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Has someone ever gone through life and death to give you the most wonderful love?


Just after the death of Zhou Yanchen, Tong Jia knew that he had silently loved her for many years.

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czeihne rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: c67
This one is a good read.

Tong Jia is not aware that there was someone who loves her deeply, though she doesnt have any affection to this man, she was still moved knowing how deep his love for her when he died trying to rush to see her at the reunion party.

Zhou Yancheng died and floated as a sould during his 40ish days, Song Yancheng is a CEO who was on comma due to an accident.

Zhou Yancheng's soul transmigrated to Song Yancheng, at first he doesn't remember anything, no inherited memories... more>> at all.

All he know is that he wa familiar with some people.

The 2 met became friends, he pursued Tong Jian and they became a couple.

They discovered the scheme about his accident nad the culprit.

The last chapter I read was them talking about marriage <<less
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Qiwis20 rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: c8
I'm ready for the fluff!! There are only 8 chapters translated so far so it's still like..... sad and regretful, but not to the extent that it overwhelms you.

The set up thus far makes me feel that this is going to be very fluffy and heartwarming! Hopefully it is. Thank you to the past and present translators for the great translations! Please continue to update if you can! (◍•ᴗ•◍) ❤
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