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Gu Yang read this youth campus novel. The male lead, Fan Yuan, had superior IQ, top grades, incomparable handsomeness, countless strengths, gentle temperament and was popular since he was a child.

But only Gu Yang, who read the novel from a God’s perspective, knew that this Fan Yuan was a person who was fake nice and was actually really ruthless.

All his gentleness and harmlessness was pretend, and all his politeness a mask.

Taking off the mask, Fan Yuan was more indifferent than anyone else.

As a fan of the book, Gu Yang fell in love with Fan Yuan’s domineering personality.

But when he woke up, the world changed.

Gu Yang arrived inside the book, was given a mission, given a golden finger, and wore a beautiful face in a prosperous time.

Mission: Capture Fan Yuan.

Golden Finger: The host can read a fairy tale every month to get a random cheat related to the fairy tale, which lasts for one month.

Gu Yang was happy, this feeling was very good. He read “The Mermaid” first to shed some tears and turn them into pearls to sell for money.

Who would have thought that after reading the story, Gu Yang dripped eye drops on his eyes, and cried for half an hour but did not see the tears turning into pearls.

In order to capture the target, he sneaked into Fan Yuan’s birthday party, and accidentally fell into his swimming pool, his legs turned into a fish tail.

Gu Yang was so frightened, his tears flowed out uncontrollably, turned into pearls and sank to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Fan Yuan happened to pass by and raised his eyebrows.

In a panic, Gu Yang jumped out of the swimming pool with a flick of his tail and pressed down Fan Yuan, flapping his tail threateningly at Fan Yuan, with a fierce look on his face; but tears kept streaming from his eyes, and the pearls smashed Fan Yuan’s face.

“Don’t talk! Don’t move! Don’t resist!”

Fan Yuan: “…” I seem to have discovered some treasure.

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Hell rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I can’t with this novel - the progression is very great, and it’s amazing how the characters are written.

... more>>

Also, the setting of double yan (crazy dominating yandere who hides behind a mask of politeness X crazy soft yandere who becomes a sticky cake with the first) is just *chef’s kiss*


There’s no big dramas or misunderstandings, the whole plot is just the natural progression of their relationship with the help of some fairytale props, and it’s quite sweet how shameless they are at every step of the way. Also, the settings of Gu Yang and his previous life/new body is well developed, including closure about the “original” Gu Yang.

It’s definitely worth a read, and it although their love is... definitely not healthy for normal people... it works quite well for them because they’re both a tad insane, so it just becomes more and more fluffy the more you read. <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
August 15, 2023
Rating: 2-3 stars

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this story is really not as good people say it is. It feels like the relationship between the MC and ML is developing at supersonic speed and the "likability meter" is developing at.25x speed. It really doesn't make sense—you think the ML would be willing to cover MC's mermaid tail at like -20 favorability? Like c'mon. At that favorability, I would be shipping MC to an evil scientist probably (with ML's "said" personality, which is supposed be... more>> cold-hearted and revengeful).

In actuality, the ML only hates the MC for like five chapters and then it's basically smooth-sailing from there. It just feels... weird. It's a big discrepancy, and the fast-burn kinda makes you lose anticipation for the plot. It's more like "what type of spice is MC's golden finger is gonna add next." If you're only waiting for that at that point, then something isn't going right for the novel (at least for me).

Additionally, MC is supposed to be shy and he is, yet he's also super shameless in sticking to ML? And it's just weird that his goal in mind is to purely capture the ML's affection without.. really liking him back? I know the story says the MC likes ML, but it doesn't really feel like he's in for the liking of ML as much as it is for the points of favorability. Something about their romantic development seems iffy and unfair. Can't put my finger to it. So I'm dropping it. Not really providing a rating since I dropped it, but if I were, it's on the top of my review. <<less
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YCR rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c40
Drop your brain and logic when you read this. The plot are bland and the ONLY character that matter in this whole story is ML. Other is just lifeless prob in this story including MC every characters in here author just have to makes sure they are as flat as it can be. The only character with story and dimensional personality is ML while if MC is not in love with ML then he is nothing but a useless tool man. Put it nicely is the cute story of how... more>> MC pursue his love interest wholeheartedly and funnily while being all kind understanding, put it bluntly MC is just self insert role to play a role of ML's lover.


