Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness


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Once she crossed through, she actually became the disfavored third WangFei?

Once she woke up, her family’s WangYe actually staged ‘a man and a woman’ play in front of her face?

Fine! In that case, she would also give her support: ‘365 seconds! I’ll let you feel high until you grow old! Standing on the side, watching you and her continue performing this play!’

In the end, she was thrown into the woodshed.

In a study room, a housekeeper came and reported: “WangYe, WangFei was cheating when she gambled at the casino. She was chased by people and ran to a crowded street.”

WangYe: ‘As she wished.’

‘WangYe, WangFei opened a nightclub and became the boss.’

‘As she wished.’

Finally, ‘WangYe, WangFei sent a divorce letter and asked you to sign.’

A certain Wang flipped his table: ‘She’s still not satisfied even after turning everything inside out!’

Opening a nightclub, mingling in a casino, censuring a prince, see how she played around this ancient era.

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Bạo manh sủng phi
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DWOL rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c730
Oh God...., this is gold! The MC is hilarious! I have a good laugh at almost every chapters (except the first ten)...
The MC isn't some kind of doormat who lets everyone stepped on her. On the contrary, she gave as good as she got through her sharp tongue and poisonous mouth. The first ten chapters almost made me dropped this novel (which, thanks God, I didn't) because I didn't like how San WangYe treats the MC. However...

... more>>

By the grace of all novel deities, San WangYe isn't the ML


Though, from the synopsis I thought he is. I think the synopsis the translator put gives a more genuine glimpse to the story...


HuangShang, MinNu has something to request.”

“Say it out. Let me hear it first.”

MinNu asks HuangShang to give a decree to abolish MinNu’s San WangFei’s position and bestow MinNu a divorce letter, completely breaking off the marriage between MinNu and San WangYe.”

“He had violated Ben GuNiang’s seven reasons*.”

“First, he doesn’t have filial piety towards my parents. Three days after marriage, on the day the bride was supposed to return to her family, he showed filial piety towards a brothel instead! Second, he has reproductive problems. Otherwise, why aren’t we seeing even a single egg even though he rolled over so many women? Third, he is lecherous. He has been publicly searching for other women; it would be a calamity if he catches a sexually transmitted disease! Fourth, he is overly jealous. Everyday, he shuts me inside the wangfu, not letting me out because he’s afraid that I would have an affair! Fifth, he has a nasty disease! As for the sixth and the seventh, those trifling matters, Ben GuNiang won’t specify them one by one... ”

“Pffft—-“ Several youngsters snorted.


“Your breath stinks!”

“There is one more. The reason Ben GuNiang wants to divorce you... It’s because you. are. not. a. virgin!”


HuangShang: “San WangFei, what kind of reason is this?”

“This is a perfectly reasonable reason! Whoever wants to be my, Qian DuoDuo’s man, should protect the purity of both their mind and body. Body shouldn’t do anything improper; mind shouldn’t be perverted. I, Qian DuoDuo, am the hope of the future and the hope of the country. Both parents placed high hopes on me! How can I be pierced with a body of a studhorse just out of carelessness?”

“But..... Tch! I see that there is not even a single pure one here.... Ai ai ai~ it’s very lonely being at the top ah~ The taste of loneliness is really unbearable ah~”

Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! I am. a. virgin!

A certain black-bellied Wang had almost jumped forward and raised his hand~


  • HuangShang : The Emperor
  • MinNu : This common woman
  • San WangYe : Third Prince
  • San WangFei : Third Princess (Third Prince’s legal wife)
  • BenGuNiang : This young lady
  • BenWang : This Prince
  • Wang : Prince
  • Seven Reasons (seven grounds of divorce/七出三不去/Qī chū sān bù qù) : seven reasons for man to legally divorce his wife in ancient/traditional Chinese.

(I copied this from the translator's site)


More about the story:


The ML really loves her. He always protect her and do almost everything she asked. What I like about him is, he isn't the cold/bullying type like most ML is at the beginning of their story. This ML, from the very first time they met, he always treats the MC with warmth and doting manner.

For the MC, she doesn't really care about what people think about her (except when her butt is at stake) and, as I said before, is completely hilarious. I've just read a chapter in which she told her enemy, who's under 'spring' drug, to use cucumber and eggplant as a detoxification.... Anyway, her best weapons are definitely her poisonous tongue, her eloquence and her cuteness naivety.

San WangYe... hhh..., at first he's really annoying. But, he gradually falls in love with the MC. I truly sympathize with him. Yes he's stupid, yes he's a jerk in the beginning, but his feelings toward the MC seems genuine... And he can only watch the MC becomes closer and closer with the ML. Really, even taking into account on what a jerk he was in the beginning, I still can't hate him. He's just bitter to be separated with someone who he thought he loved and he realized his true feeling way too late...

