Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself


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A poor and bereaved medical student rescued an injured black dog from a busy road, but the black dog bit him and gave him a clinic—the Sky Clinic. If he didn’t pay the rent on time, his life would be cut short.

In order to survive, how would Ning Tao, a new cultivator, earn the good and evil value to offset the rent? What kind of bizarre and inconsistent things that were beyond his imagination would continue to happen to him? As a person between good and evil, he must keep himself balanced. How would he enhance his cultivation in the ordinary yet fantastic urban life?

This was a story of an ordinary young man who cured people while praising virtue and punishing vice.

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UnknownSaint171 rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: c300
It had a good beginning and I was hooked. I didn't mind the fast pacing as it had plot.

But the more I keep reading the more naive the MC became.

MC abilities reside in Yin/Yang. His abilities to switch between a Buddha or Devil is pretty cool but it just doesn't suit Main Character. Because of his naive, dense and indecisive personality, when he behaves cruel he just appears childish (And not cool). And when he does good he just appears naive.

    • Every single time he feels "stimulated" by a girl beauty. He behaves like a kid in puberty when he's a adult now!Plus+He's a Cultivator. (At first I thought it was cute but it's annoying when it's every dam girl!) He literally holds down his dam boner.
    • He keeps being dragged into people sh*t. And is way to nosy in others business.
    • It's like he's trying to control everything yet he's indecisive about it.
    • READ MY SPOILERS for more.

1. He keeps saying that because of the Clinic and could die any day he wont be in a relationship. As well because of his long life span as a Cultivator and they're just normal people. (Which I completely agreed with MC at first, till he kept saying the same thing...)

2. He finally finds a girl Snake girl/Nurse whose also a cultivator who wants to sleep with him but then he says "No I am human and you are a snake."

I'm like BS! both of you have long life spans, so what? Out of excuses? He finally has someone to spend longevity with!

Then I knew this was going to happen, she suggested him to have a Polygamy. We've seen this many times in CNs where the 'weird' one in the group suggest that lol. However then he's like "No it's completely wrong."MC keeps rejecting her advances and denies their relationship, till the next day she 'magically' disappears and MC said 'Not having her by his side makes him uncomfortable.' I really wanted to strangle him at that point due to his indecisiveness. Then yup, her father tells MC that as long as he has power he can do anything he wants and have the whole world worshiping him. Yup, another Polygamy flag. He all the sudden in the next scene even makes a plan to strengthen his orphanage and heroine. Yup, they are going to the path of cultivation-flag which feels like a slap to the reader since he's been on and on about "I'm so lonely, they can only be normal people." (Having the friend in the orphanage, I thought he'd get with that girl as he's also looking for a girlfriend,)

3. There's another one where MC invited by a beautiful celebrity who obviously knows this party is owned by the person who ruined her beautiful face yet she still decides to come as a "debut" and when she meets the host of the party she suddenly becomes like a frightened cat. Like WTF. It's like setting up the MC and dragging him into this BS. She knows what type of circles these are, she got burned in the face after all and still decides to associate with them.. The biggest thing I've noticed about this story is that he's always at someone else's mercy and he always needs to ask for help. He always needs to try to compromise. (That is because he keeps provoking everyone and putting his nose where it doesn't belong! Even reveal some of his secrets blindly. (To Bai Sheng)

3. He keeps saying he's a intern student from his university which he clearly got kicked out of by the way and no longer is a student... You think a student has that skills? I get he's trying to be humble but that's just s*upid.

5. If he doesn't get Bai Yan in his harem too it'll be even more hypocritical. (Big sister of snake girl) In fact she's the 2nd coolest character in this story but easily became ruined when you find out she's blindly worshiping her father when it's obvious he only sees her as a tools for his means!

This story definitely had potential with Ancestor Seeking but it got bigger then it actually was meant to be and put aside. MC says he loves his country but goes against military families like the Tangs, which it's quite hypocritical.

He reminds me of Beta MCs. I really wanted to like this story though, and when I saw my review of this novel on the slide banner, I was a bit touched but after reading the raws, I really started to detest more and more as I kept reading this novel!

*The reason I say 'controlling' is due to the fact he told his Nurse Snake that she needs to ask his permission to kill first. When you look back at the MC as a whole, everything needs to be in his grasp, (Especially women) he once again compromises because he can't choose but takes them all.


I want to say more but too long to list. All I can say is that the MC is a kid... The Author should had focus more on MC and his cultivation instead of adding more girls in the harem.

I had thought Elixir Supplier was bad but this is worst due to the 'polygamy' now I can't help but see Elixir Supplier in a better light now... (But that story also goes no where lol)
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landon9560 rated it
May 24, 2019
Status: c14
This is pretty similar to a few novels that are already being translated.

Pretty bog standard so far, poor (ish), but very normal man is given the chance to become very powerful, and likely, all but immortal. But there is a catch, he must complete X amount of transaction per Y time period or he will die, or lose years of his life.

To do such a thing, one must have the power to collect on what they are owed, and to provide services that people desire/require, so he is given knowledge... more>> (medical, seemingly entirely ancient Chinese medical, I.E. Acupuncture, tonics, magic pills) and power (a small amount of cultivation to start off with, and a special cultivation method that he can use).

As he does more, becomes more powerful, and completes more transactions, the "system" (no in your face game-like systems so far) teaches him more and more.

Similar to:

Gourmet Food Supplier

Gourmet of Another World

Pet King

Trafford's Trading Club <<less
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