I have to says that this story is not about what you give and take cuz in this novel it was always MC who give and not really getting anything back in return, but MC is pretty much so cheap he so head over heels without rhyme or reason and when theres conflict between two of them the MC would always choose to be accommodating and being submissive. And for the ML yes he is caring but as far as I read at some moments he also kinda play with MC feeling and being manipulative but the story makes it as teasing and due to MC being s*upid by love ML is always forgiven. So personally I considered this as mildly toxic relationship but still unhealthy tho other might disagree with me. But in a relationship where one doesn't dare express their dislike or oppose other in a ground of love then how this considering as balanced and a good relationship.

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Fisukisuki rated it
July 24, 2023
Status: Completed
It's my Paradise....

The Codependency!!! The Mutual Possessiveness and Mutual Clinginess!!! They're Sticky and So Loving and Caring!!!

LOVE The Dynamic between MC and ML!!! It's just so PERFECT for THEM!!!

... more>> It's Healthy for them. They're balancing each other. They both need each other, but they also want each other!

It has Power Play/BD*M-Like WITHOUT Power Imbalance!!!

Anyway I can't relate to any low rating when it came to the relationship between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang... They both Perfect for each other!

Also, I LOVE how we can easily tell how long those to been clinging to each other. Because every arc/fairy tale cheats time limit was changed every Month automatically. So nice!

I pray soooooooo hard the rest of the story give us Satisfactory and the translation keep going till complete!! Amen!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Finished at 4 January 2024:

Till the end it's forever my Paradise!!!

It has the Best Couple. My favorite of kind. One of the Most Precious if not the Most Precious. Definitely Top 3 both as Story and as Couple.

The characters' growth was Splendid. They both each other's Life and it's Precious! They chose this and they want this and they going through this as their Happiness and no one can stop them.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Adriana28 rated it
April 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Its really a very sweet story in a unique way.... And it's very addictive.

I fell in love with the story, it was really a very wonderful story, both the MC and ML loved each other very much.

Even though their love was what it could be considered abnormal but they both were a bit abnormal as well.

... more>> I loved ml's possesiveness, growing obsession with MC and he never hid it and MC always excepted whatever ML has to give.

I would recommend this story to all.

Thanku author for the hard work. <<less
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Edaaaa rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: Completed
I don't know why the ratings are so low... Its quite sad.

This novel is one of the best novels I have ever read. I don't why I chose to read this novel but one thing is sure, that I'm very grateful to my past self.

But for all those who liked to read more like a "real life" kind of stories, this may not be for them.

... more>> Those who read "Bite your fingertips" may like this one.

Again, please read the tags before reading the novel and before rating it.

I can see myself rereading this again in the future (I even bookmarked some chapter lol)

5 stars for the author ⭐

5 stars for the translation ⭐ <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cinlky rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: Completed
I liked all the fairy tales told. Mostly it focus on MC m ML. Rest of the people it's just side dressing,

MC love with a clear heart. ML is crazy but he truly cares.

While some might say their way of loving it's abnormal... but then what is normal what is not. As long no harm is done to innocent people, I fully support their own way of loving.

I'm happy for both of them and their lives.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CarinaNovel Updates
CarinaNovel Updates
December 2, 2023
Status: c16
The premis is intresting buuuuut...

I kinda agree with "Kyaaaaaaaaa" on this one. The love feels kinda iffy? ML's supposed coldheartedness is barley present and MC just feels kinda hmmm how should I say this, dumb.

The novel describes MC as a quick learner, he learns how to play the piano in 5 days, and so on but he just feels like a primary school student with low IQ pursuing ML, with how much he keep blushing, literally sticking to ML even during class, keeps making ML play MC's mobile phone game... more>> for progress, etc.

