Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various


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Game loving high school student Sosuke is killed during a convenience store robbery.

He wakes up in a totally different world.

Sosuke grows up in the new world, but one day when he takes a look at his status, there was an unexpected race change.

What will Sousuke who obtained a race change do?

Nobody knows.

Associated Names
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Shokugyou: Boukensha; Shuzoku: Iroiro
職業:冒険者  種族:色々
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JerryHatrick rated it
March 30, 2016
Status: --
This was a really interesting idea and it certainly started off well enough. Pity it was thoroughly wrecked by a substandard author. By not thinking things through well enough and properly planning ahead, this author used a lazy author's typical shortcut to thrust the story along.

Minor Spoiler
... more>>

The 'lazy author shortcut' I'm referring to in this case, is when an author, unnecessarily and arbitrarily, kills off one of the cast. There was no thinking involved in this. There was a hint that 'something' was going to happen, but nothing like this.


Major Spoiler

We meet Lelia. Introduced in such a way that it leads us to think she's a possible love interest. Using his skill, our MC is able to see her abilities. We see, Calamity (Only on the days of Crescent Moon), Maniac and Mad Dog of Sorrow. She becomes his tutor in taijutsu. Five years or so pass. (Insert random time skip) Then BAM. It's day of the Crescent Moon. MC isn't home, Leila turns up completely nuts, and somehow manages to eat the father in an instant. Then rips the mother's arms off before our MC just happens to arrive. So, he once again uses his ability to examine her. Then again, specifically on Calamity (or was it Maniac...). Which then describes how on the day of the Crescent Moon, she attacks/kills the people closest to her.

So. Awesome. Because titles/skills like Calamity, Mad Dog of Sorrow and Maniac aren't ominous at all, he never bothers to examine the titles/skills in detail. Even though he had FIVE YEARS to do so. This could make sense if he truly was a four/five year old child, but he was reincarnated with memories, and at the time he starts training, he even comments about how, 'inside he is twenty years old'.

If this wasn't ridiculous enough. Apparently he is possessed by some dragon who takes over his body and saves the day. Then heals his mother, restoring her arms. Then, before the dragon can explain anything, has to sleep for two years because he's used too much of his awesome dragon power.
I just don't see the reason behind any of this. The whole situation is unreasonable and poorly thought through. The father was a great character for amusing hijinks.


For better or worse (depending on how you feel about the story), as of chapter 29, the translator has mentioned that the author is barely updating the story anymore. That unless the author starts regularly updating again, he will finish off the volume (about three chapters), before dropping it.

My personal opinion is that he's run the story into the ground, because he never plotted out the main points of the story, and no longer has anywhere to go.

All in all, a very disappointing story. The only positive thing is the translator, who has done a great job. <<less
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metazoxan rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: c32
This series started out promising. Sure the MC was a bit bland and family was cliche but hey stuff is often cliche because it works. As long as the story develops properly and can stand on it's own later it's okay.

But it doesn't do that. The MC gets a skill that can let him turn into presumably any race he meets and already has several unlocked with the ability to unlock more by meeting them. What does he do? Turn into a dog boy once, a dragonnewt once, a female... more>> cat girl because his dad beged him to, and then doesn't mention the skill again until after a 5 freaking year time skip!?!

But the problems don't end there. See the MC gets a martial arts teacher before the time skip instead of going to magic school. Using his "not appraisal" skill he learns she has some suspicious as hell skills and titles and his investigation goes as far as "make her transform into her real apperance which is a cute cat girl, mention he knows her titles, and never mention it again". BTW he CAN use his skill to get a description of titles if he chooses to probe deeper.

Well after the time skip

apparently teacher's suspicious title triggers and she murdered the father and rips the arms off the mother and then the dragon soul that was in side the MC takes over his body and burns her to ash. This right here kills the whole story. Yes the skills were hinted as suspicious but you mean to say after living together for 6 years he never checked about her skills more carefully? Also why didn't she say anything? It's mentioned the skill makes her kill those close to her... SO WHY NOT WARN SAID PEOPLE ABOUT EVENTUAL RAMPAGE!?! To make things worse she's killed off like nothing at all.

