Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru


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One day, a normal young boy who gave up on developing a special ability had a sudden manifestation. His ability’s name was “Sound Control (Dominant)”. This boy was the first person in the entire world who manifested the ability to control sounds.

However, because of the dangers this ability posed, the young boy was acknowledged as an elimination target, therefore he was almost killed by the “Self-Defense Force”, an administrative organization that maintains public order in the human society.

At that point, it was the evil organization “Anonymous” that offered this young boy a hand.

And in order to continue living, the young boy took that hand.

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Anonymous dance with death
The sound user dances with death
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April 14, 2017
Status: c14
Was disappointed, so do expect I'm biased against this novel
... more>>

Let's start with MC. MC is an unpopular boy (not my word, his) whose friends consist of : his popular friend (also high ranking in JSDF) some girl who had a crush on his popular friend, as well as his childhood friend who also had a crush on his popular friend. One day MC awakened his power and unintentionally killed off many people. Thus he was hunted by JSDF, and Boss of Anonymous killed his pursuers. MC was like "oh well, I'm hunted so might as well join this evil organization" so nonchalantly. MC has no qualms in unnecessarily killing off a guard in his first mission, probably it was intended as establishing his character, which sadly I'm totally not buying it.

Author seems to focus more on building relationship between MC and Roll (seemingly his designated love interest, you know it, you just know it), almost neglecting his character building which should be more important since this is early translation from his usual life to becoming part of Anonymous. Author went as far as making Anonymous Boss paired MC with Roll (giving same room in the organization HQ), transferring Roll to MC 's school (and at the same class at that) for no clear reason *facepalm*. That's not enough, let's add in a rival and put some duel to prove who is worthy to be her partner (supervised by the Boss himself, no less).

And Roll, she's such obedient little doll who tolerate MC 's existence even though she was just barely know him. Like, who in her right mind would allow stranger of the opposite gender to live in the same room with herself? Bonus point is that it was hinted that she used to be a lone wolf, let alone shared room, she even refused to be partnered to anyone.

Tl;dr, the story feels artificial, and what's should be more fleshed out, isn't.

But of course these all are my own opinion and it may not hold true to you and/or in the future. <<less
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Hallow Cause
One and only Elfulus rated it
February 24, 2017
Status: --
I really like the fact that the MC, instead of 'snapping' when a friend or something is about to be killed or injured, he snaps when his life is about to be taken... after all, who wouldn't be scared sh*tless after unexpectedly almost losing your life to the "good people".

The author of this novel most certainly sees the world in a realistic way not in an idealistic one. The characters, even though I never really reached the later chapters yet, seems in-depth and not shallowly shown.

I only have... more>> one tiny problem... would the tag "physics" and the genre "fantasy"coexist well?

But the personalty of the MC makes up for that tiny loss. <<less
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Cryarc rated it
February 8, 2017
Status: c127
The world is similar with Hunter x Hunter, modern era but people have supernatural powers and there are monsters roaming around the world. The MC is admiring the "good guys=JSDF (similar with Hunter) " but due to unfortunate events he is falling into the "bad guys=Anonymous (similar with Gen'ei Ryodan) " side, from there on it's downward spiral of madness.

The author is pretty good at building up tension, every arc is literally dancing around deaths. The author is very good at making people feels everything can go wrong, it can... more>> induce anxiety reading the chapters since there's no plot armor in this series.

Even though it may feels episodic in the beginning but actually there's a continuous plot, every arc is connected progressively. The tension and stake at hand also gradually increases as the story progressing toward the end. <<less
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errantsystems rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: c21
I usually don't write reviews but I'm just disappointed. Sure it's not like it was anything groundbreaking, but I enjoyed book one so it kinda felt like a punch to the gut that when it hit book two. Without going into much detail, it went into badly written powerup montage and weird "gotta rub them boobs" territory, almost as if the author changed and decided he had to shoehorn in standard JP ecchi antics and ruin any real sense of character personality.

Seems like people say it's not (?) a harem,... more>> which might at least say something for characters being written somewhat properly, but it really seems like it's headed that way so take that as you will. I tried twice and actually can't bring myself to read more.

Pretty unfortunate that it seems like authors can't or don't stick to their original ideas, or end up pandering to readers like this. But who knows, maybe the author was just like this all along. <<less
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Corensi rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c22
I really recommend reading this! The story is set in a modern world with people with special abilities as well as magical beasts. The MC is introduced as a person who is "powerless, " however, he soon awakens his latent abilities on his 17th birthday. But this isn't entirely a good thing. He is considered a threat, and thus needs to be eliminated by the SDF--the supposed "good guys." As the synopsis states, the "evil" organization Anonymous takes him in and thus begins the plot.

