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Bash, the Orc Warrior, is a Hero.

During the war, he crushed and defeated all that stood in his path. He is respected by all Orcs as the Orc among Orcs.

However, Bash has a secret.

He has no experience with women – he, the Hero, was a virg*n.

For Orcs, who hold combat and s*xual prowess in high regard, being a virg*n was tremendously shameful.

[The fact that I’m a not only a virg*n, but a virg*n Orc Hero, is a shame for all of Orcish society. I want a wife too!]

With this in mind, he decides to embark on a journey.

In order to protect the pride and honor of his race, but mostly to finally get his d*ck wet, he decides to go to leave on a grand quest to find himself a woman.

Associated Names
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Orc Eroica (LN)
Orc Hero Story - Discovery Chronicles
オーク英雄物語 ~忖度列伝~
半獸人英雄物語 忖度列傳
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16 Reviews

Dec 18, 2020
Status: v4c41
Hello, translator for Orc Eiyuu Monogatari here!

CONCERNING THE HAREM TAG : I have quite literally read all available raws, and I don't want to get into pointless edit fights trying to remove the harem tag. This is NOT a harem (yet, at least. Who know where the story will take us? But as of the latest raws, no harem) and yes, he is a harem seeking protagonist, and even that's not exactly true. So please, don't go into this story thinking it's a chick collecting novel.

Leaving the first review, since... more>> I suppose who else better than me to judge how good this novel is. And of course, I'm going to be somewhat biaised.

Now first point to address - a few of you might be turned off by the various mentions of "rape" in the early chapters, that Asanagi of all people is the illustrator, and the fact that the MC is an Orc. Let me reassure you that :


There are EXTREMELY FEW graphic depictions of s*xual violence (Literally a single one). We get mentions and references both to current and past events, and stuff that NEARLY happens, but nothing more. Most importantly, our MC Bash never engages in any of it. But then you might ask me, "But BAD MACHINE, why is r*ped being framed as being so innocuous in this novel? r*pe is bad!" and to that I would suggest you read at least past chapter 7.


Next - our story. Honestly, the story is pretty darn well built, which is what you'd expect from the author of the well loved Mushoku Tensei.

There are genuinely emotional, tear-jerking moments.

Tense, hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments.

Moments where you just feel... bad for the poor guy.

All of this masterfully interspersed among the mainly comedic story elements.

Character progression is palpable, as Bash goes from awkward virg*n to... well, I'll leave it up to you to discover.

Now, world building - Orc Eiyuu's universe design is as good as it gets for short form webnovels like this one. Though not exactly apparent in the early chapters, the continent of Vastonia is vast and filled with wonderful, colorful characters, each with their own well-defined personalities. Politicians engaging in court intrigue, warriors duking it out, mages doing mage things, the list goes on.

Then - the "harem" tag. Now, once again, I want to try to avoid as many spoilers as possible, but the tag is accurate in mentioning that Bash is a harem seeking protagonist. Emphasis on seeking. Readers on Syosetu have left glowing reviews saying things like "This is the only "Harem" story that doesn't make my guts churn". I'll leave it at that.

And finally, to all the readers, thank you for reading my translations! <<less
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Dec 23, 2020
Status: c4 part2
A interesting, new take on the typical Demon Lord/Demon Lord Army trope, with an excellent prologue and continuous world building throughout the novel, usually through multiple points of view. The only thing I hate is the phrase

"see the majesty of his hip thrusts, the force of his c*otch geyser, the thickness of his... "

I hate it and the fact that I would not replace it if I could. The author wrote it on purpose and it works perfectly. Goddamn
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May 01, 2021
Status: --
Extremely fun premise and hilarious characters. Bash the MC, is an Orc on a quest to get a wife. The subtleties of courtship is a new experience for him as compared to the savage Orc culture. He is assisted by a loyal but mischievous fairy who tries her best to be a wingman. The dynamics between these 2 are really fun.

