Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard


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Du Xiao Li, the legendary person all look up to, yet couldn’t ward off the ridiculousness of fate!

Opening her eyes once again, the steady and calm her was still shocked senseless by her own withered little hands, and the leaking and windy rat infested surroundings before her eyes.

Both parents dead, three meals uncertain, and her only property was this shabby house and a cute little big brother.

What the hell is all this!

Buying a mountain top, planting fruit trees, opening winery, fermenting fruit wine, and developing a supply chain. From then on, profits poured in from all sides, bringing along big brother to lay down a family fortune and become rich!

Making close friends, kidnapping a prince, fighting villains, a peasant daughter can also live calling the wind and rain, laughing in face of the world!

Oh? This little guy looks pretty good, come plant a fruit tree for me then! How about also set a kiddy engagement?

With the roll of his eyes, the small child, who was currently being ens*aved to plant trees gave her a cool turn of his back.

One separation, several years later, seeing this tall, rich, and handsome emotionless prince tell her with an ice cold face that she and him were already engaged, and moreover have long sealed the deal with a kiss, letting her take responsibility. He really was that little handsome boy from before?!

Du Xiao Li speechlessly look to the sky: I don’t want to be a princess consort! Can I get a refund?!!

The cold face prince, with a face full of grievance: You said before that once sold, can’t be returned. A few years ago, I’ve already obediently gave myself to you. In these years I’ve always carefully obeyed your teachings, keeping myself pure for you. How can you heartlessly abandon me now?

Du Xiao Li’s jaw was about to drop to the ground: Alright then, seeing that you’re this obedient, you can come home with me!

A certain young master charmingly smiled: This husband shall comply!

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Vườn trái cây phiêu hương chi độc sủng y phi phần
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24 Reviews

Mar 06, 2019
Status: c187
Painful in its repetitiveness.

... more>>

Someone gets kidnapped, poisoned, fall off a cliff, meet a handsome guy who falls for MC. Rinse and repeat.


Though the plot isn't really as structured as what is inside the spoiler, it comes painfully close to it. The plot is heavily contrived and everything happens just to prove that MC is superior and can do all things.


The number of times poison is used in this story is giving me a headache. Couldn't the author think of something else? I mean, really?


There is no real character development in this novel making characters feel flat when you reach further into the story. MC is classic Mary Sue and all guys interested in her don't really have a solid reason why they like her.


Apparently, she gives them warm feelings. *Eye roll here* Though the author does try to show why guys do like her, it doesn't sound so convincing which made me feel that their reasoning for liking her doesn't hold up


I gave this a solid two stars because it was all over the place. For me it was at least.

Read if you want to go for the classic transmigration novel with a bevy of handsome guys, pets, poison experts, and whatnot, <<less
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Oct 24, 2019
Status: c87.1
Story rating: 1

Translation gave it another 1 star.

I actually quite enjoyed this story for the first half until the time skip. I thought Du Xiaoli was a cute heroine, and I loved the relationship she had with Du Xiuheng, her older brother. I also thought it was very unique that very early on....

... more>>

Du Xiuheng finds out about the fact that she's actually transmigrated. She had a poor life in her last life, and was determined to leave Xiuheng but he ran out to find her and they made up. I thought that these two people who have pretty much nobody to rely on but can still rely on each other and call each other brother and sister was very cute.


I thought the first half was very enjoyable. It's too bad that everything in the second half just ruined it all.

If you're going to have a story that has all the transmigration cliches, OP MC who develops a big business, has lots of money and a secret force and a lover who is a prince, then like why does the MC continually allow people to step all over her?

I know that the author is trying to make the MC seem ~*~ cool and confident ~*~ but to me, she is just purposefully ruining her own reputation, which was very important to have in ancient times. She also makes s*upid comments in the second half, and the TL notes that they hope the author doesn't make the MC purposefully s*upid for the sake of dumb comedy. But as I continued reading... that's what I felt like was happening.

Furthermore, she just lets everybody step all over her face. They insult her to her face, even when she gets insulted in the family, she doesn't say anything and just lets it happen. She writes it off as being like "oh who cares I'm so cool and the person who loves me won't care~ I'm so cool~ Can't you see how CoOl I am because I can just Let It Go, Let It Go, Can't Hold It Back Anymore, Let It Go, Let It Go, Turn Away and Slam The Door, I Don't Care What They're Going To Say and - " oh wait, that's not right.

