Online Game: My Healing Becomes a Permanent Buff


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Su Ming entered the VRMMO game and received a strong talent at the very start.

[Grace of Life]: Eternal Tier Talent. When healed by its healing skills, you will randomly receive a layer of permanent buffs that cannot be removed….

“Frost Breaker” “Dragon’s Blessing” “Infernal Dark Flames”

Eventually, Su Ming had stacked up thousands of layers of buffs that, when added, amounted to hundreds of thousands of buffs.

When the Mythical Boss had spawned, Su Ming effortlessly tanked all of the Boss’s earth-shattering skills. With just a spell, he landed tens of billions of damage on the Mythical Boss in a matter of seconds.

“WTF is this?! T-this is a Priest?!”

All players stared at the scene blankly.

All priest players cried envious tears after witnessing his feat. They were Priests too but why was there such a huge gap between them?

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5 Reviews

Oct 13, 2021
Status: c2
Experiments a failure. Just abort.

1. The whole permanent buff thing is a recipe for disaster unless you like braindead OP MCs. He can just heal/buff himself for long hours making every fight trivial and without the potential to even be funny. Its exactly like hacking lv 99 stats on a lv 1 character. Even if you like playing these, I doubt it would make for good storytelling.

2. The world building itself feels like a mess from chapter 1. Aliens gave them VR games to play. They played the game, which... more>> alerted the aliens of the existence of the planet. The aliens then came to ens*ave them.

So how did the aliens give them games and why are humans already a playable race?

MC gets Eternal-tier talent. Which is two ranks higher from the highest ranked talent in existence, Mythic (used by rulers). Game balance is shet. It's not as bad in Bofuri where skills result in comedy but it will be especially bad in a series where the MC is just expected to steamroll through everything via the stacked powers of permabuffs like Saitama. <<less
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Oct 16, 2021
Status: --
At first I thought this was another scribblehub idea and I would have gladly given it a 4 star initially, but you know its actually a web novel so I gave it a 3 after finishing reading it, I have no idea frankly, if the author can bend this in a way to be enjoyable then its fine, Itai no wa Iya nanode, holds a similar concept.... its a slice of sugar though, I wonder if this will be the same?
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 06, 2022
Status: c72
Just why is there a fanfiction tag? I don't understand.

The setting of the world is in modern earth were some aliens or something gave them a game where they will get 50% of their character's strength in the real world. The Story starts when MC was apparently reborn and received an Eternal talent that makes all buffs permanent and gives him buff when he is healed. Thus, he became a priest whose damage is higher than all DPS classes combined. He is very op due to that talent plus he... more>> was also an experienced Mage in his previous life along with some future memories. Thus, Future readers should expect an overpowered protagonist to become even more overpowered.


Heck, he even faced an entire guild's elite force on his own and slaughtered them all


He progresses very smoothly and there are no difficulties in his path as he can just bulldoze them. So those expecting for a protagonist with character development or a getting stronger after a facing a difficulty event or something. Then this novel is not for you. Worldbuilding is pretty much okay as it builds up as the protagonist develops. Though there will still be some info dumps it is still manageable. For romance, there are none for the moment and most likely won't have one but I'm not sure. Despite all these, I still can't understand that fanfiction tag. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 14, 2021
Status: c2
Pretty good so far. I hope the background gets fleshed out to explain what was given in ch 1. Were the aliens that gave the cards the same as the ones that invaded?
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 15, 2022
Status: c241
When reading this you should shut down your brain. In the beginning when he is discovering is power and when we are discovering the world building it's quite good. But later it lose all meaning as anyway you know that the MC can't die and just OS everything that he doesn't like.


also the ending is rushed and really not that good.

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