Okitara 20nen Nandesukedo! Akuyaku Reijo no Sono Ato no Sono Ato


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Fiolia, daughter of a duke, got poisoned by the heroine, and falls into a coma. 20 years later Fiolia woke up and remembers her past life, remembers this is an otome game. Anna Rose, the heroine, was scheming against and damaging the country for the past 20 years. Fiolia decides to return the favor.

“Just you wait Anne Rose. You’ll pay for what you did!”

Associated Names
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Okitara 20-nengo Nandesu kedo! Akuyaku Reijou no Sonogo no Sonogo
When I Woke Up, Twenty Years Passed! ~The Villainous Daughter's Afterlife~
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10 Reviews

Dec 13, 2018
Status: c63
Read the Raws and this story ends after about 60 chapters. It's about an OP otome character that instead of bothering with romance goes and crushes all the injustice she can find in the world. The plot has some complexity, but there isn't much tension as everything is crushed thoroughly. The best way to summarize it is that it takes an OP girl to the logical conclusion instead of having it as window dressing to a romance plot.
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Jan 07, 2019
Status: c29
This Novel is Good

MC is Fioria di Florence, OP protagonist, very smart, very good at management, swordmaster, holy magic user, fenrir master, and have knowledge from her past live

I Believe Female Protagonist Lover know mile/ Adele/ Misato from Abilities Average!, Laura from Magical Aptitude is 9999, and iris from Duke's Daughter. And imagine mile/Laura fuse with iris, the result is Fioria di Florence

    • MC is villain from otome game, but the heroine herself is spy from other kingdom
    • Even Fioria is villain, in the real game she act more like rival than real villain that harrass heroine
    • She already become swordmaster at 16 years old (her mother is sword master at her kingdom), and very good at management (her father is prime minister)
    • At 15 years old, she already get saint title (more battle saint, she cant use heal magic)
    • MC at 16 years old, become rief representative and reform her territory in just 1 year (reform tax, destroy drug dealer, build business, establish bank, etc). Note : in this periode her past live memory not yet returned (iris from Duke's Daughter already use her past live knowledge)
    • After reform her territory she return to academy, but poisoned by prince (heroine ordered the prince)
    • She use all magic and escape from death, but become sleeping beauty for 20 years
    • 20 years later she wake up and remember her past live memory
    • She use her knowledge from manga/anime/LN/Game to reform her holy magic and other her elemental magic (she can fly, destroy castle wall, AoE heal magic, kill 300 wyverns, even defeat archangel). I believe she can create nuclear
      explosion at this point
    • After 20 year, her pet evolved to Fenrir, married to female Fenrir and have 99 babies Fenrir
    • She lead kingdom army to face other duke rebel amry (1000 vs 800.000) and score victory after defeat arch angel and crush rebel army single handedly
    • The heroine is reincarnation person too, but her personality is evil
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May 03, 2019
Status: c63
I read ahead with the use of google translate as my guide. The are many arcs within the 63 chapters. I must say, I adore the MC. But sadly, there's no ML. Not that I know of. She did have a fiance, but ehhh. The ending was good, yet anti-climatic? Maybe the way it got translated through google didn't make sense completely to me. The MC is pretty op, so she doesn't have much difficulty when going against the opposition. But it's not bad for a quick story compared to... more>> Wuxia.


Ending Spoiler:

She did have a fiance, the crown prince. But he was taken away by Annerose. There were a group of people (Including the prince and his group of friends) who gave her secrets of the country and was imprisoned for treason (Mostly just the prince. The other fled, or got out of sentences.). Annerose fled the country and became a princess of a different country. Fioria punishes the people who involved after her 20 years sleep.

Annerose was killed and was reborn as a baby in Florence's territory. (She was a spy for another country.) The evil witch Beatriz (she was the original person who made the poison to kill her. And she was also the previous saint?) killed herself so that Fioria can't kill her, and offers her soul to the Evil God. (Idk if it's like a side story part, but the evil god also didn't want her and sent her to heaven?) Fioria also fights with the Evil God and manage to defeat him. The Evil god ends up getting reincarnating as a human, so he can experience the joys of life? (Or something along the lines of that.)

The reason why I said the ending was disappointing is that the MC disappears from the country and never comes back. The king of her country that loves her ends up living alone forever, from what it sounds like. There are rumors that she was a goddess along with God of life and God of death/evil. The countries that went against Tristan disappeared. Like she went away to deal with those countries. Her loyal companion/Fenrir, his wife, and 99 children also disappeared along with her. Lex, the butler, stays in Tristan for a year before disappearing also.

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Nov 22, 2018
Status: c13
Rating it 2 stars after reading the first chapter is a little harsh, isn't it?