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CheenaTown rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: c1327
Edit: I regret nothing, such a worth it read! Ugh, my laugh box.

I started reading this not because of the synopsis, but because of Renren's Snippet. And I'm glad I did. Well, at first I was just there for mere curiosity, but who would have thought that this will make me stay up late at night, clutching my stomach, holding myself back from laughing out loud just because I might wake up my rommie. Do you know how much I suffered and choked several times holding back all those gas... more>> last night? Nope, you don't, unless you read the novel and find that out yourself.

Anyway, so far I am so much enjoying this, so dang hilarious, imo, no boring chapters, adding up with interesting characters, dramatic to comedic scenes, from nonsensical to substantive ideologies are on point, that are executed in highly entertaining approach and will sway various emotions. I like how indeed the MC is brimming with cuteness! Unruly, rogue, shameless, cunning and again shameless! I'll rate this 4stars for now, and that's solely because of her hilarious 'ancient'-defying persona, and everything else are just a plus.


The MC truly got me with her rock 'n roll performance during a banquet. I was blown away and I died right there.



Actually, I could have given this 5 stars instead of 4 for starters but with arc (364) I was on previously, when the true ML hit the MC, got me feeling a little sour at the moment. Yup, pity petty. Though he didn't mean to hurt her and regretted to the point of grovelling when MC went missing right after. But dang man, sometimes what is done is done, I don't want you to act like a certain someone (namely San Wangye). Better prove thyself worthy later.

EDIT: He proves himself but still 4stars because I'm bias and I'm shipping the MC with other lead. Guhehe. Got second male lead sydrome. Lol, lol, lol

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nixxara rated it
November 11, 2017
Status: --
Hilarious. The thing I love the most in Chinese novels are the witty remarks and sassy insults.

MC is a 'i bow to no man' girl, very confident, and charismatic.

By the way, the ML is not wangye, don't jump on the wrong ship!
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femalenovelist rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: c10
The synopsis made it seem like it would be an enjoyable (even though typical) transmigration story. However, there were some aspects of the novel that I didn't like...

... more>>

the darn ML! In the previous life, he stated he only loved the MC but still allowed her sister to hug him, creating a misunderstanding that lead to the MC's death. After transmigration, the ML (apparently same appearance) has a harem (concubines) and was apparently in love with the MC's sister!!


Therefore, I decided I couldn't keep reading this.

Update: Another reader has informed me that the ML was someone else.

16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ecirteab rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c1
To those who are worried ... more>>

the ML isn't her husband

so I'm not dropping it because of that.

It's supposedly a comedy but I really don't find it funny at all OTL the "humour" really falls flat to me. I don't particularly mind a female lead who acts non standard in ancient settings (esp if they transmigirated) but the MC acts like a lunatic and honestly I'm not surprised her husband hasn't arranged for her demise like he probably could. It's kinda to the point where she's not likable or funny. Comparing it to an even more ridiculous premise with an MC who acts more outlandish (unruly phoenix xiaoye) the latter is so much funnier because her reactions feel so much more realistic even if the stuff she does is ridiculous. She has her own smarts and acts according to her goals no matter what.

This MC is supposed to be some police officer or something but like I feel she has less brains than a potato. I guess this novel just isn't my type of comedy. ¯\_ (ツ) _/ ¯ <<less
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KichiX rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c77
If you can totally suspend your disbelief then sure, this book with its not-at-all subtle, not-at-all well-thought out, not-at-all thinking of the consequences before diving right in, face-slapping might be your cup of tea.

But honestly? The whole thing was so unrealistic that even the so-called "face slapping" wasn't satisfying. What's more, the author makes a point of saying how "fluently" the female lead speaks, how "indirect" she is with her words, and how "irrefutable" what she says it.

She's not. On any of those counts.

Everything the female lead says could be... more>> argued against, but the other characters seem to be so mesmerised that talking back is impossible. The female lead isn't clever, she acts like the world she is in is the same as the one she left (i.e. The 21st century), imposing her own beliefs and values onto the world with no thought for the consequences because no consequences appear. The other characters think she is "cute" because of these actions.

