Off Air ~Yes, No, or Maybe Half?~


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This is a side story collection for the popular “Yes, No, or Maybe Half?” series! It features short stories collected from doujinshi, special booklets, bonus papers, and commemorative website extras—including the doujinshi story “No Need For Anything Else” where Kei takes Ushio to meet his parents, “My Sun” where Kei reports on Koshien in the summer, and a must-read new story “Daydream Believer.” Don’t miss it!!

Associated Names
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OFF AIR ~Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka~
OFF AIR~イエスかノーか半分か~
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05/23/20 daydrop v2c5 part1
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03/01/20 daydrop v2c4 part1
02/14/20 daydrop v2c3 part2
02/10/20 daydrop v2c3 part1
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11/04/19 daydrop v1c6 part4
09/05/19 daydrop v1c6 part3
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nachte rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: I'm the translator for the series, and I thought I'd give a bit more insight into what to expect from this side story collection.

This side story collection is a must-read if you like the main Yes, No, or Maybe Half series. The main series follows Kei's internal struggles with his work and his love life, and so the books are laser-focused on those particular plot elements. The side stories, however, offer glimpses into the slower, more mundane elements of Kei's and Ushio's everyday life—little details like how none of... more>> Ushio's dishes match or that Ushio made his bed frame himself out of scrap wood. Reading through the main story up to a certain point can leave you feeling like you don't really know much about Ushio, and it's true to a certain extent, but the side stories fill in a lot of that gap, which helped me deeper appreciate their relationship.

Some stories occur at specific points along the main series, and so you should double check the TL notes at the beginning of each story to see where you should be at.

You can expect a lot of fluff to counterbalance the angst in the main series, some additional smutty scenes, a few stories told from different points of view, some AU ficlets, and a few direct epilogues to mellow out the intensity of the resolutions from the main series. You will want to read the entire collection.

P.S. I also recommend re-reading the side stories after Volume 3 of the main series is completed for the extra feels that make some of the stories hit even harder. <<less
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