Omake no Tensei-sha


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Aihara Runa was a person who had been living in hell of misfortune. One day she found herself in a strange stage, apparently her soul was reaped without permission and sold at an auction to gods from another world along with her 28 classmates. But there was a trouble, it seems that Aihara’s soul was extremely smelly and stinky. Instead of getting a buyer, she was thrown away and with her soul in danger of disappearing.

However, when her soul was about disappear, she met an unnamed goddess who claimed herself as a god’s vessel. The goddess said that she can help Aihara to get reincarnated but with one condition, that is to bring her along and get reincarnated together. Aihara who was about disappeared accepted the goddess’ condition and got reincarnated successfully as Emmy. But apparently, the hard life still continued even after reincarnated too….

If there’s no food, then let’s get some bugs!!! Let’s just enjoy this hard life together with the reliable partner [Omake-sama] inside my head and have fun instead.

As Emmy managed to survive while watching and getting involved in the events of another cheat reincarnations, she grew into an irregular. This is a story about Emmy, a soul who managed to survive from disposal by gods. However, she doesn’t know that her reincarnation did not list in fate’s archive and unconsciously broke the gods’ scenario one after another.

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Omake Reincarnation
The Reincarnated Extra
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20 Reviews

New SmokedDuck
Apr 29, 2024
Status: c104
It's unbearable. I gave it quite a few chapters, but almost everyone treats the MC like tr*sh. Yes, she is a cursed child (yk, black hair and eyes) but not everyone should've treat her like tr*sh. (There were only 3 people who didn't treat her like tr*sh this whole 100+ chapters that I've read.

It's her master, the daughter of a baron and a young genius knight?. I won't be counting 'omake/extra'. It's really frustrating since they only blame it on the cursed child attribute.


Not only that, the MC is so f*cking passive. She takes any abuse head-on without retaliation. She's not s*upid, especially with ''extra's'' advice. But that's the worst part about it.

Around the 80s,

She wanted to register as an adventurer, but there is coincidentally this toxic bit*h (receptionist) who wanted to exploit the MC after discovering that the MC is quite f*cking strong. Here's the catch, she succesfully exploited the MC and the MC went along with her play!!! You might think there is a conspiracy and the MC will pay her back, but no. Nothing of this sort happened.

All of this attributed to the whole cursed child ordeal. But this can't make it realistic. Even if you're a cursed child, strength begets all. If you make it known to people that you're capable, then it will naturally lessen the cursed child perspective. Or you just use money (She handed herbs to the toxic bit*h and the herbs/flowers were worth a lot)


Anyway, if you ignore how passive the MC is and the small amounts of naivety/ignorance, then this definitely will be a great novel. The chapters are quite short, so definitely read till 20 - 60 to get a grasp of the novel. But I am out!

For people who've read this until now, have a great day!
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Feb 20, 2022
Status: c250
I've been brooding on how to start writing this review ever since I caught up to the raws a while back.

To be honest, Omake no tensei-sha is a very close contender for my personal favourite from this genre; currently that spot is held by Two as one princesses. Now, without trying to spoil either novel too much, those of you who've read both titles know that they differ in a plethora of ways, yet, share some key traits. Namely, two souls (well, if you squint at Omake- sama hard enough... more>> that is) in one body. The desparate dance with death caressing both MC's hairs, the lack of proper nourishment due to abuse from their- for the lack of a better term to substitute biological parent - sperm donors. The rat race to acquire some form of defense to just not die before their life begins is all the same in both of these works.

The key difference lies in how each work approaches the subject of tragedy and how it moves on from it. Two as one princesses doesn't dally too long on how beaten and bruised the MC pair was in the early chapters, yet, the writing style of those early chapters gives the work a sense of direction very early on. While the "tragedy" faced by the two souls residing in the MC in Two as one princesses ends very quickly on the surface, there is a distinct sense of dread planted into the reader's mind that something's around the corner, and it isn't good.

However, in Omake no tensei-sha , the author chooses to boldly douse the reader's hopes for the MC to find happiness and mature under some proper adult supervision and correct some of her, twisted-out-of-necessity personality traits, with gasoline and sets it on fire. If you squint hard enough, you might even see the bastard laughing at his creation like he succeeded in pulling off a bad practical joke.

