Orc Eiyuu Monogatari Sontaku Retsuden


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Bash, the Orc Warrior, is a Hero.

During the war, he crushed and defeated all that stood in his path. He is respected by all Orcs as the Orc among Orcs.

However, Bash has a secret.

He has no experience with women – he, the Hero, was a virgin.

For Orcs, who hold combat and sexual prowess in high regard, being a virgin was tremendously shameful.

[The fact that I’m a not only a virgin, but a virgin Orc Hero, is a shame for all of Orcish society. I want a wife too!]

With this in mind, he decides to embark on a journey.

In order to protect the pride and honor of his race, but mostly to finally get his d*ck wet, he decides to go to leave on a grand quest to find himself a woman.

Associated Names
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Orc Eroica
Orc Hero Story - Discovery Chronicles
オーク英雄物語 ~忖度列伝~
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9 Reviews

New Funggen
Jun 17, 2021
Status: --
Great misunderstanding story that you want to read by turning off your brain and relax. Not much gone to smut/adult area as some of it are just told in one sentence "it happened"

It's less on the action and more in character interaction with each other.

And hey "it's illustrated by Asanagi"

Just this one peace of info totally gives you a call to read this series.
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New erl
Jun 16, 2021
Status: c16 part4
This is the same author as Mushoku Tensei.
The author really done well with his story.
except... more>>

I hate MT's ending. I hope the author will do better this one.


What can I say about this story?
I like the MC. His honesty of the way of orc warriors and his kindness.
Zell, the sidekick does provide a small chuckle here and there. Maybe if later in the story will get a magic cookie to turn her big, I wholly support her to be Bash's wife.

The translator also did well on the tl.
*cough* And maybe more releases *cough*

Back to the story, I hope it get better as it goes on.
I stamp 5/5. <<less
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Dec 18, 2020
Status: v4c41
Hello, translator for Orc Eiyuu Monogatari here!

CONCERNING THE HAREM TAG : I have quite literally read all available raws, and I don't want to get into pointless edit fights trying to remove the harem tag. This is NOT a harem (yet, at least. Who know where the story will take us? But as of the latest raws, no harem) and yes, he is a harem seeking protagonist, and even that's not exactly true. So please, don't go into this story thinking it's a chick collecting novel.

Leaving the first review, since... more>> I suppose who else better than me to judge how good this novel is. And of course, I'm going to be somewhat biaised.

Now first point to address - a few of you might be turned off by the various mentions of "rape" in the early chapters, that Asanagi of all people is the illustrator, and the fact that the MC is an Orc. Let me reassure you that :


There are EXTREMELY FEW graphic depictions of sexual violence (Literally a single one). We get mentions and references both to current and past events, and stuff that NEARLY happens, but nothing more. Most importantly, our MC Bash never engages in any of it. But then you might ask me, "But BAD MACHINE, why is r*ped being framed as being so innocuous in this novel? r*pe is bad!" and to that I would suggest you read at least past chapter 7.


Next - our story. Honestly, the story is pretty darn well built, which is what you'd expect from the author of the well loved Mushoku Tensei.

There are genuinely emotional, tear-jerking moments.

Tense, hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments.

Moments where you just feel... bad for the poor guy.

All of this masterfully interspersed among the mainly comedic story elements.

Character progression is palpable, as Bash goes from awkward virgin to... well, I'll leave it up to you to discover.

Now, world building - Orc Eiyuu's universe design is as good as it gets for short form webnovels like this one. Though not exactly apparent in the early chapters, the continent of Vastonia is vast and filled with wonderful, colorful characters, each with their own well-defined personalities. Politicians engaging in court intrigue, warriors duking it out, mages doing mage things, the list goes on.

Then - the "harem" tag. Now, once again, I want to try to avoid as many spoilers as possible, but the tag is accurate in mentioning that Bash is a harem seeking protagonist. Emphasis on seeking. Readers on Syosetu have left glowing reviews saying things like "This is the only "Harem" story that doesn't make my guts churn". I'll leave it at that.

And finally, to all the readers, thank you for reading my translations! <<less
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Jan 05, 2021
Status: c5 part4
Bash is the physical personification of the "He confused but he got spirit" meme. Dude is just out here trying to get laid but everyone thinks he's such a Chad that he doesn't need to.
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Dec 23, 2020
Status: c4 part2
A interesting, new take on the typical Demon Lord/Demon Lord Army trope, with an excellent prologue and continuous world building throughout the novel, usually through multiple points of view. The only thing I hate is the phrase

"see the majesty of his hip thrusts, the force of his crotch geyser, the thickness of his... "

I hate it and the fact that I would not replace it if I could. The author wrote it on purpose and it works perfectly. Goddamn
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Dec 19, 2020
Status: v1c2 part2
The characters are very interesting and lend to a lot of funny potential misunderstandings and hijinks
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May 01, 2021
Status: --
Extremely fun premise and hilarious characters. Bash the MC, is an Orc on a quest to get a wife. The subtleties of courtship is a new experience for him as compared to the savage Orc culture. He is assisted by a loyal but mischievous fairy who tries her best to be a wingman. The dynamics between these 2 are really fun.

All this is against an interesting backdrop where many races just entered into an era of peace after the end of a 5000 year old war. Bash himself is also... more>> a feared and respected figure in the war in both the eyes of the friend and enemy races. Lots of funny interactions ensue as Bash interacts with potential waifus of different races which may have been enemies in the past. <<less
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Mar 08, 2021
Status: c10 part2
From the author of Mushoku Tensei, a novel I enjoyed immensely a few years back. Also the art and illustration look oddly familiar for some reason. Probably from ah... one of my 'research' sessions.

The MC is almost similar to the main character of Berserk, Guts if he was an orc.

    • He has a fairy companion
    • Massive sword
    • OP and badass as a warrior
    • Minus the angst and rage, cool headed in battle
    • Started fighting the moment they could hold a sword (probably)
The story has just the right amounts of humor and comedy to go along with it. Aside from the fact the characters all being well fleshed out. The world building is just as good.

Gist of the story is about an orc traveling to get laid. His goal would probably take a while to achieve and I'm here for the ride. It has lots of misunderstanding which is one of the main spice for the comedy. I would definitely recommend this as a good read.
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Alles Kahres
Alles Kahres
Feb 26, 2021
Status: c9 part3
Character are great and the plot is quite unique and interesting. Certainly looking forward for future encounters of Bash. Very enjoyable read so far.
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