One Planet for Everyone! Building Science and Technology Civilization at the Beginning


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Jiang Fan had transmigrated to a world where everyone could awaken a planet.

The larger the planet, the higher the origin energy, and the stronger the civilization.

There were people who made theirs with qi to create a martial arts civilization. Everyone on the planet was a martial arts practitioner.

There were people who made theirs with magic power to create a magical civilization. Everyone on the planet was a mage.

There were people who made their spiritual energy to create an immortal civilization. Everyone on the planet was an immortal cultivator.

Everyone was trying their best to construct all sorts of extraordinary planets.

Jiang Fan, on the other hand, used his memories from his previous life to create a technological civilization!

“Your Star Destroyer directly pierced through the opponent’s planet, and the opponent lowered their head.”

“Your two-way foil turned the opponent’s immortal cultivation planet into a piece of paper. You scared them silly!”

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Build a scientific and technological civilization
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26 Reviews

Jul 09, 2022
Status: c103
I don't like the story, the spoiler is a bit of a rant against the story.

... more>>

The MC has a system to make choices for him that simulate an optimal path for a set goal in terms of planet development.

The MC lets his civilisation fracture and stop researching so it can do ancient Chinas fall apart trick, for some unknown reason, when he could be encouraging art and technology actively to speed up the planets combat development.

The only reason I can think that this is happening is a tribute to saying "China is great and our history is the best, " as a parallel it would feel like me a european making a civilisation and just after they made guns having them go through the dark ages for no reason.

I suspect that the author will make this at least 50 years period of the MCs inner planet seem worth it by having the resulting kindoms enter an arms race, but why go through it at all. There are already enemies to pit your civilisation against, why pit it against itself allowing research to skid to a halt at all. Just go and fight some other planet civilisations for fun and profit

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Mar 16, 2022
Status: c35
The idea behind the story is great, I love it, but the implementation of it sucks.
The author focuses too much on the MC's Planet (the one he created) instead of the MC's Real World. The world building just sucks, how should I say it? We don't know sh*t about the MC's Real World, but we constantly get information about the MC's Planet and characters from there (that die anyway after a few chapters). There is just too much info dump, especially when it's not really that important.

Planet - planet... more>> created by mc
World - MC's world

The progress of MC's planet is also unnatural, illogical and completely doesn't make sense, some advanced discoveries are made before the less advanced ones (what I mean is like you know, a f*cking telescope that was discovered in 19th century, is discovered in the age of bows and spears. XD?)

The story also starts weirdly, we have 4 early chapters describing how he awakens the planet, that there are schools in the real world and origin points and then boom a f*cking whole 14-20 chapters of how his planet developed, I kinda couldn't care less about it, because I wanted to know more about the real world, how it works, how fast someone's progress is (so we can kind of see the power level) and stuff like that. BUT NO, f*ck that, it just went with „who cares bruh." 24 chapters in, and I don't know if MC is progressing fast or not, does he? There's no real comparison except for the one in the early chapters at the awakening test, but later we don't really see how others are doing, until the tournament or something.

Not a good story, definitely not 4.2/5 lol, I forgot and got baited by early reviews and votes sadge. <<less
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Feb 09, 2022
Status: c25
The premise is interesting and the writing/translation are generally well done.

The problem is the worldbuilding, or rather the lack thereof. I'm now 25 chapters in and I have no idea what the MCs world is like. I know that they have schools, I know that they have crystal orbs and 10 chapters in I learned that they have cultivation array communicators, so presumably they're advanced in magitech?

Just in general everything about this novel is bland. If you enjoy reading about the evolution of life on earth for 10 chapters or... more>> about tribes curbstomping their rivals because a literal god whispers modern scientific knowledge and tactics into their ears then you might like this, but it got boring for me after a few dozen chapters, because there's just no hook here. <<less
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Dec 20, 2022
Status: c482
what if prince roland from release that witch starts out as a god instead of a prince?

what if people with modern technology and knowledge fights a war with demons?

do you want to see fighter jets fight against a dragon?