Tbh the whole highschool feels like a backdrop for their romance, it feels like primary school with how dense most people are, excluding one "friend" and the yaoi fan girl "secretly" writing a smutty fanfiction about them.

And the rivals are always like "uh! I like ML! How can he not like me! He is too close to this s*upid homo, second generation, idiot. I'm going to harass him anonymously in front of everyone with

the mermaid fanfiction written by yaoi girl!


☆☆I Dropped this novel -

I really dislike the POV of MC, he feels like a primary school student and it's just hard to get really invested with how low IQ his POV makes this novel feel. <<less
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Jessy_m rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: Completed
It's good to have great promise. I liked the spin on the "traveling to a different world" trope, where instead of the MC and ML going to different worlds, they themselves acquire different personalities or game skins in the same world. And both MC and ML personalities are well developped and flashed out.

However, I felt that it was a bit uneventful and could have been shorter and more fun. Most of it revolves around them kissing, with not much interaction with other people. It felt like the story was stretched... more>> out too much. <<less
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LoveLoveLovers rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: c49
Love this novel love the dynamic between the MC and ML especially,

I love Ml's who are possessive and yandere but hold back to make the MC happy and give chance's to make them leave whenever to not upset or harm him (mc) he's cold to everyone except MC and only teases the MC when MC is acting bratty but if he ever goes to far with the teasing he always apologizes deeply and sincerely making efforts to cheer MC up and the MC always gets cheered up fast never... more>> staying mad for more than a day.

I also super love the MC his personality is spoiled and bratty but only to ML he loves and teases the ML and keeps saying to ML to capture him lock him up even saying to give him a collar to show he's owned by ml.


When the ML jokingly said he would keep him in a cage that only he (ml) can open from the outside with his fingerprint only, the MC said that he would be happy as long as he had games and didn't go to school the ML of course just said I'm joking even though we know he's thinking it but the MC becomes disappointed and sulky he (ml) won't lock him up

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snylo rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: c21
this is like brain-dead funny but super addictive! Although it feels weird how fast the two got into flirting phase from being enemies at the beginning, but they are constantly spreading fluff which is just to my liking! Looking forward to more chapters, i’m so hooked now.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: c27
It was hard to read this one.

I think readers should be warned that the MC is like seriously a pet, not a human being. A pet. Like legit, you cannot expect the MC to act like a human being. He has zero common sense, zero problem solving ability, and cannot follow BASIC directions.

His way of resolving all the problems is to just cry or use puppy-dog-eyes on the ML and tug on ML's clothes, just like an infant. I can't even count how many times in a chapter he's either... more>> crying, dazed, confused, sleeping, tugging on the MC's clothes, or just being a general nuisance. Probably 50 times per chapter.

He is not a person; he's a 2-year old child.


Literally ML will bring him coffee, and MC will just play with the coffee until it gets taken away from him instead of drinking it and then fall asleep taking the test representing the school because he was too tired. Or MC will refuse to sleep at night and just stick his body to the ML and play games until the ML also wakes up. And then MC sleeps in class during the day, gets scolded by the principal, ML has to cover for him. Or MC is told to be careful and sit down when showering, ML prepares him a stool, MC seeing the stool RIGHT THERE still doesn't do it, then falls and injures himself and the ML is rushing in to rescue again... the list goes on.


Even Gru's minions have higher reasoning power than he does.

The story is supposed to be fluffy, but I honestly wished the author had warned that the MC was going to be an absolute idiot.

Or I wish the MC was not a person and had been transformed from a dog because that would actually explain his behavior and make it cute instead of absolutely annoying.

Anyway, dropped for now.

Translation was fine.

P.S. the amount of times they have asked for days off from school are you kidding me, like, have they even gone to school more than 2 days in a month? lol <<less
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Buzzz_Cut rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: c102
I really liked this novel. I would't say its the BEST thing out there but still good. There were parts that dragged on for what felt like years. Let's be honest with this type of storyline it doesn't need to be this long. However, excluding the parts that made me go HUH?! and the best friends that fell off... the fluff was good and sweet and made me feel happy. The MC and ML backstories were told really well. My heart aches for ML he had the worst parents EVER!!.... more>> Original Gu Yang's family tho were nowhere to be seen or heard of except for like two? phone calls which makes me laugh. You can tell the author couldn't be bothered with them.