The author could have saved the story if she had regained her senses and say sworn to devote herself to the MC to make up for her rampage or something like that. But nope her character was apparently introduced just to teach the MC how to fight and kill off the father to force him on his journey... which he would have done anyway eventually.

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Spanner rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
Looks cool in the start but turns out to be pretty much disappointing after a while, the protagonist emotions are basically artificial and the plot is extremely forced
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
Yes I have to agree with everyone. The abilities are great but the Author really messed up. This story is truly absurd and makes no sense.

... more>>

For example the father has a beautiful wife but he still looks at other women. Like wtf what’s with these characters? They don’t feel real to the reader are all.


If the author thought more in the story. If he only aimed for something else then this would probably be a great story. Really such a disappointment.

Ill have to agree that the Translator is fast and efficient. I am looking forward a more promising non typical work next time though <<less
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shader009 rated it
March 30, 2016
Status: --
MC has cool abilities but is too unemotional. His emotions are all wrong. P.s. Needs tragedy tag
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Codorniu rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c32
Starts off well, standard reincarnation story with the MC having some cheat powers.
Or that's what I thought.

Although it starts off okay, the plot twist is (just as everyone says) completely out of the green and illogical. It seems to be the typical "if it continues like this its gonna be boring so lets kill some people the MC likes and make a plot twist" thought. In some novels this might be successful, but its really obvious the author didn't want to bother himself with it, so it turns out... more>> completely ruining the story.

In the end the only positive thing I have to say it that it was well translated.

PS: I rated 2 stars, but it might not even deserve that after all. <<less
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Ryouha26 rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: --
This one had a good start and all, but somewhere in the 20s the story became bad. The MC looks like he's unemotional even though at the beginning the author really shows the MC's emotion to even small things.
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Llamia rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
I gave it a 4 before, but now it is 3 only because it starts to get a bit unrealistic. Maybe never deserved a 4, it should probably be 2. I mean, you’ll understand around chapter 29-32, but the MC gets over a tragedy a little too quickly with no feelings. I agree with shader009. His emotions are all wrong. Also there is a tutor. I won’t give spoilers but he should have been more attentive given all the information he had and how he was “handled” after figuring her... more>> out. Really illogical and not deserving of being a reincarnated person. <<less
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March 30, 2016
Status: --
Setup isn't bad, concepts are decent, though the tropes are so overused that they've been worn squeaky, the translation is pretty good. I'd normally say this has a decent potential. The bad occurred mostly in the last few chapters (20+) as follows:

... more>>

1) The dad is expressed as a weak willed horndog desperate for tail, despite screwing his beautiful wife nightly.
2) Then they hire a beautiful woman with Dark Secrets for a martial arts instructor - expose the secrets existence, then timeskip 6 years, until her Dark Secrets lead her to EAT the father and delimb/kill the mother. Ie: standard japanese plotting - gotta get rid of the family so the Adventure Can Begin. Ignoring the fact that a SINGLE QUESTION: "Why are you titled 'Calamity'" sometime in 6 years would have saved everyone. (No mention if the horndog dad screwed her over the timeskipped 6 years she was living with them, either)
3) Single Page (or less) chapter lengths. Seriously - 28 chapters, maybe 20 pages typed? I the same amount of time waiting for page refreshes as I did reading.
So, CORRECTION: Setup is piss poor. Not reading this further.

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Asf rated it
January 3, 2016
Status: --
Started out with a standard settings of reincarnation. Having his own cheat as a baby, having a good family that supports him. But the author decide to do a 180° plot twist. That twist came out of nowhere without any proper explenations or any warning about it. It came out rather messy and bad. The chapters are really short and it isnt satisfying to read chapter by chapter.
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slay_mithos rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: --
Interesting idea, but really poorly executed.

The ability the MC has sounds like it could lead to some nice things, but it's only used for some weird comedy early on, despite the MC stating times and again that he is 20 years old inside.
I mean, if you are an adult already and got your hands on a fairly insane skill like that, you would obviously at least do a few experiments to be sure of what it does, and you would try to use it to as much as you... more>> can think.

