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In 21st century, world entered a new stage of VR games…and “YGGDRASIL” is considered top of all MMORPG…but, After announcing that all its servers will be off, the internet game ‘Yggdrasil’ shut down…or so was supposed to happen, but for some reason, the player character did not log out some time after the server was closed. NPCs start to become sentient. A normal youth who loves gaming in the real world seemed to have been transported into an alternate world along with his guild, becoming the strongest mage with the appearance of a skeleton, Momonga. He leads his guild “Ainz Ooal Gown” towards an unprecedented legendary fantasy adventure!

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Farid_san rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: v13
This is one of the best light novel i've ever read. A few people think that Ainz is a douche or just a plain coward, or the novel pacing is just too slow, or the novel gives too much detail to unimportant even, as I read on previous comments giving a low rates. I just cant relate to their thoughts. I mean, shouldnt it be a total opposites?

First, Ainz is a lovable chara. Because he's undead we dont need to bother about his sexual interaction with the NPCs, and... more>> instead just focus on the character building and the plot, and isnt that a qualification of a great novel normally? Beside, Ainz isnt a douche and a coward. When you read on part where Ainz dealing with matters (human or monster), he's always thinking carefully of what he should do or he should say, even going as far as using his experience as an ex-salary man.

Furthermore, Ainz is growing, he diligently learns many things, he's a hard-working person, instead of just dumping every responsibility to the NPCs, he's learning to shoulder the burden too. Going as far as acting, I mean he learn how to act as a ruler, how to speak as a ruler, even a tiny detail of his act on everyday basis that seems mundane were all the fruits of his efforts.

And lastly, he's not a coward. He carefully calculates everything, taking every matter into account, and planning for the worst to come.

Actually, I even agree with Demiurge's comment about him being a wise man. He's really a wise man! Apart from his skill to suppress his panic, he's actually very carefully searching his place in the new world. Gathering knowledges and intel, and intentionally kept his skills and his NPCs power a secret. That's a good move for a ruler. After all, blindly flaunting their sheer power is foolish, and he must first gather intel as to know is there a person/a group stronger than Nazarick. So, he's not a coward, he's a carefull person. If Ainz is just a douche and A plain idiot then this is how probably he would do: "he would just barging to the new world, bragging about resources and power blindly, and then will be wiped out by some world class item from the Slaine Theocracy because they're undead and obviosly a threat without having the chances to knowing who they are, or even knowing how there's a world class item there in the first place."

Second, The novel pacing is not too slow. I guess its how the appropiate novels should have. By taking a long time to explain every litte detail in the New world, its just making the reader able to imagine vividly how the novel goes. A good novel is something that can bring the reader to the world where the author set the story on, isnt it? And beside, everything written here was just as important as the main plot. It makes us understand the reason why some character do something, and makes us relate to them greatly.

And lastly, This novel is the kind who has anti hero protagonist! So for you guys who's angry at him torturing other humans, then just scram, this is certainly not a cup of tea for you!

After all, its true that this novel is not a light read. But it is something that worth your time. A novel worth for you who seeks a good story and want to actually read something decent. <<less
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Lahan rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: v13
Probably one of the better LN out there I would say.

The Bad:

  • Very cliche story setup.
  • MC can at times be mediocre.
  • The combat and fights are a bit mediocre.
The Good:

  • Amazing world building. I feel this is the best LN I've ever read in terms of world building.
  • Great characters. They are consistent and believable. It feels like all characters have their own motivations and reasons for what they do.
  • MC has flaws and they matter. This is something that many stories with completely OP MC fail at. However in overlord the MCs flaws are relevant (mostly for humour).
  • Very funny.
  • Extremely well written, I could have easily thought this was a book written by a native English speaker based on the quality of the writing / translation.
All over I highly recommend this novel.
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Zackarotto rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: v13
Most of the time, this series has been an absolute pleasure to read. There are so many precious characters inside and out of Nazarick, and the absolute disparity between Ainz and everyone else in the world -- 4th tier spells are at the peak, 6th tier spells are mythical, and Ainz can cast 10th tier spells no problem -- is a delight. Every once in a while, we're exposed to some new low-level character's perspective, and we get to be reminded just how terrifying Ainz really is to everyone he... more>> meets, capable of killing them all with his unrestrained aura alone.

