Once We Come Across Love


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A simple childhood love story.

The female lead’s name is Xiao Tu (Bunny) and the male lead’s name is Ling Chao (Super). As neighbors who were born a month apart, they grew up, went to school, and graduated together.

Tu Tu is a cute and good girl. Even though she’s not really smart, she’s not s*upid. Since she is skilled in martial arts, the guys are scared of her.

Ling Chao is smart and cool, but also stuffy and quiet. He is the brainy type who excels in studies.

Tu Tu’s mother wishes her daughter would grow up and marry Ling Chao, but her father disagrees and wants Tu Tu to get to know other boys.

Associated Names
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Exclusive Fairytale (Drama)
兔子压倒窝边草 (Former name)
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8 Reviews

New nicomcla1995
Apr 19, 2024
Status: Completed
It is a great novel but it also isn’t a horrible one like the 1st comment you see.

Did we read different novels?

MC is dense but not s*upid. She knows that sometimes (her mom, ML mom, and ML) manipulates her, but as long as it ain’t anything important she lets it go.

... more>> She’s in a different grade than the ML, ML goes to college before she does, when they finally meet up at college; ML is busy most of the time, she joins the study union, etc.

Their lives are intertwined but they’re not Siamese twins by no means.

I would have understood that she is basically a doll that lives for the ML, if she barely graduated junior high, was an orphan with no support (so working would be all she knows), never had a chance of college, etc. MC is basically a King Kong Barbie with great skills, interpersonal relationships, and able to do what she puts her mind to.

But I don’t think we read the same novel. <<less
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Nov 20, 2023
Status: c33
I got into this story believing it will be cute and wholesome, but got disappointed.

It's not cute, it's not wholesome, the whole time I feel like the MC is just got pushed here and there, forced into the situation by everyone, include her own mother. The only decent person in her life so far is her dad, that think she is a human being not a damn toy or pet without her own thought.

The recent chapter just sealed the deal to me, I will stop reading here since the story... more>> got so annoying, especially with how the author trying to make it like haha cutesy comedy bs.

Gonna rant a bit below.


I still hate how the ML never try to hear the MC opinion, and just basically force her or manipulate her surrounding. It still okay before, but recent chapter I read just makes me really upset.

The whole manipulation he did with his own mother that she trust as her "Godmother" by changing the college application. Wow what a way to take advantage of her trust. She and her dad have solid reason as why she afraid to attempt there, but the ML, not only not understanding her reasoning or trying to at least make her more confident in herself by helping her, but no, he just choose the worst way to go by colluding with his mother to make a situation where she is forced to let him do her application instead and literally just push his own choosing. Its such a shitty way to do that. Even after that he and his mother didn't bother to at least tell her the fact he change it, and just let her searching her name of her own choosing college which she didn't find and got scared, and then got bambozled by the acceptance college letter that ML choose for her.

Mind you the MC have solid reason to not attempt to go to same uni as the ML, he is hella smart while she from little kid, always have a problem with her study. For this whole college things also, ML is far away, so no, he didn't do any help or whatsoever in MC study, at least for this college acceptance. Even after MC got accepted into same college as ML, she only got 1 point above the score minimum, she almost didn't pass, and if she didn't pass she gonna need to wait for a year before she can do another attempt at college. When MC confronted ML about this he just said he gonna wait with her, and I'm like WTF its her life that you almost ruined. Contrary to your believe, that doesn't sound romantic at all.

She have a solid reason to get angry, since if it were me, I will slap this bastard. It's okay if the author use this to at least make the ML feels like he is going to far. But NOPE. EVERYONE in this novel except for her dad, keep making light of her feeling and opinion, and have zero remorse. The ML literally think he didn't do anything wrong lmao. Both MC mother and ML mother colluding to make MC forgive the ML, not by educating the ML that its wrong. NOPE. They just literally trap this girl with the ML ALONE IN HIS HOUSE. And the ML does almost attack her. LMAO. And in the end MC just forgive him because haha I feel bad he visiting me so far away.

Since MC still a little girl, her surrounding is manipulated that she is known as ML girlfriend, even after she tried to say truth no one believe her, and ML doesn't do anything to fix that also. Her high school got manipulated also by ML and her family so that she got into same school with ML. Now even college matter, it got forced by ML and his family. I decided to stop reading after she forgive him easily.

I feel like she is just a pet/toy for her own mother and the ML and his family. She have an opinion but most of the time ML will force her to do his bidding, or his own family/her own mother will do it. ML also is the worst type of tsundere, never say anything nice to her (So far I don't think he say anything nice to her even once) and just keep trying to kiss and attack her. He just confessed once, and its failed because she doesn't understand romance. Scratch that it doesn't even count as confession since he never say like/love to her LOL.

Honestly It will be funny if she ends up with Yin Zihan instead. I really like what Yin Zihan said to the ML, he just a coward.

