Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard


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Du Xiao Li, the legendary person all look up to, yet couldn’t ward off the ridiculousness of fate!

Opening her eyes once again, the steady and calm her was still shocked senseless by her own withered little hands, and the leaking and windy rat infested surroundings before her eyes.

Both parents dead, three meals uncertain, and her only property was this shabby house and a cute little big brother.

What the hell is all this!

Buying a mountain top, planting fruit trees, opening winery, fermenting fruit wine, and developing a supply chain. From then on, profits poured in from all sides, bringing along big brother to lay down a family fortune and become rich!

Making close friends, kidnapping a prince, fighting villains, a peasant daughter can also live calling the wind and rain, laughing in face of the world!

Oh? This little guy looks pretty good, come plant a fruit tree for me then! How about also set a kiddy engagement?

With the roll of his eyes, the small child, who was currently being enslaved to plant trees gave her a cool turn of his back.

One separation, several years later, seeing this tall, rich, and handsome emotionless prince tell her with an ice cold face that she and him were already engaged, and moreover have long sealed the deal with a kiss, letting her take responsibility. He really was that little handsome boy from before?!

Du Xiao Li speechlessly look to the sky: I don’t want to be a princess consort! Can I get a refund?!!

The cold face prince, with a face full of grievance: You said before that once sold, can’t be returned. A few years ago, I’ve already obediently gave myself to you. In these years I’ve always carefully obeyed your teachings, keeping myself pure for you. How can you heartlessly abandon me now?

Du Xiao Li’s jaw was about to drop to the ground: Alright then, seeing that you’re this obedient, you can come home with me!

A certain young master charmingly smiled: This husband shall comply!

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New XyzXree rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: c21
This is the first time I give 5 stars!

I think the story is beautiful. And I am waiting for the next translation release!

Btw Btw you should read this! It is cute!

The MC doesn't look like ruthless character, but she is smart. And I love smart female
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