Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons!


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One day, I fell into the river and drowned. The God of River looked at me, and said: “You’re very brave, young one, so let me give you a mother as a reward. Would you like a golden-haired big-breasted elf mother with an extreme yandere personality, or a black-haired big-breasted sadistic human mother with a tsundere personality?” Me: “I choose… your mom, dammit! What I really want is to quickly reincarnate!!” The God of River smiled at me: “You are a honest lad indeed, so let me gift you both mothers. From now on, you will have two mothers!” Me: “Did you even listen to what I said?!”

Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! average rating 4.3/5 - 496 user ratings
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Oh No! After Reincarnation, I Discovered That My Moms Have Severe Son-Complexes!
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New funkmasterjo rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: --
Scanned through all of it up til vol 3, ch 44

MC isn't overpowered. It's more of a strategy type, and even that isn't always the focus. Of course there's also fighting but for instance it's a bodyguard or a troop with ballistae or he takes a few shots with his revolver.

Amazing. Fun, funny, and people are kinda stupid but that's just great.

Doesn't fall into tropes meaninglessly. Totally falls into tropes intentionally. That kind of story.
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New Kuronairo rated it
November 9, 2017
Status: v3c44
I just love this novel, it have a bit of "japanese flavor" for the worldbuilding and the MC at the start shares the same ideals than in our world but as the plot furthers (yes there is a plot, and I'm not only talking about those huge melons of his two mums) , the MC personality and beliefs changes.

He becomes more mature, starts to adapt to the world he is in and will slowly change. There is an actual worldbuilding here unlike many novels, so far charas that are... more>> introduced have a role and are not forgotten midway.
It's probably not the best story I ever read but I still love this one, it's not because you ate foie gras that you can't like Peking duck.

I think that most people who clicked here came for the "Son-con" part *cough*, there is no need to deny it *cough*, many people came here for that after all.
There will probably be some snusu later, I don't know but well there are some kisses and some lewd moments so far.
Well if you came here only for some snusu, you'll find out that the story have more than that and the story have good things to offer, I'm looking forward to read more, I heard that there are 17 volumes so far so I really hope to read more and see how things evolve. <<less
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Archerreborn2 rated it
April 13, 2017
Status: v3c44
A word of warning: Anyone expecting a OP protagonist should leave. The MC is fairly weak and pretty much stays that way, or at least until up to the end of volume 3. Most of the fighting is done by his subordinates.

After going through all the free chapters of Son-con, I have to say I'm pretty surprised.

While the premise looks simple at first glance the story has a surprising amount of depth. Aside from the mother-son moments scattered throughout the story (which are delicious) the plot is in essence... more>> about a modern person with modern sensibilities thrust into a world very much in the medieval age.

The MC's influence on his mothers and his own position in society become very important. They become a platform for various situations that force the MC to examine his own values and grow as an individual and come to terms with the vast amounts of political power thrust into his hands and the very different morality prevalent in the world.

In essence the MC is a normal person. He isn't super smart nor does he talented at fighting. He isn't used to death, nor is he really prepared to kill. His biggest defining trait is his kindness. Honestly sometimes he can be infuriating especially when he makes mistakes, but over time he does get better as he grows as a person and fleshes out his personal values. However while he is weak, he is also a lot more proactive compared to many of the Japanese "reincarnated in another world novels". He actively seeks to participate in the new world, and isn't shy about reciprocating the love of his fiance.

One thing I really liked was how self aware the protagonist is of his own weakness. A lot of stories like to make the protagonist strong at a really quick pace, or make them super amazing at governing or economics or whatever just because they come from the modern world and somehow a high-school level education makes them a genius.

It doesn't.

The world even in ancient times was a very complicated place. Just because you studied a little bit of economics does not make you suddenly are able to manage the intricacies of economies comprising of millions of people. Sure it might help a little, but it does not suddenly make you ruler material. The MC is aware of this, and his improvement is done within the scope of his capabilities in a pretty realistic manner.

Another thing that is nice is that the side characters are actually useful. Since the MC is weak, many of the times they need to cover for what he is lacking.

