Panties Reincarnation. I’m a Pair of Panties, so What?


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I wished on shooting star “I want to have a beautiful girl’s panties” but instead was reincarnated as a baby’s diaper.

As expected, I haven’t gone of the right track enough to pant over an infant, but I think I’ll persevere for the beautiful girl she’ll grow into.

It’s a Shining Genji Plan kinda thing!

I’ll show it, my “Panties Evolution”! Hyahha-! Peerless Panties! I’m a pair of panties so I’m not ashamed!

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DestroKind rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: v1c2
I don't know why just the first 2 chapters excluding the prologue has already made this novel hated... Just because of the story is about a reincarnated evolving pair of panties?

Yes I wholeheartedly agree that it is a retarded setting but I mean retarded in a good way.. as this novel seems to go for a more ecchi/comedy/slice of life kind of setting where it does not really focus on adventures as much... Just because the setting seems abnormal and strange to you doesn't mean you get to say "wtf... more>> is this shit? A s*upid novel about reincarnated panties? How perverted can Japan be?"

The way you rate a novel or rate anything is by rating the specific areas that that novel is focusing on like if the writing is confusing or if there are plot holes or if the novel is lacking in certain genres like not having thought out jokes and punchlines and situations for comedy or not having detailed fight scenes for action and the like... You don't rate badly just because the novel disgusts you or you hate what the author did or you hate the idea in general... If you don't like it just f*ck off and don't rate badly as you would be misleading readers that this is a sh*t novel and would pull this novel down to the bottom rankings... it's also a fact that you rated based on wether you like the idea or not and not because you read it because there is only f*cking 2, chapter when I was writing this review as we seriously have near to 0% of world building done or any idea of if there is a plot or not.

I will continue to read this novel and fairly rate it based of the certain genres and plot development if there is any and if it is bad or good I will rate it and
review it again at that time <<less
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Tsushiki rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: --
Since there is basically no review, and that its brand new, I am gonna rate it 5/5 to increase the overall score so people do not think its bad without reading it.

I read the first few chapters. And so far, Im enjoying it. In the prologue, the author made fun of himself. Questioning his sanity. I really want to know what is going on inside that bead of his. That aside, nothing much have happen in the first few chapters. Just the MC and his mysterious sys. Msg friend who... more>> seems to be a broken guy converasating (not really) and the MC wanting to be comfortable for the child.

I'll put this on hold until the chapters stack up (like 20?) in a year or so and read again. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. I enjoyed it so far, and I believe the author can keep it interesting.

All I can say is to give it a try, and see how its like. <<less
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