All this is against an interesting backdrop where many races just entered into an era of peace after the end of a 5000 year old war. Bash himself is also... more>> a feared and respected figure in the war in both the eyes of the friend and enemy races. Lots of funny interactions ensue as Bash interacts with potential waifus of different races which may have been enemies in the past. <<less
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Feb 21, 2023
Status: v4
A simple misunderstanding novel, that is light hearted at times with a bit of humor sprinkled in. It isn't a complex story as of yet, it is simply about a man who tries to lose his v**ginity. While, improving the racial tensions between his country and the others as he paves the way forward for his fellow orcs.

Now the main thing that stood out for me, is the novel is written in such a way we are not bombarded with info dumps. Information is sprinkled in over the chapters and... more>> reinforced through subtle repetition. The world feels alive as his actions do have real world consequences. It feels like a dynamic world and not one that solely waits on our MC to take action.

However, the only thing I really dislike, is how our MC is a bit of an idiot savant. He is still a virg*n by volume 4 and his fairy friend is the only girl more than willing to take on his orcish 'pride', yet she may not be built for it physically, our MC can at least try to make it work.

But for real, the story has come to a point were we will need our roguish MC to start pulling in these flags that have been planted through out the chapters. To finally get these girls to come to him and to shoulder the physical burden when it comes to managing five woman, like any proper orc have done in the past.

Rate 5/5 <<less
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Feb 20, 2022
Status: v5c54
So, the author of Mushoku Tensei has made a comeback with a more controversial series. Compared to the earlier work, this WN has ramped up the weirdness, so if you have never read this novel, please read the reviews.

Overall, the story talks about an Orc looking for a wife, and because he came from the race whose people r*pe others for reproduction, he suffers from racism. Yes, war is over, but the people are not ready to move on. With these premises, the novel gives us a story that is... more>> comedic, out-of-place but will leave good impression to the readers. However...

Deep down, this WN tries to do the same like Mushoku Tensei. If Mushoku talks about all the f*ck up of a Neet, then Orc Hero talks about all the f*ck up about War. Orc Hero was never shy when talking about controversial topics, and with the world building is hugely increased in this WN, many sh*t things are depicted behind the comedic scene. PTSD, r*pe, war scars, honor, or even s*x s*ave are mentioned in the story. So, if you are looking for a fun novel, beware because this novel is extremely heavy. Of course, it is still a fun novel to read, but you have to have an open-mind or you will feel sick after going to later chapters (yes, it's like Mushoku Tensei).


Volume 1 talks about war's PTSD, r*pe and the impact leaves others with racism. Volume 2 talks about culture, PTSD, population imbalance leads to population control. If you read to volume 5, it ramp up to war vets selling their body as prostitute for free and the choice of making World War 2 or having your own race gone. Still think pe*ophile, bullying and polygamy in Mushoku is heavy?


Now, if you think you are open-minded enough to read, then I will show you the reason why I rate it 5 stars. First, let's begin with...

    • World building: fantastic, imaginative and logical. Since racism is a strong theme, every race in the series are unique, brimming with their own culture. All the characters and locations are built up based on race as well, so the story will lead you from a rural area of Orc, to chaotic Human settlement, bustling Dwarf's city and so on. Characters are not dumb like other novels, they are complex with many personalities and grow up after chapters. I assure that you would never feel bored of the world building.

      In the Dwarf arc, the story emphasizes that it is a modern and intelligent race, so people in the city are much more modern. You have canon that is so strong that even destroy and shape a part of city. You have the open-minded approach of the race when treating others. You have the culture trying to tone down the bloody aspect of the fights in arena and focus on technology instead. Instead of killing people to win, you win by amazing the spectators with your skills or your blacksmithing technique.

    • Story: at first, it looks simple: 'find a wife before our MC become a mage', but after chapters it starts involves cultures and politics, making the story complex. After 2-3 volumes, you will realize that 'find a way' is just a tool to tell another story: post world war. Heavy topics will surface and it is described very surreal that I know for sure if this is published in country like China, it will be banned immediately. However, if you think you can handle it, you will have a good heroic story that is fun to read.

      When meeting the elves, the story isn't shy to show the scars of the war vets who are struggling in modern days. You have people who keeps fighting to make a living because they have to earn money to live. Social problems like population ratio also happen, which leads to demonetizing women as objects. Responsibilities of the higher-up forces them to live an unhappy life.