Overall, while I wouldn't say its a masterpiece or anything, it exceeded the expectations I had going in. The first volume is pretty generic, however from volume two onward it really starts picking up. For how absurd the premise sounds its a lot more thought out than a lot of the novels currently being translated.

TLDR: Came for the PLOT, stayed for the plot. <<less
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CaptainToast rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: v2c8
I tried to enjoy this story. I really did.

The story is just filled with so much bullsh*t I can't take it.

The author removes all reason and intelligence from basically EVERYONE for the sake of comedy.

... more>> There is probably some intelligent plotting going on somewhere, but it's definitely not happening around the MC.

Hes the only heir to BOTH the kingdom and the Empire. The lack of respect he's given makes no sense at all. I can deal with people being jealous. I can deal with them plotting behind his back. THATS TO BE EXPECTED!

Outright insulting the prince to a nation, even one in bad standing is essentially a death sentence in every kingdom EVER. Insulting the only heir to the kingdom, one the ultimate leader of the empire/kingdom dotes upon to an absurd degree is so dumb that I don't even know how they can breathe on their own. <<less
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August 9, 2017
Status: v2c31

Well, what to say? Like the one before me said, I too came here for the s*xual stuff with the mothers, but it simply doesn't happen (at least not for now)... And that MC, for gods sake, what an annoying piece of garbage, and the justifications that are given like "he is from our world, he is an ordinary person, he is kind etc" just worsens it all. Really? Who the hell thinks that people in a "medieval setting" (to make it easier for you to understand) will not kill? Should not kill? Resources are scarce, especially in a medieval setting, and that summed with the fact that humans are naturally partially "evil", who for a moment would thought that wars and killing would not exist? That a ruler should not kill? Even nowadays you have to be just too sheltered to don't understand this, lol. If it had the s*xual stuff then I could forgive all of it, but that's basically non-existent, not satisfying at all~

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Cheshiremoose rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: --
I've read the raws all the way to the end of volume 3 and I liked it. It's a very slow burn and the story is not for everyone but if you want to read a story about 2 crazy mothers who want to do s*xual stuff with their son then keep reading. That's the main draw even if there's some world building and character development and there's a lot of perverted moments. As for everyone's criticisms about dropping the novel because the MC is a wimp, I think people... more>> have this mentality when they read these Chinese web novels and expect someone who can do everything. That's not going to happen in 3 volumes but we do learn the MC eventually becomes a hero king and during the journey he learns the meaning of being a wise and kind king who knows the value of killing people and ruling with strength. I think the journey will be worth it in the end. Also, the mothers do s*xual stuff with their son, that's the real reason you clicked on chapter 1 in the first place right? There's a lot of that. <<less
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rdawv rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: c9
Interesting. Another reincarnated-into-a-fantasy-world story with a ridiculous title... but wait, it's a Chinese novel? I admit, I saw the update being listed in the front page and immediately thought it was yet another Japanese isekai novel with a long name. The cover picture didn't change my mind until I noticed the Chinese wording and the author's name. Even after reading the current translated chapters, it still feel like a Japanese light novel: a lost MC, a fiancee, a bountiful mother, a fantasy setting and ecchiness due to convoluted plot device.

The... more>> MC was a young Chinese soldier who died heroically and found himself reincarnated into a fantasy world, where he was immediately assaulted by his elven mother's bouncy assets. While some readers might think it's going all pink from there on, there is an overarching plot about his heritage and his desire to achieve something in this new world.

It really does feel like a JP novel, yet because of its Chinese origins I am curious as to the future direction of the story. <<less
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Kahzel rated it
April 12, 2017
Status: v3ch11

Funny ecchi harem story, the MC is not op until now (v3ch11).

I like it that although he isn't overpowered, he isn't a total wimp like Japanese protagonists. He seems to have the stupid hero syndrome like Kouki from Arifureta though... Curious to see if we'll get to see some wincest or just some pink teasing comedy.

... more>> Edit:

We do see some hot action with his moms in the uncensored version, although not to the limit of having s*x with each other (yet?). He does have s*x though. But sometimes the uncensored version just includes some small descriptions that are banned in China, so don't get your hopes up too high when you see that tag.