Anyways, you get the gist of it. I don't get to see a lot of face slapping moments. It also annoys me that there's all these suspicions her


Father's other children aren't actually his kids


But like, just let 'em off who cares right? And her older sister, Du Ke Xin, is the most annoying h*e bag I've ever met like good looooord you're still letting her step all over your face?

It stops becoming "I'm so cool and interesting" and just becomes "Hello, my name is Du Xiaoli and I am a HUGE DOORMAT please come STEP ALL OVER ME I LOVE IT. JUST STEP ON ME."

I kept waiting for some moment where it'd all come to a head and she'd just destroy everybody in one hit or do ANYTHING, I mean ANNNYYYTTHHINNGGG to step back on these people's s*upid faces.

But nah. She just continues to be her flat boring self.

Disappointing. It's so short too, only 240 something chapters, and we're already here at 87 and yet here we are. I'll admit I skipped a few chapters because I just started to get so bored. It's very repetitive and there isn't any interesting payoff. I can't even be bothered to skip everything and read the last few chapters of the raw to see what happens, that's how uninterested I am at this point.

Anyways, I gave it a 2 star rating because the translation is quite good. Honestly, I did enjoy the story up until the time skip, but after that it was just painfully boring, but even enjoying the first part still couldn't make up for how boring and unsatisfying the second part was.

Dropped. <<less
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Oct 28, 2019
Status: c87 part1
I've only read up to the current translation point but probably will not continue.

The story started out amazingly. Then after what I consider the second part of the story it starts to decline. Now we've got this MC that is like every other transmigrated character out there -

1. Excellent Medical skills
2. Cooks well
3. Great at Martial arts
4. Knows how to conduct business
5. Knows dancing and singing
6. Can play musical instruments.
7. Can design buildings

... more>> I'm sure I'm missing something.

I've had enough of these characters.

The translation is decent, it does get better as the story progresses. <<less
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May 01, 2020
Status: --
It gets bad very quickly.... to everyone who managed to make it to the time skip?. The 1 star is for the effort the other is for the translation. How this novel got a 4.3 rating is beyond me. Its not horrible but as far as Mary Sue OP 'love me love me' pheromone containing cliche MC goes! She takes the cake. She doesnt even have the redeeming "faceslapping every 2 chapter" quality of the transmigrated MC. I want the 5 hours I spent going through this novel back.
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Dec 31, 2020
Status: c89 part1
She is a mary sue; usually it is not a problem for me, but she is good at everything. She is good at cooking, designing buildings and sometimes weapons/props, medicine, acupuncture, poisons, farming, business, ferment wine, directing a play, and martial arts (aside from using needles, she can also use musical instruments as weapon). She can also sing, dance, swim, and fly. Think of any skill and she knows it. Invent a new skill and she still f*cking knows it. Division of labor? Specialization? We don't have it here. She's... more>> not only over power on a specific aspect, she's op on everything. She is liked by everyone, unless the you're bad or s*upid.

World building and its politics are messy.

The thing I liked the most is the female friendship. It's rare to find a genuine female friendship in cnovel, historical or contemporary. And this is my first time encountering a girl friend group with the fl. Their girl squad is pleasant to read.

I wish she can have more interaction with her brother cause I like their dynamic. The ML is bland. Silver and Gold is also forgotten and I'm literally just here waiting to read more about them (the reason I stayed). I am keep imagining a part where the FL can go to an imperial hunt with gold and silver (would love to read that).

The translator is one of the best. I like the notes and she sometimes add pics which are very helpful. <<less
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Apr 10, 2019
Status: c67 part4
It's quite the entertaining novel cliché and all but the translation deserves to be mentioned, it's not THAT cringy, have some cute family Moments and the characters so far are agreeables.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 07, 2022
Status: c86
If you like The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife then you like this novel is very similar. Both the novels is translated by FoxTeller.
It about a girl who a dr and assassin die and reborn in a little girl body. Also with same name. Later the brother find it's not her sister. The reason I say this novel is similar to The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife because tell about the SR a lot. The story make feel like it your life in it but not really.
Later it was kind... more>> of rush when she grew up and move in the capital city. Not telling why.
She knows acupuncture needles and she run other business. Ya she kept a lot of her close people. Only her brother and maids knew about her life. <<less
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Jan 08, 2021
Status: c89
The story is so typical nothing special in it that after 34 month of no updates I completely forgot what it's about and even readign the synopsis didnd't help. That's how generic this novel is.

I did read a few chapters to remember but I ended up droping it since the MC is just too op and the ML is meh.