    • Rationality: as I have mentioned in World building section, most details in the novels are thought carefully. Although they are chaotic, they still logical and surreal. Only 1 think that is extremely not rational is our MC and his dumb-luck comedic situations but in my opinion, it is a compromise. Without that comedy, it will be really hard to read the novel.
    • MC: Just like Rudy, Bash is also an insect. At the start of the novel, he treats woman like a tool, an object for him to 'maintain the honor'. For many people, you can see him even disgusting than Rudy but if you get pass at least 2 volumes, you can see his growth to become a better person. The fairy is just a decent character since she is just a tool to transfer the hate of readers from Bash to her. She grow up too, but in a very slow way.

      When the story begins, Bash is arrogant. He interrupts the chief meal to show his demand. He is also a coward as well when it comes to his honor, and runs away from problems. When he meets a woman, he does not hesitate to show that he view them as a tool to remove his v**ginity. The only good thing about him is loyal. Without it, he would be the worst s*x offender in history, tbh. However, he starts changing. After volume 2 he views woman as a person with honor too and using that, he has a good relationship with the woman in volume 3.

Conclusion, Orc Hero is a great novel which breaks the mold to delivery a unique story. If you like Mushoku Tensei, are open-minded and never care about its controversy, you should read this. It's f*ck up, but it will leave you something to think about after finishing it. If you look for a novel just to have

fun time, leave. You will feel really disgusted after reading initial chapters, maybe worse, traumatized. <<less
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Oct 12, 2021
Status: c22 part3
I was smiling the entire time I read this, but I don't feel like recommending it.

Why? Because so far, 4 arcs in, there has been 0 major developments. The main character is getting better with the ladies, for sure, but he's not gotten with anyone yet. This worries me, as I fear there may never be any developments at this rate, and it will just repeat the "seduce the waifu of the day, misunderstand her tsundere nature for a real rejection, and leave to find the next waifu of the... more>> day".

It got so frustrating I finally gave up and dropped this. Dozens of chapters of development for each woman only for it to be rendered meaningless without even a kiss when he moves on to the next waifu of the week. <<less
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Mar 08, 2021
Status: c10 part2
From the author of Mushoku Tensei, a novel I enjoyed immensely a few years back. Also the art and illustration look oddly familiar for some reason. Probably from ah... one of my 'research' sessions.

The MC is almost similar to the main character of Berserk, Guts if he was an orc.

    • He has a fairy companion
    • Massive sword
    • OP and badass as a warrior
    • Minus the angst and rage, cool headed in battle
    • Started fighting the moment they could hold a sword (probably)
The story has just the right amounts of humor and comedy to go along with it. Aside from the fact the characters all being well fleshed out. The world building is just as good.

Gist of the story is about an orc traveling to get laid. His goal would probably take a while to achieve and I'm here for the ride. It has lots of misunderstanding which is one of the main spice for the comedy. I would definitely recommend this as a good read.
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Nov 28, 2023
Status: c78.1
This novel is very irritating. The writing is actually pretty good and the story has potential... However, it fell flat really fast. This series embodies a very simple formula. 1. Orc goes to kingdom and meets a heroine. 2. Orc accidentally does something monumental through multiple ridiculous misunderstandings. 3. He asks heroine out bluntly and gets rejected for various reasons. This formula is in place for 4 arcs. After this, the story FINALLY branches out. Now, we are finally introduced to antagonists. However, since Bash (The orc protagonist) is moronic,... more>> he has no clue what is going on. The main plot of the story is built upon monstrous luck and misunderstandings.
conclusion: The absurd misunderstandings are a perfect example of lazy/immature writing. I guess it is supposed to be humerus? It was more irritating than endearing in my opinion. However, the most egregious part of this story is the edging... Me and I’m sure many other readers were expecting romance/relationships to form in this story... Well, surprise, surprise as of chapter 78, NOT A SINGLE RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN FORMED. I’m left wondering why I’m even reading this... TLDR: This story is the embodiment of disappointment. <<less
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul
Sep 01, 2022
Status: c25
Zenith of Creation. Pinnacle of Medium. Peak Fiction.

These three terminologies accurately describe the quality of this series.

