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Rifan traveled through One Piece for ten years, signed in to become stronger, and accept disciples.

The fate of Nami, Rebecca, Robin and others were rewritten by Rifan, who became a strong man on the sea in the name of Rifan disciple.

When the time Zoro challenged Mihawk, a huge gold list that enveloped the world suddenly appeared. Those who are recorded by the gold list can get rewards.

[Swordsmanship List] Zoro is ranked 100, Nami is ranked 50, and Li Fan is ranked first.

Mihawk: It turns out that someone’s swordsmanship is better for me! !

Sengoku: There are so many people in the world who have swordsmanship better than Mihawk!

Raleigh: The world is getting more and more interesting.

World Swordsman: It turns out that the world’s number one swordsman is not Mihawk, but Li Fan. Teacher Li Fan, please teach us swordsmanship.

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One Piece Gold List: The Strongest Teacher!
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Mahesvara_ rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: c38
Cringe. This fanfic was written like those Wuxia chinese novels, this is basically "One Piece made in china" lmao. It's a low quality junk food. MC had so many sword skills and named it with wuxia and chunni sounding names makes me cringe so hard. I can't handle seeing MC saying those names as if they're the coolest thing in the world. Oh for christ sake.

Also, this isn't important but if author is Arab or Muslim MC's name would look natural, but changing Chinese name Li Fan and turning it... more>> into Rifan because Japanese doesn't have L sounds in it is another cringeworthy to note of how weaboo this sounds to me lol.

Anyway it's hard to enjoy it mainly because it feels so awkward seeing One Piece characters to be full of praise for the MC's greatness and his chunni style swordsmanship. Aside from that the execution is terrible, the author fails to deliver the scenario properly. The story also showcases how OP and strong the MC is but for some reason I can't find myself to cheer for the MC and I can't really make myself to like him. I think the essence of One Piece and the feel was also completely gone. I gave two stars because despite being cringy and badly executed it's not completely garbage, but I sure feel like I will drop this any second while reading this. <<less
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AllenLarge rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Just a heads up, the translation on webnovel. Com by Novelette_Seeker is ahead of the translations that keep being shared here. This is also a multiverse story that starts in One Piece.

Now as for the actual story, it's about an OPMC who has already spent years with a sign in system and so he starts recruiting plenty of female disciples, since his freedom of movement is limited and based on dojo locations. At least up until the point I read it.

There's also a gold list which gives rewards based on... more>> rankings for various criteria, such as swordsmanship, martial arts etc. UPDATE:

The multiverse stuff starts when he eventually leaves One Piece and goes to Naruto in pursuit of lifespan/immortality items for his disciples, since the list comes to an end in the One Piece world. There are harem elements but he seems to shrug off most women's advances, besides his custom built Android 18. He also doesn't take his harem with him or even Android 18 with him to Naruto.

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