Translator-san please don't drop this novel, it looks pretty promising. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: v1c19
This is a strong contender for the "Title that made me spit out my drink" award, facing off against classics like "I reincarnated into a vending machine" and "How to Skilfully Make a Beautiful Girl into a Meat Toilet".

What can I say, it's an incredibly niche category for people who want yandere mother figures, yet it also tries to craft a serious story with intrigue and action despite the ridiculous premise. So far it's been pretty decent. If nothing else, it's worth a read for curiosity's sake.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ELshock22 rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: v2c22
Found the story on a recommended list and I have loved reading it.

The concept of being stuck between two civilizations and try to meet the expectations of both is interesting.

The difference between the sensibilities of the main character and the world he has been brought into creates good dialogue.
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Railman rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: --
What happens when you mix the bloody domineering/overbearing elements of a chinese novel and a flimsy ass, (as much as I hate saying this) beta with no backbone japanese type mc?

This godawful excuse of a novel.

MC is a scaredy cat right when you need him to be brave and a merciless tyrant right when he doesnt need to do anything

... more>> the inconsistencies are off the charts that you might wonder if the author was high on something righting this sh*t.

and yet.. You just cant stop reading this train wreck. I must admit though that the world building was at the very least. Average.

not release the witch type world building but at least the author did a little bit of research. <<less
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lohithbb rated it
August 2, 2017
Status: v2c26
The first volume was interesting prelude and I thought his knowledge from his previous life would carry the plot forward which it did. But from the second volume, everything falls apart. Nier's one dimensional attitude, his (new) mother's relationship, and the lack of progression make it rather terrible. Dropping this...
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fireutsie rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: v2c17
Volume 1 was pretty good. However flaws in characters were already starting to show and volume 2 is just bad imo.

MC is an absolute whimp and tries to push his worldview of girls and other things onto other characters. His second (the human) mom is just a bad, a tsundere sadist. As of v2c17 I can't stand these two characters anymore and am dropping it. I really hope that it gets better in the future.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
UnknownSaint171 rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: v3c21
I honestly don't know why this is rated so highly. I don't see what's right with banging your Mom. I don't understand why a Incest Novel is valued so highly. Maybe I'm the weird here but...

The MC is a huge hypocrite. One of the biggest ones I've ever seen. Might sound like a spoiler but just a heads up to what your getting into.

Being a soldier from a heavy military family I was expecting a soldier-like mentality and some level of intelligence... But all the "soldier" role does is for... more>> convenient sake, to fork out some advanced military blueprints and half baked knowledge.

I could not blame him for his ignorance at first. But ever since the MC had gotten into this world he had never tried to gain any information about the world and still remains ignorant as ever in the story.
I cannot help but to get angry over MC actions...

If you tell the MC "Humanity is greedy" he will take time to ponder over it. That's how stupid he is.


I wish he'd at least hold some resentment towards Humanity, who abandoned him and treated Elves like scraps.

  • "I shouldn't ask too much or they'll question my identity" Dude just keeps ignoring the problem... Your running away from the inevitable and the identity as an emperor...
  • When he invited the Human envoy to his room and pretended to be angry at him, I thought "Ohh he's pretending to be angry and invited him in the middle of night, what is he plotting?!" But then he's told that Human Princes don't hold power. Why is he the one being shocked? Isn't that obvious logic? Then the envoy left... I'm like that.. That was it? Seriously? *Crickets sounding* What was the point of this then...
  • He says the Ballistas are primitive weapons and what the Human Kingdom has but apperantly chapters later, no they actually have guns and more advanced! The script keeps changing in this Novel. This has truly great potential but the story is everywhere. Didn't he say he was a soldier who lost comrades in battle? Chapters later. No he was actually a trainee who never hurt anyone before. He cowards and fears too easily despite saying he was a soldier. What the hell was the point of being a soldier? As for his hybrid identity and caused for a war. I was expecting a deep background story. Maybe he has a secret body that's why the Kingdoms fighted for this child... But no. I was expecting the Mother to be cold to MC and the MC would slowly gain her warmth from her through his achievements and unique personality. But she easily gave in the first chapter...
  • Didnt he say he won't pursue any other woman? But the first time he enters the Kingdom. "We might have children someday" to another girl...
  • Sigh, what a hypocrite really... He should had known the situation about the Elves along time ago. "Its wrong so I'll save her" Dude it's still happening. What about the rest? He's only saving the Elf because she's a girl! MC even takes her as his woman... You do realize she was a s*x slave whose probably been banged many times already right?
  • Even though a lot has happened... We still don't even understand why he has two mothers.... Author will probably make something up again... Then he gets mad and goes to his mom... what happens? He's scared sh*tless and goes away. Why am I expecting something from him?
  • Then he invites the Merchant to speak with him when he realizes the truth of a coming war. I was expecting MC to be planning something bold.. What happen? He left. What was the point of it again?

