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Graffiti. It’s the magic of ephemeral visuals that vividly overwrite even her and my thoughts―

Yoshi, a university student studying abroad in Bristol, England, uncovers graffiti in his workplace. Graffiti is a kind of art in which the writer expresses his or her ideas.

She’s gorgeous but usually languid, Boudicia, who knows a lot about art, set out to find the person responsible for the graffiti…

“…….. Boo? I’ve been looking for you.”

“Lara? That’s why I didn’t want to see you!”

“Well ―I mean, you’re also a tagger, Boo―”

―Boudisia was a brilliant graffiti artist known as the “Ghost of Bristol.”

A poignant storey of frustration and renewal as Lara, a teenage graffiti artist, and her companions face a massive conspiracy that threatens the holy graffiti world!

Winner of the 26th Dengeki Novel Award “Selection Committee Encouragement Prize”.

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09/09/21 Travis Translations v1c1 part2
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