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[Hey guys, I’ve seriously awakened this time.

So, I awakened as a summoner recently, and my summoned creature is an orc, you know? But this guy is ridiculously sturdy. Takes down dozens of goblins on his own, defeats trolls, and even knocks out ogres. But it doesn’t stop there. I took over a whole orc tribe, became the chief, and now I’m expanding my territory.

Already wiped out a few lizardmen strongholds nearby, and soon I’ll probably absorb another orc tribe. Oh, got another summon as a new addition. This time it’s a slime, and they say it’s an incredibly rare one. Abilities are top-notch, lol.] [Make some sense, will ya? What? The orc single-handedly taking down dozens of goblins and trolls?] [This guy’s aggro is insane. It’s not a one or two-time thing. Was a bit quiet lately, but sure enough, he’s back.] [Seems like he woke up in a dream. I had a dream yesterday where I awakened as a swordmaster and went around cutting down demon spawns.]


Taehyung scrolled down, reading all the comments, and nodded satisfactorily.

“Well done.”

This is the story of how a recently awakened hunter becomes a lord without leaving his room.

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The Lord Is Hiding in the Room
방구석 대군주
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5 Reviews

Jun 09, 2024
Status: c155
This novel is very good, telling the story of MC's progress from a disabled homeboy to an overpowered summoner across dimensions. Although, the spotlight so far has only been on summoning orcs and slimes, perhaps the story about angels of former demons will get the spotlight in another section.

Apart from that, the only problem that is currently occurring is accessing the TL for this novel, Cuorenovel, recently their website has often been hit by unclear take down errors. I hope other TL groups who see this will take this workproject... more>> as cuorenovel aren't yet to fix errors on their website.

Edit : What the bloody hell! Last update up to 146 and now the link is died?! Geez, even though there are still 2 chapters that I haven't read, how could they did this to me!

The last time I read this novel as I write this review now was when Karim and the Orcs managed to win the battle in the Northern Kaizen Great Forest, blessed with evolution into a High Orc worldwide. Also in other hand, this single Lord-searching non-heretic (prophet) paladin who was looking for MC has arrived in Korea


Edit: Finally they comeback!!!! <<less
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Apr 21, 2024
Status: Completed
Good. But so far I'm kinda disappointed, because the story feels like it's not about the MC but more like karim's journey in building his orc empire (karim is mc's first summon or rather subordinate?).

Like even after chapter 100, we see little about MC, just he helping his family aka his monster. I admit the story kinda good, but c'mon MC scene are very little for me, he is just like the op god character who sometimes popped up and helping the protagonist (and his merit not known to public),... more>> rather than the protagonist himself. Makes me somewhat kinda frustrated. Like catching a super ultra rare pokemon.

But we'll see about it, because now MC have more scene! Finally!!

Edit :


I'm proud to say that the MC is lowkey until the end, true to his personality, author did a good job fr.

■ MC are the real overlord XD, because each own of his subordinate/summom/family make their own followers and empire that make them follow the MC too.

■ After he killed the fake berkan (the abyss lord), he came to know the outer space and decide to kill the real berkan because berkan plan to reestablish the outer space's law (?) By destroying many world and dimensional.

■ And yup taehyung the MC is kinda OP but he still a summoner and that essense still there, because he did make his summon or rather more like his family to fight while he observe, and interve if he judge that situasion needed his power. Not like some MC that already OP that they forget their summoner skill and just go berserk with their own magical power.

■ In short I really liked MC's judgement and calmness.

■ And his name are not known to earth or rather to human, if not for his slime in the end want his lord to be known.

Otherwise other people in earth only know there is a Dimensional Lord existense from earth (his tittle that he got after defeating berkan and are annouced by the system to all other being who used system.

Imagine MC who actually really hide himself well until the end, where? Haha, proud of this MC.

Actually I liked MC who didnt want his achievement be known to public, but then got exposed by other people in the halfway of the story. So im kinda frustrated that other people only know his subordinate achievement, for this reason I really thank the slime lol, thanks for exposing your OP lord's name, kkrogi. (The slime name in raw are somewhat very confusing)

The hunter (earth people) only know him in chapter 437. And yup ch437 is the ending of the story😭

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Apr 22, 2024
Status: c42
The story is entertaining. You follow along with Karim the orc as the MC Taehyung assists him. It's not really "being a lord" that orders his subordinates and sets goals, it's the MC using his system powers to grant abilities to certain individuals and them doing what they want.

It's entertaining, but has its own issues. It feels like a shallow wish fulfilment story.

... more>>

The MC is sitting at home and awakens powers that are way better than the top people in the world. He gets allies that are loyal and worship him who act on their own in ways that benefit him. He is suddenly revealed to be a supreme genius at mana that is completely separate from his lord system abilities. He was a recluse who couldn't leave his house and didn't interact with anyone, then suddenly acts like a motivational speaker and is using himself as bait to destroy terrorist organizations.


The world has the standard korean gate story setting, and the fantasy world that gets the most attention is a standard high fantasy.


But the Karim the orc gets a single intentional upgrade and a few passive things he got for being a summon and instantly overcomes duels with what should be some of the best human fighters. The tribe is given access to mana which supposedly makes them "special", but all the other races are supposed to already have that and are way weaker. The power system is nonsense. The real world gate setting gets almost no attention but doesnt feel fleshed out at all. If you haven't read other stories in that setting then you won't get what's going on it in. No characters in the world have been given much background or attention, only the MC and his summons have more than a paragraph or two about them, and they're hardly ever interacting with the MC.


In summary, it's a wish fulfilment novel without any depth, but is relatively entertaining. <<less
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definitely n
Jan 24, 2024
Status: c22
This is a novel about recluse that awakens the ability to form a link with creatures in other realms connected to earth.

The translation quality is superb and the summons are interesting.
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new cultivator
new cultivat
Apr 24, 2024
Status: c66
The sole point of the hiding power and hiding identity trope is face slapping when revealing, reactions, and close relation with people who know the truth.

70 chapters in and it doens't look like it's ever gonna go this way, making the hiding power trope redundant, pointless and annoying on the long run.

The story as a collection of small stories is good.
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