I have noticed but this happens repetitively. He encounters someone only to be left unsolved. I keep thinking this guy would do something cool every time he stands up. What makes me more angry is people really over praising it like "MC naiveness is so cute" or "MC was badass". I understand if your reading it if your new to CNs, I'd think the MC would be cool too. I understand if your reading it for 'scientific purposes' but please don't try to justify it... I only did a quick summary of some events to point some stuff out.


Btwn, I really like the effort the translator putted into this. Rarely do we see translators give feed back to the readers. Don't get me wrong I had good laughs. And Nier is like Naberal from Overlord. Literally same personality. If there's one reason, read for that. This is why Nier is excellent. The only thing that has development in the story! (Asides from Elizabeth who gets a little) <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ballster147 rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: v2c4
Busty Mom (s) : CHECK
Childhood Fiancee: CHECK
Female Bodyguard: CHECK

Ok FOLKs welcome to another blissful fantasy harem story...

or NOT

MC's Blissful life is there he just need to continue forward and then BAM! (sfx) Happy ENDING!

But along the way problems happen, decision to make and consequences to take.

MC is your typical good hearted person but he's WEAK! So what happen to those Good NATURED Weak People?
Well friends read and find out LOL.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RandomComment rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: v1c22
I came into this series looking for something light and easy to read. Something where I don't need my brain to think. You know the kind, the simple easy to understand harems or smut or R18 works and such. But this, this series is surprisingly interesting for more than just the "plot". Sure theres mother-con moments, but at least by the end of vol 1 the mother isn't even the actual love interest for the MC. He has a fiance (at least on the elf side, not sure about human... more>> side as of yet) and he loves her and is dedicated to her. At least for now, not sure how that develops in the future.

Without spoiling anything, as you'll quickly realize, MC is in the original owner's body but although he has "knowledge" of the owner's body, he doesn't actually have the owner's memories. He instinctively understands the feelings that the original owner of the body he has reincarnated into has, with regards to people such as his mom and his fiance for instance, as well as his sense of responsibility and whatnot. MC tries to act upon it and is generally trying to fit in as well, but he isn't some super OP super intelligent character either. He is, for lack of a better word, "normal", thrust into an abnormal situation. Theres no cheats. This in itself is a great part of the story as it allows the side characters to actually play a part other than just being the peanut gallery "coughing blood" at MC's amazingness or going "sugoi!!!", as many other series would have them do.

Do give this series a go, its pretty great! TL'er is good too, its easy to understand, and its frequently updated! <<less
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MondoX rated it
August 2, 2017
Status: v2c10
The first volume was slightly slow, but enjoyably, with good characters. However, the second volume with the human kingdom made me drop the novel. Some readers like some of the characters in the human kingdom, which I do not understand. Most of the characters are in the human kingdom are ruthless and disrespectful to the prince (mc), going as far to threatened to kill him in his face. Knowing well that the human empress does not want anything to happen to her son, (she threatens her close guards to... more>> not touch him), by the way, they could also start a war if they kill him (idiots). The human mom is only a tsundere with the son, but she is sadistic and a tyrant to almost everyone else (she had a maid killed for viewing her face). I did not find it cute because the rest of her personally is crappy. According to the other mom, she abandoned and betrayed her son. I am surprised readers like the empress and her guards.

As for the MC, he was a Chinese soldier in his previous life, but sometimes acts like a Japanese high school MC. The MC grows a little in volume one, but then regresses in volume 2 and becomes a wimp. No matter how many times he is threatened or disrespected, he never tells his mom anything. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: --
I was pretty pumped when I saw the whole dual son-con moms thing, because I really like the idea of that, but the story is very different from what I expected.