See, here's the thing, the MC's spirit is so broken that she takes everything in stride. Eating bugs and animals raw cause you don't have fire or proper knowledge on cooking? Sure. (P.S yeah, the MC doesn't have the godly gift of cooking here) Having no way of earning money or finding any place in human civilization 'cause the filth control the world? No prolemo. Encountering and parting with people who are genuine and don't give two shits about the racial stereotypes of this isekai? She'll cry over dinner and run along.

But every arc, every chapter, the MC is at the mercy of the world and to challenge that she grows in ways no ordinary girl can. She is strong, sure. But she's a mere six year old. Her soul may be that of the highschooler Aihara Runa, but even then, that's the mental fortitude of a juvenile. The cracks in the glass dam holding her grudges grow ever deeper as the days trickle by, and when it shatters, it'll consume all.

Now, going back to where I started talking about the writing style of Omake no tensei-sha, I omitted a key point. That is, the tone the novel uses. So far it's light-hearted. So much so, in fact that that scares me even more about the MC's mental health.

If the writing style of Two as one princesses was poignant yet subtly bleak, Omake no tensei-sha is hiding it's true colours in plain sight, waiting for the moment when everything bubbles over.

Well, if you're still reading this review after my long-winded and incoherent rambling about the novel, wondering when I'll say something about the characters, or world building or the like. Frankly speaking, as much as I want to praise those aspects, I want you, who's reading this review to discover what you like and dislike about those aspects by yourself. It'll be fun that way. In conclusion, I'm here to watch Emmy's journey, hoping her days of suffering can come to an end. <<less
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Oct 13, 2020
Status: c1
At first, when I looked at the tittle, I thought that it was a boring story. However, when I tried to read the raw, I found that it's very interesting story, it feels like it was trying to deny all of the isekai novel concept so far. The tragic side and the comedy side mixed so smoothly. In the story, the protagonist was bullied but the way it delivered didn't make the story heavy and rather it made me laughed how pitiful the protagonist. Well, I don't want to make... more>> a spoiler, so it was all of my opinion from what I read from the raw, and whether it will delivered or not in english translation it will depend on the translator. <<less
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Rena Rain
Rena Rain
Jan 13, 2022
Status: c239
This story is pretty amazing, basically. I read it up to the latest chapter in the raws, 16th arc (maybe) chapter 239 in 3 days!

Why is it pretty amazing? It's comedic and fun to read. But there are also frustrating and saddening times. The world in the story is a stage for gods to deIiver live shows of Reincarnated people which is pretty messed up to just kidnap souls for entertainment and they design scripts for them and just go decide their fate! Anyways, it's fun to read her thoughts... more>> and conversation with Omake-sama (the bonus goddess, our MC's friend) and antics that blows away common sense. By that I mean, she eats raw food and poisonous meat and plants, she learns "unusual abilities" fast to a genius degree, and she's strong that people think it's impossible for her to be a human child. And I'm not saying she's a dumb genius who does things willy-nilly and breaks everything everyone have ever known in their lives, not like THOSE kind of protagonists. She does stuff for reasons (which is mostly because she's hungry or for her survival). She has limited knowledge of the world and Omake-sama is her only source of information. She also can't easily enter civilisation. It's sad.

She lives a hard life. Our MC is most definitely a hated protagonist which makes me frustrated. Yet it's the set up of the author and there would be no story without adversities so I'll just cheer her on.

Characters have been well-made. Some named characters don't even have much of a role in the story but well, doesn't matter, I guess. The author doesn't put much needless background character perspectives, so it's alright.

World-building has been great though I'm pretty confused where is where and what is where. I think it's because I read the mtl of the raws. There's a limit to my brain's comphrension ability and auto grammar correction XD

I've already cried three times whilst reading the raws and makes me feel sympathy for her. That's also how good it is and how I think that Tragedy tag is a nice touch. It's comedic here, it's tragedic there. Somehow, they're in balance.