Some small spoilers follow:

I liked these novels more when the focus was more purely on expanding power through creative schemes, where Ainz tries to make Nazarick self-sustainable in this new world by recruiting apothecaries and having his alter-egos perform heroic deeds. In volume 4, when we first actually see Nazarick seemingly as a negative force on the world, threatening to annihilate the lizardmen, I was uneasy with where things appeared to be going, but the lizardmen ended up with a brighter future than they had before. A couple of those who died were even resurrected from death. "Okay, " I thought, "still a bit of a callous approach, but I can get on board." But then in volume 7 we had the explorers pointlessly tortured in Nazarick, and then most recently volume 12 & 13, which I didn't really care for much at all (despite liking Neia), as it's pretty much all war. I thought the point of the elaborate schemes was to conquer the world without Ainz and Demiurge swatting whole armies like bugs, but here they end up doing that anyway.

I also find it rather strange that we haven't seen any deeper insight into the NPCs' thoughts by now. They never even question the nature of their teleportation to the New World, or show any perspective on the changes, despite Ainz encountering obvious differences in the very laws of nature there. His followers are otherwise fully self-aware, and even have abandonment issues, but never directly wonder where their old creators are, or even if they're still alive, or how long it's been. I can obviously understand Ainz not trying to explain that he's a lame salaryman gamer, but to say nothing? He might have said that each of the Supreme Ones was like a great bodiless cosmic being, each having created a puppet body in order to conquer the world of Yggdrasil, and that due to whatever profound magic transported their guild, Ainz ended up with his consciousness stuck to the form he created, whereas his old companions would now have no way of finding him even if they wanted to. It's kind of sad as-is.

Sorry, that was a bit of a tangent. I still highly recommend Overlord, but I'm a little nervous about the future of the novels. I feel like there's no point to the current trend of iron-fisted conquering, as it's a foregone conclusion when Ainz is so powerful, and not suited to the overpowered protagonist genre. (For more on that, just look at the One-Punch Man manga). It's a very creatively built world, and I would rather see more low-key exploration of it. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: v11c4
Dark fantasy with decent premise, great world building and side characters, but somewhat poorly executed since they get way too sidelined by OPness of MC.
... more>>

The closest analogy would be a story about ants like a "A Bug's Life". There are interesting powerful ants, there are boring insignificant ants. We learn much about the ants' daily lives, societal interactions, power struggles, dreams/hopes/frustrations. Then one day, a big clueless bumbling elephant comes along and accidentally stomps on the ants without realizing it. No, not like Saitama from OPM where he contributes meaningfully to characters' lives. Just stomping on them.
Rinse and repeat for 13 volumes.

The light novel is the rewritten version of the web novel so it's a lot more fleshed-out. OK read for an almost 10 yr old novel. It's from the era of Jap novels where losers who become OP was still interesting and acceptable. But now in 2018 most readers have moved beyond that.
EDIT: Watch the anime adaptation as an accompaniment to the novel. At least you'll finally figure out what all those verbose descriptions really look like.

One of the original isekai (other world transportation) stories. The MC plays a VR game in its final days and finds himself transported into an unknown world, complete with OP RPG-type attributes. He brings with it his OP dungeon (Nazarick) and crew of bad-ass NPCs.

So so. One of the major failings in the novel, even after it was re-written. A lot of other reviewers pointed out the same flaws.