Anyways, I went a looked through a few of the raws. The description doesn't say much, so I'll summarize a bit.

Fioria is an OP existence. Not only can she crush an apple to bits with her bare hands, she's apparently also a great leader with a good head on her shoulders as she took a year off school to reform her family territory. Also, did I mention everyone loves her? Apparently, except for her fiance prince... more>> Oswald, who is in love with a manipulative girl named Anna-something (I forgot already). Oswald gets tricked by Ana and feeds Fioria a deathly poison, which she manages to suppress. This is the prologue chapter.

Chapter 1 and beyond, Fioria wakes up and remembers her past life, and then the author basically flaunts how OP she is. There seems to be some sort of underlying plot where the heroine is a spy from another country of sorts, but it's not really a story I can take seriously, nor is it so comedic I can just laugh it off.

In the end, it's still too soon to judge but so far it seems to be another Mary Sue being awesome and fixing/influencing the world story. Nothing terrible, but nothing spectacular as of yet either. <<less
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Sep 26, 2019
Status: c12 part1
I was torn between 3 and 4 for this story but I settled on 3 for a couple of reasons.

If we were to compare this story to other isekai novels, it's actually more logical. Another reviewer mentioned this story is whats supposed to happen when you have an OP protagonist and yep, I agree. Less drama, but overall satisfying for letting your frustrations at plots which have a billion layers, twists, turns, backloops, and revivals and s*upid conclusions go.

It is by no means realistic, the characters really are just... more>> that, characters built from words, and they arent relatable but why should they be? New world, new standards. True, some fleshing out could be done but I feel that that would take away from the whimsical tone and the satisfaction of being able to bulldoze your way straight through any obstacles.

This is not a serious novel, it is not meant to be.

Back to a comparison by isekai standards, I would say that this novel is like a 4-coma manga (even if the manga adaption is a full manga), some details are missing but the simplicity is not bad and it's well crafted so you don't miss put on anything. More detail would probably just make it bland or waste time.

Its a light read for some laughs, maybe you wont re-read it or become a fan or anything but its nice for a break. Its distinctly average but fluffy, conclusive and satisfying.

Good filler/break in between intense novels. <<less
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Jun 26, 2020
Status: c8
It's just... bad. It might be okay if this is a manga but sadly, this is a novel. You need to enrapture the reader by setting the background, mood, character development, etc. In my opinion, the previous life thing totally ruined the story. The story is also too fast-paced. This is just another plain OP isekai story but worse.
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Satella TheWitch
Satella TheW
Jan 15, 2019
Status: c24
It's like Iris from Common Sense Duke's Daughter has OP Magic.

MC has multinational corporate that has asset equivalent to medium-sized country. Has 2 Fenrir and 99 of It's cub. I like how she behaving like ice queen. She ordered the adventure who is involved in human trafficking to l**ked her feet when they beg her mercy.
For the Male character.. Honestly I don't really care.. I prefer Firia x Tiria route.. Mostly male lead is kids from 20 years ago when she saved them as orphan, and a prince who has a crush since then.

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Sep 14, 2019
Status: c4
If you are looking for a Mary Sue MC you are at the right address.

You have to be fine with incondite details though, which I am not.

... more>>

So there's this guy who made his barony into a kingdom, but the size of his barony is described as equivalent to an earl's mansion. That's not the best way to measure land but anyway, the baseline was that he didn't expand his land in the last 20 years... which means it's as big as the barony was. Now suddenly there are several fiefs in that miniature kingdom and barons that need to be released from the burden of having a baron as their king. Nobility doesn't automatically mean that they have a piece of land to govern but even so did he give them a field in his backyard? If the barons under his rule had actual fiefs his kingdom would be bigger than the description let on, you know. But MC made a point on how disappointed she was that he didn't expand his land in those 20 years.

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Sep 06, 2021
Status: c24
I am disappointed to be honest. I love OP MC's but our MC is too OP. It makes the story boring.

... more>>

The MC goes to each conflict and just does like one move than bam everyone is like "Spare me!". For example the MC defeats an Archangel with light magic..... with little to no struggle. -___- I'm not saying an OP MC is a bad thing but in this case it makes the conflicts boring and repetitive.


I have rated this story 2 stars because of the translation. The plot is nonexistent and all characters are made to look like complete idiots to make MC look better. <<less
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May 08, 2021
Status: v6c56
I really liked the book. The arcs were fun and a good (bit short) length. The ending of the whole series though, while okay was a let down.

There are a few suspected male leads but nothing really develops because issues. So if you are here for romance, give up. If you are here for comedy, good plot, and a great OP protagonist then read on!
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