Rifujin is a genius at creating one masterpiece after other and he didn't disappoint this time either. It's filled with emotional moments, unmatched character progression, wonderfully crafted character interaction, and a simple world.
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Sep 16, 2021
Status: c19 part1
As an eternal seeker of (fortunate) misunderstanding comedies and overpowered protagonists, this was a surprising home-run for me.

First of all, it reads very well. Hiccups in the translation are rare and there are some truly blessed sentences in there (as Enelthrei's review has touched on before me). Couldn't be happier with it on that front.

Next, although in the novel orcs and r*pe are often spoken in the same breath, actual examples of s*xual violence are rare.

... more>>

One character in the first volume is explicitly said to have been r*ped, she is a background character with no dialogue and the story doesn't linger on her - despite it not negatively affecting the tone too much I would appreciate it if she could return later in the story, emotionally healed to some extent, since it is quite sad.


More traditional violence, however, is common. Although the protagonist appears to be on the calmer end of the orc-spectrum, he still is one, and doesn't shy away from fights. People do die in this novel, although the story is primarily light hearted so don't expect it to linger on it much.

The story moves at a nice brisk pace, the structure it seems to be setting up is: one new waifu to try and seduce per volume. I've only read two volumes so far, so I don't know if this is a rigid rule or anything.


Although it's too early to say how it will go, I sincerely hope that the girls and characters met in earlier volumes will have a continued presence in later volumes. If they're just a one-and-done ordeal it'd start feeling less like an organic story and more like a checklist of girls to go through. A comment from the translator confirms that there will be at least one returning girl in later volumes, so I have hope.


My only worry right now is if the story follows the same formula present in the first two volumes, it might get repetitive. To go into a bit more detail on it:


The first two volumes have gone like this -> Bash arrives at a city and pursues the waifu of the volume, in doing so he is embroiled in a problem the city has and solves it, he then attempts to propose to the waifu and leaves for the next place. I don't have a problem with this set-up, I think it's been great fun so far - it gives Bash the opportunity to show off what a badass he is. If it persists too long though it'll get frustrating as Bash solves everyone else's problems and (to necessitate his continued adventuring) gets little in return.


As for the character of Bash, he's kind of sweet. I like him. Despite the vileness of Orcs as described in the novel, they do have (a few) admirable points, like their sense of honour, loyalty and strength. Bash inherits the best attributes of Orc culture, while having enough of an open mind to not cling to the worst. His interactions with women are mostly quite respectful, it really feels like he's trying his hardest to fit in, and like I said - it's sweet.

Zell, Bash's sidekick, is also a fun one - she acts as his trusty wingman.

Anyway, I think it's pretty fun, I'd recommend it. However, probably don't read if you don't like the sound of constant misunderstandings and an overwhelmingly powerful, sex-seeking protagonist. You'd probably bounce off. <<less
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Aug 29, 2022
Status: v5c54
Be warned that the foxoholic translation doesn't finish volume 3 so if you want the rest of the story you're going to need to machine translated it. Anyways on to the review.

The main reason I picked this novel up is the same as most people, its the work of Rifujin aka the author of Mushoku Tensei, and while this series isn't as grand as Mushoku Tensei despite its simple premise Rifujin masterfully adds depth to it that makes the world alive and the characters motives make sense.

Our MC Bash grows... more>> as a person learning from his past experiences in trying to woo a woman for example

In his first encounter with Primera he misunderstood her intentions and was trying to graduate from his v**ginity, the old Bash would have done so without a second thought, but Bash noticed that Primera wasn't really into it so he stopped.

Our MC is loyal, strong, and naive, and while he travels the continent in search of a wife he's (Unintentionally) changing the image that the other races have of his race the orc.

I know in the first two volumes it seems that Rifujin is going to follow a simple formula and Bash is going to make little progress but from then on he changes the encounter with potential wife candidates enough to were it keeps it interesting and Bash does make some progress

Primera proposed to him, but Bash misunderstood her again due to not knowing how Dwarves propose and in volume 5 he actually gets engaged although he doesn't see her as a woman since she's still too young to bear children, so his journey to lose his v**ginity continues, but he has completed one of his objectives to find a wife.

So here's my opinion of who Bash is going to get with at the end of the novel.