- MC is quite useless. A former salaryman who becomes ridiculously OP, but is still incompetent and foolish even at 13 volumes. Zero character growth, he continues to be plagued by insecurities and is mentally weak. Very similar to Mushoku Tensei, although he isn't that much of a complete loser.
The concept of an OP main character isn't bad if it's done well (One Punch Man). But again, we've moved past the era of loser MCs.
The joke of plot armor and bumbling strokes of genius is so repetitive that you're already expecting it.

- Author tried to add a darker side to MC where because he is an undead, his emotions get suppressed due to a buff/debuff and somehow becomes a psychopath. It was very poorly written since there was no proper transition (a lot of commenters have indirectly mentioned). At the beginning he's mowing down villains and being a good samaritan. Suddenly he becomes a retarded psychopath like Trump with nuclear launch codes.
Loss of emotional highs/lows does not EQUAL psychopath. That's a poor understanding of human psychology. Psychopaths are defined by complete lack of empathy. The fact that a debuff comes on whenever he experiences highs/lows means he can feel. Even if he was a loner in his past life, it doesn't automatically mean he should act out on a power fantasy. There's just no justification provided on how and why he becomes a psychopath, and at the same time still act like an awkward bumbling fool in his interactions with other people.

- MC has a team of amazing talent under him, but cannot seek their help to perpetuate the myth of his invincibility. Very inconsistent with the fact that none of his subordinates cares since their loyalty is programmed in. This all comes down to weird Jap culture of "face saving" even if everything goes to shit. Very weak concept to sustain the whole novel.

- Author decided to really embellish side characters (mostly ordinary residents of New World), devoting multiple MULTIPLE chapters to create their backstories, way more than ALL of the primary characters. I get that author wants to establish different POV for readers, to empathize with side characters and realize how a lot of them end up as pawns in larger schemes (inadvertent or not).
Here's the writing problem. When you devote an INSANE amount of content to obvious side characters that don't advance any plot before killing them off, then it's not Game of Thrones, it's just a stupid WASTE OF THE READERS' TIME. It's a confusion of who the main actors in a story really are. And worst of all, most of them are killed off because MC is just a bumbling fool, which just leaves a bad taste.

I'd encourage readers to check out "Dungeon Defense". That's how a proper, thoughtful Machiavellian isekai story should be written.
EDIT: I read that author was a HUGE fan of AD&D tabletop games and frequently played the role of Dungeon Master. That explains the character sheets at the end of chapters.
I applaud author's depth of detail and get his enthusiasm for developing characters, but it's overdone with little left for subtext. I'm no longer reading a story, just an insanely complex RPG.

This is where the novel shines. Great descriptions, epic battles, very well fleshed out. Illustrations are really impressive and create a dark fantasy atmosphere to go along with the novel's theme. The illustrator definitely sold this novel as much as the author. I guess marketing is (almost) everything.

Maybe this is a problem from that earlier generation of Jap novels, or perhaps most jap novels, but they tend to be ridiculously verbose and rambling. Multiple pages go on with characters expressing every thought in their head out loud with zero conclusion. I'm not sure what happened to good old subtext. Conversations fly back and forth with no indication of who is speaking.
It gets so incredibly annoying that I skim/skip through most of the conversations now.
I thought Chinese web authors were bad with verbosity since they are paid by the word, but this takes the cake. I'm not sure if Jap web authors are paid by the word either. <<less
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ieh rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: v11
A bit frustrating when you realize the MC is a stereotypical Japanese light novel protagonist. Too afraid to do or say anything that changes the status quo. However, the side characters carry this story with detailed lives and quite amazing world building. Except it all goes down the drain when you realize all these interesting characters with fleshed out lives and their own motivations are all going to be horribly murdered by the MC. Usually in increasingly comical ways as he blunders his way through his OP life as the... more>> leader of a cult. I found myself wishing Sebastian was the real focus of the novel as he struts around town breaking everyone's heart. <<less
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comradeprozac rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: v7
How strange that this feels more like the novelisation of a filler bloated anime adaptation than an original work.

Out of the seven volumes that I read only two of them really focus on either the MC or the inner workings of Nazarick, by wich I mean only the first two volumes really focus on the MC.