... more>> do you want to see railgun vs elves?

do you want to see the use (and abuse) of nukes on demons and monsters?

do you want to see the rods from god in action?

do you want to see the audience (blinded) shock from wittnessing a weapon of mass desruction?

Ok that should be enough to convince you to start reading if thats what you're looking for. The reasons listed above are why I love this novel. It is currently the best one of its kind that I found. I biasedly love this kind of novel for the reasons I listed above. Diffrent people have different taste but if yours align with mine then you should read it.

This novel has slow growth at start but it just adds the enjoyment for me. The first stor arc was amazing I like and enjoyed the characters battles and world development and it just gets better and better. However I do admit that the three kingdoms recreation was a bit confusing and seemingly useless, but thats nothing a few chapter skips can't fix.

I do have a complaint though the translation on novelupdates (fantasy world online) was diferrent? Or just completely unreadable at the three kingdoms arc. At the time I found this novel the translation also isnt free yet (VIP) so I found a good (and free) transation at webnovel publised by Sokdavid, I just want to put that up for credits. The rest of the story I read at an mtl (machine translation) site, it wasnt good but still a bit readable and gave massive enjoyment.

and rip to those caught up to the latest chapters (me) : (


plis someone recommend more novels simillar like this to me PLEASE

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Mar 27, 2022
Status: c299
Right so the world building issue is noticable at least the author gives us so many fantasy and magic tech elements mixed with normal urban life:

    • People still live in houses and eat food from street stands but planetary scaled battles is a norm for millions of years
    • There are fantasy magic space shuttle cars but people still walk
    • There are hidden pocket spaces created by high grade planet creators with various effects (special world setting power system from the author)
You get the idea but as to how these things exist and function the reader will not get an info dump immediately when these things are just casually dropped.

Basic things: why the weird fantasy cars and crystals?

The new universe MC is in have a norm to create planets. Your standing in society is measure by this.

Some races have 100 % probability to make one other races don't.

The higher their planet rank is more things they can do, eg. Have a bigger planet, more resources, improved potential of their planets species (bio diversity life expectancy healthiness etc.)

One thing is the planet master can do is extract things from their planet and seal it in a crystal to sell trade gift etc.

So weird cars and stuff are just a product from a planet masters planet.

Planet master can only put things in their planet after the item is sealed in a crystal just think of it like buying and item pack and importing it in your world sim.

Crystal origen power thing?

Later explained its a trace of the MC universe orgin power its mined on offworld planets there are many ranks of the origen power. Basically think of it as energy point which can be used to do things from making a planet, speeding up time on the planet, ending all life on the planet, making a star, new planets, terraforming, moving things in your planet.

Basically everything including sending messages to you creatures you created etc.

MC comes from earth normal earth from the 2000 with iphones and our level of tech.

The planet he makes is made based on our earth but is by no means the same at all the level of progress is exponential and the animals their are let's say similar to those Kaiju movies.

Mainly, the "humans" are much more intelligent than our human race (higher iq and healthiness) and MC intervenes a bit in the early stages.

These things are and will all be explained by the author including the power ranking system and abilities of planet masters.[


(Eg. Higher ranks can use the abilities of their planets creatures) (they can also build pocket spaces with various effects and let other people in)

Other fun trivias

g. MC has a nuke dinosaur basically Godzilla, giant moth, weird new race of sentient water based creatures that love to build pyramids and seem to resemble aliens, king Kong, lighting mouse basically Pikachu etc.


I'd say its entertaining enough for a fast paced planet building scheme its basically humans with guns etc. Vs fantasy and alien races.

The fights are MC invading other planets with humans or humans fighting together with various fantasy things and surprising then despite their puny strength with advance tech.

There is a satisfaction of watching fantasy creature getting pummeled.

The humans are intelligent and as many fantasy tropes do breed alot lol. MC knows this and encourages his humans to fight using wisdom and technology as their route to development.

The humans basically plan and research the fantasy races to disect their weakpoints to overcome them.