The plot is so full of holes that it can not be considered a plot either, with time skip transitioning directly into the death and mutilation of some characters and the MC having taken no counter measure against some very ominous-looking titles he saw, even after years.

All in all, it's an other one of those novels written by a newbie author without much skill, with only a basic idea of a gimmick to use to try and set itself apart.

The translator mostly abandoned this like many other novels on that site, but for once I'm fairly glad they put their efforts into some better novels instead of sticking with it even after the mess it became.

If you really want to read it, go ahead, but you have been warned that it's not going to be among the best things you'll have read, and might even go towards your worse, despite a correct translation. <<less
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Parpaing rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c14
There's so little description that you still aren't sure that this is a fantasy medieval world, just that there is a temple, the author doesn't/barely describes people's looks, I'm not even sure he presented the way his parents look, hair color and all. We don't know what his house looks like, etc... This story is incredibly bare-bones, the plot goes all over the place (one minute he checks his power the other he saves his dad from some bullsh*t encounter) and as usual the MC doesn't have an objective, he... more>> somehow does 200 pushups a day and then gets surprised when he punshes a big guy into a wall. The race changing ability is barely described, we don't exactly know how it works.

Well, basically, the writing sucks. <<less
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profesional miser
profesional miser rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c36
i don't know why people are so hateful about this I think its hilarious how nonchalant the main character is about the dragon and also for the people who keep complaining about why he never looks at the detail of the titles did you forget he goes through hellish training from breakfast till dinner and he only analysed her once so its natural he forgot although I agree that killing the father is wrong I mean I didn't get enough of his antics that plus moving around the world with... more>> that family sounds hilarious but nope unfortunately MC ain't there at the time for a rather stupid reason and surprisingly buff father dies in a flash yet mother only loses arms other than that think its pretty good. <<less
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theoccasionalhermit rated it
September 10, 2017
Status: c32
This story started off really well. But it gets really disappointing around chapter 30.

... more>>

Sure, the MC has 4 secret skills, one allows him to 'analyse' other people's status. The tutor he happens to pick up has 2 suspicious titles, plainly said that everyone else ran away, and blatantly threatened to kill him unless he acknowledged her as a teacher. That's already suspicious as hell.

Its understandable, since he's still not strong enough to get away from her. But he should have at least taken precautions against threats to his family. But then everything seems to be fine and dandy, and this tutor just decides to stay around civilization when there's a crescent moon? It's a re-occurring event, and this teacher didn't even try to not kill the people around her? She goes crazy, kills and eats MC's father, cuts off his Mother's arms, and was only finally put down by the dragon that exists in the MC's dragonewt form.

After all this, the MC pays more attention to talking and finding out more about it than worrying about his mother's arms. Really?! After all this, there's no feeling of guilt or sorrow whatsoever about his dad dying.


I see no point in continuing to read this because the lack of feelings for family just plain annoys me, and things just don't add up. <<less
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Ravana_fiendgod rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c36
It's a great cheat. Have various race interchangeable is a great idea. Pity it got such a substandard author.

There was a needless service chapter... more>>

father wants son to change into a female beastkin just to do mofu mofu. My incest bell was ringing but my gender bende/ yaoi warning alarm was louder


The first instructor is a sacred tool in any novel. But

MC's taijutsu tutor has a condition where she goes on a rampage every cresent moon. She usually sleeps in a drug induced state on that date but 5 years of carefulness induced a single day of carelessness. (This point seem to pass over other reader's head) Tragedy struck Dad dies and mom crippled. Dragon soul takes over MC and destroys tutor which is a much important tool in a novel. Heals mom. Mom is unusually cool about the situation despite the fact her husband died. MC shirks responsibility to run play adventurer. Mom left to fend for herself (My NTR warning alarm ringing hard)


Why can't MC be responsible for family members along with fulfilling their adventurer fantasy like Mushoku Tensei? <<less
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