I wouldn't like for him to get with Judith since it wouldn't make sense for her character.

Thundersonia is a maybe with a slight lean towards yes it depends if she gets desperate enough to come crawling back.

Primera this for me is solid, yes she improving her skills right now to be worthy enough to marry Bash

Beast princess (I forgot her name but it started with an S) I don't see her getting with Bash due to the thing with Leto, but if Rifujin can make a convincing enough sequence then sure since at the end of Arc 4 she seems to respect him now and not despise him as she did at the start of their encounter.

Carrot is a yes for me I hope they get together too bad that you can't graduate from your v**ginity with a succubus or else Bash would have been done already.

Luca is already confirmed while there not officially engaged they basically are she just needs to grow up a bit so Bash can take her as his wife although since Bash is in a time crunch he must now go lose his v**ginity.

Nameless Woman is a maybe I hope they get together (I also think she's Nazar's sister since it implied with how strong she is, her sword being called a treasured and it fits since Nazar's sister's body was never found although I am curious to see why she hates humans now.) she's strong enough to match Bash in combat and Bash doesn't care about her scarred face it's honestly a good match in my opinion and hopefully, they get together at the end of the novel

So while the first 2 volumes may seem that there will be little pay off is still there and people are doing things in the background Rifujin includes heavy concepts such as PTSD, R*pe, War, Racism, and Population control.

I wish that more chapters can come out soon, but Rifujin is currently busy working on the Mushoku Tensei anime so he's not writing Orc Eroica right now so we have to be patient for him to finish this wonderful work. <<less
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Jan 21, 2022
Status: c20 part3
I love this novel. It has this peculiar quality, that I just get excited reading it, the same way some get excited while watching a sports match. It shows how well the story is written.

What I appreciate the most though is the craft of making an OP character and stop at just the right moment, before he becomes cringy.

Can't recommend this novel enough. Regarding other aspects, other reviewers did a good job of portraying those.
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Jun 17, 2021
Status: --
Great misunderstanding story that you want to read by turning off your brain and relax. Not much gone to smut/adult area as some of it are just told in one sentence "it happened"

It's less on the action and more in character interaction with each other.

And hey "it's illustrated by Asanagi"

Just this one peace of info totally gives you a call to read this series.
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Jun 16, 2021
Status: c16 part4
This is the same author as Mushoku Tensei.
The author really done well with his story.

I hate MT's ending. I hope the author will do better this one.


What can I say about this story?
I like the MC. His honesty of the way of orc warriors and his kindness.
Zell, the sidekick does provide a small chuckle here and there. Maybe if later in the story will get a magic cookie to turn her big, I wholly support her to be Bash's wife.

The translator also did well on the tl.
*cough* And maybe more releases *cough*

Back to the story, I hope it get better as it goes on.
I stamp 5/5.
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Oct 12, 2023
Status: c69
This is truely good, it's written well and you can really see it in the way that everything makes sense in not a "I'm a big strong orc who can fight all beings way", but a big strong orc with his own nice personality, usually nice main characters don't hit but this one does.
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Aug 19, 2021
Status: c18 part3
If you love misunderstandings, OP, silly and stoic MC, then this is the story for you. And even though the title and synopsis sounds like something adult would read, I can assure you it's more silly than sexy XD. And no, MC is not a beta watch no touch.


It's a story about the MC trying to lose his V card. He comes from a race that sees r*pe as someone of a timeless tradition. And since the long war has only ended recently, being an orc an not committed the... more>> deed is considered shameful. Especially since MC is considered a war hero of the orcs. Hence he set out with the disguise of finding a wife to lose his V card. Why at the same time help people in need when he comes into contact with them.

We are then thrown in his misery adventures, showing the subject on the cruelty of war, the views set in stone for a race, etc. For example would be every orcs committing r*pe during the war. So females of different races fear them.

This story is full of misunderstandings, and MC planting flags with different girls everywhere. He isnt technically looking for a harem, the tag is there because when he fails courting a girl every time, and the girls only realized that they were just prejudiced in their view of him only after he left. He still havent run back into them. After he considers he failed a courtship, he travels to another place to try. So far he has already come across 3-4 different women from different races. <<less
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