(Reminds me of gate)
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Jan 14, 2022
Status: c5
The premise is very interesting and the introduction was done well. I already enjoy the reading about the planet development. So far, there were still no other characters introduced but I am excited to read more. Hope this gets picked.
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Dec 05, 2023
Status: c114
Do you suffer from "kinda want to read tr*shy system webnovel" syndrome? Did your doctor diagnose you with the rare variant of the syndrome where you get pissed off if the system is too OP?

If you do, then this novel is right up your alley. The system is definitely ranks lowest in the OP systems list. All you need to do to enjoy this novel is set your brain to auto-pilot mode and not scrutinize the plot progression or cognitive capacity of the MC.

Alternatively, consuming a gallon of alcohol before... more>> reading it could achieve the same effect.

The first 20 chapters are a slow burner but it's short and interesting enough to retain your attention. The next 60 or so chapters are on the better side. It's mostly kingdom building and tournament arc mixed into one and there's not much to complain about. In fact, even though the execution is subpar, the events themselves are somewhat of a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, the story dives right into a pile of hot stinking animal sh*t once the tournament arc ends and the "three kingdom" arc starts. The story afterwards is downright horrible. The chapters are filled with dozens of characters that I don't care about, trying to accomplish things that have no weight or consequences.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they are 12 year old trying to pass time with a kingdom building novel.

All in all, the first 80 chapters are decent and deserve a rating around 3 and a half stars. Reading anything after that is pure torture and would hardly warrant a score of anything over 2 stars. <<less
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Apr 03, 2022
Status: c61
You know this novel is pretty decent the only thing that lacks is world building, but I want to say 1 thing why do some people only leave 1-star reviews like the top review here I cl**ked on other reviews of this user and what I saw was amazing he had 1 five star out of 10s of reviews the rest were all 1 and 2 stars why even bother reading novels if you are going to put a 1 star in it.
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Feb 21, 2022
Status: c299
It`s good novel. There aren't many tropes here like arrogant young masters, female mc's, saving allies, mu*der and brutality. The main character is an orphan, a loner 18 years old with no background. Good system, well-founded cheats. If you do not pay attention to the gravity of a 1km stone and the existence of abnormally growing planets, you can read this.
And now for the disadvantages:
  1. Rate of fire. Approximately at the beginning, the author shows rifles with a rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute. Unfortunately, in reality, all rifles have a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute. All because more would be redundant, waste more ammo, generally not designed for human reaction, more recoil and inefficiency.
    If you need a rate of fire, take a minigun. Of course, the author additionally took a minigun, which has a different number of barrels, and an even higher rate of fire. And this leads to the next:

2. Ammo. In the university arc, the protagonist's planet opposes zerg rush. 100, 000 people with a rapid fire rifle (1000-2000 rounds/min) spend thousands of rounds per wave. It gets to the point that they shoot continuously for 16 hours.... Around that time, the radius of the planet was 700-800 km and civilization collected only about a hundred tons of metal... and they also have about a hundred miniguns that also shoot continuously for several hours... Just imagine this the voracious gun shoots for several hours. At the same time, only one machine gun devour a box of ammo every two minutes. And there a hundreds of these machine guns.

3. Superpowers. In the end, getting to the 3rd level of the planet, the main character (and everyone else) get the ability to copy the powers of the inhabitants of his planet. And he get control of electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields, Karl. For those who didn't get it, he got access to 1 of the 4 powers of the universes because he built the railgun. Regular railgun. WHY!!! Of course, he received ordinary powers like turning into metal, throwing a charge of electricity, even copying other people's powers. All this can be explained. But why is the race of human related to electromagnetism?



1. Originality.

Unlike other Chinese novels, in this one MC goes to the university, wins the championship (one in every ten thousand years) and !!! immediately !!! forcibly, along with everyone else, is transferred to an extraordinary championship with the possibility of death. Of course the main character sets a record and then !!! HE JOIN THE REGULAR ARMY.


