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Nagoyakawa Suzuran, she is very unlucky to find herself have to work as a housemaid at Iori Evil Corp to pay her debt to them. She went through all kind of troubles, her body used as a rat experiment, she is also being made to take charge on illegal dealings transactions. While later it was revealed that she is a holy lady that can call forth gods and one of the candidates qualified to be the Evil God. She is now being chased by 2 biggest society, the Shrine Society, a world scale religious group, and Iori Evil Corp.

She returned to her normal life at one time, but no one would let the Evil God candidate/holy lady alone. She have to face devil, hi-tech weapons, katanas, and to sum it all, she have to stand against god who want to destroy the world.

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01/31/19 Yoraikun Translation v3 afterword
01/31/19 Yoraikun Translation v3 epilogue
01/31/19 Yoraikun Translation v3c10
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01/30/19 Yoraikun Translation v3c8
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01/30/19 Yoraikun Translation v3c3
01/30/19 Yoraikun Translation v3c2
01/30/19 Yoraikun Translation v3c1
01/30/19 Yoraikun Translation v3 prologue
01/10/19 Yoraikun Translation v2 epilogue
01/10/19 Yoraikun Translation v2c10
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