Only Realized It’s a Life Simulation After My Entire Family Was Executed


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Lin Yuan traversed to a high martial world, starting as an ordinary constable. He slayed demons and vanquished ghosts, rising to become a lieutenant colonel in the Demon Suppression Division, earning widespread fame.

However, just as he was enjoying his success, he was betrayed by a scoundrel and sold out by his subordinates.

He ended up with his entire family executed, dying with resentment!


[Ding, Life Simulation Ends, Calculating…]

Lin Yuan opened his eyes in shock, realizing he was truly a cheat?

Not only could he save his progress on the spot, but he could also slay demons, convert their lifespans for simulations, and infinitely simulate to push martial arts to their limits!

From [Blazing Sun Saber Technique] to [Great Sun Demon Subduing Saber Technique]!

From [Bronze Statue Technique] to [Undying Golden Body Dharmakaya]!

Walking on the edge, as if treading on thin ice.

He sheathed his saber and turned around suddenly, behind him lay countless bones of gods and demons!

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