2. Science. Realism is maintained. The author has read many science books so the science is very realistic in this novel. The author even adheres to the social development of his planet.
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Aug 04, 2022
Status: 300+
I don’t remember the exact chapters I’ve mtl read so 300+.

The story is actually decent. It’s better to read MC is living in a world a dimension higher and below him, can he create a planet in... the universe which belongs only to him?

... more>>

later, he’ll create moon and sun and as said by him, if he spends a spirit stone, he can creates any planet he wants in that universe of his.


The great part about this is, his reputation won’t actually be gone. When he’s made a history-best achievement, people would remember him for it.
They won’t instantly lose all their intelligence, memories about what he did in the past and judge him accordingly to it.

Though... the part about this is also that. Peoples still underestimate him too much. I mean, I know that he has much lesser time to grow but, his achievements like... surpass everyone in the past, ya’know?

It’s also pretty interesting how a ‘regular human’ with weapons called ‘science’ fight against magicians, cultivator, behemoths, weird monster.
I like the idea and I love the executions of author. He kept the story interesting.

Though, I’d like to complain about

his eternity level talent. There is many level of talents, Legendary, Low-Mythic, Mythic, High-Mythic and finally, the highest one, Eternity.I donkt remember anything below Legendary but Eternity, no one in the history has completed until MC did.

The reason for it was, for MC, the trial was about going to ‘literally a copy of one piece world’ and killing ‘Kaido.’

Kaido, which in term, ranked as third-level species in term of tanking ability, was impossible to kill for anyone whose world was still on first-level, even MC, only by dropping a nuclear to him, and entrapping the explosion into small space wtih Kaido, was able to kill him (though I think he didn’t need to entrap explosion to kill Kaido because radiation would do the job).

So, mc’s world after completing the ‘kill Kaido’ trial, has leveled up to second level world with ‘Eternity Level’ talent. Which is unprecedented to history until now, becoming the first person to achieve it.


It was good until that. But

Ya’know? I think... you could have buffed his world even more, considering his history’s number one talent. Like, multiple science explosions happening in very short time, the evolution of electric rat in mc’s planet, a higher-form of godzilla in mc’s planet (which I don’t know about), etc...


Idk, gonna read more when there’s more chapters. <<less
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Oct 29, 2023
Status: c280

Once upon a time in a quiet neighborhood, a tiny ball of fur named Whiskers found itself nestled on the doorstep of the Smith family. The curious kitten, with its wide eyes and a heart full of innocence, captured the hearts of the family instantly.

Little Whiskers brought an unexpected wave of joy into the household. The children, Emily and Jake, were over the moon with their newfound friend. Whiskers quickly became the star of their imaginative adventures, joining them in tea parties and playing hide-and-seek around the house.

As the days passed, Whiskers showcased its extraordinary talent – the ability to sense when someone needed comfort. On stormy nights, the kitten would curl up beside the kids, purring softly, and magically soothing away any fears. Its presence became a source of solace for the family, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Whiskers even managed to bridge the gap between neighbors. The Smiths' once quiet street became alive with laughter and camaraderie as Whiskers strolled from house to house, spreading warmth and creating unexpected friendships.

With each passing day, Whiskers proved that a little kindness and a purr could make the world a brighter place. The wholesome kitten had a remarkable way of turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, leaving a lasting paw print on the hearts of everyone it encountered.

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Feb 19, 2023
Status: c188
The novels fun especially in the early parts. My problem with is that its way too much world building for his miniature world. It comes way too frequent and last way toooooo long. It doesnt mean much also, just some political game and some slow technological break through at most. Other parts are pretty much perfect but the borish (and kinda useless) stuffs about people in his world struggling for power is really pulling it down. If you have time and is fine with reading whats pretty much alternate china... more>> history then by all means, but for people whos here for cultivation, showing off, power system, wealth, and op unique tech power i’d say find something better because you’d have to endure hell and back for that 20 chapters of sweetness <<less
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Feb 11, 2023
Status: --
I don't get the low reviews at all. I mean, sure, its kinda fuzzy to make sense of how the MC's real world works, but it's not something that'll really stump you, just use your imagination bro.