First of all, the conversation in the blurb (which I found really funny, and which is what made me start reading) never happens in the story. It's not what the story's tone is like, either.

Secondly, I had high hopes for the humour/romantic tension between the MC and his hot yandere / tsundere reincarnation moms, but the MC actually falls in... more>> love with his childhood friend. The mom bits are fun and the childhood friend would be great in another story, but given how I came for some mom love I can't help but be bummed out by this.

Thirdly, the pace of the story is a bit on the slow side. The MC spends a lot of time dwelling on relationships and taking small steps that are repeatedly interrupted by minor incidents. For example, there's a threat hanging over everyone's head, but it takes quite a while for the MC to actually address it directly. We just see him doing small things in preparation here and there. Eventually I eventually lost interest.

It's an solid story but I suppose whether you like it or not depends on what you want out of it. I didn't get what I was pumped about and this amounts to 3/5 stars for me (6/10). <<less
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Gunner Xros
Gunner Xros rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: v2
I honestly tried to read past volume 2, but I just can't. Everything about this WN bothers me and brings out the ranting, cynic lunatic in me. I can understand why people like it, but I can't trudge through and past volume 2 just to see if it gets better.

The MC is the most inconsistent and cowardly guy I've read in a while, which is a shame because he actually seems quite likable in the first volume until he travels.

... more>>

They mention that he's a soldier, or more specifically an engineer, but he acts like he hasn't even stepped a single foot into a military base in his life. Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't matter what branch of the military you go for, you should at least have mandatory training that prepares you for basic stuff... Like not being a damn coward. It feels more like it's for plot convenience when he tries to invent something or introduce new technology. That's it.

And you know what? I can look past that when it comes to the first volume, because it feels like there's actual character progression and he actually gets on the battlefield and shows that he's willing to fight with the Elves. He wants to become strong. He wants to actually fight by the first love interest's side.

Unfortunately, this all completely shatters as soon as Volume 2 kicks off and he goes to his other mother's Empire. Immediately, he reverts back into a spineless coward that needs someone to hold his hand to go from one scenario to the next. Any sort of character progression that you saw in the first volume is completely wiped clean so that they can draw more attention to how much stronger and better every girl in the castle is compared to him. Another annoyance is that he seems to completely forget all about how much time he spent with the first love interest, with a mention here or there despite the actual romantic atmosphere they left on at the end of the first volume.


Alright, so we got my rant about the MC out of the way, for now. The next problem that I have is with the love interests, or rather the polarizing differences between them to an absurd degree. You go from one being likable to another being the most aggravating, frigid person you can possibly think of and the MC goes full herp derp when it comes to her.


This is just a personal opinion, but I can't stand the second love interest at all. This once again revolves around the MC's suddenly submissive personality, but he essentially becomes nothing more than a masochist and it drives me insane. They introduce Nier as nothing short of a blood-thirsty psychopath that is more than happy to slice everyone apart in the name of the Empress. The annoying part is that the author tries to give her 'redeeming' qualities after establishing that she's supposed to be a cold-hearted murderer. From the start of Volume 2 it has been nothing short of, "I hate you, Prince." "Please die, Prince." "Please kill yourself, Prince." etc. But, then we're suppose to suddenly feel something for her because she likes children. Really?

Honestly, maybe if her character was spread out a bit more then it wouldn't be so bad.. Unfortunately, one of the things that makes it even harder to even remotely enjoy anything about her is the fact that the MC is so obsessed with her to a frightening, annoying degree! There is absolutely no context to it either. He literally looks at her, gets abused by her, mistreated by her, and nearly killed by her then just goes, "I HAVE TO SAVE THIS GIRL!" For no reason. No reason at all. He's constantly saying how much he wants to go back to the Elves and that he doesn't belong, but then out of nowhere is just obsessed with keeping this abusive girl near him 24/7 to stop her from killing. WHY?! She clearly states that she hates being around him, that she wants him to kill himself, that she's happy with her current lifestyle. And he has even stated that he doesn't want to be around her, yet for some magical reason can't just go, "Hey, can I get a different guard?" I really don't see the humor in it because there's just no lightheartedness to any of it.

