One Piece Shura


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The world of Pirates, where the strong are standing.

The four emperors, Shichibukai dominate one side, and the admiral dominates.

One day, when Raavan, carrying the infinite awakening system, travels through the world of Pirates, and seeing the fruits of others can only be awakened once, but his fruits can be awakened infinitely, how can the pattern of the world of Pirates change?

Anyway, Vice Admiral Garp, known as a naval hero, only knew that when he got news of the battle between Raavan and the Four Emperor Kaido, his only thought was…

“That guy Kaido is known as the strongest creature in the world, but he Can you withstand Raavan’s punch?”

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September 29, 2021
Status: c72
I quite like it. Nothing special, it's just the same One Piece fanfic with a system but it's not bad at all. Of course the translation isn't good but I can still read and understand what's going on so I won't complain about that. Some parts are a bit random and confusing but it could just be the translation.

The whole Shura thing is complete Bullsh*t, but I love things like Shura or Asura or that kinda stuff so I'll glady take it.

... more>>

There's gravity training, are you sure this isn't Dragon Ball?


Edit: There it is!! It's the classic : *Gasp* "How is this possible!" It really feels like a Wuxia now.


Power scaling is getting a bit annoying. Like the MC can beat a Rear-Admiral fairly easily but can't withstand two punches from Shanks.. I'm not sure about Shanks' power but that doesn't seem right?.. Plus this takes place quite a long time before the original right? There's no way Shanks is that strong at the moment.


Also the time of this novel hasn't been mentioned so I don't know when any important plot events are supposed to happen, or how old any of the characters are.

Edit: Chapter 38 might be my favourite novel chapter to ever exist. The way this happened has me smiling ear-to-ear. It's like he just slapped all the Wuxia protagonists around for a bit. This is how a MC should be. I FEEL ALIVE.

Edit: - _ - cmon MC I just praised you. You're 8 yrs old. Control your lust. *sigh* F*ck it, her age hasn't been specified so let's all say she's 20 and ignore this.

Edit: Did he just... Meow? He just unironically meowed.. I'm hoping this is a translation error.

The translation has gotten better recently. Either that or I'm just used to it. <<less
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