened the door, AND THEN... there was a room inside, etc. It's just cheap). Also the story is jam-packed with supposedly "shocking" / "rare" occurrences, with are anything but. I wonder whether this is a matter of translation, and the phrase is actually meant to mean something like "just then" or "suddenly"? Because if not it gets pretty ridiculous.

Anyway I think I've given this a fair shake at 935 chapters. I kept hoping it'd stop being so disappointing but I've learned to stop trusting the promising arc beginnings. In the arc I read up to, the MC defeated a whole bunch of people and seized a prize, only for this to happen:


"This Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit seems quite unique, I shall try it out."

Qin Nan quickly glanced at the eight skeletons before taking out the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit.

He was quite interested in the immortal aura inside the fruit.

However, a skeletal hand suddenly reached out and grabbed the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit.


Did he seize it back? Nope. After the moronic way he repeatedly let his stuff get stolen earlier in the story, this was the last straw for me. It's just damn typical of the author to build all of this hype, make the MC struggle and struggle, and then throw all of that out of the window by giving this amazing prize to someone else LITERALLY as the MC is about to consume it.

TL;DR: Don't read this, because the author constantly takes the piss. It's easier to read a consistently mediocre series than one that repeatedly tricks you into thinking something amazing is gong to happen before crushing your hopes. <<less
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Jan 01, 2018
Status: c347
The story of MC challenges arrogant young master at every level.

Even when he become stronger or famous, there always a reasons for arrogant young master to be included inside the plot.

Ignoring arrogant young masters, this novel is interesting.
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Jan 26, 2018
Status: c385
Finally Decide to Drop this novel, Compare to the hundreds of novel I currently following in novelupdate this one is rather boring. The repetitive scenario that the author is showing made me give up as even simple line are being recycle to new chapters.

For example MC remains tr*sh It's ok once twice but every time is rather annoying.

Enemies are so copy paste you wonder if in the future if another enemy will appear that will say the same line at the same scenario and only the place change.

What attract me... more>> on reading this novel is the unique antagonist at first it was rather interesting but tr*sh enemies who will die at the end keep on appearing in a recycle manner to the point that even if you skip reading chapters you won't miss a thing as it's just another boring battle with same reason of this and that.

Following the flow of this story, I can't call my self an expert but after reading 300+ chapters with same boring repetitive scenario and stuff I rather stop reading since its a waste of time.

If you just want to read this to pass time then this novel is for you but don't expect epic plot line or amazing characters especially romance since there is none! <<less
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Aug 27, 2017
Status: --
This is a hard to review novel because it got some pretty good cultivation and power ups but it can be terrible in characters.

Basic Xianxia set the mian problem is how everybody acts pretty much every villain in this novel starts asking people to keel to them even if they are total tr*sh in power and then call the MC a waste even knowing full well the MC is stronger.

The cultivation is the very best part of the novel and the whole reason anyone should read this but only if... more>> you can pass the terrible characters and there dialogs everytime someone talks to the MC I just wante them to shut the f*ck up and either fight or go back to cultivation. <<less
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Aug 17, 2017
Status: --
Its a copy paste of Peerless Martial God. Both the stories, follow the same story pattern. In short your generic run off the mill xuanhuan.

Waste MC, gets an OP martial Spirit and teaches everyone that he is not waste. Fill in a large amount of unnecessary contests, annoying antagonists, extreme powerups, and useless thrash talk.

I am not too deep in story (around 450?) , but have seen nothing new. Its constant repetition of the same old plot.

... more>> Can't comment on translation and grammar, as I am reading from LNMTL.

Personally, I won't suggest you to read. But, if you have time and nothing to do, go for it.


Apparently he sacrifices his waste martial spirit to gain an OP martial spirit, which probably belongs to some ancient cultivator. His spirit can upgrade its rank, so he starts from the bottom and slowly levels it up to the top

At least its better than PMG... <<less
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Jun 14, 2019
Status: c495
Take note that the title is 'Peerless Battle Spirit', protagonist is no where peerless perhaps in s*upidity.

Overall the protagonist only gets carried by his Battle Spirit which he obtained from the author. Plans he comes up with is all based on LUCK, when he doesn't plan he goes full ret*rd.

Talent... more>>

In the beginning, the only redeeming feature about him is his 'Martial Addiction', allowing him to be fully focused on learning skills, resulting in fast mastery. However the author pulls a sly fast one on readers that his battle spirit allows to further strengthen his comprehension, which in later parts shows that his talent without the battle spirit is basically nothing. At one point the 'Martial Addiction' does crap, author just go WHOOOSH "in few hours he mastered such and such."