It's a story with a protagonist... more>> who isn't blinded by ideals of justice or whatnot. Our MC wants to live. That's it. Why should he forfeit his life just because he's deemed dangerous by some organization? Yes, it's selfish, but that's why I like it.

Here's a minor spoiler from the book that won me over:


"The SDF will kill one man for the sake of many. However, we will kill the many for the sake of one man. We're evil, there's no mistaking it."

I think it was the boss who said this as he offered the Anonymous mask to our protagonist.


But it's not purely that kind of story though! Obviously, there are other stuff like how the MC becomes attuned to his power, along with his hardships and the relationship he forms with the other characters (speaking of which, the side-charas are pretty well developed!). So it's overall, a really nice read which I definitely recommend.

Although I do have a slight fear of it turning into a harem story. <<less
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God Emorly
God Emorly rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: c31
I love this novel so you're not really gonna hear something bad about this novel from me.

First of all I like the protagonist he is someone who isn't going to cry cause he killed someone nor is he a killing machine he just wants to survive with all means possible.

What I think is a little questionable tho is how they always make his family think nothing happened but nothing that really makes the story unrealistic.

... more>> The action scenes are not making my heart race from excitement but they are pretty decent.

The romance in this novel is typical Japanese (the MC is oblivious) but really cute.

Now to the things I really enjoyed.

The character development more like his growth in power (him getting better control over his already existing power) cause I still haven't seen any big personality changes are like the feeling I get when I level up in a game and just want to see what I can do and to say I love that feeling.

I actually wouldn't have given it 5 stars if it wouldn't be so smooth to read and I still have some expectations that its gonna get even better. <<less
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obsessed-reader rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: c19
Don't listen to the five star reviewers cause they just spout bull crap. You would think the main character would be ruthless and strong but no he is just weak, complains all the f*cking time and is a complete pussy. Don't read this unless you got nothing better to do. &Lt;--- ch19

Well the seriousness disappears at ch20 and its just gets worse and worse. Why is every single author on this site complete trash when it comes to xianxia/martial arts/romance/fantasy type novels. I've only enjoyed four novels, the rest are... more>> truly trash. Our main character has turned into a shameless wimp <--- ch26

just total disappointment. An evil organization full of non evil people. Our main character is just pathetic. If this has been dropped by translators than I am glad because this is honestly just bad. &Lt;-- ch 31 <<less
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kakekoku rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c30
I like this novel the plot is good enough to keep you reading this novel the romance is so sweet and fluffy that it'll make you feel like you want to go to a dentist and while your at it vomit rainbows too lots of character development and the most intruiging part of this novel is that its happening in the modern era which is rare for light novels because of the isekai genre but I only have one problem with it and thats the translations are too slow and... more>> the chapters are only 30 for now so I will wait a year or so to continue to read this. <<less
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HaxersDoom rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c23
I really like this novel, the only problems I actually have with it is the translation or maybe just the author has some nonsensical sentences thrown in there and also, the opponents of the MC are just so dumb, ... more>>

whenever he gets in a fight with someone and they can potentially instantly deal with him, they instead choose to toy with him until he blows up and kills them, this is exactly what happens when he awakens and the supposed "good guys" try to kill him for the greater good, they just throw attacks at him that will slightly injure him while saying things like "sorry but you need to die because you're dangerous" thus driving him into a corner which makes him kill them. Would not have happened if they simply killed him instantly when he didn't think they were an enemy.

seriously retarded enemies in the end, but I like the rest I just hope this is fixed and the enemies are given some brains.

edit: I must say that I really like the characters so far, even though his 3 early friends haven't had much to do with him so far so I don't know if they have interesting characters as well, but the people from the evil organisation are really interesting I increased my rating from a 4 to a 5 because of them. <<less
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zarvi rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: c31

Rating 4.5 - interested to read more

The premise is a bit dark but contrary to my expectation although battles and story are still there, it become a harem romcom. The MC looks average at first, become a bit serious but is a smooth talker, and is a bit perverted inside thou nothing cringe me with his perverted monologues. He will take the chance if he was given, but still dense like the usual JP protag but not on ichika level.

MC is also strong ability wise, can become OP when trained... more>> and polished.

The protagonist love interest are likable in my opinion, I personally like Tameiki. <<less
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