While it had a couple of really good side stories, The Lizard Man volume and Sebastian volume, they fill inconsecuential, and the rest where just stuffed with pov changes and exposition that not only don't... more>> really ad much to the world the story take place, but in cases contradict what had already been told (The exposition for workers, for example, contradicts what had already been explained about adventurers).

In the end it was Vol. 7 what made me drop this series, because not only does it feels like a filler episode and most of what happens on it with the exeption of the ending is completely irrelevant to what will happen in the story, it introduces in the begining a much more interesting story about the internal conflicts in Nazarick.

So instead of reading about the internal confict of Nazarick between the human hating faction and the not human hating faction, about how the (Dog) Head Maid and Albedo's sister, Nigredo, free a group of humans that had been captured during the happenings of the previous volume and how Momon dealt with it, we have to read about a group of adventureres that we practically from the begining that thety are going to die, and then getting an epilog that is a slap on the face to the readers who actually started to like those characters. <<less
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LordGriM1997 rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: v13 afterwards
5 star masterpiece

5/5 star plot

5/5 star kingdom building

5/5 star characters

4/5 star fights

2/5 romantic relationship (nothing happens between protagonist and his harem because

lol he undead (no male reproductive organ😅)

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Krazyguy75 rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: v9
This is a novel I loved.

But this is also a novel I dropped.

You might think these would normally be contradictory... but I couldn't bear to follow the main character anymore. The main character starts out seeming like a fairly ordinary guy trying to act like an Overlord, while his character infringes on his personality. He keeps doing things based on his morality and reining in his dark half, all the while attempting to make it seem plausible as an evil overlord. Those were the good old days.

Then, for almost no... more>> explicable reason, he starts to really become an evil overlord. If done right, this would be fine, especially if you show inner struggle. It was not done right. Instead, he inexplicably starts massacring people to "test his defenses", starts huge wars, and kills innocent people, as well as those that were once friendly acquaintances. Worst of all, it doesn't feel like the character grew; he isn't more decisive or confident. He goes from being an indecisive, low self esteem good ruler to an indecisive, low self esteem evil ruler.

Overall, great world building, slow plot, interesting and fun characters, all eventually ruined by an MC that goes from good to bad in more ways than one.

5/5 beginning, 4/5 middle, 2/5 end. <<less
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Lachiel rated it
October 31, 2015
Status: --
Ah overlord, the current grim and dark novel. Guy gets transported while playing a game as it's ending and ends up as his character in another world. The minion and guild hall he made are all transported with him, and we get to see him adventure and set out to "conquer" the new world. It's not really slice of life as a adventure action novel. Be warned there are some pretty dark stuff in this novel as they view humans as live stock and trash. I recommend this to anyone... more>> who wants something to read and can handle some dark and grim stuff. <<less
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colombopl rated it
March 31, 2019
Status: v13
Honestly I do not know what to write about his novel as I am confused.

It is the best RPG/fantasy LN I have ever met. I can only repeat others words that everything in a story is well polished. World description and all characters actions are very logical. We can find really wide descriptions of every scene where action takes place. Dialogs are realistic and are not replaced by short descriptions. We get to know a lot about surrounding countries and environment. I have not met so many well described races... more>> in RPG/fantasy story till reading Overlord. One can say the same about skills and jobs of RPG world.

It is rarity to find a story with adult main and side characters. And it is not bland sweet story but very close to this what may happen in a real world (I mean flow of events and intelligent beings behavior). I didn't found stupid babes following super male. And there is not thickheaded guy who is not aware his surroundings. We will not find any stupid pervert behavior of anyone in Overlord so far. So being short it is vary mature and with some exceptions not Japanese-LN-like story.