“Ling Chao, don’t think you are so great! If you like Xiao Tu, just tell her clearly, don’t act like you are superior and take it for granted! Do you think she is your property?”

Until chap 33 ML still doesn't confess to her and just kiss and almost attack her and somehow they a couple now lol.


Tldr : MC is trapped and manipulated her whole life by her own mother, ML and ML mother.

Her dad is right, she didn't know outside world since her whole life so far is a design of those 3 people with zero regard what she want. <<less
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May 30, 2017
Status: c8
This is such a cute, sweet and light-hearted novel. I like the story of them being "childhood swerthearts". The male and female lead are loveable so glad I started reading this! More please! It's such a pleasure to read and the translation to english is awesome! Great job Snowy Codex team!?✨?
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Aug 08, 2019
Status: Completed
Since I like childhood sweethearts stories so this novel is my cup of tea. I've read via MTL and it's satisfying... Cute and fluffy... I hope someone pick this story up to translate.
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Sep 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Actually I like this, but I cant pas the hurdle when ML gave all housechores to FL. Although, it will be better when they graduate from college, still I cant accept it. I feel like ML is like a boy who disturb a girl that he likes. And it feels so disturbing for me.

Overall, if you are can accept that or pro a lil bit patriarchy or maybe think that this is usual in asia, I think you will be okay when you read this and love.... more>> But, unfortunately, although I'm from asia, I really hate that, so if you disturb with that act, I suggest you to not read this. This novel is sweet and fluffy, I admit it, but for me it feels like bribe, sorry :'' <<less
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sofea A.C
sofea A.C
Oct 17, 2019
Status: Completed
If you enjoy the journey of innocent love from childhood to adult, then this is definitely must read to you. I can't help but compared this story with other novel that has similar theme setting like this. However, after finished reading this I believe this story had its own color and charm. But if you want a rush relationship development than I would not suggest this story. Its started from when they were babies so you need to be patient. And I found the last line in this novel telling... more>> a lot about their love. ML to MC "In my arms, you can do whatever you want, ". Wheather she wants to cry or laugh, he will always be there supporting her. <<less
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Feb 16, 2019
Status: c9
It's such a good novel..i am waiting for it to be completely translated.. Please continue translating this.. Xio tu (rabbit) is too cute and niave and our tsundere male lead is sweet, intelligent and cunning.. They make quite a good match.
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Mar 19, 2024
Status: c28
I am so angry right now!!! Dammit Ling Chao and his mother!!! Go to hell both of you!!!😡😡

See our FL isn't that good in studies but she tried really hard and scored good marks. After scoring good marks it was time for her to fill the university she wants to apply to. The university ML is gone to has a very high cut off. Her father warned her to think about this carefully because once she fills in a university and she isn't selected her whole year is wasted and... more>> she again has to give exam..... so she decided to fill in University C which is far from ML'S University.

When ML got to know she had filled other university instead of his he got angry on her. He not even for a moment thought that even if she fills in the name of his university their is a High chance she won't be able to be selected and her whole year would be wasted but he clearly doesn't care.

FL trusts ML and his mother a lot. When ML's mother said that she would submit her university preference FL trusted her and gave her the application turns out ML changed her university preference to his University.....

She got selected but her marks was just a point higher than the cut off line!!! Just a point!!! Can you believe this!!! Just because he didn't want to be away from her he gambled her whole year. And when she asked him what would have happened had she not been selected he said that "I will wait for you"

What ??. Is this supposed to be romantic??? Bro ML is already in University he won't face any loss. It's only FL who again has to retake exam again has to study a whole year!!! What wait for you??? ML is loosing nothing!!! How dare he gamble her future!!!! He doesn't even apologize!! He doesn't even feel apologitic!!! Her mother is the one who tries to make opportunities for them to make up he never tries anything.

What would have happened had she not been admitted??? Everyone around her would have gone to a good university and she had to do everything again.

This clearly shows that ML clearly doesn't care for FL. If he did he wouldn't have gambled her future without her permission. He just wants her beside him he doesn't care how hard she has to work NO!! He care only about himself. And his mother??? She is an adult how can she let this happen??? This also shows all she is interested in is FL being her daughter in law she doesn't care what would happen to FL. FL's mom is also only concerned about her daughter getting married.

Only her dad is someone who is genuinely concerned about her. She is just 17 but everyone except her dad just wants her to be with Ling Chao!!! Did they asked her what they want??? No nobody cares!!!

ML takes FL as his property. He thinks she belongs to him so he doesn't need to confess. He doesn't need to take into account her feelings he always manipulates and Gaslights her into forgiving him. Poor FL she knows no guys except ML and she is bound to him for life because the adults who she trusts so much won't think twice before sending her go Ling Chao.... <<less
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