Now We Can Finally Live a Slow Life in This World! God: “You Have Done Well. You Are a Hero. Now Let’s Return You to Your Home World as Promised.” “Forced Repatriation Beam!” “Oh, Hey!”


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Companion short story of Now we can finally live a slow life in this world! God: “You have done well. You are a Hero. Now let’s return you to your homeworld as promised.” “Forced Repatriation Beam!” “Oh, hey!”

Set in the point of view of the hero’s lover

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'Kore de youyaku, kono sekai de Slow Life ga dekiru zo!' Kami 'Yoku yarimashita ne. Yuusha yo. Soredewa yakusoku-doori moto no sekai ni kaeshimashou. Kyousei Soukan Beam!' 'Ooooi!?'
Kyousei Soukan Beam!!!!!!!
「これでようやく、この世界でスローライフができるぞ!」 神「よくやりましたね。勇者よ。それでは約束通りもとの世界に帰しましょう。強制送還ビーム!」 「おおおおい!?」
「これでようやく、この世界でスローライフができるぞ!」 神「よくやりましたね。勇者よ。それでは約束通りもとの世界に帰しましょう。強制送還ビーム!」 「なにそれ!?」
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10/18/20 Lazy Translations lover's side
10/18/20 Lazy Translations hero's side
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kawaii12345 rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
One Star, I'd like to rate less.

The writing was awful. I never give one star unless the story is painful to read and this certainly was. First up there was not a single paragraph in the story that was longer than a sentence. The content of those sentences was equally simple. It made the story feel like it was being written by Ugg and Klugg neanderthal story tellers.

The plot was also uninteresting. It was just boring, the only thing that it had going for it, was that it was short.

Bottom... more>> Line: There's better, much better. <<less
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