Pawahara Seijo no Osananajimi to Zetsuen Shitara, Nanimokamo ga Umaku Iku Yō ni Natte Saikyō no Bōken-sha ni Natta ~ Tsuideni Yasashikute Kawaii Yome mo Takusan Dekita ~ (WN)


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Elma, my childhood friend-cum-girlfriend, was a saintess who was chosen by the Holy Sword, however, she had been selfishly and unjustly abusing me.

Day after day, she spat heartless words at me, and I continued to bear with it, even though my mind and body became worn-out.

However, I had enough of it.

“——Alright. I’m done with you. You can do whatever you want now.”

“…Huh? Eh?”

So I broke up with her and dissolved our party.

I’d try to live free from now on.

I did, and you know what?

The misfortunes I had so far did a one-eighty, everything went well, and before I noticed, I had become the strongest adventurer praised by everyone!

Moreover, I was surrounded by cute girls who were so kind that Elma couldn’t even compare!

This is a story about me getting my compensation.

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パワハラ聖女の幼馴染と絶縁したら、何もかもが上手くいくようになって最強の冒険者になった ~ついでに優しくて可愛い嫁もたくさん出来た~
パワハラ聖女の幼馴染みと絶縁したら、何もかもが上手くいくようになって最強の冒険者になった ~ついでに優しくて可愛い嫁もたくさん出来た~
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New Jmills1999 rated it
November 26, 2021
Status: c24
Really liking the story so far, seems to be another great op harem fantasy, for those who like those types of stories and trust me I do.

The saintess side stories are also hilarious 🤣.

P.s. Don't read the review below, it's obviously written by an incredibly opinionated and biased person.
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orpheus_rm rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: Extra 28
This is not my favourite novel. There isn't any meaningful plot, the characters are pretty much all as dead inside as the author, and the dialogue is atrocious. Everything is shallow and it honestly just feels like a middle schooler's attempt to copy his favourite web novel.

I'm not saying it's absolutely terrible, but I'd only read this if you're really into the genre and are looking to scratch some very specific itches. Wanna see the MC's ex wander around like an idiot and accomplish nothing while the MC gets nonsensically... more>> powerful? Wanna see women throw themselves non-stop at a virgin who's never held a woman's hand because "fate"? Wanna see a new impossibly OP skill pop up every 5 chapters? If you want these things, then this novel is for you.

Do you want meaningful dialogue, character development, characters that act like real people, and an interesting world? Oh you do? Might wanna look somewhere else then, friend.

To anyone familiar with Arifureta, the protagonist is basically Amanogawa Kouki. Full of hope and ideals, always saying the correct things as a "Hero" but he's really just an idiot getting pulled along by plot with no real plans or aspirations of his own. Copy-paste base "Hero" template and that's what we've got.


All that without mentioning the fact that his skill evolves into [Immortality] in very beginning of the story. He also gains the ability to revive the dead, as long as even a small piece of them remains, no matter how long ago they died. There is zero tension throughout the entire story. Nobody can get injured or maimed, nobody can die. So lame. Oh and of course his immortal skill makes him have limitless STAMINA *wink *wink


And yes I'm gonna read the whole thing. I'm a filthy degenerate with no taste. <<less
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