Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King


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Year 203X, spring break.

Full-dive type VRMMORPG has finally been completed. Reiji Nishina, a second year of high school student, he throws a large amount of money to get a dive machine.

He starts a game called “Another Earth Story”, but suffer from the choice of initial job, thus he leave the choice to random selection…..

The character setting finished. Now, transported to the town of beginning…..

Huh? Demon King’s castle? My initial job is Demon King?

Could it be, I have to play as the enemy that all other players should subjugate?

It starts from a coincidence. It’s a slapstick exhilarating comedy about an ordinary high school student, that was supposed to be targeted by all players because of some freak coincidence!!

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Ore Dake Shoki Jobu Ga Maōdatta Ndaga
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03/08/18 Yado Inn c12
02/13/18 Yado Inn c11
02/13/18 Yado Inn c10
02/12/18 Yado Inn c8-9
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TheGamingNerd rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: --
Well ill make it short and understandable as much as I can...

  • First Different kind of hero story our MC now is a demon king which was pretty cool in my opinion
  • Demon kings are naturally OP so the MC is a cheat alone... he gets op items from start and 100 LVL subordinate AND EVEN THE SECOND MOST POWERFUL BOSS (GUESS) IN GAME IS HIS subordinate (lucifer which is suppose to be the angel that betrayed god and has the same power as him well thats the normal lucifer that lucifer is 10% at least weaker than last demon king)
  • Pretty calm MC he got exposed being the demon king in the beginner town but he didn't give a sh** even tho maybe the human final boss will come and kill him
  • interesting plot so far maybe needs some improving in the game elements and vr settings cause its pretty much nonsense why would a player want to be a demon king except his look and magic powers well in my opinion I would want to be a high ranking vampire.. it would be more fun than demon king but oh well he at least got interesting character
Pretty fun to read to spend some time :D I enjoy it in my opinion some people will start saying OMG This novel is bullsh*t... more>> well for me its something creative it would be something new to be the final boss and kill fellow players cause PKING IS THE EASIEST THING TO DO TO GET GOLD PUHAHAH <<less
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Yomihon rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c7
The translator, Sabishii, described it as "Overlord + SAO" and that pretty much nails it.

The MC dives into the VRMMORPG but gets the initial job of "Demon Lord". And in the already first 7 chapters (that are as of writing this translated, 20 on Syosetu released) he gets OP even on Lvl. 1 ('cause, you know, he's the Demon Lord the heros want to slay). Let's see how long this stays so.

... more>>

I find it an interesting quirk that the "normal players" (what Kirito & Co. Would be in SAO) are his enemies. They most likely will also get stronger the longer they play. And as of now, there is no "I can't log out"-clinche. Through there is foreshadowing that something is going on with the NPCs.


The story is written plenty well. Currently no world building and the MC adopted a tid to fast for me, but it looks nerveless promising and fun to read. <<less
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Wiphinman rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c12
It's funny because it really is a "SAO + Overlord", aka "personalityless + Demon Lord" protagonist

Boy Author-san I really wonder what was into your mind when making those Clown and Bard Classes, to get some laughs? Because they're utterly useless

Had high hopes, got disappointed
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