One Day, Out of The Blue, I Got a Gal’s Forgiving Wife


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Nice to meet you. My proud husband♥

“Hey, hey, why are you always pretending to be asleep?”

During break, I, Eizawa Shuuji, who pretends to be asleep, am often approached by my classmate, Miran Hanazuki.

I was confused by Miran, but my parents told me unexpectedly,

“Actually, you have a fiancé…”

And what’s more, it turns out to be Miran who’s always trying to get on my nerves!?

We are always together at lunch and after school.

At first I was confused by this sudden engagement, but Miran accepted me gently and led me with her straightforward feelings…?

“Let’s eat together♪”

“Um, I want to go to that restaurant that Shuji seems to like! ”

An introvert guy and a gyaru.

A lovey-dovey comedy about two polar opposites who connect with each other, begin!

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Aru Hi Totsuzen, Gyaru no Iinazuke ga Dekita
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12/03/23 Terakomari-sama v2 epilogue
12/03/23 Terakomari-sama v2c5
12/03/23 Terakomari-sama v2c4
11/24/23 Terakomari-sama v2c3
11/24/23 Terakomari-sama v2c2
11/22/23 Terakomari-sama v2c1
11/22/23 Terakomari-sama v2 prologue
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02/24/23 Ret-TLs v1 afterwords
02/24/23 Ret-TLs v1 epilogue
02/23/23 Ret-TLs v1c5 part3
02/23/23 Ret-TLs v1c5 part2
02/22/23 Ret-TLs v1c5 part1
02/19/23 Ret-TLs v1c4 part2
02/18/23 Ret-TLs v1c4 part1
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2 Reviews

Feb 19, 2023
Status: v1c4 part2
Nothing much to say outside of it being your stereotypical wish-fulfillment story of a loser becoming engaged with the most beautiful girl in school.

What I like about this one though is that the MC is very thoughtful and steadily becomes proactive the more comfortable he gets with his partner. Most MCs at this point are still absolute pansies and sometimes stay the same throughout, but this guy actually shows immediate improvement quite early on in the story which is kinda nice to see.

Still too early to say if it's good... more>> or not, but I'll give it a 4 since I'm liking it so far. <<less
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Oct 03, 2023
Status: v1 afterword
I more or less agree with the review by tomorrow_lastnight. The main upside of this novel is that the protagonist is proactive and thoughtful despite being extremely awkward and shy. However, I think that's pretty much where the pros end. The heroine doesn't have much in the way of personality other than liking the MC. She's just consistently nice to him and that's all she ever is or does. She doesn't tease him, she doesn't have any aspirations or thoughts, she's just a nice and pretty girl in love. All... more>> other characters are even thinner and completely one-dimensional. There's not much in the way of conflict. The whole volume is very short. It's mostly fluff, but very shallow fluff. It's all just very average. <<less
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