On How to Turn Holy Son into a Villain


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I transmigrated into a book.

I got turned into the lowest succubus in the Holy Light Continent.

My system told me that my task was to put the boss of this world back on track – the Holy Son in the Holy Light Continent was supposed to have fallen into a demon after being exposed to the darkness of human nature, and became the target of the protagonist’s crusade in the future.

However, the time of the fall has passed, and the Son remains pure and flawless.

My job is to be the snake in the Garden of Eden, to seduce him into falling.

I tried my best to sneak to the Holy Son and guide Him to see the living hell and the various colors of the world.

Finally, I had to admit decadently: This guy is indeed a pure-blooded Holy Father who is dedicated to good. I even wondered if the system had made a mistake.

In desperation, I gave up my dignity as a straight man, took on the role of a succubus, and appeared on his bed with my clothes half-covered.

The Holy Son put on my robe and said warmly: “My good friend, be careful of catching cold.”

Me: …My good friend, damn it!

When I returned to my room and was taking a shower and worrying, I saw the Holy Son appear in my room with scarlet eyes, an evil smile, dark wings spread out, and he lifted my chin with his index finger.

I was ecstatic and did it.

After finishing, I heard the gentle and familiar voice of the Holy Son coming from outside the door: “Good friend, why don’t you close the door?”

Me: ? ? ?

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