But from other side it is hard for me to follow events of a story. At the beginning I thought that Nazarick denizens are kind of evil but rather cool guys that will not cross some borders and generally the effects of their actions will be positive. But with time it appears that Ains Own Goal and at least part of of his subordinates are truly evil. I usually empathise in a story and I want to innocent to be saved or revenged at least at the end of a story. Nazarick is responsible for killing the most kindhearted and good aligned person in RPG world but it would not be very bad as it is still only one person and things like this may happen during struggling for power.

I am really disgusted of Nazarick while knowing that they truly see living creatures as no more as raw materials. So after reading about torturing innocent people, carry out horrific biological and magical experiments on creatures that can feel I feel sick. I can see with my own eyes women and children that are skinned and cured to do it again. And as I know such things happen to hundred of thousands of intelligent beings. In this case it is truly an act of mercy when Nazarick denizens murder thousands of people including defenseless babies. As I know only two Momonga subordinates tried to oppose this deeds and tried to save the youngest ones but it is not clearly stated if they succeeded.

It is a shame that Overlord is the best LN I was able to find as I hate almost all main characters and I feel hopelessness of RPG denizens. I recommend this story to everyone who can turn off ones feelings while reading it. <<less
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September 4, 2018
Status: --
From the very beggining I enticed the direction of the series, I had a serious question of myself, do I hate the guild and Ainz associated, the incredibly overpowered but extremely hipocrite lord, who crossed the pass selfiness of life at the cost of innocents. Now I am answering
I consider this a show, a show is a dramatic theatre reflecting the accounting from the real life.
When you kill someone in a game you don't really pay attention of the thing in front, there is no major deepness in... more>> what is seen, no major story, no somethimg you can assimilate your symphaty, just because you know it is simple a data created for someone to kill it, for entertaining, you can as simple see your surrounding to make the difference from what it is fake and what it is real.

But another sucess comes if a story succeding the game you become one with the character you see, the bitter you share, the symphathy you feel when the incoming become thetral, becoming a dramtic in represetation from the reality, this simply put the ilution from the surreal becoming real, but it is effective to the point you enjoy it, and they do it because they know what we want seeing a good show.

The same can be said for Overlord, but you can't said it at the same grade with a game,
It is a novel, a good one by the side, however
i detest it. I really hate when it comes the trial time of taking a choice, if like a game log it can use to display, Dungeon defence can be the example. In all the decision Ainz took for the glory of the guild, what follows next is the sanguinaire sacrifice by the moral side of the humanity the once left over conciousness of his human side.

Looking into the emotions of the characters, the lizards, the humans, elfs, even the subordinate of ains. They are maximized into the seversl point of view including, the despair of the innocents, villains, the extreme thirst for love of the certain yandere character, the severe conflict between serving the lord or killing his protected, really inducing the interaction of completely different kinds, even the type of completely obvlivious with the MC, Ainz.

Showing in the novel, the series, it is not one sided tales of the overpower MC, I also remember Ainz said it once in the series 'i don' t think the world is centered for the preference of people', precisely the phrase unveil the theme of this masterpiece series, detailing and makimg enphazis in the suffering of people, the reaction befote the total despair.
¿Why Ainz showed his outnumbered army just forzing the small scale lizard man?,
¿Why when the blonde girl died, they showed the happy but bitter scenes of her sisters unawared of her fate?
It is cruelty and he purposely showed it off.

I enjoyed the completely defiling ark of the lizardman the previous as well,
but just as I kept advancing, slowly I realized the true convenion of the series, which I said before, the true heart of the series, the center of the series, the reason the people like it, the reason people hate it.

It is the displaying of the emotions, interaction, and the person in question here who made it all possible, Ainz. Making the story advance at the same time attenting your moral state making you truely shift the perpective of thinking feeling all adversity and so.
Let me tell, you are totally bewitched, this is no longer you like or dislike but the crux is the author already accomplished in his/her job, so if you sneered instead of feelimg symphathy, and criticism when the guild is making a counter probably you didn't really enjoy or catch the real proggessive of the reasoning the novel is made a sucess.

