Ore wa Mada, Honki o Dashite Inai


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Weird development where the main character, who is the fourth son of a noble household and is called the stain of nobility, has to inherit the house because his three brothers were conveniently in the same party and all died to a meteorite apparently. The older sister who’s left disowns herself and instead registers herself as his foster daughter and now she calls him dad all to get the him to head the house and have him demonstrate his true ability.

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Ashbell TL
Ashbell TL rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: c56
I came from the manga, and I honestly wish I just stuck to that.

The general premise is quite generic with an OP main character trying to actively sabotage his reputation, but hilariously backfires instead. The area where the story falls short is that none of the background elements are ever expanded upon. The vast majority of chapters are self-isolated and have little to no consequence on the overall plot. Reading this feels like reading a bunch of loosely connected One-shots; Or to be more accurate, it is like reading a... more>> 4-koma series in novel format. It's fun for a couple of laughs but it just drags on with no real "rising action".

The Manga-version fleshes out a lot of the bland story elements, most likely because it is based on the Light Novel version instead of the Web Novel version which this translation is based on. My honest opinion is that you should read the manga (or LN) version and be satisfied with that, because the WN version is not worth your time. Rating: 2/5

In regards to the English translation: the first few chapters on NU have terrible translation, being either MTL or just bad. The current translations are "acceptable" but also sloppy/lazy. Lots of typos and sometimes confusing translation that distract from the general flow. It is "understandable" so you can slog through it, but it definitely could use some work. Rating 2/5 <<less
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deathmine31 rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c0
Im reading the manga, but like, im doing that thing where I don't talk about the novel since I have not read it but rather talk about the manga to a wider audience. Bookmarked this novel though becuase I want to read it, it's on my list of unfinished novels that I am interested in. Back to the point, manga ain't anything special. But my god, the art style, *chef's kiss*. It ain't great, but it stands out. It's not crazy or anything, just slightly off the norm.

Considering the manga,... more>> this novel seems like some generic stuff, however, that prostit**es tag is quite alluring and making me consider that the story might be a bit different. Prostit**es aint s*aves. S*ave cliches are outdated. <<less
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