Overall, it was definitely a great read for me. It also makes you rethink the usual reincarnation troupes you love. It makes you laugh, cry, sympathise, and smile and maybe a bit creeped out in some chapters also a bit sadistic? There are just characters you wanna punch in the fface. So thank you to the author and the translator. Keep doing a good job. Mtl is quite hard to understand and I really hope the author updates soon XD <<less
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Oct 30, 2021
Status: c218
One of my all time favorites, in my opinion the characters are really well made, the power system makes a fair amount of sense, and the world building is very good. Sorry for the lack of depth, but this my first time trying to even write a review. I know this doesn't mean much but I enjoyed it enough to put up with Google translate.
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Jan 22, 2022
Status: c243
I usually avoid tragedy story because it ruining my mood for the day but this one keep me entertained.

Its because theres happy go lucky moments amidst all the tragedy. Good dynamic between comedy and tragedy I should say.

Additionally, our protagonist, Emmy is so pitiful and precious. I want to cheer and wish all the best for her. I even swear on author at some point because Emmy misfortune keep piling up.

Overall I enjoy it very much. One of my all time favorite.
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Apr 26, 2024
Status: c269
This story is in a way a throught deconstruction of the Isekai genre. The setting highlights the kind of cruelty that would be needed to have such a phenomenon occur regularly, whether it is a story of a hero and the demon lord, a villainess story, or one with multiple reincarnators.

In the middle of that, the story of the protagonist is a more realistic take on someone who is universally hated trying to survive in a world ruled by those who hate her. Even if she gets to meet people... more>> who see her for who she is, they are never enough to change the world. If she acquires power she only gets feared and hated. And while the tone of a lot of the story is kept comical, you can tell from the few moments that are not that our protagonist is deeply broken and at some point might no longer tolerate the world she's been thrust upon.

So far, it has been an extremely engaging novel and I cannot wait to see how it develops and ends, even if by the point I'm at you can already make some conjectures. <<less
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Oct 18, 2023
Status: c91
I'd say this is currently around a 4.5 for me but I'll round it up

I'll just say it straight up. If you're in the reviews to see if you should read this, the answer is a definite yes. This is among the best Isekai I've ever read. It's probably in the top 5. Very well rounded and even the parts that I feel are lacking about the novel seems like they will be fixed in the later chapters from how the story is going.

The main reason I'm writing this is... more>> to whine about the pacing, and how much it pisses me off.

To avoid spoilers, I'll be vague as possible and say the MC is discriminated against severely, which I don't mind, but how it's executed is horrible.

Literally everything the MC does is impeded by others. Even those who she helped and/or has done nothing bad to seems to despise her to some degree. This makes everything take forever.

Its so irritating to see the overqualified MC get barred from progressing the plot because of a seemingly s*upid reason.

I'm sure this will be explained in later chapters but it still doesn't make for a very pleasant reading experience.

Imagine this:

MC is traveling to a town 10 minutes away. She sees a coin and picks it up. Some noble kid decides to discriminate and accuse her of stealing the coin. The guards know the accusations are false but attempt to arrest her anyway because discrimination. She runs away in self defense, gets outlawed for evading capture, and has to spend the next 50 chapters infiltrating the town she was originally heading to.

I can totally see something like that happening in this novel.

And all this for a disproportionately small payoff

I suppose that makes you feel like the MC to some extent but considering this MC that's not exactly a good thing.

Im all for tragic stories and MCs, but when it slows the plot progression to such an insane degree...

Sidenote: Also, why the f*ck does this keep getting dropped? Its and excellent novel with fairly good reader reception yet the translators never seem to last more than 20 chapters. Especially now that NU for some s*upid reason no longer has links to sites, people like me have to spend 10 minutes just looking for all the appropriate sites. <<less
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Jan 23, 2022
Status: c20
Really great read. I've always preferred characters with similar backgrounds like this: unfortunate, unlucky, poor, yet grateful, lively, and strives to improve their lives. The story so far has been a real treat with Emmy and Omake. The translations are incredible as well. Definitely a worthy read in my opinion.
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Nikko Anderson
Nikko Anders
Dec 08, 2022
Status: c109
Sorry I only gave 4, tragedy is not my cup of tea, so I might a bit biased.