I said I hate it but my criteria shall be respond by now, this is a show, it may be a imitation but surfice complex to become a alternate reality, in my thinking my moral self really discard the way of his doing and become ever disgust in more of his various followers, what if I was the one who is the characters places dyng like I dog? This is my personal personal opinion, however I have truely have to praise the author in leading such a masterpiece. The stake of the novel in running the risk of being criticism, is the same heart of the series ppl say it is totally a sht and so, as well the core of the author ingenious work and creativity, so if asked to make a rating I will put it a high one, however adding it an asterisk (*) and herd over my previous talk. <<less
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srrrahim rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: v13c1

This novel is dark, brutal, not your average transported to another world and collecting harem member. Our MC is a villain, not your average a heroic handsome man.

There is A LOT of misunderstanding. The subordinates and human around our Ainz-sama always think that he is a super cunning and clever overlord who think 100 step ahead and always has a lot of plan, but he is actually a really lucky guy who get a lot of misunderstanding. I really love the misunderstanding and Cunning protagonis (something like "My Death... more>> Flags Show no Sign of Ending" and "The Legend of Sun Knight")

It`s A MUST READ. Reason ?
  • The big misunderstanding who lead us to the big and complicated plot that even our beloved Ainz-sama didn`t really understand it
  • Ainz-sama subordinated really loyal and strong. They are brutal and strong. The author write them in detailed, and I really love how much devoted they are to Ainz-sama
  • Albedo. She is my favorite girl. Her haterd toward Ainz Ooal Gown and her loved toward Momonga fascinated me ^^. (I smell a huge and complicated plot about her and Momonga and the other supreme being)
  • Neia Baraja. The new character in Overlord. I love her. Her interest is "Telling everyone about how SUBARASHI the Sorcerer King is". I bet she is going to be some kind of foreign affairs ministry in SK `s envoy.

I can never get enough of this novel. You can read it multiple time and never get bored <<less
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September 24, 2016
Status: v10
If you came here wanting for more after you've finished watching Anime, then this wouldn't fail to entertain you. I suggest reading back at the start since the anime left out quite a few plot points, and his all-mighty Ainz-sama's incomprehensible thoughts (sarcasm). Even being one of the most powerful figures in the new world, he refrains from doing things that would garner attention, until that is, at the start of late chapters, where he swoop down a certain army with only one spell, and thus starting his life in... more>> the middle of spotlight.

The best thing I could point out is the comedic events, the emperor of an empire mistaking his shallow actions to have ulterior motives, which in fact, has none and is purely out of coincidental. Also his followers treating him as something calculating, and even above them although they are more powerful than him in terms of strength and in intelligence.

Once you've kept up with the latest chapters, you will certainly agree to Demiurge's statement, "People slightly advance treating themselves as something superior above everyone, is easier to read than people who are idiot and oblivious to things." <<less
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HadjiAnon rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: v13
Easily the best Isekai story out there, I'm not a novel reader, But Overlord made me one.

Blizzard butchered Arthas with World of Warcraft, My favorite character died, Overlord gave me another favorite character which is treasured by it's creator.

You don't have to love the Isekai genre to enjoy this show, Loving villains will do, If you want puny heroes then go back to SAO or whatever, This series' name is OVERLORD.
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DarkberserkerAA rated it
October 12, 2018
Status: v13 epilogue
"Do we really accept mediocrity as being master piece and bad as being mediocre?" - DarkberserkerAA

I'm not gonna properly review this novel and I just gonna say my opinion. First of all this novel is one of the most complete novel i've read. What I mean of complete is the story is coherent, the characters are well written each have their own unique personality, normal reactions of each characters, that it makes you feel that they are really people. Most novels neglect on building personalities of each character and focus... more>> only on few, which lead to bad writing. I mean most novels out there are just doing rinse and repeat thing that you will get bored reading it.

Conclusion - Don't compare this novel to trash novels out there that have plot armored MCs. This novel have realistic rpg system that the MC won't have a sudden power up like most ofnthe trash novels. And don't get the wrong impression of Ainz being a good MC cause he looks more human that has emotions and thoughts than any other MC out there.