It feels like the author wanted to write a face-slapping no-holds barred female protagonist but lacked the writing skill, subtly, and ability to make it believeable in any way. Just take a look at the Princess Wei Yang, Seven Treasures Trousseau, The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress from Military Lineage or Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir for characters speaking cleverly leaving no way to retreat. Or look at Xian Wang Dotes on Wife, Mesmirising Ghost Doctor, and An Unyielding Wind for smart-mouthed characters in novels with a similar tone to this one (somewhat less serious and heavy than the previously mentioned stories). In short, not at all impressed and dropping this story now. <<less
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Miriallia rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c20
The only funny part in this novel was her method of transmigration. I have no idea how she is supposed to be qualified for her job with how she acts. You'd think she'd have a tinge of composure but instead. She uses every opportunity to cuss out everyone and everything. Im surprised she isnt locked up for appearing insane or straight up beheaded. I honestly cant comprehend how peoplecan suspend their disbelief. Take out a strong female lead from most stores and replace her with a cussing resentful housewife that... more>> has skin thicker than the earths crust and you have the reciepe for this novels "humor". Its not that I dont agree with many of her comments. But a woman cussing out the heir apparent in ancient china to his face and not conveying it to us in thoughts is where things go from what could have been amusing to the downright absurd. <<less
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PotatoZero rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c24
Wow, I'm glad the FMC got transmigrated and didn't get to become a police yet,

She's so impulsive and had so narrow view of situation that she forgot what she situation she was in just because she fell, not to forget while cursing her seventh grandmother doing it
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 2, 2019
Status: c188
MC is a lunatic and not in the good way. Author tries to make her seem intelligent, but she just comes off stupid and immature. Some of her actions make me think she was a psych patient in her previous that deluded herself into believing she was a cop. There is no way this lady is smart enough to be a cop. Story started out cute, but the shine rapidly decreased for me.
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NotSoPickyReader rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c15
The protagonist is too irrational and outrageous, she acts in a way that’ll make you think she should be put in to a mental hospital. After the transmigration she acts as if her words and acts has no consequences. I am frankly suprised how her husband hasn’t killed her yet despite have the power to do so.
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Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c30
(chapter 0) : This sounds..... Interesting (cackles)

Update (chapter 30) :


Pure gold, I love it so much.

The MC is just the best, you won't lose anything reading this!

The prologue is only 1-2 chapters long.

But this story is super engaged, no fillers. Things happen one after the other.

The beginning had me wondering what was happening to the boyfriend:

... more>>

He seemed he didn't want to cheat, it looked like he was forced. Idk if he was drugged or anything, but they definitely weren't hugging like the other reviewer said, when she walked in, she saw men's clothed on the ground.


Who I think the male lead is, and why I also don't feel that it's right:


I think the ML is the emperor, one, because of the summary, he won't let her go. Two because that's just how transmigration stories are. But I also don't think it's him because he didn't fall in love with her right away, he doesn't find what she does adorable. I feel it is his uncle/ God of War, because he feels her as adorable already. I also wish it was him, but that probably won't happen.

Though a tiny bit maybe a sentence or two was confusing, the translator is doing his best. It's pretty clean, and there's an explanation to new words at the end, or to help explain the jokes. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c39
Out of all these Chinese novel that I've read, I have to say that this MC has the most poisonous tongue ever!! Not only does she have a poisonous tongue she is also very good at making her victim unable to say anything back! I just love her personality and her shamelessness when she's arguing with the second ML!!!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wolflord1307 rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: --
I do like this novel but it's only gonna get 3 stars because it's quite conflicted over the FL's character. On one hand her poisonous tongue is the comedy gold of the novel on the other hand the author keeps mentioning how direct and fluent she is and the fact that she is suppose to be a police officer is kinda strange because her impulsive character doesn't match that at all.

Also I love a good OP character but her actions can be downright odd and could get her into serious... more>> trouble in the ancient time if this novel wasn't so lax abt that bit.

But this novel's saving grace is the adorable romance between the ML and FL


ML is not San Wangye thank god. ML is Chen Wangye and he is downright awesome and I love it


The translation is also good with very few major errors. My only complaint is that as a Chinese myself even though I understand the pinyin, it's quite complicated. And simple and common labels such as HuangShang meaning emperor can be easily replaced by its English form which is easier to read. And I'm quite sure that anyone who is reading these should be familiar with the concept of imperial concubines and consorts etc so that could be in English as well instead of pinyin

but overall I do recommend this as long as you can accept occasional crackish actions by the FL <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CabbageLu rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c70
God Damn, I'm so glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews and went ahead and read it. I promise you its worth the read and the people telling her why she is going around messing around and being arrogant is so people don't constantly mess with her. It's the better choice for the greater good. If I could rate more I would. Long live Muchen x DuoDuo. (You'll see what I did there when you begin to read)
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dragon_Reader rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c35
I usually do not MTL novels with ancient settings coz the MTL is extremely tiring but this novel is absolutely the best ancient one I have ever read!