The hospital dreamscape had me in tears. During the more important plot points you could tell that the author was working overtime. Other times just don't put too much thought into the story. The translations were pretty good too so 👏👏 to Lazy Girl. Thank you for translating this novel. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whisper.lulueiden rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: Completed
There was a moment where I almost dropped it, cause it was a bit boring (and the chapter were too long). But in the end I really loved this novel and I'm happy to have read it. I found the second half of the book very interesting and exciting, the plot is very original too.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 2, 2024
Status: Completed
The story is sweet and fluff. However, I find the story a bit uncomfortable with the sadomasochism between the leads though I had this anticipated in tags. Also, I got a bit bored in the middle of the story since the story shifts everytime depending on the gold finger. I almost dropped reading it and later on skipped some chapters to see the ending ahead.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
niniowo rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: Completed
If you wanna read a novel full of sweetness and love, this book is for you! I really loved the story, MC and ML are very cute, I don't understand the bad reviews, I guess this book is not for everyone, I personally really enjoyed the novel, it was very cute, I recommend it 100%
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kra lik
kra lik rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: Completed
It's honestly pretty cute if you want to just turn off your brain and enjoy the dog food. The novel has delightful dynamics of our two leads and it really doesn't focus on anything else. I say if you like the idea of yandere ML x sticky rice cake shou and want something easy to read, give it a try!!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ouryane00 rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: c40
3.5 🌟

The first parts are fun and fluffy (just set logic aside and have a good read. After all, this is a fantasy novel)

However, as the story progresses, I feel that MC and ML becomes too obsessed with each other that instead of squealing - I feel cringy.

Like they will lick or bite each other in the classroom full of students - they are in the back row but still, I just feel that it’s inappropriate. The first few times are sweet and nice but after continuous parts... more>> like this, it just feel awkward, inappropriate and cringy for me (but maybe I'm just getting older lol)

And this is when ML’s favorability is less than 20 okay? What more if it’s like 60+?

The s*xual tension between MC and ML is really 🌶️ (it’s good stuff)

But remembering that they are still in HS, makes it feel forced and inappropriate for me

I wish they were at least college students

Anywayyyy, these are just my views. If you can get past these, it’s an enjoyable read I guess <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yumeru rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: c61
Adds: Pls dont listen to that carina review, characters have their own personality and MC is not dumb. Some people are normal to blush, we have our own sensitivity. MC might be lil dense sometimes but he also have his mature times.. Especially to times MC protects ML and gives him the security blocking ML further blackening. [ Example: when ML father called and MC gives his best to talk to that father] Their interaction is good for their current relationship as HS student. They are not Like primary students... more>> that Carinanovel implies!! MC knows his feelings for ML and ML also slowly fell in loves with MC. Primary students dont act like them. Go read the story b4 giving such bias review
My review:
wahhhh very nice novel will leave review first waiting for tl to finish!!
the story was good with the twist of MC golden finger!! Not world hopping but with MC having 7 diff transformation (about fairytales) from his golden finger hehe
some clue/about his golden finger which will last 30 days after activated (also can use again after he finished his mission)

mermaid///wolf//thumbelina//snowwhite//bird-nightingale// rabbit bride

take note that MC already knows ML personality and loves his character fr story b4 meeting him. ML also slowly melts and open ups to mc's unstoppable care and love. Though ML have his dark sides, MC still accepts him and helps ML to calm down. ML also leaves MC a way out or chances but our MC will not give up!!ML deserves someone who will love him. He's very doting to MC <<less
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User.948761 rated it
June 26, 2023
Status: c55
This story is really interesting. Make sure to read the tags. The summary isn’t quite right since the MC doesn’t need to pick and read an actual fairytale. It’s more that the system randomly selects a fairytale for him and neither MC nor the reader knows what exactly will happen. There are some obvious plot holes but overall very interesting and fun to read.
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