P.S. - I don't really like the concept of good people and bad people cause some people view you as good and some view you as bad, you can't be only one in the point of view of all people.

Update: Most of the negative reviews came from the anime watchers. They build their own conclusion without knowing the stoty behind what happened in the animr. I'm kinda sick of those guys trying to be edgy, thinking the Overlord is a kind of den of sadistic people. Most people here came for literary and leisure reading. Not some den of trying to be edgy people. In other words "try hard" they act like that cause they are pretending to read and understand the novel itself. <<less
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
September 1, 2018
Status: v13 afterword
Epic novel. The detail and hard work author put into it is just crazy, I mean each chapter has over 30k words in it so you can see how hard he tries. While he does take lengthy breaks between each volume, their quality stays the same if not better so the wait is worth it.

Now, for the main character of this book - he is a skeletal magician who leads a vast evil organization, and he is meant to feel like the final boss of a game. Because of that,... more>> those readers who don’t believe in saving people without a reward (as is common in LNs or anime) and put themselves first will enjoy this book. While he does appear evil and calculative to common people (humans) and inteligent and divine to the residents of Nazarick, his inner thoughts are actually quite comedic. I mean he is trudging along, barely knowing what he's going to do and trying to look good, and no one realizes how many mistakes he's making. He's sweating bullets and his enemies are gasping that his intelligence knows no bounds. I would say the stat he has maxed out the most is luck, since it's impossible for so many things to coincide to his plans.

Side characters are also very well done. Each one has their own personalities and their own quirks so they don't feel bland and the thing that connects them all is their loyalty to their master (MC). While they are blindly loyal to Ainz, he tries to teach them to think with their own heads and not just take whatever he says as absolute truth. My favorite side character has to be Demiurge who is basically like a combination of Sora and Shiro from No Game No Life but extremely strong (and evil). I love how he plans things 1000 steps ahead of the enemy but it's funny how he thinks Ainz is actually planning 2000 steps ahead and worships him for it, while he just makes up things on the go. Actually, here is a paragraph from the v9 which perfectly explains how Ainz is feeling while he is dealing with Demiurge's plans and his over-the-top opinion of him:


"Hooh... Ainz-sama’s plan, huh. I see. A special plan concocted by someone with the same name as me. Making the Baharuth Empire ally with and struggle against Nazarick was part of that plan too, huh... I have no idea what that’s all about. If only I could ask this Ainz fellow about it!"


Concerning plot, it is very well thought out and well executed. Many things are foreshadowed several volumes before, the detail in every chapter is intense and we see every characters thought process. The only bad thing I could find is that author took too much time on some of the side stories and details. While some people might like it, I wasn't very happy that author dedicated an entire VOLUME to a side character.

On the other hand, there were some volumes which I liked very much. For me, the best one was undoubtedly volume 9. It was packed with so much comedy and action that it is amazing. To paraphrase it briefly, it was something like this :


The Emperor trying to rationalize things about Nazarick that make no sense. Because they don't. They're all from video games and anime and just popped randomly into his world.

Why are these elves crossdressed? Because their designer was really really into that. Why are the women so beautiful? Because they were designed that way. What is Ainz scheming? Nothing. He just wants to be a really good host. Why are they so powerful? Because they have higher levels in an RPG video game.

And he comes away from the whole thing going, "Ainz is a really hyperintelligent politician of unmatched subtlety." When really, Ainz was just cluelessly picking his nose. And Demiurge is off to the side cackling, "JUST AS PLANNED."