The story itself is good, but it's f***ing depressing. The discrimination toward the MC was terrible, and her luck was not better.

Of course she still somewhat lucky since ahe survived and become stronger, but I really detest the fate that befall to her.

I'm still curious to what fate await for her in the future, so I will continue to read, in a way it's a good series, because despite how I hate this... more>> kind of depressing story, I still continue. <<less
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Mar 06, 2024
Status: c118
It's great. One of the most interesting isekais I have ever read. There is no I invented soy sauce and now everyone loves me. There is no glorification of s*avery. No I taught everyone how to eat rice. Even though the MC is treated like tr*sh consitantly it doesn't seem to go into edgelord revenge p*rn. Best of all there are no I have cheat skills so everything you read is a waste of time because I can't lose. It all seems pretty original as far as this incredibly overused... more>> genre goes.

with that since the beginning it has consistently had a translator problem. It gets dropped and shuffed around pretty often and when it doesn't it will often go months without updates. I would If you are looking to read this I suggest holding off until it gets significantly further into the translation, because you'll end up getting stuck in cliff hangers for months repeatedly. <<less
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Jan 30, 2023
Status: c419
This is a story with unique perspective and characters who come together to create a first degree story

This story is suitable for fans of all genre from slice of life fluffy scenes to exciting world exploring and even cold blood mu*der, whatever you might want you will find here!

A little extra background explaining to those who still want more information:

... more>>

the story follow our reincarnated protagonist amy and her partner, the goddess living in her mind, omake

The story is written in arcs, during which we follow amy trying and struggling to find her place in the world, during her exploration she will meet different people, animals and mysterious beings, who will have different influence and interaction with her, showing us how she change during the series, while some of them return later in the series, and how her being a "child of calamity " influence this interaction.

Emy was born with black hair and black eyes, symbols of the "child of calamity".

The "children of calamity" are people known to bring bad luck, in the worst example given it was said their presence alone can represent the End of a state or a kingdom. This kind of reputation make them extremely hated by others, including their own families, and make them much less likely to survive and grow.

Emy, as expected from a "child of calamity " also have an extremely hard time growing up, living most of her early childhood in an environment where rather than not getting acknowledged got accused of every bad thing happening around her without any reason other than her looks.

It is also important to know that emy also has a paralyze in her face muscles, making it so that she can't make different facial expressions, always keeping an expressionless face, making it so nobody actually able to understand what she is thinking adding to the fear and mysteriousness people feel about her.

During the different arcs of the story we see different goals emy is trying to achieve and how she grow and evolve with each goal she conquer as a person and as a human being


Also, you should know in every arc emy almost always leave the place she live and move to another one, leaving all the characters she interacted with behind, the only character that will be with her till the end is her partner - omake, so don't get your hopes up on that aspect (some might do make appearances in another arc throughout the story)


In conclusion, a great series I recommend anyone to read and will suit your tastes no matter what they might be! <<less
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Apr 19, 2024
Status: c91
I was really enjoying the story at first, I liked the idea of the protagonist succeeding even in the face of adversity, but god the side characters in this are so comically evil and shitty it just finally shattered my suspension of belief. For a pair that should be able to identify shitty people and story tropes (MC and Extra) holy crap do they let people get away with crap for waaaaaaaaaay too long. It transcends the “hiding true power” trope and warps into “please stick up for yourself at... more>> all”

That aside the writing feels solid and the world seems interesting, giving a 3, hoping I stumble across a spoiler that makes me want to pick this back up. <<less
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Apr 03, 2024
Status: c133
Upfront disclaimer: I'm dropping this at chapter 133. While the story *might* improve later on, I feel like I've sacrificed enough of my time reading something that gives me frustration instead of enjoyment.

After reading the first few chapters you might think you stumbled upon a revenge p*rn story. The MC has been hated and abused by everyone during her entire existence. SURELY, this means you're in for the kind of novel where the MC finally overcomes injustices thrown her way and dispenses some righteous arse-whooping, right?