I hate that transmigrated girls always end up with a prince or a general, can't they have a happy life with a merchant or an officer?
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Apr 17, 2020
Status: --
Only got two things to point out for this sort of novel-

  • If you have only recently started taking up the hobby of reading light/web novels or just simply with little experience of reading this type of transmigration trope then you might perhaps like this story about of an super op MC, cliche moments scattered everywhere and cool ml..
  • If you're a veteran reader who has tons of experience reading these sorts especially when you had read even better quality transmigration stories, then I'd advise you to not waste your time. The first arc was satisfactory in a sense but later on it's just full of repetitiveness where to the point you would start questioning on how exactly your still reading this.
At least the translator did a good job tho I'd personally... more>> feel he/she could hv taken on a better quality written novel, a pity. <<less
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Nov 30, 2019
Status: c87.1
This is an alright novel to read if you have too much time on your hands and can't find anything else.

The main character of the story starts out getting transmigrated, after a dramatic death, into the body of a girl who originally died of starvation. She only has her brother left and they live in this hut that can't even protect them from rain. Then, it's about how she gradually finds ways of earning money while having pretty good bonds with her brother and friends, and further on from that... more>> she grows to be someone important.

As for my opinion; I actually found the beginning to be the best, before the time skip, because of her interactions with her brother and neighbors were incredibly endearing. The romance is slow and barely there and I'd prefer if there was no ML at all, the title isn't very fitting. It kind of nullifies all the efforts the main character is going through, as if being a pampered consort is all that matters. Idk that's my pet peeve with some of these novels. In the end he is just a side character here. The countryside life is quite a decent read for a while.

Logic is often very flawed and all other characters revolve around the MC, to the point of changing their personalities. Not to mention she's incredibly overpowered, she's constantly acting humble about it but it's always mentioned how good she is. After a performance where the MC helped her friends with choreography, she gets singled out and forced to perform, where it's mentioned that she's better than her particular friend who's good at dancing. The side characters are always being used to show how good she is in comparison. But it's only after the time skip that it becomes more obvious.

It also feels like the author adds important characters only to forget them and nullify their existence. Either way, it's an okay read and I'm thankful to the translator for a doing a good job with it, including fixing the author's constant and confusing mistakes. <<less
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Apr 09, 2019
Status: c50
So far so good. Though the cliche-ness of every transmigration story is there but it's not in a annoying way to me.
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Jul 05, 2020
Status: c87
A mediocre read, but still enjoyable.

Very slice-of-life in the beginning prior to the time skip. There's no significant conflict, just the MC and her brother struggling to survival at first. I really liked the relationship between her and her brother ... more>>

and how he continues to accept her as his sister even though he knows she transmigrated

. They both appreciate each other and it's heartwarming to see. I also like how she develops strong friendships with both genders later. It's nice to see a MC that has friends who support her.

I also like how the MC slowly becomes friends with the ML. There's no romance during the first arc while they are still young (thankfully). They also don't start off on the best of terms, but come to accept each other. It's quite funny that the MC takes the "kiddy engagement" completely as a joke whereas we see later that ML took it seriously. The romance itself after the time skip is also more realistic than expected, which was nice. She does not fall for him right away and was actually angry at him when she found out the marriage decree was suggested by him.

Other than that, everything is very typical - greedy grandmother, evil stepmother, terrible half-siblings who plot and scheme etc. Etc. There's not much tension because you know the MC is too OP. She will come on top in any situation. <<less
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Er xiao jie
Er xiao jie
Aug 16, 2019
Status: Completed
Overall story: 2 star

Nice translator so I give 1 more star.

The story itself at the beginning is quite nice but later it goes too bland. Nothing new since author made the fMC too op: know medicine, can do business and get rich, and the last is training an army which...... more>>

one of the initial purpose is to take back her friend the princess who got political marriage because they think the princess is not happy with the political marriage.


The plot for the story itself is quite easy to guess like

turns out the emperor is not the empress dowager's biological son and so the empress dowager and ex fiancee plot a rebel and of course our MC and ML win over them


The romance just so so. There are some fluffs but thats it. The typical romance where most of them are MC helping ml.

Story is HE. Recommended for those who like easy to understand political plot, moderate romance, and too op MC. If you like the same troops like shen yi di nu then you might like this one <<less
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Apr 14, 2019
Status: --
This book is alright, but not the kind which makes you re-read it multiple times. I had to take a break from this book after awhile. This is just a simple read for people who just finished a long and heavy/sad book, so don't expect too much from it and it will be alright.