It's a really enjoyable novel, seeing how he makes use of the system smartly, and how his planet evolves is really fun. The battles are very well detailed and not boring to read. The civilizations of his opponents and friends are also well developed and seeing the relationship between MC and others is really... more>> cool and funny.

It's a novel where basically you gotta have a transcendent world to even fight, no one builds an ordinary civilization cause they're weak and the MC's real world doesn't have the technology earth did, they use magic and runes, so when they see MC's people using guns and stuff they're all shocked and even think they're transcendents, and reading it is very nice.

MC has a laid back attitude, he doesn't really care about fame or anything, he just wants to develop his world, which is why he participates in competitions, to get the prize money. He's very much a black horse, through and through.

In short, don't trust the low reviews, it's a really good read.

(I tried to give 5 stars but idk if it worked, but for the record, 5 stars) <<less
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Sep 03, 2022
Status: c300

The overall translation is rough with many wrong words and ineligible sentences. The plot is great while the execution is poor. The author didn't balance the scene between reality and the planet well. MC lacks basic interaction with various characters. The MC's daily life is missing. Often, there is no information regarding the real world at all. Whether how high the real world technological development is, the native doesn't know about explosive while they already have spacecraft. How many countries exist, do they live on multiple planets, who is the... more>> strongest planet master as a reference, and what gain do you get when having a strong planet? The basic groundwork and lore are very incomplete which leaves readers unable to visualise the story well.

Edit: It's actually getting a bit less tedious later and more real-world interactions were shown. Most of the above missing lore is somewhat mentioned but not in detail. The writing is still a bit weak. I am willing to bump the score up by 0.5. <<less
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Apr 28, 2022
Status: c299
It’s basically retelling of how the Earth developed with magic and superpowers added. So far the MC is always number 1 and never gets defeated. Typical “you’re so weak” mindset of cannon fodders are present.

Anyways, I still read it till c299 cuz why not.
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Apr 20, 2022
Status: c482
A very original and interesting plot with many details and a good world building.

The MC don't really face any difficulty but it's always fun to see what he will do to solve his "problems".

Anyway I'm sad that the story is not yet finished and I will wait for it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 31, 2024
Status: c360
Aside from the numerous plotholes and weird inconsistencies, the translation errors also make this novel hard to read. The story is also quite meh and brainless, so there's also that weighing it down. If it wasn't for the unique premise, this novel would absolutely be not worth reading. I'd say it can reach as high as a 2.5/5 if not for the horrible translation quality. This novel is more of an entertaining tr*sh read if you're bored, so don't expect it to be decent.
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Nov 09, 2023
Status: c213
Idea is great and execution for MCs inner world isn't bad.

What irritates me is the meaningless introduction of characters with just their city and a insignificant info on them just for them to claim the top spot or introduce another character.

I literally skipped multiple chapters and didn't loose anything as far story is concerned. Because the author will have to introduce them again in future. As introducing multiple characters to deliver one liners will make them easily forgotten.
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Oct 01, 2023
Status: c296
those that rated this lower than 3 either havent read long enough, its just not for them or, they have problem with china because Ive seen review of this novel that saying they dont like that this novel have a bit of chinese history in it, what a loser, this novel is atleast better than 75% other novel about planet isekai, still not as good as "evil lord of an intergalactic empire", but what I like about this novel is that it doesnt have those cliche plot such as "girl... more>> being beaten by the MC so they start admiring the MC and fall in love with him" kind of tr*sh, its purely planet development and battle for glory of each planet. <<less
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Mar 23, 2023
Status: c213
The story is super interesting, I'll give it that. However, and I don't know whether this is the translator's problem or the authors problem, but each chapter is super short and every scene is spread out into 5-10 chapters.


As of the current chapter I'm on, a test just finished and the "calculation/showing of the test results" scene has been going on for over 6 chapters now.

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