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The protagonist, despairing of his life and taking his own life, finds himself in a strange place, looking like an earthworm.

His body has the ability to attach to and manipulate corpses, and with this power he succeeds in taking possession of the body of a dead young man.

This is a story about a young man who travels through a strange world on his own with the body of a dead young man, a little bewildered by his changed self.

It is supposed to………

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BumChikiBum rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: c35
Started quite common for Japanese light novel.

But, from the first 3 chapters alone we can see that this isn't about light novel with full of author's wish fulfilments. It's more solid than that.

The writing is a bit long-winded, typical of Japanese author, especially with the way this author write the story in first person POV. But, if you compare to others, this novel is still in bearable level of long-winded writing.

The plot is just one way, everytime MC wants to do something, the story will directly go to it until... more>> the end and there's not really any unrelated side events following the main plot. Pretty straight way of plot.

Side characters having their own back story and prrsonality which is better, but I personally always skip on these things 'cause it's not really important for me.

I despise majority of Japanese light novels, but this one is readable for me.

Overall, it's a good one for Japanese light novel. Better than I expected from the start. It's not really outstanding but it's good enough to read in your spare time. <<less
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February 17, 2023
Status: c90
What is the Alex Mercer from the video game Prototype got isekaied, but he just didn't have much central motivation.

This work focuses heavily on high end bio-mutant powers- regeneration, body remodeling, consuming others for material, eating brains for memories, and stealing bodies.

While the character can certain go into cold blooded and calculating plots to take down his enemies... he doesn't have the kind of motivations that would normally make very many enemies. Instead, he mostly aimlessly wanders, and most of the time he only attacks those that targeted him first... more>> for one reason or another. Even when he acts out of hatred, it is usually targeted at the kind of character the audience would want to kill anyway.

This is likely an attempt by the writer to provide a limitation so he doesn't go off the rail. When going all out, he could easily go with the "kill 'em all" route, rampage as a godzilla with little thought for the civilians in the crossfire (which would eventually force him to fight against nations defending themselves). As such, the writer also adds in a human companion that acts as a morality pet and excuse to hide his abilities rather than just kill all witnesses.

The character still works, and his cold, disconnected view of the situation is interesting, but you can certainly feel that some aspects of the story strain under the power set provided. This feels like a good game that needs a balance patch, since a lot of the problems would be solved with slightly less fuel efficiency and upper power level. <<less
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TimeVoid rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: c70
so I will give review on the Characters based after reading on 70 Chapters

... more>>

1. The Main Character (Parasite Ex-Human) was the usual reincarnated guy whose background was vague as the author intended with the dark background story revealed on his prologue. Yet upon arrival on the Fantasy world, he discovered that he was already an entirely different species which leads to his discoveries such as his abilities and weakness. But He was stuck at the situation on how he wish to live when he was already not a human anymore. He decided to became adventurer then here is a contradictory, he was a person who tires to avoid problem while he attract troubles when ever he arrives on every new destination. Although, he was somehow been lack in the department on the area of leading, communicating and making a effort to develop something. An the Most Annoying thing on the statement towards Heidi :"Give back my woman". Oh come on now, don't tell me that the author went into that direction.

2. The Heroine (????) Heidi (A kind boy that became a victim of betrayal and stuck on a girls body)

This character was nerve wrecking. To be honest, every time this boy monologue/POV. Everything went really a different direction not to mention by just seeing his circumstances led to weird development especially on how the person tries to understand the MC. Let say on the Surface we are seeing a Girl staring to the MC Face but on the Inside is totally different. A boy staring to a man face which gives an awkward situation on the readers.

3. In this part I will gladly give a beautiful statement to the translator : GET AN EDITOR Please and The Entire translation need to be reread when the Point of View Changes. It was truly a challenge to grasp on how merging two different point of view was truly horrifying to read.

4. The Author is truly what you called No Naming sense. Have you ever seen a Goblin with a name of Arabic Person ? This is author just ridiculous

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ADDDDD4455 rated it
February 16, 2023
Status: c88
I like the idea. I want the trope in which main character finally logically understands emotions if that is of course even possible. Maybe idea is not that novel but is still quite diffrent from other isekai lightnovels and the execution is very good. Main character is not THAT OP at the begginig an still tries to be stronger so I would call it from weak to strong? Pretty good, reccomend reading it especially if you had enough of your emotions and want someone hartless to read about. (Well he... more>> still sometimes has some emotions just not very strong). <<less
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