The forced romance just completely kills it for me. Again, maybe things get better, but I can't force myself to trudge through it anymore.


The whole Son-con thing is fine, the mothers are light yandere. I can see why people like that aspect since it's different.


Granted, the whole MC being unable to use magic but somehow having a body that possesses so much mana that he goes berserk every full moon and will explode unless his Elven mother 'relieves' him is.. basically just an excuse for a little bit of ero. I'm disappointed that there's not even a teaser to him getting some fancy powers, it's basically there for plot convenience when he can get with his Elven mother.

Also, just like Nier, the Empress also goes to extremes that turn her personality into just generally unlikable. She tortures and kills people for the tiniest mistakes yet she becomes a schoolgirl when it comes to the MC. So, sometimes it just feels awkward and makes you wonder what kind of genre you're supposed to be reading.


Anyway, I think I touched on all the points I have with this WN. I wanted to like it at the beginning, but as soon as I got past the first volume my interest just completely started to plummet. <<less
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infernosaber rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: v4c18
Funny dynamics between characters. The comedy takes center stage while the action is relatively lacking right now. There's a lot of foreshadowing for the MC's personal growth which is something I'm looking forward to. Overall, there's a lot of room for growth for this series and so far it's been good (the MC's personality is weak right now, but it 'll likely change given some time)
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hongduc9 rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: v2c22
This novel is a good read. The MC is weak but try to improve the things surrounding him. The characters are describe well enough to understand their positions and relationship with the MC for now at least. And volume 1 (Elf Kingdom volume) is very well received.

The problem is the 2nd volume when the prince travel to the Human Kingdom. Many people drop the Novel when at this point because

The prince is not acting like a prince, Nobody respect him, The queen is a bundle of crazy, etc...

BUT it's... more>> because they havent read enough chapters to which will explain the story and pesonalities of the Human Characters or they just dont like the way the Human Kingdom work in this Novel

People disrespect the Prince. Nope


The only people that actually diss the Prince are only The Valkyrie, Group of Orphan the Queen took in and cared for. So they obsess with the Queen to the level of feeling jealous of the Prince when the Queen interact with him. Other people, for example, The General and The Minister are sucking up to him like no tomorrow, as they should.


The Prince is not acting like a prince. Yeah


He was a solider at the past. He only took orders and never lead before and you expect him to change his way of thinking into an Overlord in less than 2 months ? Even in the Elf Kingdom he acted reserved and The Elves respected that of him. Now in The Human Kingdom where things changed, he will have to change too (Which is slowy being done by people surround him)


Queen is crazy


She kills people without bating an eye. Obsessive toward her son, frighteningly so. This comes from her personality from seperation from her Loved One (Husband and Son). It a Unique point in my opinion for a Mother Character to have this kind of Personality. And the thing about Killing people without care. So ? She the queen, The QUEEN OF ALL HUMAN, she can do that. Anyone who read a Chinese Novel or watch a Chinese Serie at Feudal Time will know how The Mornach can kill anyone anytime just for any reason. So The Queen action is pretty normal by Chinese Feudal standard.


The Human Kingdom is different than the Elf Kingdom. No sh*t it does.


The Elf Kingdom is a "fantasy kingdom" where people actually bond with each other and look up to the Queen and the Prince which is fine because it's a "Fantasy Kingdom" where the author can make it up and noone can do anything. The Human Kingdom on the other hand is based on real life Feudal Kingdom in the pass. So the difference are many. In Human Kingdom people will compete with each other and do stuff based on desire "like a normal Human society should". So this should actually be a plus point because it makes a contrast between the 2 Kingdom and the realism of the Human World.


All in all, a good story, Good characters (?) and Some funny moment. At least try to read it with an open-mind and think about the Character and their development, explanation and note of the World surrounding the MC because it will turn out that things make a lot of sense the further you read. <<less
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mormex234 rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: v3c18
A good novel, if you are in for the incest you will find yourself disappointed because it won't happen anytime soon. The translator for this series works with only 3 hours of sleep a day, is a mystery how he does it, some say he is a machine or some kind of zombie, I personaly think he's the hero we need but not the one we deserve right now.

Also at volume 2 the best girl appears (Nier) so look up to it.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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