From latest chapters reading

Protagonist is very 'kind', when random-weak-ass tr*sh talk him, he doesn't mind it and even save them from danger just to slap their faces with words. He basically got into trouble where everybody is hunting him down, he blatantly use his real name and face when he have disguise skill. In the end the first place he went into, the leader instantly recognised him and shows very obvious ill intent, the protagonist doesn't even care about it. Thus I gave up hope instantly.


As for story?

It is very surprising that the author used the SAME situation for all the arcs. Majority of [Organisation] goes against protagonist team. Protagonist plot armor activates. Author is not happy, so he always sabotage his tribulation by making others mess with him.

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Feb 05, 2019
Status: c835
This novel was basically very similar to all other Chinese wuxia at first. However this fella is walking plot armor. Including random experts coming to save him. He has artefacts that don't belong to this world that have people sealed in them that always end up saving him and his friends. "Ohh I'm gonna walk through this sea of flames hopefully artifice x will save me"

also what ticked me off in the latest part I read ... more>>

is that his girlfriend was kidnapped by a young geniuses master. Who wanted MCs treasures. The young genius just wanted his girlfriend for himself and was obsessed with her. One month later the young genius keeps asking her to be his. Even though he is shown to be someone who takes what he wants. It is said the MCs girlfriend didn't even look at him. Idk about you but for me that's plot armor. Why make the young genius seemed to be fueled by lust yet he has no lust when the woman is captured in front of hi for over a month. Also she was scheduled to be executed so there was no way he could be with her.

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Jun 26, 2017
Status: c18
So I've read 18 chapters and as of this point there isn't much to say about this novel other than "GENERIC". There's really nothing new or interesting here and it just feels average. The translator is pretty honest about it though when the novel is introduced as a novel for those who are into arrogant young masters and those with eyes and cannot see mount tai. Really the start is extremely generic with the genius turned waste for no reason other than the author needs some bs reasoning for the... more>> plot to happen. Everybody that the protagonist has met thus far that are not his father are arrogant young masters that toss around the term "waste" liberally as if they're afraid that the reader doesn't understand that everyone knows that the protagonist got a shitty spirit. And when they do call him waste and call him and his dad out on what anyone else would consider wasting the clan's resources, he gets mad even though it's extremely apparent that those with a rank 1 spirit are basically waste with no future. The protagonist's character just feels illogical and the plot is generic.

Altogether, all that can really be said about the novel is that it's generic. This doesn't make it bad but it's unlikely to end up becoming anything that stands out either. It just feels pretty meh as a whole. <<less
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Dec 03, 2019
Status: c1500
Such a waste of damn time! Don't bother reading unless you are masochist who enjoys repetitive poorly written books..

If I saw the author on the street I would KHTFO just for wasting my time on such a shitty book.

This is one of the most repetitive novels you will run into in the genre. It reuses the same damn plot every arc. I wish I could say I was exaggerating but, this actually happens.

To top it off this has one of the absolute worst side characters ever created. The author seems... more>> to think having an annoying little b*itch running around calling herself a princess and stealing the MC's rewards is somehow funny.

Over and over throughout the book the MC will compete in some grand competition and get some great prize only for it to ALWAYS somehow get taken or destroyed by someone. We will have to sit through 50-75 chapters of some BS competitions which always end the EXACT same way, the MC will get his prize after winning and then the Crappy writing kicks in and MC loses his rewards. This happens at least once every arc.

This author sucks plain and simple. Its like he took every released novel he has read and decided to mash them together into his clusterf*ck of a novel.

I also hated the Translator over at Gravity Tales because its like every chapter he is going in there to write of weak justification for why its such a shitty novel. It's excuse after excuse trying to explain away s*upid decisions. How about you translate the book and leave your bias out of it altogether?

Save yourself the time and aggravation of subjecting yourself to this crappy attempt at a novel. <<less
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Jul 06, 2019
Status: c540

Well I have read lots and lots of shity stories But this story is beyond shity story among the shity stories I have read. There's no world building no character building, no plot.

It's simply MC meeting and thrashing young masters.

... more>> Then elder comes he fawns at young master and people call MC tr*sh after that MC hurls abuse at elders and warns everyone after beating young master. Then MC Moves on

It keeps cycling in this loop like author is stuck in a f*cking time paradox where he doesn't know what to write and how to write?

This story is so damn 2d that you wish you hadn't read it. I'm regretting my choice to pick this story and read it. <<less
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