Outer World Story: The Black Mist that Devours


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First Outer World Story:

[I’m going to have you quit being a human being.]


And then I ended up becoming a Demon King from a human being to build a labyrinth.

Associated Names
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Autāwārudosutōrī: Mushibamu Kuro No Kiri
First Outer World Story Series: The Black Mist that Devours
If I Become A Demon King In The Real World, And It's Not Isekai - The Black Mist That Devours- (PN)
Isekai Janakute, Genjitsu Sekai De Maō Ni Nattara - Mushibamu Kuro No Kiri - (PN)
Mushibamu Kuro No Kiri (WN)
アウターワールドストーリー: 蝕む黒の霧
異世界じゃなくて、現実世界で魔王になったら -蝕む黒の霧- (PN)
蝕む黒の霧 (WN)
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MadHatter01 rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Hi, I am the translator for this series. Well, the summary is rather short and vague. So basically the MC is a human that has been transformed into a Demon King and needs to prepare his own labyrinth (dungeon) within a year to deal with the forces of the outside world (humans and other Demon Kings). He is an utterly ruthless protagonist but I won't term him as evil (subjectively speaking). Judging from the surface, he can annihilate humans without feeling particular sympathy or compassion for them, however, I personally... more>> do not feel that he is an evil protagonist on a deeper level. From an objective point of view, yes, he is cruel and heartless. In fact, most of the dark theme, it comes from the POV of the enemies, for the POV of the protagonist, it has a bit of a "childlike" energy to me. This is a low fantasy novel that takes place in the real world (not isekai). If you do not mind that the protagonist is a villain, do try reading it. And also I'll emphasize it again, this is a low fantasy novel. Not a high fantasy/isekai novel. Do not expect the typical elements/philosophy of demons living in harmony with humans, saving the world, good versus evil (these are high fantasy novels characteristics) coming from the protagonist in this novel. This is a low fantasy novel, which is more of a dark fantasy. I would rather the readers research on the distinction between high and low fantasy differences before evaluating it

Edit: Well, this is my review after finishing the translation and to address another review. There is no harem in the novel. By nature, harem means all the girls like the MC and strive for his affections which is not the case for the MC of this novel. In fact, they all hate him and intended to kill him. There is no indication of harem in the series. (Well, they are those who are brainwashed afterwards and like him, but those are not genuine emotions so it is not harem). Not to mention, the MC end up with one character only by the end of the story. Also, the author purposely designed the MC to be this kind of character, tr*sh, evil, or whatever terms you call it. So his character is full of flaws. It is *meant* to be that way. There is no character development for him. There is no need to criticise a character that is designed to be full of flaws. It is simply a manifestation of the author's creativity. It doesn't need to have a meaning.

Also, the so called multiple POV, they are not confusing back and forth at all. Japanese have a lot of first-person pronoun so the native can tell immediately which character is which character. These so called POV changes do not exist in Japanese novels. It's only the translator themselves who decide to include it or not. And I did not include it initially which is why it is confusing. It is not the author's fault. After all, English only use "I" as first-person pronoun.

And majority of the characters whether significant or insignificant, they play a role to a certain extent in the Outer World Story series. Even the enemy who died and appeared in only two chapters actually have a bigger role in other Outer World Story series. This is only the first Outer World Story series by the author. There are a lot of insignificant characters in this series who actually are major characters or supporting characters in other Outer World Story series. The so called *insignificant characters* are actually just laying foundation for the subsequent Outer World Story series.

If there is one thing I do not like about this novel, it's the comedic undertone and the non-linear storytelling. It is unnecessary for me. But non-linear storytelling and comedic undertone are a thing after all, it's simply my preference, not because it's bad. As for what I like about the novel, it's the Outer World Story series itself. There are a lot of mysteries that are not revealed in this novel

the actual God of Calamity/who resurrected Izumi/why did the Gods abandon this world/the "existence" of Yata of this world with the parelled one, etc

which are already revealed in the author's subsequent works. As for the MC, well, I guess what I like about him is he never forgets about his intention/purpose, and resorts to all means to achieve that aim. Even though the ending was kind of a happy ending with him staying with the FL, it's hard to say whether that is genuine or not since in earlier chapters, his actions and words contradicted his relationship with the FL. Since the romance is more of a sub-plot, I am more inclined to believe that the his aim has a higher priority than the FL. Well, I am getting off-topic. Romance is not the main aspect of the novel anyway. As for criticism about his character? There are many that can be listed but the author already mentioned they designed the character to be this way (though it is implicit) so I won't be criticising the character in respect for the author. To be more precise, there's no point criticising a character that is meant to be lacking in depth and is meant to be a tr*sh character.


Also, this is not really a dungeon building novel. The MC is simply stuck in his dungeon. He wanted to live his life freely and wanted to venture out of his dungeon by his own will but he was turned into a Demon King was restricted by the God of Calamity to advance her research regarding the original (presumably to defeat her original based on her final words as she is a replica).


There are actually a lot of screen time for different characters where I would consider them to be protagonist as well. It's simply a summary of who they are anyway but it's kind of a spoiler as well so I will be using the spoiler function.