The MC is absolutely hilarious. I started to laugh by the 4th chapter and haven't stopped yet! God, this novel is enough to bring a person out of depression and make you roll on the floor laughing your ass off. No romance till now obviously, but I will be happy to just have the MC, her super poisonous tongue and her personality with... more>> no romance and read 1000+ chapters happily.

This is far better than all the usual assasin-transmigrates, contracts a beast, fights bad relatives, gains followers and becomes queen of the entire mortal, higher and all kinds and levels of realms!

Off to MTL now. Will update once I complete the novel but I suspect I will be laughing too much to have the energy to do anything if the MC and the story continues in the same vein. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: --
Brimming with cuteness? Hah. Nope. She's ruthless, foul-mouthed, and rude af╮ (╯▽╰) ╭

I like how she practically doesn't care what other people think and does what she wants. If she was still a cop, she'd be the kind that trashtalks, make you admit your crime, and beat you up. Everyone around her would need therapy.

The ML and MC are perfect for each other.
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rainydayromantic rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c236
This novel is quite funny and I enjoyed the play at first, but after 100 chapters or so the main character's repeated ridiculous and unreasonable behavior started to grate on me. Don't get me wrong, I love arrogant and domineering female MCs, but this one just hit the wrong notes for me. I continued to read because I do really like the ML (he's so freaking sweet!), but I think I'm gonna have to drop this one because my annoyance with the MC is no longer outweighed by the comedy... more>> she provides.

If you've ever read one of those "Cannon-fodder- counter-attacks" type stories, she exactly the kind of arrogant protagonist who is actually a really stupid villain. I can't believe there's actually 1800+ chapters of this - I hope there's some sort of character growth, but I won't hold out hope.

I swear to god the guys in this book are all shaking Ms! There is absolutely nothing cute or redeemable about the MC's abhorrent character, yet they are all begging for her abuse lol. She's quite plainly, a jumping clown, who stirs up chaos wherever she goes with her arrogant and narcissistic actions, then runs to the the ML to protect her when she realizes she's gone too far for the umpteenth time. She believes she's so capable and smart, yet she's actually totally useless. I can barely believe that she was a cop in her past life, except for one time she actually half-admitted that she could act so domineering because she was protected by her male colleagues (wtf!). If the female MC is going to be domineering and arrogant in the face of everything, she better be as OP as hell to back it up, not completely relying on men to clean up her messes and protect her from the consequences. <<less
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dalilt rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c229
Female lead is presented as a top-of-the-top having just finished SWAT training. She is able to fight and do other stuff even though she transmigrated to a body of someone who never exercised in her life. She is also rude and uses shocking statments causing the oponents to shut up.

She would be considered a crazy loon in a modern setting, it's a wonder she is still alive in an ancient setting where manners are above all. Her behaviour is more like someone who suffers from dementia or had a mental-breakdown... more>> and is unable to filter thoughts.

Interesting at the beggining the situations and lack of manners start to escalate until it's more of the same.

Husband suffers from period typical bad attitudes related to woman. From cheating to hitting to (trying to) rape. Husbands attempts to 'control' his wife get more and more absurd the more she lashes out in a crazy way.


Husband realises he needs to change his attitude (which are period typical) and tries to be nicer to his wife. Instead of promoting this attitude. She creates a trap where she sells him like a piece of ham to the villagers. From talking, to fondling/touching and kisses, just to get money.

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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: c200
Pretty much all the negative reviews I see complain about how stupidly the female lead acts. But, I mean, the whole story is a comedy and that's the joke. Qian Duoduo says or does something unbelievably stupid that should probably result in her death in a "realistic" setting but instead, she gets off with a figurative slap on the wrist each time. Then she does it again in the next chapter. And the next. Etcetera. That's the whole premise. It's the entire joke. It's tied with the romance for being... more>> the "point" of the story.

So if you read the first few chapters you'll get a good feel for the main character's personality and the stories style of humor. If you don't like it at chapter 10, you're probably not gonna like it at chapter 200. Conversely, if you do find it amusing, you'll probably find it amusing the whole way through. I for one thought it was pretty funny and enjoyed it quite a bit. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
watbebe rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: c10
Probably a pretty decent story, unfortunately unending untranslated terminology...
I literally can't read this garbage, I don't understand what any of them are saying to each other.

Recommendation if you aren't prepared to deal with a story of which each chapter consists of 50% terminology you don't understand, don't read this...

If your first language is Ancient Chinese have fun...
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