  • Pacing is alright.
  • No weird/crazy possessive ML
  • Not too many chapters for story with super OP MC

  • Not much character development.
  • Cliche plot (everyone just love the MC and she is super lucky all the time)
  • can get boring after awhile as you know that MC will still be the winner at the end and suffer no loss
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 06, 2019
Status: c57.3
Quite a fun read. I did end up a little frustrated at times tho. But there are quite a few face slapping scenes.

Story isn't slow paste like The Generals little Peasant wife. Since the book only has 200+ chapters, the book is pretty fast paste.

The MC is a bit Op. Like medicinal knowledge, good martial arts, talented in business, cooking, etc.

... more>> It's not love at first sight. And there is character devolopment for some of the side characters.

(trying to MTL this but my brain is hurting so I'm giving up on that)

The books starts off light but it gets a bit heavier later on. (Idk that's what spoilers are telling me and I also think so too)

if you're hoping for a fluffy village life novel this isn't it tho. Okay bye

edit: I dropped this where I last left off. This story gets you intrigued at the beginning but it's one of those stories that let you binge read but never really have the desire to continue once the next chapter updates <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Crystal Aris
Crystal Aris
Mar 05, 2019
Status: c57 part3
loving this!?????

she gets troubles, but solves them very well. Also her family may be scum, but so far they only gave her trouble 3-4 times (compared to always being the bad guys this is nice)

also, the description is a bit imature compared to the story. I highly recommend reading
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 11, 2021
Status: c65 part2
The characters are interesting but the plot is so boring! Any time there is any drama or rising tension, the author just cuts it off at the knees. Everything is resolved so quickly, there's no time to enjoy or have any anticipation. To make up for this, the author just throws in random drama left and right. It's definitely a case of quantity over quality.
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Oct 14, 2020
Status: c67.3
So, a lot of people here on the reviews told this, but really, the first part is way better. Iam currently at chapter 62.3 and still waiting for the well deserved face slap. But I guess even if it is a little tiring go thru all the bullying the other parts are still enjoyable.
BUT, what I really want to point out, is that the Translator is really, really, thoughtfull, putting pictures to us who don't know much about chinese culture, to have a better understanding of the whole scenary.... more>> Not a lot, just a few here and there, that way don't break the flow of the read.

Also, I Thought was really well translated, concise and I never felt anything out of context. English is not my prime lenguage, and although I understand it just fine and can read without any problems, sometimes if the translator make a lot of mistakes, I usually doubt myself and have to go research and use online translators, wich not always keep the original meaning of the sentence, and then I get more confused and after sometime, after many times, I end up giving up, so I really apreciate it a lot when the translation is this awesome. The comments of the TL also crack me up. :D

ps :I liked a lot that the ML doesn't seem to be one of those creeps (so commons in C novels), so far, he is really charming, and not boring like others said. He is just not the "yandere" type, wich for me is a VERY GOOD thing. The interactions between the couple are little, but not too little like in some other novels that i've read. And are always cute. I liked it a lot ! Algo some people said in this reviews that she let people walk all over her, but in my opinion, so far, I think she just prefer to do things on her own way, and if people will talk, she doesn't let this bother her, after all, she is pretty much independent. I've read some novels that MC REALLY let people bully her, but for me this one seems more natural, a overly scheeming protagonist can be good too, but, if the scheems falls short or are for petty things, is also tiring. So I hope she will be a little more proactive, but don't think is that extreme as people are saying. Will update when I get to the last chapter released. :). <<less
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: c100
Like many other reviews said it was very enjoyable until the time skip. Then it went downhill from there. It gets so cliche that it’s boring. I hate the fact that side characters feel one dimensional and they’re there just so that the MC can be showcased as an extraordinary person. They don’t have much meaning and don’t add to the story much. I felt like the story was just kinda lame. Even as a light reading I still disliked it.

For those reasons I’m dropping this. ??‍♀️
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Sep 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Read the MTL

Nice story. I love how the MC strive from poor to richer in a low key manner.. Be.. He.. Cause she does not want trouble.

I like how she portrait her skills and her family were. Shock about it. Nice interactions of MC to her brother and friends hu.. Hu.. Hu.. So touching especially being a woman in ancient time.

I only hope I have the ML in my life so caring, romantic and loving. I like how funny their interaction to MC and comedic scene to their own shadow... more>> guard.

How I wish I can be a matchmaker like the MC in real life ha.. Ha..

Overall guarantee you will enjoy this story and the flow of story are not boring.. VIVA China.. <<less
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