While revenge p*rn usually can't... more>> be called good literature even by light novel standards, it's a guilty pleasure you can certainly enjoy once in a while. But this novel? I hesitate to say "it fails at even that", since it seems the author just takes pleasure in tormenting the protagonist without even *attemping* to solve even a single injustice thrown the MC's way.

The occasional attempts at comedy fall completely flat, as they're presented in the form of some inconsequential and, frankly, irritating characters ("gods") appearing for a chapter or two and then never being mentioned again.

Other characters? Nearly every single character is an insufferable prick and those very few that can barely be tolerated are quickly phased out of the story to make the protagonist even more miserable and push her to continue "traveling" - though calling it escaping would be more accurate.

If you want a warm and lighthearted story, this isn't it.

If you want revenge p*rn, this isn't it either.

If you want to read about how even getting transferred to a different world won't save you from a shitty and miserable life with nothing but a-holes around you? This is indeed the novel for you - although I'm not sure why you'd want to read such a story. <<less
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Aug 27, 2023
Status: c475
The isekai is quite original, I really like Omake. It's quite funny to see all the different reincarnations and the gods' perspective on the reincarnated. I'd say that the chapters up to 300 are very good despite some rather boring arcs, but after 300 I find that the story really deteriorates and isn't really worth the effort. I'd rate the beginning a good 4.5 stars but the rest 3.5 at most.
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Feb 19, 2023
Status: c20
Lovely (tragic but optimistic) main character, quite a bit of tropes which bores me usually, but some with really good twist to it, you can tell the author put thoughts into this.

... more>>

I was starting to hate Torch for being one of the reason of Emmy’s torment.

I hope Emmy will know of the existence of her uncle later on and confront Torch about it, I mean she has a legit reason to be pissed,

1) he lied about his power so Emmy took the blame;

2) he didn’t finished off the bandits so she was attacked outside the village;

3) and lastly he took away the only family who cared about Emmy enough to come visit, something Emmy never get to have in 2 lifetimes

But then it was revealed that Emmy killed and ate the holy beast that was supposed to be the hero’s aid, bahahahahaha, take that hero, nice revenge Emmy

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 20, 2024
Status: c11
It's pure frustration bait. Other low scoring reviewers already mention why this is bad. And the high scoring reviewers either mention all the cons of the story and then give 5 star, or doesn't mention anything specific at all.

This is pure diabolus ex machina coupled with a super passive protagonist. MC might as well be a plastic bag moving from stormy tornadoes to turbulent seas to flowing lava. This just feels pointless.

The translation is good and the technical aspects are really good but it's ultimately pointless. I stuck around till... more>> chapter 11 to see if it gets better. But nope, it gets worse instead. Rating it is hard. 9/10 for technical aspects, 5/10 for functional aspects. This is best treated as a pretty good piece of literature rather than an entertaining novel. It's like those rotten tomato scores with Critics score 90%+ and Audience score < 40%. <<less
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Dec 04, 2023
Status: c91
This is a really good novel, it has I’m a spider so what vibes, but doesn’t feel like s rip off. Its got unique characters with really good plot. I’m super excited to see what happens next but unfortunately, as of chapter 91 this series seems to have been dropped. I hope the translator will pick it up again or someone new will come by because this is a hidden jem.
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Oct 11, 2022
Status: --
It might be cliche, sure, but somehow it still makes me curious and remembered again and again, there should be some charm in it, the way the protagonist always trying to look at the bright side of thing, it deeply related me to who is the completely opposite yet longing to be like her. By no mean this novel something unique or a masterpiece, it's only by chance that it managed to capture my heart.
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Jan 20, 2024
Status: c499
I just recently discovered that my favourite novel got a translation, which is good.

Anyway. The story is quite good, the main character is likable, she isn’t your typical female MC stuck with a bunch of oddly looking mf main leads, force romance and whatnot (considering almost every female MC is stuck with this kind of trope), she's op however not that super op, her powers didn't came atta nowhere, she gained it herself by pure hardwork, no romance for now (hopefully yuri). Overall it's good.
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