Would recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read a masterpiece with intense detail, foreshadowing, well thought out plot and character and is tired of wish-fulfilling isekai novels with self-righteous MC whose author tries to justify and heroize every action that the MC does. <<less
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Jebzki rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: v13c7
A beautiful and enjoyable isekai fantasy that i've first read highly recommended LN!
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BrotherofHavok rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: blu-ray 4 special - prologue part2
There seems to be a majority of reviews that like this story, but I cannot endorse it. In the spoilers below I list off the reasons to read/not read this story. I had to do bullet points because it made explaining so much easier. Simply put, there are 2 good reasons and 2 interesting reasons to read this story, and at least 9 really good reasons NOT to read this story.

I almost gave this review a 1 star, but because there are some really good scenes scattered throughout the series... more>> I felt that anything less than a 2 star review would be too harsh.

Reasons to read this story:

  • Anime/Manga is slow to come out
  • Game world come to life
  • hints that MC is not the only player from the game. Kind of like picking up the breadcrumbs here and there, trying to follow the plot to some far off objective.
  • OP MC / OP MC fight scenes
  • Other Normal evil guys get destroyed

Reasons to NOT read this story:

  • Character building of non-MC minions serves only to pinpoint which characters will die (RR Martin method). Hint: if its not the MC, and its not one of his minions, then I'm expecting pretty much everyone to die at some point.
  • really felt bad for some of the characters the MC either killed off or the survivors that the MC hasn't yet killed off. 2 little kids waiting for sister to take them from abusive family, but sister is brutally murdered. Wow.
  • MC is evil, but really only through association of his minions, that is until volume 7 or so when he starts doing his own evil stuff like wiping out entire armies, but by then I found myself wondering about the MC's character.
  • is the MC evil or good? Grey areas are fine, but what is this back and forth whiplash? Evil seems to be his primary mode, but then random acts of kindness pop up for almost no reason.
  • Albedo - incredibly awkward stalker character. Stalker characters can be good, but generally the MC has to know about them. Here the MC has like an understanding about her infatuation, but knows nothing about her stalker actions.
  • no challenge, MC can cast rank 10 level spells, but rank 6 spells are considered godly to the other races. Will never be challenged.
  • MC saves people, but most of them will end up dead either as soon as he turns around or he'll kill them later on.
  • Entire series is build up of some plot, but I'm not entirely certain the author really knows what plot he's using. Is the MC the only player from the game? Is the MC really turning into his undead-god character? Is he a world unifying force? Will he expand the world and become the center of trade and research in the future? Difficult to say what the author is doing.
  • majority of the story is not from MC's point of view. Nearly the entire Lizardmen arc for instance was from the lizards point of view. Ever wanted to know how lizards mate? Either watch a nature documentary or read this arc. While some instances of this were great, the majority of the time it makes me wonder who the MC really is from time to time.
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VesperNyan rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: v13
Wenn es meines gottes wille!

1, 000/10

-Perfect Cast

-Perfect Plot

-Perfect certain Doppelgänger

The light novel is far more in depth compared to the anime. I would recommend you actually start out with the first three chapter to see if its your thing. If you dont like it, it highly likely you would like the rest of the novels.
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June 18, 2019
Status: v13
Overlord can be classified as a novel with some area is still lacking but it is a full novel. As such, it might annoy some people that dont read novel and just stick to light novel due to its length. It is very descriptive and the plot can be slow at time. You will find a lot of interesting conversation between character.

This story has game like element similar to D&D series. If you play board games or Neverwinter/Baldur's Gate you will find a lot of similarity.

The MC is kind of... more>> unique as he is a bit of a coward and paranoid, but he is smart (not your genius level but slightly smarter than average) and most important know how to place the best person to get the job done. He is very careful but this is totally understandable as he know he is just an average mage in term of player skill and there exist a few broken world class items that can destroy him and his kingdom instantly.

This is a misunderstanding dark comedy story with a strong op MC and side character. The story can get dark sometime and the MC is not a good guy. As far as the story goes, the MC is basically the final boss in some story such as dragon quest or final fantasy. He is the demon lord. Take some precaution when reading some chapter, it can get very nasty. Highly recommended as this is easily one of the best Japanese Novel in this site. <<less
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