Otome Survival


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This is a tale that comes of distorting the scenario called as an ‘Otome Game’ …

Assaulted by a woman who desired to claim her flesh and thereby become as “the Heroine,” the orphan Alicia comes by a fragmentary acquisition of the woman’s knowledge to comprehend that the world she inhabits is “of Swords and Sorcery” — the stage of a so-called “Otome Game.”

Rejecting the Otome Game as inadmissible “nonsense,” young Alicia escapes her orphanage — hoping that she might defy the destiny of the “Heroine.”

The villainous debutantes that seek her death. The false Heroine ascendant. So as to survive the obstacles that threaten her freedom, Alicia makes use of the knowledge she’s acquired to better herself and advance — flourishing as “the strongest of assassins,” feared both by the Rogues’ Guild and the Assassins’ Guild.

※Q: Is the heroine a cheat protagonist?
※A: She isn’t. Though to a certain extent, you could say that she’s making use of out-of-context knowledge, for purposes of combat, she’s strictly bound to the use of conventional capabilities. Of course, her pursuit of victory is by whatever means available …

※Q: Will there be elements of romance within the story?
※A: More or less. Though it may be the case that the heroine becomes involved with the capture targets, her potential romantic interests aren’t restricted to this pool in particular.

※Q: Being that the story is about the pursuit of survival, will there also be heartwarming slice-of-life elements?
※A: This isn’t a story about the development of unexplored territory. Rather, “survival” is here used more in the sense of “enduring life-threatening scenarios.” There will be a fair amount of slaughter and death.

※Note: The heroine is rather faint of morality …

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Otome Game Heroine 【de】 Strongest Survival
The Otome Game Heroine’s Strongest Survival
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Glue rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: v1c1
I've read translations of the author's three prior works, and this definitely has the same feeling. The author leans towards a slightly darker fantasy lined with a healthy dose of dark humor. The quality has always been consistent. The pacing tends to be steady and monotony is broken the second it appears.

This seems to be the 4th series with a female lead, with brutal tendencies, living in video-game-meets-reality scenario for the author. The author it's seasoned, consistent, and creative. This is why I have confidence in giving this 5 stars... more>> after the first chapter. I look forward to see how they surprise me with this one.

The translation seems decent so far. I don't remember the last time I heard someone say "environs" or "comely, " but it's definitely not Google translate. So far so good. <<less
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LordKarasuman rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: c1
Interesting. I have no idea why the rating is so low but the story seems to have a properly readable translation and I’m feeling a certain kind of edge from the plot I don’t normally see from stories with this tag. Looking forward to more.
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