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First: After sunset, no Omega is allowed to go out alone.

Second: Except on Offering Day, no Omega is allowed to enter or leave the city boundaries without an Alpha accompanying them.

Third: Corporations rated three stars and above are prohibited from hiring Omegas as employees in any capacity.

Fourth: Every Omega has the obligation to manage their own Heat Cycle. If an Omega suffers assault or violence from an Alpha during their Heat Cycle, resulting in severe injury or death, they will be solely responsible for the consequences.

Irey Halton raised his hand, torn pieces of paper fluttering like snowflakes in the air, falling into his sight.

“Shelley, you are you, you don’t need to obey these bullsh*t rules.”

Today, I’ll take you wandering beyond the world.

*Post-apocalyptic setting, Lower District rogue thug Alpha x Upper District noble and beautiful Omega

*Younger Alpha, mutual redemption, contractual relationship before love, Probably healing-oriented.

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mavenlego rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: c33
First of all, the translation is so wonderfully written I honestly feel like I'm reading an actual book originally written in English.

And the story itself. The world, the characters, their struggles in this relatively new society and its new structure. It all feels alive. The main couple (at the time that I'm reading they're still working out their business relationship, but it's oh-so-wonderfully slow) their development is well-paced, and each of their individual characteristics is so endearing, I'm honestly very excited to read more! I'm reading slow and taking it... more>> all in.

Thank you to the translator that took the time and effort to bring this story to life and the translation to justice.

If you're looking for novels that explore the potential of omegaverse in a nuanced way, I highly recommend reading this beautifully written story, it's one of a kind. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xiao Qiao
Xiao Qiao rated it
June 20, 2024
Status: c80
My mind go crazy over slight trauma or tragedy. Actually if the traumatic scene were a bit more vivid, I wouldn't be able to read this one. Word choice of the author, I adore it. I have always stopped to learn a few more expressions of the world.

It's pretty different from other books. It shows you pain at the same time hope. The human adaptability to cruelty, how they stomped on others at the time of others vulnerability & at any chance, the authors depicts it beautifully. I like it... more>> how the author described the protagonists' past and shows the path of light to us all through the ML. It's intriguing what happend to ML. But the author completed it as a happy ending. Next part of this book will show a world with omegas' right as human. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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