Oh, My Dear!


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“Why do you like men?”

“Do you care? Do you care about the reason or my feelings? Your question is just full of disgust and accusations, so I do not want to say.”

I just want to rush to his back, shake his body, and then sweetly call out in his ear: “Oh, my dear!”

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Madcolour234 rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c25
Since no one has put down a review, I will. I love this book! Like many of Angelina's bl novels, the MC & ML have a similar makeup of naive shou and silent but handsome gong. HOWEVER!!!, the MC is a bit different.

... more>>

the MC is so innocent that when he was younger, he told his parents he liked boys. Not knowing that it would be "wrong" know their eyes, he was severely beaten as the mom watched and took care of him afterwards (?Shitty). When he met the gong and realized after a while that he liked him (ml), he was scared to be gay.


Although the story isn't that far ahead yet, I'm sure it will meet my expectations. And if you are a fan of Angelina's works, you will be pleased with the novels start.

Also: Thanks to the translators for translating the novel, I've been dying to read it? <<less
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