Excluding Kurokiri, the three characters that I considered main characters as well are Ichiko, Ryo and Izumi. Ichiko and Ryo purpose are to revolt and vanquish Kurokiri who turned them into demons which their intentions has changed by time, Ichiko has fallen in love with Kurokiri by time and although Ryo do not harbor any intention to kill Kurokiri anymore in the latter part of the story, her intention has shifted from killing him to regaining her freedom. As for Izumi, you can read the next spoiler, but there is a MAJOR spoiler there, it's better not to read it if you plan to read other Outer World Story series.



Izumi is a prominent character in the Outer World Story series. She makes a lot of appearances throughout other Outer World Story series. Her personality is very serious perhaps due to her childhood experience or due to Kurokiri's influence. Her initial intention is to repay Ichiko who has saved her life but her intention has changed throughout other Outer World Story series when she found out her brother's soul is trapped when he died and she decided to be a God to search for him.


The existence of God is very important in the Outer World Story series.

And I will include the author's note here too since I did not include it at the beginning or some people do not see it or either they purposely ignore it despite the author's message. A/N: I have no plans to solicit anything from readers for this work. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from writing anything related to such matters in your comments.

I think everyone can understand the implicit meaning of the author's message without any explanation <<less
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inzill rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: c14
This series starts off alright but suffers greatly by giving a majority of characters that show up, no matter how minor, a first person POV scene change. A single conversation between "Alpha" 1 through 6 has four or more scene changes to different characters' perspective. Perhaps the intention is to imitate a manga thought bubble, but it only adds bloat and an unnecessarily confusing back-and-forth.

The quick harem grab and nondescript assault of two high school girls for no real reason also does nothing for the story. It's also not even... more>> an issue with the MC doing it. There's a valid literary purpose for traumatic events on characters and could be used to establish MC as properly evil, but that's not why it's done here. As the situation continued, it's clear it's just the author's wish fulfillment scenario or attempt to cater to a specific audience.

I read the translator's review of it and gave it a try, but a "ruthless, heartless, villain" isn't what I found. It really is more like an evil child. <<less
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Zales rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: c17
at first when I read prologue, it remind me of <Dungeon Battle Royale> since most of pattern is quite similar but if you aim to read this genre then it still ok at some point though I found this one is more half-heart in setting building because many scene look like author just show it like that without explain or detail

good point - demon king and dungeon are more unique with their characteristic, human side also have special power that is unique for each person

bad point - character's deepness and... more>> development, lack of detail that would convince us to agree in some outcome


like how author try to tell us that MC is so good at setting trap and build up dungeon but you won't see much detail in his management except saying that he's so good at it or preparation is perfect that make me feel that it's more about his op characteristic that he get by chance since there also no detail in MC paste or anything and refer to his characteristic as demon king

also that op cheat that he could just take anyone as his kin without their agreement that is make thing become more half-heart and those character seem to act in killing human so easy too


still at this point this novel is quite ok to read to pass time

[edited: ch20]

I think I'll drop this one with these reasons, and lower it's rated to just 2 star

- at this point I don't found much management which I expect from dungeon management genre, instead author put in op evolved insect monster that even military's mage spend all of their mana into firemagic but it still deal just 1 dmg

- too convenient setting and progress, even through Japan acknowledged MC's dungeon to be most dangerous one but somehow they still send few 6 people squad to die in his dungeon once in awhile, also condition to escape dungeon is too convenient for demon kings since invader need to stay at least 1km away from entrance and over 1 hour have to pass before they could leave dungeon

- this one is only my taste but I feel disgusting when I found MC toying a girl (human which turn into his kin by his cheat) by s*xual harassment to get her information report (her family is in important position so she could sneaky get those information from her house which in area near MC's dungeon, so very convenient isn't it -_-")

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TimeVoid rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Personally the novel is bad. Well to be precise, I just say this story is about a person who suddenly transform into a demon lord and he was suppose to be a managing dungeon but the author set the place which is the earth (there might be similar novel settings with this one) was never compatible with. In a sense giving the world a catastrophic emerging of dungeon was much to set human to a survival mode and it is plain to conclude that author imagination regarding "if the world... more>> will be turned/transform into a fantasy world" was nothing new about. And the antagonist was always saying experiment number this or that whenever entering a conversation mode is just kinda a monologue.

Even to mention the time skip as far as to tell the readers of what happen to the main characters was kinda chapter consuming with the addition of every character POV. This part should have been at least a short summary that describe the growth in a single chapter.

Even the ending was anticlimax and there things which confusing that need explanation but it just been left it is. <<less
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cpzombie rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: c62
I like the beginning, it felt shallow (not much detail, tons of stuff glossed over) but it has an evil protagonist and is fun to read which is most important imo. I'm dropping it now though because it has a sudden time skip due to a kinda bs reason; that combined with the shallowness, non-linear storytelling, and lots of time spent in PoVs that I just didn't care about ended up making me not really want to continue. I'd recommend at least giving it a try if you like evil... more>> MCs, it's a nice funny wn if you can get past those elements. The translation quality is great too, especially considering their speed of release if the NU list is accurate. <<less
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