Peach Pit Landlord


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Li Yuan was struggling at the bottom of society, however out of the blue a peach pit appeared. He did not know that at that moment, the peach pit will completely transform his life.

With this peach pit, Li Yuan not only strengthened his body, but also changed normal crops to rare highest quality items.

Henceforth Li Yuan started to manage a farm, established a ranch and bought a fishing ground. Not only did he become the number one crop supplier, but also possessed a land to govern, making him a genuine landlord.

He had leisure time to enjoy beautiful landscapes, pleasantly touring the mysterious world, tasting top-notch culinary cuisine, effortlessly chatting with females, this beautiful life is no longer a dream!

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03/07/17 shenweilantian c7
02/26/17 shenweilantian c6
12/21/16 shenweilantian c5
06/09/16 shenweilantian c4
06/08/16 shenweilantian c3
06/08/16 shenweilantian c2
06/08/16 shenweilantian c1
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lingarko rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c4
Different concept with MC gaining a pearl which helps in making plants have their paek effect as if they were 100 or 1000 years old, no harem yet
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