Other World Travel Diary by a Relatively Peaceful High School Student


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2nd year high schooler Tendou Rai is a reincarnator — in his previous life, he had a pharmacist mother who specialized in alchemy and a father who skillfully hunted using wind magic. While exploring the bas**ent of an old school building, he had a minor accident and suddenly found himself within a forest in a fantasy world.​

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Warito Heibonna Koukousei ni yoru Isekai Sampo Nikki
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12/31/17 Blob Translations oneshot
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Kettern rated it
January 2, 2018
Status: oneshot
First of all: This one-shot is great, so read it.

As it is (sadly) only a one-shot there is no deep story or anything of the sort. But as short as it may be, it was really interesting.

The MC is just an ordinary high school student who can remember his previous life and is able to use a small amount of Alchemy (Magic) in this world. Then he accidently arrives at another world (which is probably the one from his previous life) and is able to use the magic of his... more>> previous life as the magic of Earth is way thinner (this last sentence doesn't make any sense, but I guess you know what I mean).

But as I said in the beginning: Just read it. It's short, it's enjoyable and... the author is the same one as Death March. <<less
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