One Day I Became a Hatchling


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Only 1 year! I died with a year left. 

But something is strange…?

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어느 날 해츨링이 되었다
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09/20/23 ippotranslations c9 part2
09/19/23 ippotranslations c9 part1
09/08/23 ippotranslations c8
08/30/23 ippotranslations c7
08/27/23 ippotranslations c6
08/17/23 ippotranslations c5
08/09/23 ippotranslations c4
08/06/23 ippotranslations c3
07/23/23 ippotranslations c2
07/23/23 ippotranslations c1
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